Best of luck on the new LD venture. To quote another great artist, “what a long, strange trip it's been.”

Attached is the cover of the first Lighting Dimensions I ever received, when I was just about ankle-deep into this business (I got my toes wet back in ‘79). So odd that the issue that ends it all has the same act as the one that got it all started for me. [Editor's Note: The final cover of Lighting Dimensions featured The Rolling Stones.] As that was the annual rock-n-roll/touring issue (my ultimate field of expertise), I poured over the hand-drawn plots and awaited every further issue while honing my drafting-by-template skills.

Now its all CAD and fly-bys on big screens and long international coach seats and bus food that makes you burp different than you did 20 years ago.

I can only hope that the new Live Design inspires and enthuses this new generation of “converg-ites” into making the best with what they got, and I look forward to continuing to make the stage space just a bit more interesting, with you guys along to give it some credibility.

Thanks for helping me convince my parents that this was a real job, Lighting Dimensions. It's been a fun trip.
Martin Thomas,
Relentless Lighting Design