Adam Wuertz

Technical director, The N9NE Group, Las Vegas

  1. You've worked on the lighting and effects for many nightclubs in Las Vegas, including Rain and Skin Pool Lounge at the Palms and Baby's Nightclub at the Hard Rock. What are the current challenges you are facing on a given project, or the biggest challenges you had on a recent project?

    My biggest challenge involved replacing a 185lb gearbox and motor assembly from a section of articulating truss. The interesting issue is that I had to accomplish this while it was still in the air. The sections of trussing have conduits running through them and cannot be fully disassembled. In order to remove the motor and driveshaft, the entire section must “float” in place while you remove all its supports. The entire job had to be completed in two days without the use of any lifts due to constraints within the venue.

  2. What idea did you have that looked good on paper but not in reality?

    My idea was to mount some 250W mirrors that sweep across the ceilings on top of eight columns surrounding the room. The intent was to create the illusion of patterns stretched across the silver ceiling. Unfortunately, when applied, the mirrors also reflected bright lights off the ceiling and directly into our clients' eyes.

  3. Where is technology headed in the nightclub industry?

    As the market continues to become more competitive, nightclubs and entertainment venues are compelled to adopt a more complex approach toward technology. I see the industry making a move away from automated and preprogrammed methods and moving towards more operator-driven systems. Not only does a venue need a skilled and experienced operator, but also one who has the creative and innovative vision to always be one step ahead.

  4. What inspires you in your creative goals?

    My personal inspiration for my creative goals is the quest for understanding the principles of design. It is one thing to know that something looks good and works; it is something entirely more fulfilling to know why something works.

  5. What piece of equipment can you absolutely not do without?

    The Altman Master Ellipse is a necessity. This fixture contains the usual qualities, such as shutters and pattern projection, but also has an amazing lamp life and very attractive housing.