Now that it's about halfway through the summer, we here at LD finally feel like we can start enjoying it a bit. With the completion of Entertainment Design Master Classes and the EDDY Awards (whew!), our staff can kick back and just worry about our other full time job: putting out a magazine every month. No big whoop.

For this, our international issue, we have to send best wishes to our friends and colleagues in London, who, as ever, exhibited true spirit and resilience after the attacks of July 7. We're reminded of the significance of relationships, both business and personal, and the importance of the freedoms we have. New Yorkers wish you well, Londoners, and we'll see you at PLASA. Oh, and congrats on winning the 2012 Olympics bid. (And no, this is not too sentimental for a trade mag. Just ask yourself, in the words of Elvis Costello, “What's so funny ‘bout peace, love, and understanding?” Trust me, I can go way sappier.)

Keeping with the international theme, we're giving you an exciting sampling of some major projects around the world, from Japan's World Expo 2005 (“Monkey Shines,” p. 26) to a European tour of Mozart's Magic Flute (“Mozart's 250th,” p. 30) to a talk with Australian LD Gavan Swift (“The Boy from Oz” p. 46). You'll also find tour coverage of Oasis, Bob Dylan, and The Moody Blues. On the technology front, check out a look at sine wave dimming technology (“Back to the Future,” p. 42) — a follow-up refresher to Mats Karlsson's article from April 2004 — as its use becomes more mainstream in the US.

Actually, I'm personally looking forward to the end of the summer and the start of another tradeshow circuit (insert knee-slapping laughter here). No, I'm serious. I'm curious to see what new toys await our eager and grubby little hands. It seems like some fascinating advances are coming (check out, for example, Enttec's Vocus in “What's New In Gear,” p. 16). There is a whole crop of clever new gear on its way, so wait to be wowed.

Until next month, please read responsibly.