In the story “Consulting in Style,” published in the October issue of Lighting Dimensions on Architecture, two major errors were made regarding iXL Enterprises, Inc.'s Client Solutions Center. Though the story was not about the Solutions Center, a prominent photo of the space might have misled readers into thinking it was designed by the lighting firm profiled in the story. In fact, David Bowling of Lightswitch was the LD of the Client Solutions Center, and the overall design was by Cecil Magpuri of Falcon's Treehouse, LLC: not Disney Imagineering, as stated in the opening paragraph.

“Falcon's Treehouse did all the scenic design from concept through completion,” says Bowling. Lightswitch previously worked with Magpuri on the Twister: Ride It Out! attraction at Universal Studios Orlando, and on AT&T's New Global Neighborhood at Epcot.

The Client Solutions Center, which is used to educate potential clients about iXL's e-business capabilities and vision, includes high-tech informational kiosks and a large sphere containing an interactive theatre. Bowling used two Martin MiniMAC Profiles and Color Kinetics ColorBlasts to guide the clients through the space and to the kiosks, which are translucent pods lit with fiber optics. Each pod opens to reveal high-tech devices that exemplify the company's approach to technological problem-solving.

“The use of color and movement was key to achieving an exciting experience,” says Bowling. “The physical space was very small but changing the look with the lighting keeps it from feeling that way.” Lighting, audio, and video cues lead clients into a 10-seat half-dome theatre where they have a chance to interact and select video segments relating to their particular interests. A fiber-optic star field, ColorBlasts, and MiniMACs are cued with the videos to enhance the visual impression.

The Client Solutions Center is a permanent featured area at iXL corporate headquarters in Atlanta. Bowling won an International Illumination Design Award of Merit for his work on the project.