Edith Wharton once observed, "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." Twenty years ago, Lighting Dimensions first began to reflect the many facets of our industry. Wrote executive editor Pete Sokoloff in the inaugural June 1977 issue, "Lighting Dimensions is a magazine for the people who create and convey the calculated combinations of all the dimensions of light.... Together, we can make Lighting Dimensions the creative, vibrant journal our industry deserves."

Herein our editors re-examine some of the people and projects that have "lit up their lives," to paraphrase the Oscar-winning song that blanketed the airwaves in 1977. Concerts, theatre, film, and architecture, depicted here in vintage disco-era covers, have grown to be cornerstones of the magazine, as we've increased our scope and spawned a trade show. Thanks to our valued relationship with the lighting community, the future of Lighting Dimensions will be brighter than ever in the years to come.