Here's our look at the new products at LDI: As always, it's a highly selected list. For more information check out the longer report at And read more about the show in BizWire on page 11. A.C.T Lighting ( showed Artistic Licence's (, Colour-Tramp, a lighting control system designed for complex, two- and three-dimensional lighting arrays. It combines the concept of lighting control with a graphic editor. The lighting array is entered using a graphic user interface; Colour-Tramp's editing tools allow selection and coloring of geometric shapes of lamps. Further editing controls provide the ability to shift, wipe, move, rotate, and more. Show programming is then performed using color palettes and visual editing tools. Also shown was the Tour-Lynx, a 19" rack mount device that deals with routing power over Ethernet. (See also MA Lighting.)

AC Lighting ( featured Jands' ( new Vista control console. It is fundamentally different from current consoles. Along with a generic fixture module that is becoming more of a standard in intelligent lighting consoles, the Vista uses a pen-based system to draw directly on a screen. This allows you to build your designs visually. You can plan your action over a moving timeline, its like working with computer-based audio and video editing tools.

Altman Lighting ( celebrated its 50th anniversary at this year's show. 2004 will see the release of the Spectra series line of LED products starting with the Spectra PAR, which is now available. The first quarter will see the release of its newfully functional outdoor ellipsoidal zoom. The IQ line of architectural PARs from the IQ 16/20 through the IQ 64 (using GE's new sealed beam 150W CDM lamp) will also be available.

American DJ ( showed the AccuSpot 250, an intelligent eight-channel moving head effect; the Bat, a portable, sound-activated laser; the Bubble Blast, a heavy-duty bubble machine; the DJ Scan 250, a four-channel DMX scanner; and Mr. Kool, a low-cost, low-lying fog machine. Also new was the Light Stream Controllers® DPR-1, a compact, tabletop DMX recorder for intelligent lighting controllers (For more products, see the listing for Elation).

Amphenol Socapex ( had the Monopiece SL16, a heavy-duty waterproof 19-pin connector and the RJ Field ( Ethernet RJ45 Shield.

Apollo Design Technology ( showed its new Smart Move gobo rotator. In addition to bi-directional rotation, the unit offers various individual movements without the need for a controller. Effects are built-in and pre-programmed. The Smart Move comes as a standard analog controlled unit for stand-alone operation or DMX control.

Applied Electronics ( had the LSC Maxim12/24 and Maxim 24/48 lighting consoles. The LSC Minim 12/24 console is designed for straightforward, uncomplicated use — no sub-menus or hidden button pushes.The SA12-2400, part of the Bravo Series of dimmers, is a 12-channel, 2,400W-per-channel, rackmount unit. The Omega architectural rack system us available in 24-96 channels and can provide up to 2.4kW of dimming power per channel. The LSC Delta DMX splitters provide line isolation, data amplification, and signal duplication into five separate outputs.

Arri ( showed the Sky Panel softlight; it uses the Osram Sylvania Planon lamp, which is optimized to match true daylight on film with no color correction required. It earned honorable mention at the LDI Awards.

Avolites ( showed its Diamond line of consoles, which were recently written about in Lighting Dimensions. The newest thing was the Graphics Tablet, an interface for programming or running moving lights. Button pushes are eliminated forever with this new product, which has a simple, drag-and-drop philosophy.

Barco Events ( showed the MiPIX, the modular intelligent LED pixel block that measures 4cm by 4cm. Its size and shape allow for it to be used to create intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backdrops of any form, shape, or size, and also offers the possibility of full video content on 3D logos or other free-form shapes. It took an LDI Award.

Birket Engineering ( showed the new Strobe-Brik EZ, a simple and inexpensive standalone strobe product based on the Strobe-Brik system.

Calzone Case's ( new products include a case for the VL 3000, as well as a trapezoidal plasma screen case designed to keep the screen in the upright position while being shipped.

Chauvet ( showed off its new LED products. Featured was the new Colortube, which includes RGB color mixing for patterns and graphics and is DMX- controllable and linkable. Each 40" tube contains 144 high-intensity LEDs and comes standard with a milky white optical diffuser. The tubes are weather-resistant to IP44 and are available in 12V and 110V.

CITC ( showed some of its new flame effect units as well as its ever-popular snow generation systems. A highlight of the line is the Little Blizzard SP DMX.

City Theatrical (, had LDI Award-winning Lightwright 4. John McKernon's ubiquitous program is available for PCs and Mac OSX. Also, City Theatrical has partnered with Color Kinetics to supply accessories for CK's product line.

Clay Paky (, showing with distributor Group One, had a number of new products. Alpha Wash is a washlight with features that include a zoom that allows for a beam angle ranging from 4Þ to 80Þ. Alpha Spot uses a 10-43Þ zoom, and electronic focusing. The Mini Scan HP3 has linear electronic focusing that allows images to be focused at varying projection distances and a mechanical iris. The Point range is a line of small and intelligent color changers. The Rain Spot 575 is a projector that can deliver graphic effects-even in the rain. CP Color MH is a professional moving-head color changer.

Clear-Com Communication Systems ( showed its new CellCom system, still in prototype, which combines license-free digital transmission with an intelligent base station that interconnects with wired communications.

Coast Wiring ( featured a VEAM-compatible 2kW two-fer, as well as a flexible Ethernet cable called Etherflex.

Coemar ( had Fiera, a moving unit with a plastic housing that is lightweight and compact, houses all the components, allowing easy access to them via its removable covers. Also shown was the Flex line of projectors, each of which has variable luminous output between 800-2,000W.

Coffing Hoists (, featured its new UJC-1 Concert Hoist , a one-ton hoist designed for a variety of lifting duties, including lighting, sound, and scenery.

Cole Wire & Cable ( introduced a 200ÞC silicone rubber tape called Versiwrap. This easy-to-use tape has no sticky adhesive but rather is self-adhering and self-fusing. It is available in a variety of colors and has a temperature range of -60C to 200C.

New to Color Kinetics ( was iColor® Tile FX and iColor®Flex SL — the first generation of systems based on its award-winning Chromasic technology. iColor Flex SL is an LED-based strand that accommodates installations without constraints of fixture size, shape, or space.

Compulite ( showed the Vector console, which premiered at LDI last year and comes in two versions. Both feature the VX Works real-time operating system; use the Windows XP environment, and have multiple touch screens for use with conventional and automated fixtures.

Creative Stage Lighting ( showed the SMS Entertainment Connectors, a new cam-type connector that allows easy assembly and quick disassembly. The connectors are 100% Cam-Lok® E-1016 compatible.

Daktronics ( showed off its new ProPixel intelligent lighting technology. It offers individualized pixel control and design potential to enhance lighting, set designs, and architectural elements. Also featured were other display products, including ProStar® LED technology; a 40" TFT (thin film transistor) liquid crystal display; and a new digital media controller.

Building upon the success of its LD Assistant software, Design and Drafting, (, showed its LD Assistant PL03 w/FX, an AutoCAD-Plug-in optimized for theatrical and entertainment lighting design. The software helps LDs create better lighting plots, animations, and presentations.

DHA Lighting ( and sister company Scene Change Imaging ( showed the Hippotizer, a digital media server for the live entertainment industry. It allows immediate access to a pre-loaded library of digital media content, and then allows effects to be overlaid onto that content or live video.

New at Digital Projection ( was the Lightning 35 HD three-chip DLP projector with 20,000 ANSI lumens. This is Digital Projection's brightest projector.

New at Display Devices ( was the Pyxis display system, a pan-and-tilt yoke assembly with integrated projector.

Diversitronics ( showed the new Mighty Lite 1000, a small, lightweight DMX strobe. It is a high-peak capacitor discharge strobe with a 250,000-beam candlepower flash output.

Doug Fleenor Design ( featured the Hog Chopper, a box to fill the gap left by the demise of the Wholehog II Overdrive units, as well as the Preset 10 Architectural, a DMX wall station with 10 buttons that can hold 10 presets with fade times, all in a single gang backbox.

New at DynaScan Technology Inc. ( was a 360Þ image-display unit. It's an LED unit that uses patented technology of RGB rapid rotation. It takes any graphic input for a bright high-resolution output.

Elation Professional ( premiered the Ayrton Easycolor LED moving-head luminaire. Its 18 high-power LEDs have a ten-year lifespan (equivalent to more than 100,000 hours continuous use) and offers users an infinite palette of saturated colors.

Electronic Theatre Controls ( had the US unveiling of its new Source Four Revolution, an automated ellipsoidal luminaire, for use in the theatre. It is designed with performance, modularity, and quietness as its main features. The unit is desgned for noise-sensitive applications and to blend in with conventional fixtures.

Electronics Diversified ( had the big brother of the Scrimmer Stik, the Big Stik, a hang-anywhere dimmer strip with built-in connectors.

Nils Thorjussen has a new company, Element Labs(, took an LDI Award (in the prototype category) for Versa TILE. It is an edge-lit LED tile with RGB color mixing that creates a broad spectrum of rich, saturated colors, as well as flesh tones, browns, and grays. The tiles can be used to create a color-changing wall, in permanent installations, or portable staging blocks of 25 tiles each.

Entertainment Technology ( made a splash with its new Bak Pak Individual IGBT Intelligent Dimmer. This compact, lightweight single dimmer weighs just 2lbs. It can be mounted to the yoke of a fixture or just about anywhere else that you need a dimmer and operates silently. The module is available in 750W and 1,200W versions. Also unveiled was the complete line of Marquee control consoles — the Marquee 24/48, designed for schools and universities, and the Marquee ILC for higher-end uses.

ESP Studios ( launched ESP Vision, a lighting-simulation pre-production tool. The program provides photo-realistic, render-quality lighting simulation in real time. It provides a toolset for enhancing creativity and creating realistic lighting simulations.

ETA Systems ( featured its Power Protection Series which features balanced power, isolated power, AC regeneration, and balanced circuits. Features include satellite and coax jack, A/V RCA jacks, telephone jacks, sequential power up and down, diagnostic indicator LEDs, and accessory rack ears.

Future Light ( introduced the Edge Light, an LED strip light product to keep people from falling off the edge of the stage.

Gala ( showed Gala Venue, a product that allows a space to customize its seat setup and usable floor space, using an automation system that folds the seats under platforms to create a flat floor.

GAM Products ( offered 30 new loop designs for its FilmFX unit. Also new was the Motor-Yoke 2, which can be used for practically any fixture, studio or stage, of up to 88lbs. It allows for silent pan and tilt operation and has the ability to return to its programmed position automatically if accidentally moved.

GE Lighting ( highlighted the CMH150PAR64 for the architectural/architainment market. The lamp is available in three beam angles with the option of 3,000K and 4,200K color temperatures.

Geni Electronics ( showed its new MOS and MOS 300 automated fixture that combine scanner and moving head technology to create a faster unit. The MOS uses a 700W MSR lamp, while the MOS 300 uses a 250W MSD source.

Gerriets International ( focused on its projection surfaces for front, RP and even dual-purpose screens.

G-LEC Europe ( showed its G-LEC Curtain, which integrates pictures, animated graphics, and video, all of which can be controlled from a DMX console. The Curtain won an honorable mention in the LDI Awards prototype category. The Curtain is also lightweight and can be set-up by only a couple of technicians in hours without the stage needing structural re-enforcement.

Goddard Design Company ( had a number of new products including the Advanced DMX Hub, which addresses the needs of both RDM and non-RDM users. Goddard also showed off the Lil'DMXter3, which adds RDM protocol.

Great Performance Products ( had the Sapphire HTI Class Followspot, which uses a HTI 400W metal arc high-intensity lamp.

High End Systems ( showed the Catalyst DL1, ColorCommand, and ColorMerge. ColorMerge is a dichroic color mixing system that fits any standard-sized ETC Source Four ellipsoidal fixture and is positioned as an alternative to gel scrollers. ColorCommand is a color-changing PAR/wash light that uses a patented, color-mixing system that incorporates automated changing of color and beam angle. The Catalyst DL1 is the second-generation offering in the Catalyst family, which enhances the technology by housing a digital engine in a ruggedized package that has the look and feel of a moving light and the versatility of a moving projector. Also on display, was the newly released Catalyst Version 3 software. The judges awarded it an LDI Award in the Debuting Product of the Year category.

Another LDI Award winner, Hoffend & Sons' ( Vortek is a complete, ceiling-to-floor rigging system for theatres that eliminates the need for counterweights.

Holowalls ( are holographic films that can be used as backdrops, on risers, or even as window treatments.

Hydrel ( had its 8000 Series of architectural floodlight units with a Wybron color scroller. These units can be used in a full wet location.

IES BV ( was at the show for the first time, testing the US waters regarding sinewave dimming. It showed the latest series of developments of its award-winning Matrix sinewave dimming system. In the Matrix, thyristor, and triac dimmers may also be hot-plugged where the silent, low-harmonics features of sinewave are not specifically demanded.

Image Projection LLC ( had Gobo Top, an add-on accessory that allows MR16 lamps to project patterns. The booth kept you running on time with its moving clockwork gobo projection as well.

InLight Gobos' ( featured the recently launched Blackline range, which incorporates a special coating that eliminates ghost reflections in the projector. Also, InLight's new service, Rent-A-Gobo, allows users to rent stock glass patterns on a weekly basis.

Interactive Technologies ( introduced its new CueLink wireless Ethernet device designed for lighting and show-control applications. CueLink works in a range of up to five miles. CueTouch is a customizable universal LCD touch panel accessory for Ethernet-based lighting control systems.

International Theatrical Truss ( showed its four-tower roof system that allows for double hung units. The system uses 16" tower truss.

New at James Thomas Engineering ( was the PixelPAR 90L, a high-output, solid-state color-mixing lighting fixture. It utilizes 30 red, green, and blue Luxeon emitters collimated to provide a 6Þ beam. Also launched was the Barlite, which combines contemporary lighting technology with conventional sign and display materials. PixelDrive brings the RADlite control system to Thomas' Pixel Range of LED fixtures. The PixelDrive control system allows the synching of video images and Thomas' Pixelrange.

New at Johnson Systems ( was the UDC-24 Universal Dimmer Controller, a 24-channel DMX and/or 10V analog-to-pulse width-modulated converter.

Shown at the Kino Flo ( booth were the Kamio 6e Ring light, a slim, lightweight camera mounted ring light, and the Para Beam 200 studio fixture, which can be turned off or dimmed remotely.

At the Kupo ( booth were the affordable Super PAR 64 and the PAR 16 to PAR 64 series, as well as a variety of clamps, stands, and cables. The MP-250, an automated fixture that can stand alone and be used without a lighting console, was also on display.

Laserwurx ( launched its new LX-1 Laser Projector, which is programmed and operated like a moving-yoke lighting fixture and can be controlled from a lighting console. The company earned an LDI Award for best laser display.

Lee Filters ( showed off its new Frosted Dichroic Glass filters.

New at the Lehigh Electric Products ( booth was its DX230 Dimmer Rack with thirty 2.4kW dimmer modules as well as its DS and DSQ console line.

Le Maitre ( showed the LSG High Power unit, which has 50% power than its rivals and comes with a DMX interface. The Silent Storm DMX snow machine has full DMX control over all options.

Leprecon/CAE ( introduced the LP-X48 console, now available in 1,024 DMX channels for both moving lights and dimmers.

New at the Leviton/NSI/Colortran ( booth was the new NSI AXIS DMX console. Also of note were the offline editors with numerous updates for both NSI and Colortran.

Lex Products ( had the E-String, which won both an LDI and and ESTA Award. E-String is a flexible cable with six outlets distributed along its length. Each outlet has an LED indicator showing the power is present. Also shown was the Data Snake, a cable reel solution for data cabling and the PDE Connector Strip.

LFI is the new name of Laser Fantasy International ( The company's latest product is a first-down laser system that allows spectators at football games to see exactly how much yardage is necessary for the team to score a first down.

Lighting & Electronics ( showed the Tuff-Stuff line of C-clamp products, which features the HangTuff C-clamp with built -n 33” safety cable to offer added security.

Featured at the The Light Source ( was the Swivel Claw, a double Cheseborough-style clamp, which can hold the weight while you lock down the unit. Also shown was the Mega Track Hanger, which allows you to adapt a pipe hanging position to a Uni-Strut mounting system.

The Lightspace ( Club Scene is an illuminated, computer controlled vinyl surface that can be used as a floor, wall or ceiling.

Lightronics ( highlighted the brand-new AS-62 series 6 × 1,200W dimmer pack that includes the L version, which is LMX control and the D version with both DMX and LMX control. The units feature switchable dim and non-dim circuitry; The RA 122 rack mounted architectural dimmer features 12 channels, each rated at 2,400W max; stores up to 64 scenes in memory, relay mode for each channel, and is soft-patchable; and Patch Bay for the top of road cases and racks that can be added to custom racks allowing the patch to be easily accessible on top of the rack rather than at the rear.

Lite-Puter ( showed the EDX-F04 four-channel DMX dimmer for fluorescent fixtures, as well as a variety of other dimming packs, including the EDX-612, a six- channel dimming pack.

Littlite ( was on hand with the Littlite LED Gooseneck light, which promises excellent color rendering and even illumination over a wide area.

Lumalaser ( showed Beamburst laser projectors, which shoot the laser in eight or ten different directions. Also new is Beam Designer, from USBeam, which lets one create beam shows, plus text, logos and graphics.

Luminant Lighting Systems ( introduced a new line of consoles, designed to remove programming and editing obstacles. Features include SplitRange level controls for easy editing, and a graphical user interface. All programming and editing commands follow a verb/noun/adjective format and the fully interactive display guides the user graphically with command-specific dialog boxes.

Lycian ( had the compact Midget II Quartz and Midget II Arc units and the Modular M2 followspot system. The Midget IIs sport a 575W halogen and a 350W metal arc lamp. The M2 is a collection of modules that, depending on the configuration, when assembled will yield spotlights capable of short-throw to long throw units.

MA Lighting ( had the grandMA micro console and the Network Signal Processor (NSP) for the grandMA console range. (Featured in the micro was an Alpha version of grandMA version 5 software, which holds much promise.) The grandMA NSP is an integrated network solution that bridges the differences between the current multiple de facto standards. The grandMA micro offers 1,024 individual parameters for control of conventional dimmers, moving lights from the built-in library, or self-created fixtures of any kind. MA Lighting products are available in the US via A.C.T Lighting.

At Martin Professional (, all eyes were on the Maxxyz lighting console, which won an LDI Product of the Year Award. Also shown was the MAC 550; a fully loaded fixture, the 400W moving head unit features multiple graphical options including a gobo animation system, two eight-slot color wheels, motorized 14-30Þ zoom and a multitude of other features. Another product, the Jem ZR 24/7 Hazer, which also took an LDI Award, is a DMX haze generator capable of delivering light-enhancing haze for long periods. Other new products included the Mac 250 Entour, a 250W automated profile spot; the Mac 250 Krypton; the CX-10 color changer; the Mania line of club effects units; the Ego X4 effects unit; Atomic Colors, for colored strobe effects; the Xciter hands-on lighting control for DJs, and more.

New from Milos ( is QuickTruss® M400, which has been designed specifically for heavy-duty applications and is available in two versions: rectangular and square formats.

Mole-Richardson ( had the 2,250W 8" Twin Junior Fresnel, which features two non-symmetrical 120V filaments that can be combined for 2,250W. The new Type 6801 12/18kW Daylite Fresnel has a lightweight housing, minimal spill light and a redesigned ventilation system.

New at Morpheus Lights ( was the PanaBeam XR2. Its features include a high-performance drive system for speed in pan, tilt, color, and beam modification; high output from a 1,200W short-arc source; a proprietary optical system; a unique commutator technology for continuous unlimited pan and tilt; a quiet, variable-speed temperature-controlled cooling fan; and CYM color-mixing.

MQ Power ( featured the Crawford Line of generators, available in 250, 500, 800, 1,400, 2,400kW sizes.

National Specialty Lighting ( highlighted its Micro LED Rope Light.

Nemetschek N.A. ( showed VectorWorks Spotlight, which has been updated to version 10, which boasts a number of new tools, in addition to interface improvements and refinements that allow you to draw faster and with fewer errors.

New at the Omnisistem ( booth was the Stinger 1 Series laser aerial device from Pulse; the High-Ground® fixed-head unit from Novalight., and the Rotoscan 2 HTI RG from Programmi Sistemi Luce. Also shown was the Stark 1200 Series multiple-format project for high-luminosity digital multivision, and, from Pearl River, the Pilot Wash and Pilot 250 automated units.

Opti-Forms ( introduced its new Mini-Nova Handheld Searchlight.

OpitiLED ( introduced The CHIP Linear Optical array, a new LED linear light that is designed for theatrical and entertainment venues.

Osram ( introduced the QXL 750/77 Quick eXchange Lamp, which is designed to be used in the new ETC Source Four Revolution moving-head spotlights; the patent-pending HPR 575/115 high-performance tungsten halogen lamp, with an internal reflector that increases the efficiency in PAR and ellipsoidal reflectors. Osram Opto Semiconductors announced the launch of its new LINEARlight Colormix LED dimmable system.

Pathway Connectivity ( introduced its new Rooms, a DMX room divide system for consoles. Rooms makes sure that consoles control only dimmers in the rooms you specify.

Philips ( premiered the ST 250 HR discharge lamp; rated at 250W, it incorporates Philips' ceramic technology, C3, to achieve comparable light output to a 1,000W halogen lamp using only 25% of the power consumption compared with halogen. It also produces only 25% of the heat and, and has a 4,000-hour lamp life.

New at the Phoebus Manufacturing ( booth was showed the I-marc followspot, with an aluminum housing and chassis, variable focal length lens system, and mechanical douser and iris.

PRG/Fourth Phase ( gets into the digital media server competition with Mbox. Billed as “the ultimate integration of video and lighting,” Mbox can be programmed and operated directly from any DMX console or the Icon console.

Prolyte ( showed the ProTrac, an upgraded fly-bar system. It can be easily installed in theaters and other venues, and is an alternative to steel ladder beams.

Pro-Tape ( showed a new line of camouflage gaff and duct tape that can be used outdoors to camouflage cables.

Pulsar Light of Cambridge (, had several new LED products. They included the ChromaFlood, which features 91 LEDs in an enclosure fitted with a fully articulated mounting bracket; the ChromaPanel 300; the ChromaCube, a 300mm cube internally illuminated with high-power LEDs; the ChromaBank Mk2, with a built-in power outlet for linking fixtures, and the ChromaDeck, a hybrid of the Litedeck staging system and ChromaPanel.

R&M ( had the Stagemaker “F” Cyberhoist, a smooth, accurate, variable-speed self-programmable hoist that can be operated in a stand-alone mode or as part of an Ethernet network.

Road Case Rain Gear ( offered a PVC-coated polyester fabric console covers for weatherproofing your equipment.

Winner of an LDI Award for booth design, Robe ( showed the ColorSpot 1200AT, which uses a Philips 1200 SA discharge lamp light source; features include a CMY color-mixing system; an additional color wheel; 12 rotating, indexable, dichroic glass gobos on two wheels, offering 48 gobo combinations, plus many more. ColorSpot 1200AT also comes in an electronic ballast version.

Robert Juliat USA ( highlighted the new Manon followspot, a 1,200W MSR cold-strike fixture. Features include double condenser optical system, 100% closing iris and mechanical dimmer, A-size moveable pattern holder, and a six-way push/pull color changer system.

Rose Brand ( showed the new ShowLED star drops, which consists of LEDs with sockets attached to the back of the drop by Velcro washers for easy replacement, and a DMX compatible eight-channel controller that supports 256 LEDs and offers 10 preset patterns. Also on hand was Chromatte, a keying solution from UK-based Reflecmedia, composed of a lightweight curtain with over 70,000 glass beads per square inch and an LED LiteRing mounted on the lens of a camera projecting blue or green directional light to turn Chromatte into a keying surface.

Rosco's ( brand-new X-Effects 3D projector, an LDI Award winner in the prototpye category, provides large-scale 3D effects utilizing a 200W enhanced metal arc source, which allows for an output of 5K lumens, and a 2000-hour lamp life. Also launched was the PSU 400W, a rack-mount universal power supply.

Products that Selecon New Zealand ( highlighted included its new Pacific Followspot, with many of the same features from the Pacific line of ellipsoidals.

Setwear ( showed the new EasyFit 2 gloves.

Show Distribution ( showed the Vario Trolley, a variable speed trolley system that can travel on curved beams, and has a variable speed of up to 130‘/minute. Also showing was the company's remote-control system for chain motors.

Space Cannon ( had a number of new LED luminaires including the Metamorphosis Hi Mix LED, which uses Luxeon's High Flux LEDs. Also shown was the Hi Bar, a linear LED fixture that is available in 12", 24", 36", 60" and 72" lengths. The other new unit is the Hi Duo that uses 36 LEDs, 12 each of red, green, and blue and draws 40W.

The Stageline ( SL 100 mobile stage, a compact, all-aluminum, lightweight stage, is assembled in three easy steps and has 3,000 lbs of cargo capacity.

Strand Lighting ( had an improved design for the SLD Dimmer Rack with more wiring space and new modules, including a working demonstration of its new sinewave dimmer module. Strand is also taking advantage of wireless Ethernet that will allow you to drop Strand ShowNet nodes wherever you need them.

Strong Entertainment Lighting ( showed the Canto followspot line, which features a choice of three discharge and two tungsten halogen models. Also on display was the new, smaller Sky Tracker in prototype form.

New at Super Vision International ( was the Lite Pro Illuminator, which is great for fiber-optic curtains that can be rail-mountable, and is DMX-controllable.

Techni-Lux ( showed the Regia console from SGM, which comes in three versions: Regia 2048 Opera, Regia 2048 Pro, and Regia 2048 Live, and now includes WYSIWYG. Also from SGM is the Giotto Profile moving-head fixture, which comes with shutters and is billed as the quietest unit of its kind on the market. The SGM 400 line is now UL-rated.

TEI ( showed the DMX401 four-channel dimmer and DMXConsole8 compact, eight-channel console.

Shown at Tempest Lighting ( was the Typhoon, an outdoor projector enclosure, which is climate-controlled and resists condensation, humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Theatre Effects ( introduced its new Power Tiny fogger, a 400W handheld, battery-operated unit that is great for small fogging applications, and the new Orka, the largest off-the-shelf fogger.

New from Times Square Lighting ( is the 410FS Follow-Rite followspot, for applications requiring the manual control of a light beam to follow a performer combined with varying beam size and color-changing. New from Times Square Architectural is the DGR150, a 150W single-end metal-halide long-throw, high-intensity fixture.

TMB ( had a rig of its new ProV-LED product, a new V-LED technology that allows either DMX or video control of every LED. Other products included the ProPower rack panel distribution systems, the ProPlex data distribution devices, the ProHB range of head to ballast cables for all popular HMI brands, and the ProPin® splitter, which cleans and splits 20, 60, and 100A stage pin connector contacts.

At Tomcat ( launches in January. It's a web store created just for Columbus-McKinnon Lodestar chain hoists and the parts and accessories that accommodate them; the site will offer next-day service. Also shown was the Genetically Modified Motor, a modification that includes an encoder and double-breaking system. It can be used on its own or as a part of Tomcat's new Kinesys System, which includes the Vector Motion Control software and the Elevation +1 Variable-Speed Hoist Controller. This new system allows you to pre-program truss and motor moves and play them back from a PC.

At the Total Structures ( booth was New Wave decorative truss. It's a carbon fiber and aluminum extrusion truss that comes in 4' sections and weighs 5lbs. It also comes in clear Plexiglas as well as variety of decorative finishes, and is aimed towards the trade show and retail market.

New at Union Connector ( was the SafeCam system, a patented cutoff system for safety.

Ushio America ( introduced its Heat-Shield pinch technology, which helps extend lamp life in hotter fixtures. Ushio has also developed the QXL (Quick eXchange Lamp) Halogen lamp in conjunction with ETC's new Source Four Revolution automated ellipsoidal.

Vari-Lite ( featured the new VL3000Q, which offers a 50% audible reduction in noise output for both the spot and wash versions of this 1,200W luminaire. The fixtures are designed for any application where quieter fixtures are crucial.

White Light ( showed the Exhibition Profile Baby and the Exhibition PAR/PARNel Baby 150W daylight fixtures, both of which combine ETC technology with high-power HID daylight sources.

Wybron ( introduced the Nexera wash and ellipsoidal color-mixing luminaires. The units are convection-cooled for quiet operation; they use 575W tungsten lamps, three DMX channels, and Wybron Coloram II power supplies and cables.