Innteraction is a new club in Gloucester, England, that represents the first UK-based installation of Robe's new recessed color-changing units. The club interior consists of two floors — a main dance level and a balcony, in addition to the inevitable VIP space. LD Angus Chinn decided that the lighting rig should follow the building's architectural lines, so he chose the Robe recessed units, a mixture of spot and wash lights, to create a visual link between the dance floor and other areas, using changing colors. Twelve Robe units are placed under the balcony and in upstairs positions. “They fit beautifully into the available space,” says the LD, adding, “they are the only fixtures that would do it.”

Over the dance level is placed a truss shaped like a figure eight, with moving lights, strobes, and a centerpiece effect that can be either a mirror ball or an inflatable sphere with internal strobe. A small stage at the balcony level is lit by LED units; Chinn has also used LED panels and TV monitors to light the areas near the stairways.

Chinn also designed the club's exterior lighting, using 15 MiniCity architectural units from Studio Due. Regarding the MiniCitys, Chinn says, “They're reliable, effective, and ideal for the job.” In addition, all effects, environmental lighting inside and out, and a smoke machine and fan, are controlled by an Avolites Azure console with a waterproof membrane. “I chose the Azure because it's a powerful and easy-to-use desk, and also because it's spill-proof,” the latter being an occupational hazard in clubs. The console was programmed for Innteraction by Christian Smith.

The Studio Due and Robe gear (the latter includes three Robe Spot 170 moving heads) were supplied by Coe-Tech to Utopium, the lighting house that handled the project overall. Having opened in November 2002, the club, which can accommodate up to 1,250 guests, has quickly proved to be a success.