AC Lighting UK

showed several Chroma-Q products, including the MU universal mounting color scroller; the Chroma-Q ComSpec II scroller with over 300 usable colors; the Chroma-Q Daylight PAR 575W MSR washlight; and the Chroma-Q YokePAR, a moving yoke unit with a 16-color integral color changer. Also on display was the SpectraLite Case, made of a unique injection-molded process that uses a custom-blended thermoplastic resin.

In addition to its new identity as A.C.T Lighting (the company recently morphed from A.C. Lighting Inc. to A.C.T. Lighting Inc.) there were a number of new products, including grandMA version 4, a new software version for grandMA consoles that allows multi-user programming at a level we have not seen before. It allows for multiple remotes, chat and networking possibilities. Also on display was Artistic Licence's Art-Net range of interface products including the new Net-View, Insta-Lynx; PowerHub 4, and Ether-Lynx; Version 5 for the Jands Event 4 console range; and Zero 88's Illusion 500 conventional console, and two smaller consoles: the Elara, and Alcora, as well as software version seven for the Frog console family.

Acolyte Systems displayed some very clever uses for LEDs. They have a line of products that fall under the TheaterLYTE range. These products include the Work Lyte, where the LED is mounted on a lanyard for hands free light backstage; Tag Lyte, where the LED has a Velcro attachment for illuminating props tables, escape stairs, etc; Press Lyte, a squeezable version for a bit of illumination; and the Smart Lyte, which you can switch on and off as well as having a five minute time out in case you forgot to turn it off.

Action Lighting launched an LED Rope Light and the G12 LED bulb in blue, red, green, yellow, and white.

ADB made its US Debut of the very interesting Axis Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight. The Axis is a cool beam zoom profile spotlight, with four plane, 360º rotating shutters. There are no shutter blades, but rings to position the shutters. Rings also spin the gobo holder and drop-in iris through 360º as well (they lock in place.) Control of shutters, focus, zoom, gobos, iris by means of rings, which are accessible from any position around the fixture. This also allows for an automated yoke for control over all of the luminaires parameters. Keep an eye on this fixture.

Advanced Devices was showing off its new 18" soft three-fer with 400A Cam connectors installed.

Alcorn-McBride Inc. introduced WEBster™, an Internet expansion module, a graphical user interface for any system that supports multiple control consoles. It is a device that lets you control any RS232 serial device over Ethernet. LightCue™, a real-time DMX recorder for 512 DMX channels that stores up to nine hours of data, was also launched, as was DMX Machine™, a scripted lighting controller for stand-alone or slave modes.

All Access Staging showed the Versa ultra Deck II, a lightweight, strong, and compact staging unit with numerous features, including locking rolling decks and built-in leveling with adjustable height. The decks lock to frame with expanding "O" ring, and also interconnect with rotary locks.

Altman Lighting introduced Spectra, its new LED luminaire line, including the Spectra-PAR a 540-LED color-mixing PAR, Spectra-Strip a color-mixing LED border light, Spectra-Splash a 540-LED color-mixing outdoor PAR, and UNI-LED a 252-LED monochrome PAR.

American DJ introduced the Light Stream line of intelligent lighting controllers, including Show Cue, Show Designer I and II, DMX Operator and DMX Operator II, in addition to several other models.

American Harlequin Corporation displayed a new line of sprung sub-floors, called Woodspring. It is a professional quality basketweave floor for permanent installation. Harlequin's Contract Division installs it so that there is no requirement to find installers in the local area who possess the kind of expertise that is needed for these floors. For studio venues, Harlequin has the Activity Sprung Floor System. They also offer the Sprung Panel System for permanent or non-permanent installation as well as the Harlequin Stage Panels for portable use.

APIAS, the Italian trade association of manufacturers for the entertainment industry, had a sizable pavilion with products from the following companies: Coef, D.T. S. ® Show Division, Euromet® Professional, Lampo, Reference Laboratory, Sixtema, Teclumen, Telenia, and Vagnini Wilson. Of particular interest in the Telenia booth was the Stark 1200, a new multiple format project for very large-scale uses, distributed in the US by OmniSistem Lights and Effects.

Applied Electronics had a number of new products, of which the Omega II series of architectural dimmers, with 12 channels of 2400W dimming expandable to 96 channels, was introduced. The company also showed the L-16 Crank-up Lift, adjustable to varied terrains.

Apollo Design Technology launched a number of new products, including the ComSpec II, a scroller with a subtractive color-mixing method. Features include increased aperture size, built-in heat blocker, and universal mounting plate; Gel-Tak Tape for mounting and re-mounting gel to a variety of surfaces; and just when you thought that no one was going to do anything new with plastic color, they introduced Perf-Gel, 20"x24" color filter sheets with easy-to-tear perforations that offer time and labor savings. 113 total colors are available in 20"x24" sheets. Gel sheets are perforated in 2", 4", 6", 6-21/32" and 10" squares.

Artistic Licence continues to evolve its ART-Net standard and created more products to solve your networking problems. Products shown included the Power-Hub 4, a 4 port Ethernet hub that supplies low voltage power via the data connection; Ether-Lynx, with its plug-and-play solution for DMX cabling & distribution; DMX Dongle RDM, a DMX512-A transceiver with RDM support; and Net-View, software for analysis of the ART-Net Network.

Avolites launched the latest console in it's Diamond 4 Series, the D4 Elite. The console is streamlined to offer the maximum power and functionality in the minimum physical space, recognizing the ever-growing need in all applications to use FOH and control spaces expediently. The D4 Elite offers all the features of the full sized Diamond 4, in a smaller chassis with 14 submasters and 96 assigned playbacks, with direct access to 96 fixtures via Legend Cells (re-assignable preset playbacks). The D4 and the D4 Elite are fully disk compatible, and the Elite features all the software functions of the larger console. Avolites also showed other new products including the ART2000i installation dimmer; the Pearl 2004 console, an updated and streamlined version of the Pearl 2000; and the Avolites Pearl simulator, a useful, timesaving free software download that provides a virtual interface for the popular Pearl 2000 console.

Barbizon introduced a new solution called Monitors in Motion, a custom product developed by the show control division of Barbizon. This product has been designed for control rooms where space is limited. This allows the user to combine the monitors for the lighting control console, stage monitors, and any other video inputs into one large monitor. By tiling the smaller monitors into one large screen. The user can enlarge any of the tiled screen for optimal viewing or reduce the screen when not in use allowing visualization of other screens. This product will be customized for each application and can support up to 16 video inputs.

Barco Events displayed its amazing LED screen technology along with a new show control device, the Events Controller, which is a fully integrated show control system based upon Barco's D320 platform. It enables the control of all daylight and projection displays as well as all of the other equipment involved in a show. This includes the High End Systems Catalyst System™, automated and conventional lighting devices, fog and smoke machines, image generators, truss motors, hydraulics, and more.

Birket Engineering debuted the DMX Multi Strobe-Brik, a DMX-based controller with finger strobes. It features variable, DMX-controlled intensity and timing, Strobe-specific fault diagnostics, and a rugged housing.

Bulbtronics is launching a new e-commerce site, with a powerful search engine. Check it out at

CITC showed its new Scented Bubble Fluid as well as a DMX controllable foam/snow machine for club applications.

Chauvet had the usual legion of new products, including the Trackscan 250R DMX moving-mirror luminaire, the Legend 150R DMX yoke luminaire (also the Mini Legend), the Imagination and Sensation moving-mirror effects lights, the Lazer Scan moving-mirror laser effects unit, and several more.

City Theatrical new product launches include: the battery-run WDS (Wireless Dimming System) transmits DMX and dims without wires; a perfect solution for any application where power cables cannot be run, or for lighting in scenery and costumes; A.C.T. Enterprises' moving light hangers which allow automated luminaries to be re-hung without re-focus or re-programming. It allows users to replace a moving light precisely (+/- .015") in the same location as its predecessor; John McKernon had Lightwright 4 in a pre-release sneak preview.

Clay Paky, distributed in the US by Group One, gave the LDI launch of CP Color 575, the new professional color changer for outdoor applications, and the Stage Profile SV line, with its unique framing applications and its very quiet operations.

Clear-Com launched a number of new products including the WBS-670 and –680 and Q700 wireless intercoms; I-Series stations for the Matrix Plus digital intercom; and the AMS 10025 monitor speaker for rack mount applications.

Coast Wire and Plastic Technology is now handling SetWear® gloves, designed to be used by lighting technicians.

Coemar USA showed the iProfile Flex, iWash Flex, iSpot Flex line of automated lights. Also new are the iSpot and iWash 575 EB versions, with electronic ballasts. Coemar is now distributing Compulite products, including the new Rave console for club applications, and the Vector, billed as the world's first true lighting workstation. Also, new from Antari is the Fogger Fazer line of foggers.

Cole Wire and Cable presented Neuflex, a European-rated flexible cable, cord, and hook-up wire.

Color Kinetics had a number of products making their LDI debut. The iColor® Accent is a low-voltage, direct-view intelligent LED linear light for illuminating architectural highlights, such as building outlines. The bColor Series of indoor/outdoor color-changing intelligent LED illumination fixtures has four new products ColorBlast® 6, ColorBlast 12, ColorBurst™ 4, and ColorBurst 6. The ColorPlay® 1.8 is the latest version of the company's light show authorizing software for intelligent LED illumination fixtures; new features includes integration with CAST Software's WYSIWIG Perform program. PDS-150e and PDS-550e are power and data supplies. The unoColor Series is a line of single-color LED fixtures.

Columbus McKinnon introduced a number of new products at LDI, including the ShowPro line of electric hoists; its TB-602 ratchet lever hoist; a compact-designed lever hoist for use in confined applications. The TB-602 ratchet lever hoist has a lifting capacity of 550lb (250kg) and a standard lift of 5' (1.5m). The TB-602 weighs about 6lb (2.2kg); the UJL model electric chain hoist, now available with an optional dual-braking system; and the Pro Commander; a variable speed, computer-controlled motor controller. This new controller allows control of up to 127 hoists at one time. Speeds are selectable in 1" increments. An encoder is installed in the Lodestar hoists for positions better than 1mm resolution. The computer program is Windows-based with GUI software. This modular-design controller is housed in a standard 19" rack.

Creative Stage Lighting introduced Tech Alert, a unidirectional communication beacon with strobe and audible beep, the LKS connector from Link, and Hubbell HX fixtures.

Crouse-Hinds launched the E2000 single-pole power connector series. The primary use for this product is in the European markets.

Design and Drafting showed off the new features of LD Assistant Ac with VIZlink. LD Assistant is built with AutoDesk's AutoCAD 2002 technology. VIZlink is a new feature of LD Assistant Ac™ or PL™ allowing the user to link lighting projects from LD Assistant into Autodesk® VIZ application including lights, gobos projection, rope lights, projectors and images, camera and motion paths and also atmospheric and environment effects. Using the VIZlink feature, lighting designers can produce a more realistic representation of what designs will look like under a variety of lighting conditions, natural and artificial. Autodesk VIZ also supports the industry-standard Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) data formats for describing the performance of manufactured lighting fixtures.

New from Diversitronics is the Strobe Striker single-channel remote with hyperflash.

Doug Fleenor Design launched a fully isolated bi-directional splitter with DMX hub, the BiDi 8, an eight-port, bi-directional, fully isolated DMX hub that supports bi-directional data from any manufacturer. All ports fully isolated. Also on hand was the RDM Addresser, a handheld device used to get and set address parameters on RDM enabled devices. It is a low cost devise used to check and set DMX ad7dresses on forthcoming RDM devices. Also being introduced was the Apathy Minus, all that the Apathy is and so much less. It costs a dollar less in fact. Proclaimed, the "most user hostile interface" it allows a way to control DMX one channel at a time versus all 512 that the Apathy controls.

Dove Systems debuted StarPort for Windows, a Windows update to the memory lighting console for the personal computer; the I.Q. 512 12-channel control console with ability to patch to 512 dimmers; the Dimmermaster 2412D, a rack-mount dimmer pack featuring 24 channels at 1.2kW; and the MTX-DE8 DMX decoder for fluorescent fixtures in TV lighting.

Eiko displayed its wide variety of lamps, including the recently introduced high pressure sodium line as well as its expansion of more compact fluorescent lines, self-ballasted fluorescents, and metal halide lamp lines. Over the past 24 years, Eiko has grown from 72 lamps to 3,500+ lamps.

E-Lite™ Technologies, Inc. showed the Flatlite™ lamp, billed as the world's widest, thinnest, longest light bulb for theatrical and display applications. The product is available in coils up to 300' and the lamp can be cut and connected in the field, with a choice of eight stock colors, and the option of any color with third party filters.

Elation Professional is now the exclusive distributor in North America and Mexico for the Czech moving light manufacturer Robe Showlighting's line of automated lighting products that were seen at SIB and PLASA this year. Robe launched three new products at LDI for the North American and Mexican market. They include the Robe ColorZoom-250 color-changing zoom fixture; Robe Vision-1200 high-powered scanner; and the Robe ColorWash-150 compact wash fixture. Robe Showlighting, a former OEM manufacturer, is now establishing itself as a direct-sales operation with a worldwide distribution network. Robe's products have been available in the US for some time, formerly branded as Elation Professional. As of January 2003, this will no longer be the case; all products made by Robe Showlighting will be branded as Robe and distributed by Robe America.

Electronic Theatre Controls' booth was brimming with new products, including Emphasis, MultiPAR, and Smart Pack. Emphasis has under gone a year of finishing touches and its first installations. It is a lighting control system that offers one fully integrated approach to design and programming, selection and cueing, paperwork, plots and visualization; coupled with thorough libraries of fixtures, truss, and accessories. Look for an in-depth review of Emphasis in LD in the spring. MultiPAR is the latest offering in the Source Four line. Basically it is three, four, or 12 Source Four PARs in a striplight package. They will also be offering a nine light configuration. Smart Pack is a small dimmer pack that is meant to rack mount into a 19" equipment rack. This is a very intelligent, yet cost effective dimmer pack. A user can set and play back scenes including timed loops.

Entertainment Technology, A Genlyte Thomas Company featured a range of new and re-designed products. The purchase by Genlyte has really benefited this product range. LDI represented the introduction of the Intelligent Raceway as a shipping product. It combines both a dimmer rack & a connector strip in one raceway of silent IGBT dimmers, with up to 66% less wire, each dimmer has it's own control/focus button, up to 100' long, with up to 96 dimmers. DMX, Ethernet in and out as standard. Who needs a dimmer room? Other products included a very interesting yoke-mount single 1,200W dimmer for any standard lighting fixture. It is addressable and has DMX in and out; A truss-mount, dual dimmer module. Each truss module is fed by one 20A feed and has two dimmer outputs. This has the new ET splitting technology that allows a total of 2,400W per module, which can be split in any combination between the two outputs. Ethernet also worked with Vari-Lite, who introduced the VL1000 with an on-board IGBT dimmer. This offers the existing facilities that may be dimmer challenged the opportunity to use smooth, silent dimming with the VL1000 fixture with out giving up a house dimming circuit. Who knew that a month later Genlyte would buy Vari-Lite?

Extron® Electronics was showing a number of new and existing products to make your video interconnections much easier. Included products on display included the new Extron VSC 500 and VSC 700 high-resolution computer-to-video scan converters accept computer images up to 1600x1200 and convert them down for output to NTSC or PAL display devices. The USP 405 Universal Signal Processor is the one-box solution for all video signal conversion needs. It is an all-in-one high-performance scaler, switcher, scan converter, standards converter, and transcoder. The ISS Series Integration Seamless Switchers provide truly seamless, glitch-free switching between eight inputs, each of which is fully configurable for all video types.

Fourth Phase showed the Pigi® Automated Rotating Double Scroller and the Pigi S 500 2.5kW HMI projector, both from E\T\C Audiovisuel.

Future Light showed the PoleCat mounting accessory, a temporary and secure method of mounting lighting, fans, or other production equipment to structural supports such as tent poles, building columns, and utility poles, and Foresight RTS™ integrated rental tracking software, billed as the most powerful business management solution available for companies that rent equipment.

GAM Products introduced a new family of MiniSpin pattern rotators for use in compact architectural fixtures. MiniSpin is offered in several versions, including the SoloSpin, which rotates one pattern, the TwinSpin dual pattern rotator, and a variety of variable or fixed speed designs. Also shown was a new range of indexing Pattern Rotators using a DMX signal to control the position and speed of the pattern. The new family of indexing rotators is offered in three models: SoloSpin, TwinSpin, and the Dual Motor TwinSpin. Expanding the range of effects is the Film/FX, which is designed to be a companion to GAM's TwinSpin. The Film/FX adds a continuous loop motion as opposed to the double rotation. It creates realistic moving effects, including: clouds, rain, snow, etc. It fits into the iris slot of the ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare or Strand SL ellipsoidals.

General Electric added four new product groups to its consumer products divisions, including high-wattage Quartzline® halogen lamps, the HPL high-performance lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps, and high-performance halogen lamps. Also new are GE's Cinema 32 and 55 lamps, with CRIs of 93 and 95 respectively.

Gerriets International introduced two new high gain rear projection screens, Optitrans and Aria. Both screens come in neutral gray and are translucent rear projection surfaces for LCD and DLP projectors. They offer extremely bright, crisp images in a wide viewing cone with no hot spotting. These screens can be made to any custom size and finish.

Goboland introduced Colortones™, a line of color gobos etched with high-resolution imaging.

H&H Specialties showed several new safety products, including the 576-9 Rope Lock, constructed with a ductile iron body and 9" red plastisol-covered steel handle, and the 576LO Safety Lockout Tag, constructed of red anodized aluminum. Also, the company's 400 Series stage track is now available in a black finish. showed a new printing machine for double-sided prints up to 2" diameter.

High End Systems had a very full booth with a variety of new products on display, including the Flying Pig Systems' Wholehog III® console, which was running the entire booth. The Wholehog III control system was showing off very stable software and will give Hog loyalists a reward for their patience. New hardware for the Hog included MiniWings™ for the Wholehog III console as well as the Wholehog II PC. There are two version of the wings are available: programming and playback; Quite a few Catalyst units were on display, which at the show were paired with NEC projectors, highlighting the new NEC and HES alliance, where HES will have better access to the NEC line of projectors and the NEC Nighthawk™ technology, and NEC will have access to the Catalyst for its resellers. HES will continue to work with Barco and other projector manufacturers as well; Debuting, was the Studio Beam® CTO, a new version of the popular Studio Beam automated luminaire, specifically designed for use in theatres and TV studios since it now comes with an incandescent lamp source. The new luminaire will be quieter, since the lamp power supply and fans have been removed and the Studio Beam CTO will have two power cords, allowing users to plug the lamp into their current dimmer system: and the Debut of the Trackspot® 2, which builds upon the features favored in the original Trackspot, with the addition of a rotating indexable gobo wheel with eight replaceable gobo positions and a beam reduction template. Two LithoPattern® high-resolution glass gobos and six metal gobo patterns come standard in the new unit.

Interactive Technologies introduced the Cue Touch, a universal LCD touch panel accessory for Ethernet-based lighting control systems. It can be customized by the user to best suit individual applications. You can use it to recall preset lighting looks, manage partitions, send macros to consoles, and reconfigure Ethernet nodes.

Interesting Products displayed its liquid nitrogen (LN2) fog effects systems, including the Penguin Pipe™ and Cloud Controller II™.

UK based James Thomas Engineering made its US debut of its Pixelpar range. At LDI it launched the first two high-brightness white LED products in its Pixelrange: solid state lighting using high brightness light emitting diodes. The Pixelpar 660tw (tungsten white) and the Pixelpar 87tw feature the same energy-efficient characteristics as the complementary color mixing. These fixtures are ideal for a myriad of applications including architectural, retail and feature lighting, and also for home use where no color mixing is required.

Robert Juliat debuted the Buxie, a compact followspot with 575W MSR lamp, hot restrike, electronic ballast, and a DMX controlled dimming shutter. The ballast mounts onto the yoke keeping it out from under foot.

A four-lamp modular tube light was introduced byKW/2. Each 2', 4', or 8' bulb can be rotated individually 360º.

Katie Group had a number of products on display from the range of companies that they represent, including PC Lights, Inc. from Japan with its Turbo PAR 1000S, an intelligent PAR luminaire with CMY color mixing and 4-16º beam size; and the Turbo 700W a wet location, exterior rated automated luminaire. Also, Max Automation Technologies' very clever automated yokes for a range of conventional fixtures; Renaissance Lighting's very nice uplight, which has the same great distribution as the recessed wall washer that was introduced last year.