1. Sight and Sound Theatres, based in Lancaster, PA, has been described variously as “the largest faith-based live theatre in America” and “the Christian Broadway.” With a staff of over 400 employees, you spend up to three years putting together such full-length musical productions as Behold The Lamb, Ruth, and Psalms of David. How do you pull together a wide variety of top-notch theatrical presentations during the course of the year? What tips can you give churches who might aspire to what you are able to do?

    The Sight and Sound you see today did not happen overnight. In the same way, the shows we offer have taken years to develop and bring to the stage. My advice to churches would be to take the time needed to plan and develop performances, remembering that the message you are giving is what is important.

  2. Every year, church productions up the ante in terms of design and technology. How do you stay on top of the latest tools and ideas?

    Along with visiting different trade shows, we have a wide variety of vendors that we work with from project to project. The vendors share their newest products with us in hopes that they will fit our needs.

  3. How important has video and projection become to your shows?

    Sight and Sound got its start using slide projections. Over the years, video and projection have enabled us to include scenes that would be hard to create on the stage. While the audience is viewing the video or projections, we are also able to change the look of the stage for the next scene.

  4. Everyone always talks about the technical and design skills that church productions can learn from the theatre. What can theatre designers and technicians learn from those in church productions?

    Because Sight and Sound is a Christian theatre, we are always striving to follow the teachings of Christ, by being wise and dedicated stewards of our God-given talents and resources.

  5. Tell us about a recent Sight and Sound show that you are especially proud of and why.

    I am proud of every show we do here at Sight & Sound. It makes me proud to have the opportunity to bring the bible to life on stage and touching the hearts of all ages. Seeing the looks on people faces when the curtain goes out and the stage comes alive with audio, media, lighting, set, actors, and live animals makes me proud of every show we put on the stage.