A Midisport 1×1 MIDI dongle for my Mac, so I can send test MIDI show control messages to my console when the show control guys aren't ready for me yet.
Jason Badger, lighting programmer
Walt Disney Company

I am working at the moment with [Flying Pig Systems] Wholehog® 3, Wholehog® 2, High End Catalyst Pro.3, WYSIWYG, and Martin Show Designer. I like to work with WYSIWYG because it comes closer to reality when passing the prescheduled show to live. I work with Wholehog 3 because it's very quick and reliable. For presentations of designs, I use Martin Show Designer because I like how it renders with WYSIWYG. For quick presentations of designs, I use VectorWorks in platform Windows or Macintosh.
Jorge A. Garrido, lighting programmer and designer
Guadalajara, Mexico