Surge stoppers Surge-Xª surge protection devices offer new technology to protect equipment from power surges. Surge-X power filters "capture" the surges and slowly release them onto the neutral line, thereby preventing the power surge from damaging equipment. This series is available in rack-mount and standalone versions, with 6 or 12 outlets, at 7.5, 15, 20, or 30A. The devices are UL-listed, to specification #1449 at Grade A performance levels. NEW FRONTIER ELECTRONICS New Hope, PA Circle 100 on Reader Service Card

Ground control The Leviton 5249-FBA floorbox and receptacle is a complete unit allowing for an electrical receptacle to be installed in the floor, directly at a user's site rather than along the wall. Consisting of a special floorbox, with 1/2" (1.3cm) knockouts on all sides, a solid brass floorplate and a flush-fitting matching brass screw-on cap are included. Leviton has also developed a nylon receptacle with a face and body to resist breakage, and floorplate gaskets and O rings are included so that moisture and contaminants can be kept out of the electrical floorbox. The 5249-FBA complies with NEC 370-27(b), which specifies floor-mounted device characteristics regarding moisture leakage, and a receptacle's ability to support floor-level traffic and impacts. LEVITON MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Little Neck, NY Circle 101 on Reader Service Card

Direct/indirect luminaires The Lightolier Alter Soft Lights are a complete family of totally recessed direct/indirect luminaires that combine efficient lighting fixture design with designer styling. Lightolier has designed the Alter line primarily for installation in traditional and standard T-grid ceilings. Alter luminaires are designed for commercial and institutional applications, for ceilings as low as 8' (2.4m), and provide unique styling and balanced and shadowless illumination in a totally recessed enclosure. Luminaires are available in sizes of 2'x2' (60x60cm) and 1'x4' (30x120cm) with the T5 bi-tube fluorescent lamp in 28W, 36W, 39W, 40W, 50W, and linear T5 lamps in 54W and 55W versions. Dimming is possible with the optional Lightolier PowerSpec HDFª ballast. LIGHTOLIER Fall River, MA Circle 102 on Reader Service Card

Lights for landscaping The Architectural Landscape Lighting, Inc. SL-33 is a landscape lighting luminaire with a housing constructed of RhinoLite composite material for long life and specifically for in-ground applications. Among the many features of the SL-33 is the wide range of light sources available: low voltage, line voltage incandescent, compact fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide. The SL-33 is available in three heights for specific applications, and provides wide, even light distribution from spot or flood with a specular Alzak spun aluminum reflector. Engineering features for outdoor usage include a gasketed splicing compartment, silicon gaskets for the lensing, and stainless steel hardware. A complete range of color filters, louvers, and shields can be used with the SL-33. The factory-standard color is a dark bronze baked enamel finish, and custom colors are available. ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPE LIGHTING, INC. Santa Ana, CA Circle 103 on Reader Service Card

Hazing in less time The CITC Hi-Lo Digifogger creates a dry haze quickly and efficiently using CO2, at low and high output levels. The Hi-Lo Digifogger features a simple, efficient, user-friendly design. Designed by CITC, creators of LDI Award-winning "Snobiz" biodegradable snow, the Digifogger has self-cleaning nozzles, readable fluid gauge, remote timer control, quiet operating levels, simple programming and controls, and a "safe-temp" digital readout with ready lights. According to the manufacturer, the Hi-Lo Digifogger can produce 400% more haze 40 times faster than conventional hazers. CITC Prescott, AZ Circle 104 on Reader Service Card

Institutional fixture The LAM Lighting Systems Litedisc CR is an indirect pendant lighting fixture that emits a high amount of glare-free indirect light in an even, nonlinear pattern, for use in classrooms, training rooms, and other commercial institutional applications. LAM Lighting Systems has developed the Litedisc CR to utilize compact fluorescent lamps in an efficient, contemporary-styled pendant design. Four or six biaxial compact fluorescent lamps may be specified, from 40 to 55W. The indirect light from this fixture provides uniform illumination wthout glare and hot spots, thereby minimizing shadows and reflections on work surfaces and VDT screens. The Litedisc CR is available in 30" (76.2cm) and 36" (91.4cm) diameters, and in a wide variety of enameled finishes. Custom colors, variable light switching, and dimming features are optional. All Litedisc CR fixtures are UL-listed. LAM LIGHTING SYSTEMS Santa Ana, CA Circle 105 on Reader Service Card

Lighting for demanding spaces Guth Lighting Enviroguard Low Mount is a series of water- and corrosion-resistant, high-performance luminaires designed specifically for food processing and other industrial applications. The Enviroguard series is designed for metal-halide or low-pressure sodium light sources ranging from 150 to 400W. An easy-entry spring-loaded optical chamber facilitates tool-less relamping. The outside of the Enviroguard is smooth, rounded, and virtually hardware-free, and resists the deposit of workplace contaminants and allows for complete water run-off during the intensive cleaning common to food processing environments. Guth Lighting has designed and manufactured the Enviroguard series to provide glare-free, high ambient illumination in wet environments and low-ceiling commercial spaces. The Enviroguard Low Mount is listed by independent testing laboratories in the US and Canada as suitable for wet locations. GUTH LIGHTING St. Louis, MO Circle 106 on Reader Service Card

ZAP! RAB Electric Manufacturing, Inc. LightAlert Occupancy Sensors control fluorescent and incandescent lighting ranging from 300W to 4,500W. The LOS300, LOS1000, and LOS900 models replace existing light switches and use passive infrared beams to detect motion and turn on a device. The LOS1000 SmartSwitch has been upgraded with Zero Arc Point (ZAP) technology for compatibility with electronic ballasts and for long life. ZAP technology means that the switch point occurs at the zero arc point (visualize the AC sine wave) of an electrical cycle, which protects the relay contacts from destructive high inrush and kickback currents. This protects the lamp and ballast and adds to the overall reliability and life of the lighting system. The RAB LOS1000 SmartSwitch will fit inside standard switch boxes, and is gangable. It is available in white or ivory and fits the decorator style of switchplates. RAB ELECTRIC Northvale, NJ Circle 107 on Reader Service Card

It's a wrap Pro Wrap cable tie uses a versatile hook-and-loop fastening system. Its one-piece design wraps around a cable bundle, cinching tight and sealing the excess strap to itself. Pro Wrap cable tie is made of a soft, ultra-flexible material that can be used for temporary or permanent bundling, and is available in three lengths to accommodate different-sized cable bundles. KAJO CO. Mesa, AZ Circle 108 on Reader Service Card

Hit the slopes The Elco family of Sloped Ceiling Recessed Downlights are single-wall, UL-listed, IC-rated fixtures, specially designed for installation in sloped ceiling applications. The single wall "IC" is rated for 75W and the double-wall "IC" downlight is rated for 90W. Other models by Elco Lighting are rated for 150W; low-voltage and fluorescent types are available as well. The Sloped Ceiling Downlights are manufactured on a slope so installation can be done quickly and effectively on ceilings ranging from 2/12 (10 1/4) to 12/12 (45 1/4). No separate housings or trims are needed for different slopes. Elco Lighting has a wide range of trims, low-glare baffles, high-efficiency reflectors, adjustable eyeballs, and a choice of finishes as available options. ELCO LIGHTING Culver City, CA Circle 109 on Reader Service Card

Play it cool The Advance Transformer Company Mark V integrated circuit electronic ballast for rapid-start F32 T8 and F25 T8 fluorescent lamps has been improved with new features. It now meets ANSI parameters for starting linear and U-bend T8 lamps at 0 1/4 F. In addition, the Mark V meets all specifications and requirements calling for low-temperature and/or frequent starting, low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), and compatibility with infrared controls. The low-temperature capability is particularly useful for commercial applications such as food storage, freezers, and outdoor locations. In addition, the Advance Transformer Mark V ballast line is very quiet due to its electronic design, and meets the efficacy standards of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Amendments of 1988 and the Canadian Efficiency Standards. ADVANCE TRANSFORMER CO. Rosemont, IL Circle 110 on Reader Service Card

Hasta la Vista Rosco/Entertainment Technology has designed the Vista architectural lighting control system for entertainment and architectural applications, for virtually any size, through scalable modules. Vista is composed of a number of programmable modules which may be used to construct systems of any degree of complexity. A single system controls up to 512 dimmers, and provides standard DMX512 output to the dimmers (IPS-distributed or rack type). A full range of wall stations are available with Vista, including monochrome and color touch panels, preset recall, room combine, entry, IR remote, and A/V interface types. A master control station brings control of all system functions to one location. Rosco has also designed the Vista system with computer network-style wiring configurations. A four-wire, topology-independent network connects all control stations to the master electronics. Many other features to aid in lighting control are available. ROSCO/ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY Portland, OR Circle 111 on Reader Service Card

Large-diameter light pipe Rohm and Haas OptiFlex light pipe fiber in larger sizes has been introduced for the entertainment, signage, architectural, and decorative lighting markets. The OptiFlex light pipe is solid-core fiber-optic cable, available in both side- and end-light versions. Light is distributed evenly from 8' to 50' (2.4-15.2m) while remaining flexible to -40 1/4C. The Rohm and Haas OptiFlex light pipe is available in 100' (30.2m) and 500' (152.4m) reels, in 3.2mm, 5.1mm, 7.1mm, and 12.7mm diameters. A complete line of compatible components is available, including cutting and stripping tools, illuminators, and fixtures. ROHM AND HAAS CO. Philadelphia, PA Circle 112 on Reader Service Card