Product Pick of the Month: Sennheiser's SK 5012: Size Does Make a Difference

Theatre sound designers rejoice: Sennheiser is introducing the world's smallest professional bodypack transmitter. The SK 5012 delivers 30mW of pristine robust wireless audio while housed in a diminutive a 61mm × 53mm × 17mm shell. This is about half the size of Sennheiser's famous SK 50. The new SK 5012 is poised to revolutionize wireless functionality for size-conscious applications in theatre, television, and film.

The SK 5012 embodies all of the features that have made Sennheiser bodypacks so popular among professionals in demanding fields and includes lower self-noise, greater multichannel capabilities, and an easily programmable interface. Audio transmission is flawless and employs an improved noise reduction system. Two AAA batteries power the 5012's 30mW of output transmission strength with great efficiency due to a specialized antenna design, delivering seven hours of continuous operation. The unit is constructed of metal for durability and operation in harsh environments. Signal strength is independent of battery status, assuring worry-free operation.

In theatrical and film applications, sound designers and engineers are forever pushing for smaller, unobtrusive transmitters. The SK 5012 fulfills their needs while enhancing overall performance.
Old Lyme, CT

Portable Studio

Sound Devices introduces the USBPre 1.5, a complete portable hardware interface for computer-based digital recording. Designed for USB-equipped Macintosh® OS 9 and Windows® OS computers (98SE, ME, and 2000), USBPre quickly and easily interfaces studio microphones, line-level sources, musical instruments, and consumer audio electronics with personal computers. Its high-quality, 24-bit audio inputs offer the most direct signal path into the computer. All analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion is done outside of the computer, in the USBPre, for superior audio performance. S/PDIF coaxial I/O enables direct digital transfers into and out of the computer. Powered solely by the USB port from either notebook or desktop computers, no additional power source is required; the computer provides all power needed for operation. The durable construction and compact size of the USBPre allows no-compromise digital recording everywhere.
Reedsburg, WI

Audio & Visual

Mach introduces the ViroStation, a unique product that combines illumination with atmospheric audio. Designed for applications where a combination of indirect illumination and atmospheric audio is needed, the ViroStation is based on ViroSound technology, “inconspicuous” flat-panel loudspeakers. It consists of two oval-shaped panel speakers mounted on a slim post and illuminated by two Martin Exterior 200 CMY color changers. The panel speakers function as both loudspeakers and light reflectors. An active subwoofer is integrated into the design. The ViroStation blends into many environments such as theme parks, shopping areas, and pedestrian walkways.
Hollywood, FL

Let's Get Linear

Nexo introduces the GEO S805 and S830, the first loudspeakers to incorporate Nexo's patented GEO technology. The S805 and S830 are compact, high-output full range loudspeakers that can be combined in horizontal or curved vertical arrays. The 8" hi-flux neodymium cone transducer reproduces frequencies to 60Hz while the 1" neodymium compression driver, loaded with a patented GEO wavesource, is flat to 20kHz. The S805 has a 5° HRW (hyperboloid reflective wavesource) in the coupling plane; the S830 has a 30° HRW in the coupling plane. Both the S805 and S830 incorporate the DPD (directivity phase device) on their 8" woofers, and the CDD (configurable directivity device), which allows the user to change dispersion in the non-coupling plane from 120° to 80°. GEO cabinets have the same overall dimension as the Nexo PS-8: 25cmW × 40.6cmH × 21.9cmD. GEO S-805 is a 5" trapezoidal shape weighing 11kg; GEO S-830 is a trapezoidal shape 30° weighing 11kg (net of the array assembly system). GEO's precision array assembly system supports curved vertical arrays of up to 16 cabinets, with control of cabinet splay in 0.5° increments.
San Rafael, CA

Sounds All Around

Sonomic, the world's largest online library of professional samples and sound effects, announced an agreement with Sound Ideas to distribute the complete Sound Ideas sound effects catalog online. Sound Ideas' collections have been used for years in the professional broadcast, post-production, and motion picture industries. Sound Ideas brings over 56,000 new sounds to Sonomic library. Sonomic will soon offer content from 354 Sound Ideas titles, significantly expanding its current library of over 150,000 samples and sound effects. To access sounds online, Sonomic offers a variety of subscription packages designed to accommodate the needs of all audio professionals, from individual engineers to entire studios. Users can search Sonomic for Sound Ideas sound effects by category, keyword, title, and file name, among other search parameters.
New York, NY

Down in the Pits

Masque Sound introduces the PITMIX system, which was developed in response to the need for a robust personal monitoring system, with features that fulfill the requirements of a modern orchestra pit. The heart of the PITMIX system is the distro, which provides a central patch point for signals. From the distro, signal and power are carried to the mixers using industry-standard 19-pair multicable. Splitter boxes are available to allow daisy-chaining of multicable from mixer to mixer. Some of the satellite mixer features include: 16 mono inputs with level, treble, bass, and pan controls, and “Channel One ISO”: The signal from channel one can be routed to the headphone outputs only, and not the line level outputs. This allows click tracks on channel one to be heard through a musician's headphones and not the monitors.
Moonachie, NJ

Cut the Ties That Bind

PRAM Technologies, distributed exclusively by Production Radio Rentals, introduces the WSL-1 Wireless Serial Link. The WSL-1 provides wireless control of serial devices from a remote PC, laptop, or tablet. Utilizing an industry-standard PCMCIA, type II, card and the one rack space Serial Link transceiver, the WSL-1 supports both RS232 (via a male DB9 connector) and RS485 (through a male three-pin XLR) at speeds up to 115kbps, with a switch to select the protocol desired. The unit is pre-configured for plug-and-play ease, or can be reconfigured onsite using any standard communications software, such as Hyper Terminal. The WSL-1 is designed to maximize the functionality of computer-controlled speaker management devices, digital processing equipment, video control systems, or any serial-controlled device. Requiring only power, data, and antenna connections, the Serial Link installs quickly and easily.
White Plains, NY

It's Good to Be Flexible

Earthworks new Flex Series microphones offer the same sound and easy-to-use cardioid pickup as its SR69 and SR71 mics, but with a range of quiet, flexible neck lengths. These allow real-world adjustment of microphone positioning. The Flex mics' on-axis sound quality is natural and uniform all the way out to 90° and yet arrivals from off-axis are rejected smoothly with very little coloration. This is a strong plus for church, civic, and corporate podium vocal applications because an orator moving about in front of the mic will be picked up more evenly than with most microphones. The FM 270, an extra-long model, is designed as a hanging choir mic. It can also be used to pick up a group of mixed musicians with minimal visibility. Its flexible neck allows it to stand cobralike on a desktop without a stand. The FM 500, with a length of ½m, is just the right length for most podium and church applications. Its swanlike neck can be adjusted with very little handling noise and it will stay where you put it. It is a good size to position unobtrusively into an instrumental ensemble or in front of a choir for sound reinforcement or recording. The FM360 is equipped to totally dominate in situations requiring a very low profile in order to get it right in tight places. The FM360 will effortlessly handle applications ranging from tall podiums for short people to piano, drums, and guitar amplifiers.
Milford, NH

Trigger Finger

Digital Audio Research Limited (DAR) has launched the Trigger Audio Replay System, building on its workstation and disk-recorder technology to create a flexible and powerful system for live television productions, as well as for live theatre and radio. Ideally suited to game show applications, Trigger provides easy-to-use instant-play facilities, allowing sound effects, music segments, and voiceovers to be simply and effectively managed from a single system. Trigger offers the convenience of being able to record, edit, assign, and replay audio segments from within a single-screen display. Mono and stereo audio segments can be assigned across up to four stereo outputs, with segments sequenced as four separate playlists, or triggered individually by the 32 instant-play Trigger keys. Specific segments can be programmed for triggering by external switching — including contestants' and presenters' buttons and console fader-starts — with Trigger also able to generate or respond to MIDI commands for synchronizing audio playouts to other events and equipment, such as studio lighting.
Chessington, Surrey, England

Ours Go to 11

Apogee Sound has released a line of internally powered speakers. The line consists of seven models — four full-range loudspeakers and three subwoofers. Each model offers integrated amplifiers, matched to its driver's power requirements, plus internal signal processing and control electronics that eliminate the need for outboard crossovers and controllers.

Three models of full-range powered loudspeaker are presently available: the APL-800, APL-500, and APL-220, with the APL-110 scheduled for release in early 2002. Both the APL-800 and APL-500 feature dual 400W amplifiers and are fully arrayable when used alone or as a building block for a large system. The APL-220, also with dual 400W amplifiers, is designed for applications requiring extremely high power and tight directional control. The APL-110 features a 300W low frequency and a 150W high frequency amplifier.

Three powered subwoofer models — APL-12, APL-10, and APL-SB — are currently available. The APL-12 and APL-10 employ dual drivers and dual amplifiers, with 2,000 WRMS total. The APL-SB uses a single driver and single amplifier, with 1,000 WRMS. All models provide deep rich bass response and are suitable for touring, AV, and fixed installations.
Petaluma, CA

The Freeway of Love

Audio-Technica has launched the Freeway Professional UHF Wireless Systems. Representing a new range of frequency-agile UHF wireless, Freeway systems provide interference-free performance and exceptional audio quality in a wide range of applications, such as live performance, houses of worship, and public address. Available in handheld, headworn, lavalier, guitar, and bodypack configurations, the new Freeway systems feature 10 selectable UHF channels, a removable docking power supply, and an advanced dipole antenna design. Two independent frequency bands allow operation for up to eight simultaneous channels. Each Freeway UHF Wireless system includes the ATW-R600 receiver and either a bodypack transmitter or a handheld microphone/transmitter. For greater flexibility, the power adapter can be easily removed from the receiver case and used as a conventional in-line AC adapter. The ATW-R600 also includes squelch and volume controls, along with AF Peak, RF, and power indicator lights.
Stow, OH

Headband on the Run

The new DPA 4066 headband microphone consists of two parts - a microphone boom and a brace. The boom is neatly fitted into the brace by a loop and three clips. The actual microphone is the same as the one used in the 4065. The 4065 is intended for the same user every day, whereas the new 4066 has been designed for various users every day. New adjustment features allow for quick change of microphone placement from left to right side of the head, as well as adjusting the length of the microphone boom from being close to the mouth to closer to the ear. As the microphone is omni-directional, it is not necessary to have the microphone positioned in front of the mouth. The maximum SPL capability of 144dB is more than most people can produce during speech or singing, so the chance of bottoming out the microphone is nonexistent. The 4066 has a 2mm-slim tube, which is adjustable on both the left and the right side. This feature will allow it to suit just about all head sizes and shapes.
Kitchener, ON, Canada

A 24/7 365

Radian Audio Engineering is now shipping the 365 6.5" two-way coaxial transducer. Designed for use in a wide range of sound reinforcement applications, the Radian 365 comprises a true 0.75" Mylar® dome tweeter with a 6.5" woofer, with a frequency response rate of 60Hz - 12kHz (-6dB at 12kHz), 60W RMS handling capability, and a sensitivity of 91dB (1W @1m). The even, controlled directivity and conical pattern, 90° nominal dispersion of the 365 make it useful for music and paging applications in foreground or background sound systems. This latest addition to Radian's expanding line of ceiling loudspeakers is designed for applications as diverse as multizoned public areas in hotels, houses of worship, and retail and entertainment locations.
Orange, CA