Jet propulsion The Effects Company has developed a CO2 system using a two-axis moving head to emit bursts of liquid CO2, producing a white jet up to 23' (7m) high. This jet effect does not dissipate or "hang" as a smoke-type effect, as it immediately disappears. This jet is movable, similar to an intelligent lighting instrument. On the azimuth (left-right), movement is available up to 355 degrees, and in elevation movement is available up to 220 degrees. Thus, effects such as pulsating, swirling, straight jets, "V" jets, and chasing in static or changing patterns can be created. The system is comprised of a head, CO2 cylinder, and a Datalink module, which is DMX addressable. Each Datalink module uses five channels of DMX data, and four heads can be controlled from one module. A wide range of accessories are available to allow variable height and pattern of the jets. Multiple CO2 cylinders can be used to ensure continuous operation during extended performances. THE EFFECTS COMPANY West Sussex, England

UV 3D UV/FX Scenic Productions of Los Angeles has developed a new technique of using existing coatings to create special scenery that looks one way in 2D, glows under UV blacklight illumination, and, with the use of 3D glasses, creates a look that includes complete depth perception and color separation for unusual visual effects. The new UV 3D scenic technique can be designed to be visible, partially visible, or completely invisible under ambient lighting situations and then dramatically transform with the introduction of UV lighting. Through the use of ChromaDepth(TM) glasses, which are constructed of clear lenses that separate light based on color, a 3D, virtual-reality-type environment is created. UV/FX can provide design, art direction, and painting services to ensure optimum use of these special effects. UV/FX SCENIC PRODUCTIONS Santa Monica, CA

Souped-up scanning The Clay Paky Mini Scan HPE is an intelligent fixture that uses a specially designed 6000K Osram HTI 300 lamp, which allows for long throws at high light levels with low power consumption. The Mini Scan features six rotating gobos (two of which are dichroics) with indexed positions, which can spin in either direction at adjustable speeds. The Mini Scan uses E-size dichroic filters. The 36 available color combinations are enhanced by special effects including bicolor beams and rainbow beams, and there are two color temperature correction filters of 3600K and 7000K. A strobe effect of 1-11 flashes per second is also available. All functions are operated using standard DMX and RS232 (PMX) digital control signals. The Mini Scan weighs 32lb (14.5kg). GROUP ONE LTD. Farmingdale, NY

Foil for all Blacktak(TM) Light Mask Foil, distributed by City Theatrical, is a black aluminum foil with a high temperature adhesive backing. Available in 2" (5cm) wide x 75' (23m) rolls, Blacktak foil is useful for masking light spill, forming barndoors, creating shadows, and modifying gobos. The adhesive is heat resistant, and will not become sticky or melt when exposed to heat over long periods of time. Blacktak hails from LeMark TVS, a Cambridgeshire, UK-based maker of adhesive products. CITY THEATRICAL INC. Bronx, NY

Crystal clear Built of weather-resistant PVC, Crystal Flat from Crystalite is vinyl neon UL-certified decorative lighting that comes in white and eight colors and features 30,000 hours of performance, with pre-drilled holes for fast nail or screw-in installation. The firm says that unlike neon, its lighting products will not fail with the loss of one bulb, and sections can be easily replaced. No clips are required for outdoor or indoor mounting of this direct and indirect strip lighting. CRYSTALITE INDUSTRIES INC. Pompano Beach, FL

Spawn of Montague Following in the footfalls of Philippe Starck's Romeo Moon pendant design for Flos is his Romeo Babe, a small-ribbed, molded glass shade available in clear or cobalt blue with a 3.4" diameter. The low-voltage fixture is suspended from a ceiling by a thin brushed aluminum cord available in three lengths. Starck and Flos have announced wall sconces and ceiling fixtures that combine the Romeo Moon shades in groups of three and four. FLOS USA Huntington Station, NY

Starstruck The LyteQuest Pro StarGazer is a sound-activated lighting system with 48 colored lenses that create a very bright, 240-beam multicolored effect featuring five 250W lamps that rotate. The StarGazer is 120V-powered and weighs 9.9lb (4.5kg). The StarGazer also has bulb-out indicators, a one-year warra nty, and is shipped with lamps, power cord, and a mounting bracket. GEMINI SOUND PRODUCTS Carteret, NJ

Pint-sized projection Seleco reports that its latest projection cube, the SRP 41C, is the slimmest yet offered in the marketplace. With the use of high-resolution optics and liquid-coupled CRTs, it comes out at just 43" (110cm) from front to back, for a cube with a 41" diagonal screen. The SRP 41C can also transmit computer-generated VGA images with a horizontal scan frequency of 32kHz, besides displaying standard video sources with enhanced vertical frequency to 100Hz using its optional Up-Converter, which is built-in to order. Convergence, as well as all functions and parameters, is software-driven for simple installation. SELECO MULTIMEDIA DISPLAY SRL Pradamano, Italy

Get a grip American Studio's Grip Stick is a handy device for holding lights in tight or confined situations without the risk of finger, hand, or arm burns. Constructed of aluminum, the Grip Stick has a contoured hand grip for firm holding, a 5/8" pin, and is 1' (27cm) long. AMERICAN STUDIO EQUIPMENT Sun Valley, CA

All on track ProLight is producing a compact fluorescent track lighting product for display and ambient lighting. Available in 18, 26, and 32W, the gimbal-head track-lighting luminaire features the company's multi-parabolic reflector system design, and its design allows it to replace incandescent track heads. Three lamp color temperatures--3000K, 3500K, and 4100K--allow LDs flexibility in their systems design. The company says the track heads replace up to 150W floodlamps, saving nearly 80% in energy costs and greatly reducing HVAC loads. PROLIGHT Holland, MI

Something in the air Elation Entertainment Products' EL-FG1200(TM) is a high-volume, variable-output fog machine equipped with a 1,200W industrial heater that outputs 30,000 cu. ft. (900 cu. m) per minute. It comes with a one-quart (.95L) container and a full-function remote control that has knobs for adjusting volume, time-lapse frequency, and fog output duration, allowing users to customize the smoke effect to fit any application. It has a one-year limited warranty and is made in Canada. ELATION ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTS Los Angeles, CA

Sleek photocontrols T, ST, and ET-15 photocontrols from Precision Multiple Controls now have all-black housings, which are made of Lexan and are available to users who wish to match black and architectural bronze colors in wallpack and other decorative lighting fixtures. These black photocontrols are rated at 120V, 50/60Hz, and 2,000A, and have a 1/2" threaded stem with a rubber gasket and locknut so they can be mounted to a decorative fixture or outdoor enclosure. PRECISION MULTIPLE CONTROLS INC. Midland Park, NJ

Gel shelves The Bulbtronics Gel Stack(TM) is a compact modular shelving unit for gel storage. More economical than flat file storage systems, this aluminum framed unit is stackable, and all eight shelves are able to slide in and out. The Bulbtronics Gel Stack holds gels up to 24"x247/8" (60.9x63.2cm). BULBTRONICS INC. Farmingdale, NY

Tough cords Manufactured with American Insulated Wire's SOOW-A (600V) and SJOOW-A (300V) portable cordage, the Tru-Rubber(TM) family of cord sets meets all UL and (US) OSHA requirements. Besides having oil- and water-resistance properties, the cordage is flame-retardant and can be used in temperature conditions ranging from -40 degrees C to 105 degrees C. The vulcanized rubber jacket is tear-resistant. Tru-Rubber cordage is available in black with three conductors and in various standard lengths, and in 16, 14, 12, and 10 AWG. The specially designed Tru-Link (patent pending) female cord end interlocks with any standard cord and prevents unwanted disconnects. AMERICAN INSULATED WIRE Pawtucket, RI

Searchlights in sync The Extravaganza Range is a system comprised of three Stardrift searchlight units synchronized to move in unison. The individual Stardrift units can produce intense light, use 7kW xenon lamps, and can be seen from a distance of 15 miles (25km). The three searchlights are each mounted with 28.5" (710mm) barrels that are independently air cooled, can move around a 60-degree cone, and can be fitted with different colored filters. FRANCIS SEARCHLIGHTS LTD. Houston, TX

Lights lifter The Genie(R) Super Tower provides superior lifting capacity in two different models available. The ST-20 model has an 800lb (360kg) capacity at 19.5' (5.9m) height, and the 650lb (292kg) capacity model ST-25 has a working height of 24' (7.3m). Two or more units can be used to support trusses large enough to span a stage. Both feature a compact base and offer easy setup and transport, Genie says. Units come standard with a flat black anodized finish, rendering them nearly invisible to the audience. They are recommended for lifting and supporting lighting systems, sound systems, and stage scenery. GENIE INDUSTRIES Redmond, WA

Gripping developments The Flexcor(R) family of support and strain relief wire mesh grips has been expanded to include stainless steel models. The line is designed to accept different cordage types and gauges, so using Flexcor grips with communication cables is simplified, as appropriate-sized grips are available. Used in combination with Pass and Seymour's line of straight blade and locking plugs, the grips relieve stress at the cord grip and by extension at the terminal connection. PASS & SEYMOUR/LEGRAND INC. Syracuse, NY

Fall-weather freebie The Omega architectural scale ruler is being offered by the Omega division of Thomas Lighting, a manufacturer of architectural lighting fixtures that use compact fluorescent and low-wattage HID lamp sources. The free ruler is pocket-sized and includes calibrations of commonly used scales for reviewing architectural and engineering drawings. THOMAS LIGHTING GROUP, ACCENT DIV. Los Angeles, CA