I must correct an error in your piece about Anna In The Tropics in [November's] Lighting Dimensions. The console disk from the Princeton production could have been read by the Broadway console, as you described, had that console been an Obsession II model. However, only days before the load-in, there was an unavoidable substitution of an Obsession 1500. Associate LD Traci Klainer immediately called me to secure West Side Systems' disk conversion services. I translated the Obsession II disk to Obsession 1500 format, and the Princeton cues were in the Broadway console before the first lighting session. That the conversion process was invisible to [LD] Peter Kaczorowski is exactly as it should be.

Such conversions are not uncommon. Other recent Broadway transfers which I have helped to navigate a change of control console include Avenue Q, Take Me Out, Sexaholix, I Am My Own Wife, and Little Shop of Horrors; national tours of Hairspray and Les Misérables; and the Stuttgart company of 42nd Street.
Eric Cornwell
West Side Systems