CITY THEATRICAL City Theatrical's new products for 2000 include the awardwinning AutoYoke™, a precise pan and tilt yoke for the Source Four and "EFX Plus2"™, a moving effects projector for Source Four. Also included are Lightwright 3 software; our 4S4 line of Source Four accessories; and our award-winning AQUAFOG 3300™ and SS6000™ DRY ICE FOGGERS. CITY THEATRICAL. 752 E. 133rd St., Bronx, NY 10454. Ph: (718) 292-7932; fax: (718)292-7482; website:

OPTI-FORMS, INC. Opti-Forms, Inc. electroformed reflectors provide solutions for the projection or collection of radiant energy. Typical products using electroforms are precision illumination equipment such as theatre and video projection, stage lighting, advertising searchlights, architectural lighting, and other specialty illumination applications. Opti-Forms' design capabilities and precision fabrication using the electroforming process produce paraboloids, ellipsoids, spheroids, and off-axis segments. Available in single quantity to volume orders offering consistent product quality at high production rates. OPTI-FORMS. 42310 Winchester Rd., Temecula, CA 92590. Ph: (909) 296-1300; fax: (909) 296-1178; website:

APOLLO DESIGN TECHNOLOGY Apollo Design Technology is a leading manufacturer of custom & standard gobos available in ANY size both glass and stainless steel. SuperResolution[R] and Colour Scenic[R] glass patterns feature 10,000 dpi resolution. Now offering a wide selection of lighting accessories including Apollo Gel, Apollo Foil, gaffer tape, textured dichroics, and Roto-Q gobo rotators. Contact: APOLLO DESIGN TECHNOLOGY, 4130 Fourier Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46818. Ph: (219) 497-9191; fax: (219)-497-9192; toll free: (800) 288-4626; email:; website:

MOLE-RICHARDSON CO. Designers, Manufacturers, Sales, and Rental, for Motion Picture, Television, Video, and Still Photographic Lighting Equipment, including: Solarspots, HMI SolarArc Solarspots, Molearcs, Molequartz, Molefays, Molecools, Molepars, Softlites, Nooklites, Broads, Cyc-Strips, Scoops, Pattern & Spot Projection Equipment, Power Distribution systems, Dimmers, etc. Other catalogs available: Studio Depot, Lighting Kits, New Products, For free literature, write or call: MOLE-RICHARDSON CO., 937 N. Sycamore Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038-2384. Ph: (213) 851-0111; fax: (213) 851-5593; email:; website:

ESTA Intended for users and manufacturers, ANSI E1.2 covers handling, inspection, record-keeping, and assembly of trusses and towers, as well as their design and manufacture. It also specifies what documentation a user can expect from a truss or tower manufacturer.

ESTA. 875 Sixth Ave., Suite 2302, New York, NY 10001. Ph: (212) 505-1505; fax: (212) 505-1502; website:

REEL EFX, INC. The RE Fan II has a brushless motor with an adjustable speed control and burst button. Housed in a durable roto-molded hard shell with a varibeam design allowing you to adjust the beam from focused to flood. Retail $995.00.

REEL EFX, INC., 5539 Riverton Avenue, N. Hollywood, CA. 91601. Ph: (818) 762-1710; fax: (818) 762-1734; website:

MINOLTA CL-200 Hand-held Colorimeter & Illuminance Meter: The CL-200 is a hand-held, battery-operated colorimeter measuring chromaticity, color difference, correlated color temperature and illuminance of light sources. Applications include: color adjustment of CRTs, flat panel and other display devices; projector set ups; R&D and color inspection of light sources.

MINOLTA CORPORATION.101 Williams Drive, Ramsey, NJ 07446. Ph: (201) 529-6060; fax: (201) 529-6070; website:

GAM PRODUCTS New for the millennium, the year 2000 GAMPRODUCTS Catalog includes the complete Great American Pattern Catalog - Shadow Play IX. The catalog features GamColor, CineFilters, GamFusion, TwinSpin, Spin/FX, Scene Machine, Flickermaster, GamFloor, and a host of other lighting/special effects items. The pattern section contains well over 500 designs including 24 new ones for this catalog.

GAMPRODUCTS, 826 N. Cole Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038. Ph: (323) 461-0200; fax: (323) 461-4308; website:

CLAY PAKY Available in 5 languages and printed in full color, the 2000 Clay Paky Product Guide gives a complete overview of the current product line. ovinh mirror luminaires, moving body luminaires, colorchangers, followspots, display and architectural luminaires, other lighting effects, Smoke machines. the descriptions are complimeted by images of the products in use. Also available a lost of one-subject brochures of the main Clay Paky products. Your local Clay Paky dealer will be pleased to supply this literature and other materials on request. United States: Group One Ltd., 200 Sea Lane, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Ph: (631)249 3662; fax (631) 753-1020; website:

VARI-LITE Vari-Lite International is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer, and distributor of proprietary automated lighting systems. The company also provides related equipment and services to the entertainment industry, serving markets such as concert touring, theatre, television, and film and corporate events. The company sells and rents its VARI-LITE[R] automated lighting systems through a domestic and international network of Vari-Lite Production Services offices and independent distributors. VARI-LITE, 201 Regal Row, Dallas, TX. 75247. Ph: (214) 630-1963; fax: (214) 630-5867; website:

ROSCO The new 44-page Gobo Catalog lists and illustrates all the gobos you'll ever need! It includes hundreds of new designs in steel and glass, as well as old favorites. It also includes information on ordering custom gobos in steel or glass, in black and white or color. For a free catalog, call or write ROSCO at 52 Harbor View Ave., Stamford, CT 06902 or call (800) ROSCO NY, fax: (203) 708-8919, or visit the Rosco website at

USHIO AMERICA, INC. NOW AVAILABLE - HPL+ Compact Filament Lamps For ETC Fixtures: Source Four™, Source Four Jr™, Source Four Par™. Ushio's newly redesigned HPL lamp is more powerful than ever before. Its ultra-compact filament geometry now improves the optical efficiency of your ETC Source Four™ fixtures resulting in up to a 20% increase of more light compared to the old lamp design. The HPL lamp is available in 575W and 750W. USHIO AMERICA, INC. 5440 Cerritos Ave., Cypress, CA 90630. Ph: (714) 236-8600; fax: (714) 229-3180; Email:; website:

ACTION LIGHTING TWO DIMENSIONAL SCULPTURES. An extensive line of 110V "Motif's" make theming a snap! Limited edition Motif's are available with motion controllers. Example: The ornaments on the tree pictured, light in sequence. Large scale models available such as 9 ft. waving Snowman.

ACTION LIGHTING, P.O. Box 6428 Bozeman, MT 59715. Ph: (800) 248-0076; fax: (406) 585-3078; email:; website:

SGM SGM is an international company with its own complete in-house production line, exclusive designs and proprietary technology. Its new product guide include a complete line of Moving heads, Scanners, Followspots, Colourchangers, Lighting consoles, Dimmers, Strobe lights, Smoke machines and Gobos. Italy: SGM ELECTRONICA SRL.

Via Pio La Torre, 1 (zona art.le Pirano), 61010 Tavullia (PS) Ph: 39 0721 476477; Fax 39 0721 476170; email:; website:

SECOA Secoa is a full-service supplier of equipment for the performing arts. Our 2001 selection of stage equipment is larger than ever! Our catalog includes lighting, dimming and control products, special effects, communications, drapery, drops, scrims, and curtains, rigging hardware, and portable staging.

SECOA, 8650 109th Avenue North, Champlin, MN 55316. Ph: (800) 328-5519; fax: (763) 506-8844; email:; website:

AMERICAN HARLEQUIN Harlequin, the industry leader in vinyl dance floor, now offers a Sprung Panel System. These full pre-manufactured panels are joined together by a pivot joint, with shock-damping Dual-Durometer[R] Suspension blocks at regular centers on the underside. Available for stage or permanent configuration. For a full color brochure, please call (800) 642-6440.

AMERICAN HARLEQUIN. 1531 Glen Ave. Moorestown, NJ 08057. Fax: (856) 231-4403; website:

AUERBACH & ASSOCIATES, THEATRE AND MEDIA FACILITIES DESIGN Design consultants for performing arts projects worldwide, including opera houses and professional repertory theatres, concert halls, performing arts training facilities, museums, planetariums, and popular entertainment venues in theme parks, casinos, cruise ships, and nightclubs. AUERBACH & GLASOW, LIGHTING DESIGNERS AND CONSULTANTS. Comprehensive architectural lighting design and consulting services for a wide range of projects. 49 W. 38th St., 12th Floor, New York, NY 10018. Ph: (212) 764-5630; fax (212) 764-5632; email:; website:

COLE WIRE AND CABLE CO., INC. Cole Wire and Cable, one of the largest stocking distributors of electrical and electronic wire and cable offers a comprehensive catalog reflecting the diversity of our inventory. Cole Wire and Cable has an extensive supply of cable to serve the lighting, theatrical, and entertainment industry including multiconductor SO cord and a custom design program. With fast quotes and same day shipments, Cole Wire and Cable is a great source. COLE WIRE AND CABLE CO., INC. P.O. Box 1500 Lincolnshire, IL 60069-1500. Ph: (800) 323-1403; fax: (847) 634-4988; website:

PENN FABRICATION Now available from Penn: trussing, stage lighting, portable staging, hooks, couplers and accessories in one dedicated catalog. This concise booklet features Penn's standard sizes of square, triangular and single sided truss, pre-rigged drop truss, par cans, and floodlights. From one piece to complete roof systems we service North America from our warehouses in California, Houston, New Jersey, and Canada. PENN FABRICATION. Contact us at: (800) 491-9488, email:; website:

SELECON AVAILABLE NOW - Cutsheets for Selecon's new produts including the Acclaim Axial Profile, Astral Axial Profile and the unique Pacific 5.5 - 13 degree Very Narrow Zoom. The Selecon tradition of developing fixtures that deliver leading performance, superior operational features, and are simple and safe to operate continues. Contact your local dealer or Selecon for your copies plus Selecon's Performance Lighting Catalog and CD-Rom - full contact details on the revamped website:

SELECON. 26 Putiki St., Grey Lynn, Auckland 2, New Zealand. Ph: (64) 9 376-8750; fax: (64) 9 360-1719.

ACTION LIGHTING Icicle Lighting. Back by popular demand! Connect a maximum of 3 sets, 8 feet total length each set (110V). Choose from Clear or Blue bulbs, 27 inch or 38 inch vertical drops, for larger venues. Blue Icicles available only in 38 inch drops.

Catalog: ACTION LIGHTING, P.O. Box 6428 Bozeman, MT 59715. Ph: (800) 248-0076; fax: (406) 585-3078; email:; website:

CITC CITC has added no less than nine new technically advanced pieces of special effects equipment to their already innovative line. See the new Polar Controller low ground fogger, Hurricane 5000, ShotMax confetti/snow blower, Foam Dome, Tee Launcher, Stratosphere, HydroHazer, Protect-Effect, and Universal DMX. Also included is their award-winning SnoBiz, Little Blizzard snow machine, FogMax, HazeMax, Snow Max, Tiny Fogger, Ring Rocket, Bubble Max, and more. CITC, 2100 196th St. SW, #138, Lynnwood, WA 98036. Ph: (425) 776-4950; fax: (425) 776-5129; website:

LEE FILTERS The first ever LEE Filters Lighting Catalog includes our full line of lighting filter products, including the Glass Series, Fluorescent Sleeves and Gobos/Patterns. This essential reference also contains our popular comparators and converters. Contact LEE Filters for your free copy.

LEE Filters, 2237 North Holywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505. Ph: (818) 238-1220; fax: (818) 238-1228; (800) 576-5055 helpline; website:;

PROLYTE Leading manufacturer of Aluminum truss systems. Prolyte invented the Conical Coupling System[R] which is used on all their series. Prolyte truss is produced in a wide range of series, from decorative truss to roof systems. All Prolyte truss systems are T,V and CE certified. Completely renewed and restyled catalog covering all Prolyte's truss systems, towers and roof systems. Lots of technical background information has been added. A must for everyone working with truss. Get your copy at: PROLYTE PRODUCTS GROUP B.V. Industriepark 9, 9351 PA Leek. The Netherlands. Ph: 31 594 851515; Fax: 31 594 851516;

MOBOLAZER Mobolazer, Inc. has produced a disk that provides comprehensive information of all products including pricing, product pictures, effect pictures, and M Peg video clips. Also included are dealer application forms, variance applications, and much more. Hard copy literature is available on request. Please call 888-300-6626.

MOBOLAZER, INC. PO Box 7359 Thousand Oaks, CA. Fax:805-230-2168; website:

INTERNATIONAL THEATRICAL TRUSS CORP. A full catalog is currently available for all your trussing needs. This catalog includes load specifications from our seven different lines of truss. Ask about our soon-to-be introduced spigot design trussing as well as our new 3' tube roof system. We manufacture customized trusses to fit your needs and have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry at a very competitive price.

INTERNATIONAL THEATRICAL TRUSS CORPORATION, 2880 Aiello Drive, San Jose, CA 95111. Ph: (408) 578-2280; fax: (408) 578-2282; website:

PRO-TAPES AND SPECIALTIES Arts & Entertainment Division of Pro-Tapes & Specialties and permacel. FREE 8 page swatch book contains color samples of Pro-Tapes' and Permacel's full line of tapes and specialties for Arts & Entertainment. Shows 20 colors of Pro-GafferTM and 11 of Permacel[R] Professional Grade Gaffer Tapes; also Pro-Glow, Pro-Duct, Pro-Sheen, Pro-Artists, and Pro-Mount tapes; plus P/S-backed Matte-Wrap foil, Cable-Path, and many other trademarked cloth, specialty, and printed tapes. PRO-TAPES AND SPECIALTIES, 100 Northfield Ave., Edison, NJ 08837. Ph: (800) 345-0234. In NJ, (732) 346-0900; fax: (732) 346-0777; email:; website:

ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS ETC's catalog includes a complete line of lighting equipment, including memory and manual control consoles, installation and touring racks, distribution equipment, architectural control, and lighting fixtures.

ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS, 3030 Laura Lane, Middleton, WI, 53562. Ph: (608) 831-4116 or (800) 688-4116; fax: (608) 836-1736; email:; website:

MDG FOG MDG has been one step ahead since 1979 in manufacturing a complete line of the most reliable and durable fog generators for the entertainment industry. The product line capability ranges from a discreet haze to an overwhelming effect of pure white fog; MM series, MAX series, ATMOSPHERE series, ICE FOG series and accessories. Call for your free catalog at (800) 663-3020 or fax (514) 722-3229. MDG FOG GENERATORS, 5639 Christophe-Colomb, Montreal, PQ, Canada, H2S2E8; website:

REEL EFX, INC. DF-50 DIFFUSION™ FOGGER provides a safe and economical non-glycol haze with a hang time of three hours or more. The fog fluid is totally odorless and can only be detected visually. CAL/OSHA- tested and only uses ounces of fluid per hour.

REEL EFX, INC., 5539 Riverton Avenue, N. Hollywood, CA. 91601. Ph: (818) 762-1710; fax: (818) 762-1734; website:

ROSE BRAND Rose Brand, North America's leading supplier of custom drapery, velour, scrims, backdrops, and cycloramas for the entertainment industry. Also featuring a full range of scenic supplies including fire retardants, tapes, scenic paints, track & stage hardware. We now rent. Call for a color catalog: NY (800) 223-1624, (212) 242-7554. LA: (800) 360-5056, (818) 505-6290. Email:; website:

DAZIAN FABRICS Dazian introduces our first catalog, highlighting our line of innovative fabrics, paints, and custom services. From Theater, Film and Lighting Production to Theme/Event, Exhibit/Display and Architectural Design, Dazian has established a reputation for innovation and customized service.

DAZIAN FABRICS, East Coast: ph: (201) 549-1000; fax: (201) 549-1055; toll-free (877) 232-9426; West Coast: ph: (818) 841-6500; fax: (818) 841-6774; toll-free: (877) 432-9426; email:; website:

ELS Rentals and sales of quality products for the entertainment industry, representing all major manufacturers of lighting, power distribution, dimming, control, rigging, and staging. Full production support.

ENTERTAINMENT LIGHTING SERVICES, 5426 Fair Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601-2127. Ph: (800) 622-6628; email:; website:

SITLER'S SUPPLIES Wholesale distributor of replacement lamps for theatre, concert, nightclub and stage. Brands include GE, Osram Sylvania, Thorn, Wiko, Ushio and others. Also Roscolux Gels, Eveready and Panasonic Batteries. Free Catalog.

SITLER'S SUPPLIES, INC., P.O. Box 10, 702 E. Washington, Washington, IA 52353. Ph: (800) 426-3938; fax: (319) 653-3198; website:

LIGHTRONICS Manufacturer of quality industrial grade lighting controls known for ease of setup and operation, reliability, and performance. Dimmers from 600W to 2,400W per channel. Available in portable, rackmount, or architectural models. Memory consoles from 12 to 48 channels. Multiplex and DMX512 protocols. All products covered by a two-year warranty on parts and labor. Lightronics Inc., 509 Central Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Ph: (757) 486-3588; fax: (757) 486-339; email:; website:

ROSCO Rosco's Catalog #41 is 76-full color pages featuring the entire range of their lighting and scenic products along with technical information. Featured are color filters, gobos, scenic paints, floors, fog machines and more.

For a free catalog call or write Rosco at 52 Harbor View Ave., Stamford, CT 06902 or call (800) ROSCO NY, fax: (203) 708-8919, or visit the Rosco website at

JAMES THOMAS ENGINEERING, INC. For 20 years, James Thomas Engineering has led the industry in manufacturing aluminum trussing, towers, and lighting fixtures. Our product range includes: Pre-rigged, General Purpose, Superlite, and Supertruss. Ground Support Systems, Roof Systems, a complete range of PAR lanterns, Spot Banks, Cyc Lites, multicable, multi-pin connectors, multicable assemblies and breakouts. JAMES THOMAS ENGINEERING, INC., 10603 Lexington Drive, Knoxville, TN 37932 USA. Ph: (865) 671-2885; fax: (865) 671-2886; email: website:

TOMCAT Tomcat's new catalog provides the full listing of our line of aluminum trussing, ground support, roof systems, chain hoists, rigging accessories, lighting, cable, and related products for the entertainment and leisure industries. The extensive data in the catalog has made it a reference tool for much of the industry and its new binder format allows customers to continually update and expand it with new product introductions and other references.

TOMCAT. US ph: (915) 694-7070; US Fax: (915) 689-3805; UK ph: 01386-48888; UK fax: 01386-49999; website:

STRAND LIGHTING Strand Lighting offers a look at the world, with the most comprehensive and competitive range of luminaires, dimming equipment, control systems, and software to answer the creative needs of lighting designers working in theatre, television, film, themed environments and sophisticated architectural applications.

STRAND LIGHTING. 18111 S. Santa Fe Ave., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221. Ph: (310) 637-7500; fax: (310) 632-5519; website:

LEHIGH ELECTRIC PRODUCTS COMPANY Lehigh offers the Millennium console that features Windows 95 control in a manual preset/memory control console format. Up to 500 control channels with 600 cues. Includes submaster, macro, group, effects, and moving light control. Contact Lehigh at or (610) 395-3386.

LEHIGH ELECTRIC PRODUCTS COMPANY. 6265 Hamilton Blvd. Allentown, PA 18106. Ph: (610) 395-3386; fax: (610) 395-7735

NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING At NSL we offer small bulb lighting products in every format possible. Our lines include: "Brite Strip" low voltage linear lighting, UL approved Light Rope, Stage Edge Lights, Tape and Tube Lighting, 24V "Leaf Lights", Christmas Lights, Halogen Mini-Track, Halogen Recessed, and Fiber Optic Ceiling Panels. New for 2000 is: "Xenon Task Light" - safe, bright, detail light fixtures, and "Marquee Light" - single channel sign and building light strip. Free 48 Page Catalog! NSL. Colorado Tech Center, 1753 Boxelder St., Louisville, CO 80027. Ph: (800) 527-2923; fax: (800) 527-4358; website:

PROTECH Protech is a designer, manufacturer, and installer of permanent rigging equipment, including drapery, stage machinery, and computerized control systems. Protech has won international recognition for their new and innovative products, SmartMotion[R], NySteel™ and, most recently, for LinkLift[R]. LinkLift is the safest and quietest lift system in the industry. In addition, LinkLift does not require holes in the ground. Send for Protech's latest information and project lists: Protech, 3431 N. Bruce St., N. Las Vegas, NV 89030. Ph: (800) 232-9336; fax: (702) 639-0294; email:; website:

PREMIER LIGHTING Visit our web site at, and you can see our extensive product line and monthly warehouse specials and used equipment.

PREMIER LIGHTING & PRODUCTION CO., 12023 Victory Blvd. N. Hollywood, CA 91606. Ph: (818) 762-0884; fax: (818) 762-0896; email:; website:

THE LIGHT SOURCE The Light clamps?...We do! Mega-Clamp, Mega-Burger, Mini-Clamp, & Mega-Wrenches are rapidly becoming "The New Industry Standard"! New Products include: Mega-Claw & Safety-Clamp = Safer! Faster! Easier! & The Shroud=Weatherproof mirrored moving light Enclosure. Mega-Lite = Mega=Bright!!! For a list of nearest dealers and product sheets, see our website at: THE LIGHT SOURCE. Ph: (803) 547-4765; fax: (803) 547-5737

NEUTRIK USA New and updated 40-page Product Guide now includes AMX/DMX connectors and adapters. Guide contains color coded sections to easily identify product lines. Specs and part numbers arranged by series in easy to read charts. Spec drawings available on the web at

NEUTRIK USA, Inc. Ph: (732) 901-9488; fax: (732) 901-9608; email:; website:

TOTAL STRUCTURES Designers and manufacturers of industry-compatible truss, ground support and outdoor roof systems, new Intelligent Pre-Rig, XO truss, and custom constructions, all to approved engineering standards. For use in live performance, trade show, film and television worldwide. Distributors of CM chain hoists and Skjonberg Controls.

TOTAL STRUCTURES, INC. 1696 Walter St., Ventura, CA 93003. Ph: (805) 676-3322; fax: (805) 676-1616; email:; website:

SPACE CANNON Leading manufacturers of xenon products. Unsurpassed in quality, options, and power ranges, can be used for entertainment, and architectural applications. Space Cannon offers xenon luminaires ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 watts. Many units are fitted with built-in patented dichroic color changers and shutters.

SPACE CANNON. 7224 50th St., Edmonton, AB Canada T6B 2J8. Ph: (888)705-1028; fax: (780)-465-2674; email:; website:

ARRI USA ARRI's new Lighting Brochure contains complete information on all ARRI location and studio lighting equipment and accessories. The latest light additions include the full range of ARRI X HMI lights and electronic ballasts with ALF and DMX control. Among the 20 plus location lighting kits are the 150/4 Fresnel, the Arrisun 2 and the Pocket Par[R] lighting kits along with all the accessories. For more information, contact ARRI USA, in Blauvelt, NY (845) 353-1400; fax (845) 425-1250. In Burbank, CA (818) 841-7070; fax (818) 848-4028; email:, website: