For additional new products being launched at LDI 2006 see the LDI Show Daily, with a new edition available onsite each day, October 20 to 22. All information is up to date as of press time.


Robert Juliat: Booth #1033

Lancelot, the brightest fixture ever released by Robert Juliat, is both a long-throw effects projector and a followspot for large venues, particularly stadiums. Based around a 360,000-lumen 4kW HTI lamp, it uses an optical train that gives an extremely flat-field beam distribution. Its modular design allows up to five effects cassettes to be inserted. Based around a new four-blade design, these allow effects such as frost or color correction. Further effects will be available in 2007, including strobing, a six-slot gobo wheel, motorized zoom, a moving mirror head, and other features either locally controlled by an operator or remotely controlled via DMX. Additional features include six-way boomerang color changer, fan cooling, built-in dimmer shutter with rotary handle, fully closing iris, and self-locking focus handles. Easy setup is possible due to the fixed front lens for better balance setting and an easy-to-balance counterweight. The dimmer and iris modules and mirror, lamphouse, and double-condenser optics are removable, and all parts are readily accessible.

Hippotizer V3

Green Hippo: Booth #1196

Timeline functionality, HippoNet advanced networking capability, new media management, and efficiency-focused features all accessible via a definable interface are some of the features of version 3 of Hippotizer. The server can work autonomously, control other devices, or be controlled externally. With multi-server setups going beyond simple inter-unit sync, HippoNet allows separation and duplication of any control or monitoring elements across multiple locations using a component-based architecture. This enables construction of tailor-made interfaces and user-defined views in multiple locations. The video engine still drives the display devices, but its control elements can be separated over an unlimited distance using standard LAN technology and run on other servers or other non-Hippotizer machines using the new RingMaster software. Advanced media management with onboard encoding and live media update is now included. ScreenWarp software assists projection onto non-linear surfaces, and PixelMapper allows Ethernet-based drive of LEDs.,

Filter/Lens and UV Blocker

Lee Filters: Booth #931

Lee's new warming filter/linear spread lens is a two-in-one filter: a linear spread lens on one side with a gold amber dichroic coating on the other side, enabling the user to direct beam spread and add color at the same time. It comes in a stock MR16 (1.965" diameter) size but is also available in custom sizes. In addition, a new UV Blocker is available. It is a 3.3mm thick borofloat substrate with a UV blocking dichroic coating on one side that blocks UV below 390nm. It is also available in MR16 size with additional sizes available.

Eos Lighting Control System

ETC: Booth #1515

ETC has dubbed Eos the Complete Control solution for complex lighting rigs. With features for each member of the production team, the system provides powerful programming using an operational language that lighting practitioners already speak. Eos's innovations include tactile feedback on touchscreen controls and force-feedback encoders. Every device on the network can have a discrete workspace, allowing everyone independent access to the system. The system supports both ETCNet2 and Net3 simultaneously.

Infinity Wash

Coemar: Booth #695

The Infinity Wash is the first in a new series of fixtures using patented CMY-S® color technology with saturated red, blue, and green, while using industry standard and matching CMY colors. The fixture features a 6° to 80° zoom, the quick lock Philips Gold 1450, a new patent-pending effects engine, and a patent-pending 360° beam shaper. It is DMX compatible, with full range dimming and synchronized or random strobe effect. Sixteen bit movement includes pan of 538° and tilt of 252°.

Opti Profile Followspot

Elation: Booth #1039

The Opti Profile is an ellipsoidal style fixture that projects up to 30' to 40'. Accessories can be added to the basic fixture, including four lens tubes (to change the beam angle from 5° to 50°), a B-size gobo holder, and an 18-leaf iris module (all sold separately). It comes in four models: with either a 19° or 26° lens and in either of two exterior colors, black or white. Two types of 575W lamps are available (sold separately): the 300-hour GLC and the 1,500-hour GLA, both with a color temperature of 3200°K.

WDS Four Port Opto-Receiver

City Theatrical: Booth #1345

This wireless DMX receiver features four optically isolated five-pin outputs, allowing the splitting of the wireless DMX input into four wired or wireless outputs. It can be either mains powered via an external power supply or battery powered for totally wireless operation. The award-winning WDS Wireless Data System family of products includes products for wireless DMX transmission, wireless dimming, wireless control of Color Kinetics LEDs, as well as full engineering and OEM product support.

PixelRange Pixel Arc Series

James Thomas Engineering: Booth #1269

PixelArc C and PixelArc R are indoor/outdoor, UL-listed LED fixtures. They are self-contained units offering the choice of a circular head (PixelArc C) containing 44 of the new K2 Luxeon red, green, blue, and amber LEDs or a rectangular head (PixelArc R) with 24 red, green, blue, and amber Luxeon K2 LEDs. The units are also available in RGBW (W=White). The IP65-rated housings are constructed of heavy-duty extruded aluminum with a substantial heat sink for maximum heat dissipation. The PSU/user interface allows positioning of the head from up to 200' (60m). The electronics operate with a 16-bit resolution, providing an extremely smooth dimming curve. DMX is on-board and can be operated in three, four, and 11 channel modes. Both units have a built-in master intensity channel and built-in effects engine. The fixtures also have power loop-through capability. All of the menu functions can be accessed via the user interface with four-digit alphanumeric LED display allowing exceptional flexibility from a single source.

Pandoras Box MediaManager

Coolux: Booth #1587

MediaManager software allows the user to operate and control Pandoras Box MediaServers or MediaPlayers with a laptop or PC. The software comes in three versions: light (LT), standard (STD), and professional (PRO). Only the STD and PRO versions allow standalone programming. The LT version is a device viewer for programming Pandoras Box with any DMX console with better overview of projects and files. STD is a single timeline-based programmable software solution. PRO allows two timelines for programming and comes with an additional hardware keypad including jog shuttle and preset buttons.

Touring Power-Tiny

Look Solutions: Booth #874

The Touring Power-Tiny is a travel-ready version of Look Solutions' battery-operated Power-Tiny fog generator. It features a custom case designed to hold the unit, its fluid, accessories, and a spare battery. Its lightweight (12lb) and small dimensions make it suitable for all mobile applications. The system has one-second heat up time and consumes a minimal amount of fluid. The output can be easily adjusted with a release button built into the grip for one-hand operation. At the heart of fogger is a microprocessor that controls and supervises all important functions guaranteeing a continuous and safe running of the generator. The battery supplies energy only when necessary, so operation time is considerably increased. Standby time is 250 hours. The unit is equipped with a 3-pin XLR socket for analog control; an XLR remote and a wireless radio remote are optional. With a DMX converter (DMXit), the machine can be controlled via DMX512. With the optional timer (TiMEit), fog and wait time may be programmed precisely.

W-DMX Micro

Wireless Solutions: Booth #1025

The W-DMX Micro unit uses the same interference-free technology from the company's W-DMX range. It is a fully plug-and-play unit that is truly wireless without cables between receiver and fixtures. The user plugs it directly into the fixture. It comes with built-in rechargeable battery supply for six to eight hours of use or optional external power supply. Onboard overlay display of signal and battery power gives the user full control of signal control and battery power. It has a built in diffractional antenna with 2dBi gain, and it works up to distance of 3,000'. It follows the standard of CE, ETSI, and FCC regulations and is RoHs approved.

Projector Light

GoboMan: Booth #1835

A low cost gobo projector for the special event and retail markets, this is a simple gobo or 35mm slide projector. The 12V unit uses a 75W halogen lamp and includes everything needed for immediate projection, including five steel gobos with various messages, four glass color filters, and adjustable focus. Input is 120V/240V at 60Hz/50Hz. The projector fits Q-size gobos.

GrandMA Video Upgrades

MA Lighting: Booth #717

The latest version of grandMA video includes four live video inputs and an easy way of soft-edging through the console. A new administrative tool and pixel mapping are also added. Pixel mapping is calculated from an additional media server. Up to 255 DMX universes can be addressed directly over Ethernet by Art-Net, if 100Mbit/s receivers are used, to communicate with most common LED-walls and fixtures. The MA mediaPC hardware will now be optionally available with an SDI or VGA input card and/or with a scan converter to transform the digital video output signal to any other needed signal format. According to MA Lighting, grandMA video is the first fixture-orientated media server that can play back most of the known media formats and will be frame-synchronous throughout the network, simultaneously including synchronous streaming DMX using MA-Net.


Martin Professional: Booth #194

The MAC TW1 is a 1,200W tungsten wash fixture with a twin lens zoom system, full CMY color mixing, and choice of internal or external electronic dimming in a sturdy magnesium structure that allows fast and silent convection of heat away from the back of the fixture. The twin lens zoom offers the flexibility of working with different beam angles and precision in color and light placement. The standard lens gives a variable range of 19° to 40°, while a wide-angle lens is also available (90° to 110°). A narrow angle lens will soon be available as well. The CMY color mixing system delivers a multitude of vibrant colors, from fully saturated deep hues to soft pastels, and has the ability to accurately emulate color temperature. Prepared for use with external dimming systems, it also has an internal dimmer. A mechanical shutter also offers full dimming without affecting the color temperature. The shutter also provides instant snaps to full or zero and variable speed strobe effects. The unit is exceptionally quiet at less than 40dBA. This is achievable through its cold-light reflector technology and a new, patent pending silent cooling design. Pan and tilt are 540° and 245°, respectively, and the yoke design ensures the quietest movement in its class. The fixture operates in three modes: normal, studio, and silent. A single ended, quarter twist lamp makes lamp replacement simple. The fixture is prepared for a range of accessories such as barndoors, gel frames, or top hats. It can be fitted with a 230V, 240V, or 115V lamp as well as new 80V lamps.

Sealed Ethercon

Neutrik®: Booth #449

A new assembly kit now allows D-Series EtherCon connectors to achieve a waterproof IP54 connection. The kit is suitable with all Neutrik EtherCon D-Series chassis connectors (NE8FD). An IP54 protection is achieved by simply replacing the frontplate and pushing lever with the kit components. Suited for use with Neutrik's SE8FD kit, the NE8MC-1 was recently modified with a sealing gasket and weatherproof Collinox plating. The EtherCon Series is suitable for pro audio, video, and lighting network applications.

Medialon Manager 4

Medialon: Booth #633

Manager 4 software controls and synchronizes digital audio and video, lighting dimmers and desks, matrix switchers, image processors, videowalls, lasers, fireworks, special effects, and more over one network. It offers frame-accurate synchronization, even on digital video; DMX; MIDI; serial acquisition and editing; multitasking; and permanent device position tracking. A new programming GUI reduces programming time with a drag-and-drop and programming wizard. The workspace can be adapted by displaying all show elements at a glance. Its dark background avoids light pollution, and its new “open-cap” interface protocol allows control of almost all functionalities in the software from a dedicated console or lighting board. The built-in GUI editor allows creation of a customized user interface on local screens or remote standard touch panels over Wi-Fi running Windows® and Medialon Panel, a free touchscreen interface editor. New MRC technology controls hundreds of devices no matter what control hardware is used from DMX and MIDI to serial and TCP/IP, over a network or directly from a PC. MRC permits offline programming by emulating the presence of control hardware even if devices or control hardware is not present. Manager 4 also offers the ability to establish redundant show control systems.

Plug-in DMX512 Isolator Splitter/Repeater

Lex Electrol: Booth #1149

The DMX512 Plug-in Isolator Splitter/Repeater (ISR 1.2) is a compact plug-in unit that provides one-in, two-out isolation and buffering of DMX signals. It is not only capable of rebuilding very weak signals, but it can isolate ground loops, reduce static electricity problems, and provide high drive for long cable runs. Simple daisy chain-to-star data cabling conversion greatly enhances the flexibility in laying out DMX data cable runs. An integral mounting screw allows secure attachment to a wall plate to prevent accidental disconnection. Alternatively, the ISR may be plugged in to an extension cord for power. DMX input is via 5-Pin XLR Male Neutrik Black/Gold; output is via two 5-Pin XLR Female Neutrik Black/Gold. Power input is 120 VAC-15W via a molded, in-case NEMA5-15 plug (240VAC operation is available as an option).

Chroma-QTM Color Web 125

AC Lighting: Booth #455

A higher resolution version of the Chroma-QTM Color Web LED visual effects system is now available. The new Color Web 125 panel provides 64 individually-addressable color mixing LED cells with a pitch of 125mm/5”, providing the double the resolution per square meter compared to the original Color Web 250. It offers increased flexibility and display of more detailed video content, a quarter of the price.

Jet Stream Fogger

American DJ: Booth #1139

The Jet Stream Fogger shoots a high output of smoke straight up in the air. Similar to a pyro-type effect, it creates a thick cloud that settles naturally from the ceiling down onto the floor. The 1,300W unit blasts a vertical output of 7,000 cubic feet per minute — enough to envelop any dance floor, stage, or nightclub with thick, atmospheric fog. It operates on standard fog juice and includes a 4-liter removable fluid tank. The unit requires a five-minute warm-up time before it can operate at top capacity and efficiency. Lighting users can control the fogger via a standard DMX unit or by using the supplied timer remote. DMX operation gives control over the fog output rate, while the Timer Remote allows adjustment of the duration, output, and interval-length of fog production.

VectorWorks Spotlight Version 12.5

Nemetschek: Booth #1739

VectorWorks 12.5 includes support for Apple Macintosh OS X operating on the new Intel-based Macintosh and Adobe® PDF import and export support, including batch export and support for Google Earth's KML files. Other improvements include unit matching and intelligent detection of xrefs for smoother DXF/DWG imports, new and improved drafting tools to increase drafting efficiency, and support for High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) in RenderWorks, which makes creating realistically-rendered objects and exterior scenes easier. Additional upgrades include: snapping to gray layers/classes; support for relative paths for workgroup referencing; offset tool improvements: enhanced duplicate array command; arc by two points and point on arc; circle from three lines; volume control for VectorWorks sounds; previous and next view controls; paste option; viewport improvementsl; inverse selection; new search capabilities; move distance preference; improved log file; workspace backup; improved path-based object editing; roof layer pull-down menu; support for multilingual text on drawing; true chain dimensioning; elevation benchmark improvement; improved drawing borders; extract tool preferences; display/hide 3D loci; easier light aiming; and mesh smoothing.

Version 2.0 Wholehog 3 Line

Flying Pig Systems/High End Systems: Booth #1695

A number of upgrades have been made to the entire family of Wholehog 3 products. The Wholehog 3 console and Hog 3PC now use the same version and build numbers. This means that Hog 3PC and the Hog iPC are now able to connect to the Wholehog 3 console and vice versa. The Hog 3PC software (stand alone and Hog iPC) now connects directly with DPs and IOPs in the same manner as the Wholehog 3 console. This functionality allows an unlimited number of DMX universes from all Wholehog 3 products. Playback and Expansion Wings must now be configured within the Wing Manager. Auto configuration is no longer supported; however, the new interface simplifies the addition and removal process. Support for the new Expansion Wing allows connection of multiple Expansion Wings and also includes a rework of the Wing Management interface. A Tablet PC can run as a remote focus for the Wholehog 3.


Elektralite: Booth #154

PaintCan is a color-changing fixture weighing only 20lbs and small enough to fit inside a 12"×12" truss or hang side by side on a six-lamp bar. Equipped with either a GLA or GLC 3,200°K lamp, the fixture outputs an infinite selection of colors using its full CMY mixing system or super-saturated red, green, and blue from its separate bi-directional wheel. The electronic zoom is able to project a beam of 20° to 40°, with a separate break-up frost filter. Light output is controlled accurately and smoothly using its onboard electronic dimming function, and cooling is achieved by either of three fan settings for quiet operation. DMX input and output is provided via standard 5-pin connectors, and the user can also record shows internally for use in stand-alone applications where a separate controller is unnecessary.

The unit is available in black or white finish.

SeaChanger Color Engine Expands

Ocean Optics: Booth #325

The next-generation SeaChanger Color Engine with patented Extreme Green filtering technology expands the dichroic color changer's gamut to include new colors. The new xG Extreme Green dichroic color filter is so named because of its ability to produce a striking green hue. It is green in appearance but also includes more subtle red and blue attributes. The combined RGB properties work in accordance with the CMY color wheels to produce hexachromic values, expanding the total available color gamut, yielding richer colors and more natural flesh tones. In addition, traditional gel color values can be more closely matched. CMY + xG filtering is now the standard, off-the-shelf configuration of the SeaChanger Color Engine. Dichroic patterned filters allow the user to control the color, intensity, and saturation of theatrical lighting. The filters will not fade, degrade, or shift color with time or temperature.

PowerAudio Cables

CBI: Booth #887

CBI's new cable allows power and audio in one run. It has been developed in accordance with the increased use of active and powered speakers. The new PowerAudio hybrid cable is a seven-conductor composite cable consisting of one 14 AWG three-conductor shielded jacketed group, two 24 AWG double-shielded jacketed pairs, with fillers added for roundness and an overall PVC jacket. The cable is manufactured as UL AWM Style 2464 80°C 300V. It is terminated with connectors of the user's choice including PowerCon, Edison, IEC, and XLRs. Custom configurations are available. The lines are also individually jacketed to allow a long fan length without an increased labor cost.

ColorBlast® 12 TR

Color Kinetics: Booth #1663

ColorBlast® 12 TR is the latest addition to the ColorBlast line, which projects saturated, controllable color for wide-ranging entertainment applications. Designed specifically to withstand the taxing nature of stage and set environments, ColorBlast 12 TR features a replaceable lens, protective face cover, industry-standard XLR connectors, and a housing that easily accommodates various truss clamps.


Brother, Brother & Sons: Booth #717

The EvenLED modular system is a wall of high power 6W RGB LEDs spaced evenly behind a black or white projection screen that creates a totally even light field over the whole surface. Driven by the Brother, Brother & Sons ApS LED controller, EvenControl, a totally smooth 16-bit resolution for each color is achieved. By driving segments of the wall separately, all colors can be achieved over the height of the surface.

Vector Wings

Compulite: Booth #789

Two new wings supplement the set of Vector accessories. Editor Wing is a fully equipped Vector editing section, with five general-purpose encoder wheels, a dedicated vertical intensity wheel, trackball, numeric keypad, and a split cross fader. This wing acts as a remote control in any network-accessible location and as a workstation for a second programmer. It can also be used as a programming panel for Vector PC. A large LCD touchscreen displays the operator's command line and provides access to context-sensitive toolbar commands and parameter selection. Channel Wing is specially designed for television studios, providing direct access to channels and cues with a dedicated vertical intensity wheel and adjacent bright LED display, showing current level. An additional LCD shows the operator's command line (selected channels, cues, etc.). Cues may be faded onto stage using the intensity wheel. All wings connect to a Vector or PC running Vector-PC software through a standard Ethernet network, allowing them to be located next to the console or in any remote location.

Performer Series Followspots

Selecon: Booth #503

Selecon Performer Series Followspots feature light output that is two to three times that of current 1.2kW and 2.5kW MSR/HMI followspots. They include an extensive control suite, full-length body guide rails, and are cool to operate. All lens surfaces are multicoated to reduce light loss and ensure the best beam quality. The completely integrated package is powered from a domestic socket. Members of the Performer Series include: Tahi 18°-24° (18°-100fc at 141'; 24°-100fc at 98') and Rua 9°-16° (9°-100fc at 184'; 16°-100fc at 112').

G-LEC Tube

G-LEC: Booth #1549

The Tube is a walk-through LED system, designed like the company's transparent LED frame systems without the frame. Each individual transparent tube hangs free, so walking through is like walking through a slash or beaded curtain. Different lengths of individual tubes can be used. Like the G-LEC Classic and the PhantomFrame systems, the G-LEC Tube is transparent to light, audio and wind.