Editor's note: This information is accurate as of press time. Please refer to the onsite directory for updates.

Rosco: Booth #602

Keystroke is a hardware/software solution to enable PowerPoint® projections to be cued from any DMX lighting control board. It is a combination of a hardware interface and a software application to any DMX-based lighting controller to trigger keyboard commands on a Windows XP based personal computer. Besides PowerPoint slides, it can also activate sound cues and other PC applications used in theatre or live entertainment. The hardware interface has two 5-pin XLR ports. The male port is used to receive DMX, while the female XLR port is a DMX pass through. The hardware is shipped with a USB A/B cable and a CD containing the software. It is available from suppliers who carry other Rosco products.
Stamford, CT

Vari-Lite: Booth #1003
VL500 Wash Luminaire

Based upon the Emmy® Award-winning design of the VL5 Wash luminaire, the VL500 Wash luminaire is designed with significant performance enhancements. The DICHRO*TUNE radial color mixing system employs three sets of 16 radially mounted dichroic blades designed to produce smooth, full spectrum color cross-fades. Sixteen radially mounted diffuser panes control the beam spread, and for additional beam control may be purchased with any of five interchangeable lens options. All models are designed with natural convection cooling; therefore the luminaire is virtually silent, making it ideal for television and theatrical productions. At less than 40lbs., the VL500 has a revamped motor control system and an added display with an extended remote function. Further design improvements include re-routing the lamp wire to reduce heat-related stress, more powerful and quiet color and pan/tilt motors, and software controlled color repeatability. The VL500 is available in four base models: VL500, VL500D, VL500 80V, and VL500A.
Dallas, TX

Elation Professional: Booth #1203

Perth, Australia-based production engineer Phil Markey, and his company, Kaos Lighting, have joined forces with American DJ to create a one-of-a-kind DMX centerpiece effect called the Streamer. Combining fiber optics with LED technology and RGB color mixing, it creates thread-like beams and the ability to produce any color. The effects appear to be in 3D, even without a fog machine. Markey first used fiber optic technology on a much more basic fixture called the Mirrorlight, powered simply by a small halogen light bulb. American DJ's design team gave the Streamer full DMX control and RGB color mixing. LEDs were also added. Other features include: variable speed, clockwise and counterclockwise control, built-in preset programs, and high-quality long-life stepper motors. Additionally, the unit has a lightweight design and multi-voltage input so it can be used anywhere in the world. When used in a stationary mode, it will produce a chandelier-type effect. Elation will distribute the Streamer throughout the world, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand, where it will be sold by Kaos Lighting.
Elation Control Systems
Los Angeles, CA

City Theatrical: Booth #1221

The PDS-50 is a power/data supply, designed for Color Kinetics ColorBlast®, ColorBurst®, and iColor® Cove LED lighting fixtures. Its technology combines both WDS wireless data and either battery or mains operation, giving it the ability to be a totally wireless DMX controlled LED lighting fixture. The low power consumption of LEDs and the reliability of the WDS Wireless Data System give designers and users the ability for the first time to light a show without AC power or generators, power distribution to hook up, power cables, dimmers, or data cables. Additional features include built in color mixing, low heat, no dimmer noise, and 20 hours of battery life on a rolling fade or seven hours of battery life at full output (mixing white light) when using a City Theatrical Battery Box. The PDS-50 joins the company's PDS-750 TR and PDS-375 TR power/data supplies for Color Kinetics LED fixtures.
City Theatrical
Bronx, NY

Martin Professional: Booth #384
MAC 700

Packed with features, the MAC 700 is the latest high performance luminaire in Martin's line of popular, award-winning MAC moving heads. This powerful 700W luminaire houses the latest in lighting technology including a CMY color system plus color wheel, gobo animation plus two gobo wheels, motorized zoom, Quiet Mode, and much more. Gobos and colors are all replaceable. Its superior optical system produces a remarkable light output, a light quality that is often better than competitive fixtures with higher rated lamps.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark

PRG: Booth #1517
Series 400 Power and Signal Distribution System

The Series 400 system integrates power, DMX, and Ethernet data in one custom-designed trunk cable. It includes Ethernet switches to route any DMX universe to any DMX output connector in the system along with complete electrical isolation. As a result, lighting systems can accommodate the growing need for data and use less cable. Technicians can reroute signals from user menus without making physical changes to the system. The system consists of a rolling rack unit that accepts 120V or 208V 12-channel breaker modules, 120V or 208V breakout boxes, and custom-designed trunk cables available in 25', 50', and 100' lengths. One rack supports up to 72 fixtures and is available in three power service models. Changing from a 120V to a 208V fixture is achieved by plugging in a different breakout box and inserting a different breaker module. The custom trunk cable extends the working length to 500'.
North Bergen, NJ

High End Systems: Booth #2085
Studio Command

The Studio Command is an automated wash luminaire with a patented lenticular array optical system. The optical head is compact, while offering a large diameter-exiting beam. An MSR 700 lamp emits 55,000 lumens (at 5900°K) and provides deep reds. An MSR 700/2 lamp emitting 55,000 lumens (at 7200°K) can also be fitted in the field. The CMY dichroic color-mixing system provides rapid and quiet color changes, and the mechanical douser provides a smooth fade to black. The 10' output beam takes on a searchlight effect look, as the output lens is positioned relatively close to both the pan and tilt axes. The fixture features an adjustable field angle from 18° to 32°. It also offers a variable mechanical and electronic strobe, with extra punch provided by the Light Burst effect. The luminaire is controlled by DMX, using 14 channels in standard protocol, with onboard programming control, playback, and fixture talkback. The electronic ballast operates on a range of voltages from 100V 50 Hz to 230V 60 Hz and is ETL, UL, and CE compliant.
High End Systems
Austin, TX

Zero 88: Booth #1013

The Jester 12/24 and 24/48 desks can be operated as a simple two-scene preset console, but preset memories can be played back from submasters or a traditional theatrical cue stack. They are suited for smaller applications. An onboard LCD screen provides all the information necessary for operation, but a monitor port is provided so users can see detailed channel, cue, and submaster data on a single screen. DMX input supports snapshots of all 512 DMX slots into submasters and cues, making it a backup console or show controller. Standard control interfaces include MIDI, audio input, and remote switch input. A USB port is used for show storage and software updates. DMX slots can be proportionally patched to 12 auxiliary buttons. The range includes three models: Jester 12/24, Jester 12/24 Rack-Mount, and Jester 24/48.
A.C.T Lighting
Agoura Hills, CA

Robe: Booth #632
DigitalSpot 5000 DT

The DigitalSpot 5000 DT is a 5,000 ANSI Lumen output digital moving head projector. It offers two digital gobo layers with the selection of up to 255 video clips or images per layer. There's individual X and Y positioning and scaling (zoom effect) for each gobo layer, plus rotating and indexing with continuous rotation for each gobo layer. Image formats supported include MPEG1 and 2, PNG and BMP. Each gobo layer has an effects channel. The fixture is aimed at all professional entertainment and leisure applications including concert touring, theatre and television productions, presentations of all types and clubs and multi-purpose venues, anywhere there is a need to maximize moving lightings and digital imagery.
Robe America
Sunrise, FL

MA Lighting: Booth #1013
grandMA video v1.1

grandMA video Version 1.1 software is a media server application for off-the-shelf Windows XP computers that integrates programming and control of video, 3D objects, and still images into any grandMA control console. Once users load content, there's almost no need to work at the server, allowing users to locate hardware where they choose. The two-way Ethernet link supports a full-featured video interface in the console, rather than using one-way DMX data to blindly trigger an isolated video server. The console interface supports content browsing (including movie clip previewing) and thumbnail views in presets. Setup is simple because all fixture configuration and content information is automatically transferred between the console and the server. The application is scalable to users' requirements. Up to 15 server applications can be controlled from a single grandMA console.
A.C.T Lighting
Agoura Hills, CA

Robert Juliat: Booth #1232
Super Korrigan

Super Korrigan is a new model of the 1,200W HMI Korrigan followspot. It produces 25% more light output than the older model and incorporates the popular fingertip shutter control that was first introduced in the Manon/Topaze series. The company confirms that, even with the new features, the price will be identical to the previous version.
Robert Juliat USA
Wallingford, CT

Pharos Lighting: Booth #1289
Lighting Playback Controller

For control of entertainment and LED lighting with real-time control of playback selection and lighting levels, the Pharos LPC can playback scenes, sequences, effects, and video clips. It interfaces with a wide range of touch panels and wall stations. It also has a real-time clock and astronomical triggering functions. Triggering interfaces include RS232, MIDI, USB, digital inputs, DALI, LonWorks, and SMPTE/EBU time-code. The unit can also generate RS232 and MIDI command strings. It is available with either single (LPC1) or dual (LPC2) DMX universe outputs and can be linked together via Ethernet to produce a scalable system that will automatically synchronize and share triggers across the network. It has a built-in Web server for remote network access. It supports DMX or DALI color-mixing fixtures, conventional dimmable fixtures/ballasts, and automated moving lights (including RDM-enabled devices). The embedded processor calculates DMX values in real time in response to defined triggers. Free software is available at www.pharoscontrols.com/software.html and then downloadable to the units via Ethernet or USB.
Pacoima, CA

Syncrolite: Booth #474
Series 2 with Omincolor

Series 2 with Omincolor color cross fading/mixing has worldwide patents pending. The SX3K-2, SXB-5/2, SX7K-2, and MX1000 fixtures now feature Omnicolor 1 color cross fading or Omnicolor 2 color mixing systems and Syncrolite FP gobos (also worldwide patents pending) for in-air breakups and motion effects, as well as precise variable output angle and a perfectly flat field for washes. These systems allow color cross fading and color mixing without relying on dichroic glass, offering new possibilities for large-format Xenon searchlight/wash fixtures.
Dallas, TX

Color Kinetics: Booth #1732
iColor® Flex SLX

iColor® Flex SLX is a larger-node and higher-intensity version of iColor Flex SL, a multi-purpose, LED-based strand that generates extraordinary effects and accommodates expansive installations without the constraints of fixture size, shape, or space. Applying Color Kinetics' Chromasic technology, each strand comprises 50 individually controllable LED nodes that are three times brighter and therefore better suited for longer distance viewing in millwork, signage, architectural, and entertainment lighting. The product is available with clear-flat or translucent-dome lenses. Standard spacing is 4" and 12" on center, with custom spacing available.
Color Kinetics
Boston, MA

Doug Fleenor Design: Booth #451

GIZMO has the power and accuracy of the best DMX test boxes available today, with a 25-key full numeric keypad. At about a fourth the size and 75% lighter than the industry standard test box, the device has a host of display and test options. It is now shipping with a basic feature set, but additional features are added daily, with free software upgrades available.
Doug Fleenor Design, Inc.
Arroyo Grande, CA

American DJ: Booth #1303
Accu Spot 250 II

Accu Spot 250 II is an upgraded version of the Accu Spot 250 moving head. Remote DMX addressing gives users the ability to change DMX values remotely. The fixture also has an improved four-button menu system and now comes with two glass gobos (out of a total of seven gobos plus spot). Users have the option to run the unit in 8- or 9-channel DMX, with the added channel being an independent dimmer. This feature, along with the addition of double blade shutter, allows for smooth 0-100% dimming. An auto repositioning function and an optional 19° beam angle lens (sold separately) are also new features. The range of movement is 360° pan and 265° tilt, and it is equipped with auto X-Y repositioning and stepper motors. A smart sensor enables units to automatically recognize if they are in DMX or Master/Slave mode. The unit now has a new multi-voltage transformer: 100V/120V/230V/240V, 50/60Hz.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA

TMB: Booth #1289

ProTester checks DMX signal and tests 5-pin cables. The compact unit includes male and female 5-pin XLRs with nine-LED diagnostic readout, plus a built-in LED flashlight to put light wherever you need it. Leather carrying pouch and three LR44 batteries are included.
Pacoima, CA

Wireless Solution: Booth #827
W-DMX RP-512

W-DMX BlackBox RP-512 is repeater for wireless DMX with IP65 protection made for both indoor and outdoor environments and harsh weather conditions. Based on the PLASA Award-winning W-DMX with Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology and true plug and play with support for up to 8,192 channels of Wireless DMX, the entire range of products provides wireless application where users have the demand for transporting DMX data wireless over long distances.
Wireless Solution Sweden AB
Uddevalla, Sweden

Look Solutions USA Ltd: Booth #1275
Unique Hazer

The Unique water based hazer takes independent pump/fan incremental output technology to the next level of performance and reliability. The unit's heater does not have to be cleaned or serviced. It will not clog as long as Unique Fluid passes through it. Features include: DMX, analog, and standalone controls, digital timer, practically silent operation, minimal fluid consumption, 60-second warm-up, and high output. Look Solutions will also introduce a new low-lying fogger at the show.
Look Solutions USA Ltd.
Waynesboro, PA

Avolites: Booth #202
ART DC Dimmer

The ART DC Dimmer is designed for controlling powerful low voltage (12 to 48V) lamps. It is a completely stand alone unit that runs from a car battery and offers four 50A independent dimmer channels with data supplied either via standard DMX or wireless eDMX. In the case of the latter, with no physical connections, it is ideal for inaccessible locations or where cables cannot be run. The unit can be used indoors or outdoors. A built in LCD screen displays status, battery voltage, and DMX levels, and the dimmer can be fully patched with separate fade profiles per channel including linear and relay. Additional features include simple modification to control LED lamps, optional eDMX module, DMX OK display, automatic standby mode, test functions including lamp and status, fuse fail and dimmer OK indication, and CEE output connectors.
Avolites America
Powell, TN

Kinesys: Booth #1289

Kinesys offers a complete range of rigging and motion controllers, from basic four and eight-way manual units up to the K2 control platform, a completely object-based, 3D motion-control system. Graphic representations of real moving objects are imported and displayed in 3D, in correct proportion and relation to their surroundings. Manipulation of the moving objects is as straightforward as click-and-drag. Any number of devices can be connected to the system. The controllers will be available as stand-alone systems or integrated into ProPower RPD systems.
Pacoima, CA

Selador: Booth #110
Z7 Line

Built upon the X7 line, the DMX-compliant Z7 luminaire now incorporates the latest LED technology — Lumileds' Luxeon III and brand-new K2 emitters — for nearly three times the luminous output of earlier fixtures. Z7's patent-pending seven-color LED mix produces deeply saturated colored light across the spectrum and white light that's rich, full, and natural-looking at all color temperatures. Unlike RGB fixtures, the unit's high-CRI output illuminates colored objects and skin tones in an intuitive and complementary way, interacting seamlessly with conventional stage and studio lamps. Eighteen available secondary lenses control horizontal and vertical beam spreads independent of one another: 12°-80° in each direction. In combinations of up to four lenses at once, they produce square or rectangular beams of nearly any size and shape without frosted glass, barndoors, or louvers. It accepts universal input of 100-240VAC and comes in 2', 4', and 6' lengths.
Salt Lake City, UT

Cast Software: Booth #1568
WYSIWYG Production Design Suite

The latest release of WYSIWYG is a product that encompasses the lighting, video, and, coming soon, motion control industries. New features that allow these industries to work together within one application save users time and money by helping them to detect and solve potential problems in advance of the event. This level of collaboration has never been possible before and will allow designers to explore their creative potential together. Among many new features, WYSIWYG now supports the streaming of multiple pre-recorded and live video sources, while simultaneously visualizing complex lighting effects. In the near future, WYSIWYG will also be able to simulate the movement of any object including set pieces and truss structures. Cast is currently working with various media server and motion control manufacturers to interface their systems with WYSIWYG to allow complete interaction in the virtual world.
Cast Software
Toronto, Canada

Lycian Stage Lighting: Booth #421
1292 Stubby 3K-ST

The 1292 Stubby 3K-ST is a short throw 3kW Xenon followspot that offers a high brightness-to-size ratio thanks to its short overall length. Optically, it is designed for throws up to just beyond 100'. Capable of beam widths from headshots to three-person circles or greater, it incorporates features from the M2 line with the proven lamp house and several components from the 1293 3K Long Throw. Controls are top mounted and include a six-color boomerang, two dichroic color changers, fader, nichrome iris, and separate horizontal and vertical chopping shutters. A single lever trombone intensifies the beam as the diameter is reduced. It is especially effective in applications where the ability to iris down to a tight shot may be required combined with the ability to generate an ultra wide beam.
Lycian Stage Lighting
Sugar Loaf, NY

Philips: Booth #413
Gold Range

The Philips MSR SA/DE Gold range is extended with higher color temperature lamp types, the so-called 2 types. These Golden/2 lamps combine the same features and benefits of the existing types with an even higher color temperature of 7,500°K, which provides the pure, white light quality that is required on stage. The double-ended lamps are also equipped with gold-plated lamp caps allowing higher cap temperatures reducing lamp (holder) damage, and they feature the patented Philips P3 pinch protection allowing pinch temperatures up to 500°C. The range is available in 400W, 700W and 1,200W.
Philips Lighting Company
Somerset, NJ

Blue Pony Digital, Inc.: Booth #1488
Custom Content

Blue Pony Digital, Inc. is a custom content creation company that will be presenting its custom creation process, distributing copies of a new demo CD which contains free content, and demonstrating its website. The updated website includes many new features such as a free clip area and instant download of clips. Services include creation, arrangement, conversion, and preparation for playback in digital media technologies.
Blue Pony Digital, Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN
Circle 132 on Reader Service Card

Coemar: Booth #789
ParLite LED

The ParLite LED improves color-changing abilities: colors are generated by a convergent RGB color system with four different built-in automatic programs of color changing and fading. It reduces power consumption and has a lamp life of 100,000 hours. It features 36 LED Luxeon, 1W each; full range dimming; 10° to 110° zoom with manual adjustment of the beam in spot, medium, and flood position; synchronized master/slave; and DMX and bi-directional communication protocol. Effect features include electronic strobe with synchronized or random effect. Coemar also showcases additional new products including iWash Halo, MiniCyc, and iSpot S.
Coemar USA
Sunrise, FL

Nicolaudie America (Sunlite): Booth #1951
Sunlite Suite 2006

Sunlite's Suite 2006 lighting control software includes unlimited DMX outputs through ArtNet protocol and is compatible with any side wing DMX or MIDI controller. It features the largest profile library in the world with over 2,000 individual lighting fixtures. Magic 3D Easy View is a real-time 3D visualizer for DMX (and Ethernet) consoles. Additional features include stand-alone capability preprogrammed effects; timelines to synchronize lighting/audio/video effects; ability to add text/pictures/video to RGB LED matrices; synchronized/phased custom movements in scanners/heads.
Nicolaudie America
Kissimmee, FL

Jands: Booth# 1718
Vista S3

The Vista S3 is a compact version of the Vista with all the features of the full-scale console into a desk you can fit under your arm. Designed to be used with a Windows or Macintosh desktop or laptop, it is essentially a Vista without the computer hardware components. Jands provides the software and the control surface; the user provides the computer. Install the software, connect a PC to the S3 with a USB cable, and it is a fully operational Vista console.
A.C. Lighting Inc.
Toronto, Canada

e:cue: Booth #1737

Butler is a DMX output gateway with two independent outputs (1,024 channels). Features include Ethernet (10/100 MBit/s); power supply via 5.48V DC/AC or POE (power over Ethernet); seven-section LED status display; simultaneous live access to up to 16 units from e:cue programmer; DMX channels driven at full data rate (enabling liveFX on all 16,384 channels); SD card technology; nearly unlimited storage space for show data; playback of multiple shows in stand-alone mode; clustering of multiple Butlers by Ethernet connection; frame exact synchronization in clustering mode; programmer features such as liveFx or VideoWizard in stand alone mode. Also included are an IR receiver and e:net connectivity.
Paderborn, Germany

Medialon: Booth #1436
Multimedia Interactive Player (MIP)

The Medialon MIP (Multimedia Interactive Player) is designed for multimedia playback applications. Suitable for public venues such as museums, rides, and dynamic signage applications, it operates in a stand-alone, plug-and-play mode. It can be configured and programmed via the Internet, TCP/IP network, web browser, or by Medialon Show Manager. Compatible with all media including JPEG, MPEG, HD video, Flash, PPT and HTML pages, it plays media files stored on its hard disk and media accessible via URL links to Web sites or video streams. Several windows can be created, dividing the display screen into independent players. The Web editor enables scrolling text (ticker) messages to be displayed locally or from a distant point. By using a touchscreen or keyboard, visitors can interact with content such as Flash files, HTML pages, or PowerPoint presentations. The player is completely compatible with the Windows environment and TCP/IP network administration standards.
Miami, FL

Rose Brand: Booths #1039, #1045
Crystal Series

Developed exclusively for Rose Brand, The Crystal Series features dynamic fabric sculptures that integrate angular and curved forms to create fascinating backdrops that can be used in combinations or alone. The stretch shapes are easy to install; most styles can be floor supported internally from a single pipe and base, or can be rigged from a single hanging point. Constructed from flame retardant spandex, these lightweight shapes collapse easily for shipping.
Rose Brand
New York, NY

Altman Lighting, Inc.: Booth #302
ODEC Outdoor Framing Projector

The Altman ODEC is a 70/150W CDM outdoor framing projector with 15° to 35° zoom focus, framing shutters, glass/steel pattern projection capabilities, and internal accessory mounting options for color media or a douser. The removable lid allows for accessibility during installation and for lamp and lens adjustments. An internal accessory outlet provides power for the optional accessories. An internal switch is included to power down the lamp and accessory outlet for service, eliminating trips to the breaker panel to maintain the unit. Two stainless steel safety cables hold the lid securely when the fixture is opened. The lid is secured to the body with four side-mount latches that provide a watertight seal. The lid and body are fabricated of rugged welded aluminum with stainless steel fittings. The unit is UL and cUL listed for wet locations. Optional DMX-controllable accessories from GAMProducts include a douser and a TwinSpin.
Altman Lighting, Inc.
Yonkers, NY

enLux: Booth #1289
Theatrical Colored LED Flood

The first drop-in replacement medium screw base lamp of its kind, the LED Flood consumes 22W of power with an expected life of 50,000 hours. This represents significant cost savings over conventional R30 lamps, which average 2,000 hours at 175W. Designed for an 80° beam spread, the lamps are available with color output in 20 different designer palettes plus black light. It is cULus listed.
Pacoima, CA

Osram: Booth #342
4ArXS HCD® Ceramic Lamps

The new family of 4ArXS HCD ceramic metal halide lamps is designed for indoor and outdoor architectural and effect lighting applications. The lamp combines two innovations: an optimized spherical ceramic arc tube ensuring uniform distribution of light and eXtreme-Seal (XS) technology. With its patented spherical arc tube geometry, more light can be produced. The spherical shape of the lamp leads to improved efficiency throughout its long service life of 8,000 hours. XS technology within the lamps protects against thermal stresses so that heat sensitive areas of the power leads can withstand temperatures of up to 450°C. These single-ended lamps are available in three wattages (35W, 70W, and 150W), each with a color temperature of 3,000°K or 4,200°K. These technologies result in high quality of light, stability, and color rendering up to 90 CRI.
Osram Sylvania
Danvers, MA

Birket Engineering: Booth #1741

LightNet is a large-area image field providing a continually changing, illuminating display for simple graphics. Designed for rugged outdoor use on a mountainside or architecture of any size or indoor use as a theatre backdrop, it gives individual control of thousands of low-power, high-intensity LEDs. A fraction of the cost of video quality displays, it is a low-resolution alternative to expensive high-resolution systems. Modular design creates a light array at any LED density to convey a message over any non-uniform surface. Simple PC-based interface brings an image to life.
Birket Engineering, Inc.
Ocoee, FL

Element Labs, Inc.: Booth #1874
Versa PIXEL in Custom Shapes

Versa PIXEL is a new implementation of Element Labs' core Versa technology. Each pixel is an individually controlled LED cluster, representing one video pixel on your computer monitor. Its distributed architecture provides freedom over pixel shape and placement, including intricate 3D arrangement. Pixels can be placed anywhere and linked to any screen location; RasterMAPPER configuration software makes the setup process quick. Custom content can be created using any graphics or video program such as Macromedia Flash or Adobe® After Effects®. It is also possible to adapt existing content. The product is available in custom shapes and sizes.
Element Labs, Inc.
Austin, TX

James Thomas Engineering: Booth #1237

This first in a new series, the PixelEight is an LED 8-lite or blinder suitable for audience and stage lighting illuminations and other long throw applications. Features include 6° beams; independent control of each LED pixel for creating strobing and shadow effects; an internal effects engine produces unique color strobing and scrolling effects; ability to work with JTE's PixelDrive LED mapping software; no ignition risk or burning scenarios; no heat projected; and ability to be hung vertically or horizontally. It is supplied with a set of bolt holes for the easy arraying of multiple units and features a filter holder slot as standard. Both rows of LEDs can be panned/focused to spread the beams. Also included are semi-recessed power and data in/out connectors. The unit draws current of just over 1A at full power.
James Thomas Engineering
Knoxville, TN

BCi: Booth #251
Wall Mount-1

The Wall Mount-1 Pocket Console DMXTM (WM-1) is designed for contractor and end-user ease, mounting to a standard four-gang wall-box. It is applicable wherever a wall-mounted, stand alone, independently patchable DMX universe is desired. It can be merged with other DMX controls, if needed. Features include eight patchable faders, latching on/off buttons; programmable panic button; translucent, disappearing LED window for a hidden patch; soft keys for access to the patch mode with the proper keystroke sequence, while preventing unauthorized re-patches.
Driftwood, TX

Mega-Lite: Room #203a

This laser system can be operated in four different ways: as a dedicated Windows PC-based software (included with unit) that can be connected to any Windows PC with a USB connection; via DMX using 10 channels to control blackout and banking with control of 64 images; via an ILDA DB 25 F connection using the ILDA standers; or stand alone with an audio trigger repeating a group of 64 graphics stored in the unit. The system is suitable for special event production and entertainment venues.
Paramount, CA

ColorMaker: Booth #1362
ColorMaker Power Series

The Power Series wireless LED fixtures incorporate ColorRoll technology compatible with all ColorMaker transmitters that include interfaces for personal computer, DMX capability, and a variety of handheld controllers. Features include 450 LEDs; 2,000 candelas at 30°; 16 million colors; 12VDC battery pack or wall adapter; and 100% duty cycle at full power. Two models are available: the PS-500 and the PS-500Plus. The PS-500 model features a dip switch to set addresses for wireless operation, or it can be used with external signal control for forward compatibility for ColorMaker Series II controls. PS-500Plus has five modes of operation with digital readout and keypad control.
Altamonte, FL

OptiLED: Booth #1849
Festival S6 LED Deco Lamp

The Festival S6 model from the CHIP line is a solution for decorative illumination. This model is the low-voltage variation. The lamps have a very long service life, which makes them a suitable replacement for standard 8W lamps. It features very low energy consumption (0.3W) and a unique optic system. This dimmable lamp is designed for E11/E12 or E14 sockets. These lamps are available in warm colors and are characterized by warm light emission.
Irvine, CA

Soundsculpture Incorporated: Booth #1805
RC4 Wireless Dimming

The RC4 Wireless Dimming system makes it easy to put a DMX-controlled lamp or motor anywhere with no wires. Control signals are sent by digital radio, and power is provided by rechargeable batteries. The receivers include four built-in dimmers for directly driving a variety of low-voltage loads. Configuring receivers is done from the transmitter using the keypad, rotary control, and LCD. Any DMX channel can be mapped to any dimmer. For loads up to 300W, a battery and four lamps are wired to a single 10-pin Amp connector. When higher power is required, an auxiliary power input connector is also used. The RX4-HO receiver can deliver over 20A per channel, for a total output of 1,000W. The RX4-MINI receiver fits into tiny spaces and delivers 50W from each of four dimmers. Dimmers can be used separately or ganged together. It operates in a reserved 900Mhz radio band anywhere in North America and select other locations.
Soundsculpture Incorporated/RC4 Wireless Dimming
Cheektowaga, NY

Swisson: Booth #1014
XSD Sine Wave Dimmer

The XSD Sine Wave Dimmer ensures silent dimming and no interference with audio and video equipment. The dimmer is controlled via DMX and is also RDM-ready. The unit comes standard with a power management system so all currents and voltages are supervised at all times. The power management will automatically engage protections in extreme situations. It is 100% short-circuit and overload proof, and it operates in a range from 65VAC to 276VAC with automatic shutdown. Three strong internal variable speed fans keep the unit cool, and temperatures are supervised by the power management system. The aluminum rack mount housing ensures reliable operation on mobile applications. A special flash system ensures a fast flash of the lamp, with no delay or signal interference. Each channel is directly accessible through a dedicated potentiometer and also has an LED that indicates the output level. Additional features include an integrated USB port, preheat, presets, curves, and a 32-scene memory.
Swisson of America Corp.
Ventura, CA

Lex Products Corp.: Booth #769

The PowerSTATION is the newest and largest portable distribution box from Lex. The enclosure is made of indestructible rubber, providing impact, shock, weather, and corrosion resistance. They are stackable for storage, with the base interlocking to the top handles. The hinged lid provides protection for circuit breakers or other components. The typical electrical configuration is 400A, 3-phase, 120/208 VAC, with any number of possible output combinations. A typical example (pictured, product number DB200NQ-PTT-S3) is a (21) 30A 120VAC to provide power to RVs, trailers, and campers at large sports venues, fairs, and other outdoor events. This box was built to withstand any arduous weather and/or usage conditions imaginable. It is available as a NEMA 1 Indoor or NEMA 3R Weatherproof.
Lex Products Corp.
Stamford, CT

Selecon: Booth #1231
Performer 2 Followspots

The Performer 2 Series followspots — Rua Followspot (8°-16°) and Tahi Followspot (18°-24°) — utilize the latest short arc lamp technology from Philips. Selecon has designed the Tahi and Rua to provide two to three times the output delivered by current 1.2/2.5kW MSR/HMI followspots. A full suite of operator controls include: 24-leaf iris, mechanical douser, CTO filter, diffusion frost, and horizontal/vertical cutters. The six-color changer is integrated into the fixture chassis. The beam angle zoom is a slide linked zoom with integrated focus (soft-hard) on the control. An easily adjusted peak/flat beam light distribution allows blending of the high-powered beam into the ambient stage lighting, as required. Selecon's cool beam technology exhausts the heat away from the operator. Users can adjust the precision-engineered pan/tilt cone system to their preferences. The maximum output of the Performer 2 series can be preset from 100% to 50% of output, using the dim function of the universal electronic power supply. Flicker-free operation ensures the Performer 2 Series is as at home in the studio as on stage.
Auckland, New Zealand

Arriba Products: Booth #1803
Arriba Cases

Arriba Cases is the first line of soft cases for mobile lighting products. Made of durable synthetic material, the soft, padded cases safeguard fixtures against nicks, dings, and scratches. The cases can add years to the useful life of a fixture by protecting mirrors, glass, and lenses from scratches and damage. Designed specifically for the mobile lighting market the new line covers a wide range of fixtures, from small lasers to centerpiece effects. The black cases work with lighting products from all major suppliers. Secure view windows make it easy to identify specific fixtures after they have been packed. The extra wide mouth design allows fixtures to be removed quickly and easily. A secured zipped pocket allows for storing extra lamps, clamps, and other accessories. The cases allow fixtures to be stacked without having to be boxed.
Arriba Products
Hacienda Heights, CA

Global Truss: Booth #1303
Stage System 360

Stage System 360 is a lightweight, modular stage system designed for touring, small venues, and stage rental companies. The system is comprised of rectangular stage platforms, stepladders, and safety railings that can be used in any combination. Each 3'3"×6'6" (1m×2m) platform can be linked to other units on all sides. The height of the platform can be set to four different levels at 15", 23", 31", and 39”. Stepladders and railings attach to any side of the stage platforms. Stage access can be set up in the front, side, or back to adjust to any venue site, and the safety railings can also be mounted to the front or back to provide a secure stage environment. All tools needed to tighten the structure together are included in each package. Each stage features a rectangular plywood top supported by sturdy aluminum/steel component legs that can carry up to 1,500lbs.
Global Truss America
Bell Gardens, CA

Chauvet Lighting: Booth #658
Fat Beam Laser Technology

Fat Beam Technology allows operation of high-powered lasers in the US without a special variance from the FDA. Chauvet has incorporated this technology into three newly launched products: Scorpion LGX, Scorpion Scan, and Scorpion RG-55. All are equipped with 10mW diodes. Usually, only lasers up to 4.95mW can legally be operated in the US without a special waiver. The three Scorpions conform to FDA and IEC standards for class IIIR lasers and can be operated right out of the box. The new technology produces a beam with a diameter ranging from 0.39" to 0.55" (10mm to 14mm). The beam is larger than the maximum 0.275" (7mm) aperture of the human eye. This causes the eye to absorb only part of the light at any one time and never more than what is deemed safe by the FDA. The Scorpion RG55 10mW red and green laser and the Scorpion Scan 10mW green laser are DMX-controlled. Scorpion LGX is a portable, 10mW linkable green laser with wireless remote control.
Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL

Thematics LLC: Booth #690

LIGHTBOX Elements is a portable, tabletop version of the full-sized custom ModelBOXes designed especially for lighting designers and educators. With many of the same features as the larger systems, this version contains a tabletop frame (36"×24"×20") with three top electrics and side booms, a run of fiber optic cable, and miniature lighting instruments in three different beam angles (19°, 26°, and 50°). Available as add-ons are the new Color Kinetics model lighting kit with RGB DMX control wash lights and full control. The entire system assembles and breaks down quickly, allowing it to be rolled up in the optional carrying case and transported. All that is required is a tabletop and an electrical outlet to communicate design ideas and foster collaboration in true scale and real time.
Thematics LLC
New York, NY

Hoffend & Sons: Booth #713
Vortek® LT

Based on Hoffend & Sons' award-winning technology, the Vortek® LT series for venues that need to raise and lower lighting instruments without the use of ladders or lifts. The new hoist is available in three versions. Vortek LT House Light Hoist is designed to raise and lower house lighting or architectural lighting instruments with 65' of travel. The Vortek LT Front of House or Stage Electric Light Hoist has the ability to span up to 120'; one VLTFOH hoist module eliminates the need for two or even three alternative hoists that are usually required to span distances greater than 50'. The Vortek® LT Television Hoist (VLTTV) can be attached to a standard television studio grid or attached to the ceiling using an optional Vortek® LT tracking system.
Hoffend & Sons
Victor, NY

Mole-Richardson Co.: Booth #1245
LunchBox Plus

The latest addition to the MolePower Line of portable power distribution is the Type 7701 LunchBox Plus, a compact 100A receptacle box with five 20A breakers and corresponding hospital grade duplexes. The 100A Bates female pass-thru receptacle comes with a 100A switch intended to de-energize the output. The enclosure, made completely of aluminum, has been designed with reinforced edges that also assist in stacking. In addition, nylon skids on the back and bottom provide isolation from earth ground. An integrated pocket style handle allows multiple boxes to be carried back-to-back. The box is approved under UL standard 1640.
Mole-Richardson Co.
Hollywood, CA

Nemetschek: Booth #1069
VectorWorks Spotlight 12

Spotlight 12 software features the new 3D human figure, which allows more realistic human figures to use as scale references to round out drawings. The new integrated light source means that light objects no longer have to be manually placed with a lighting instrument. Spotlight now offers support for ESP VisionT. This allows users to export their models for real-time simulation and designers to previsualize the show, because ESP Vision works with any lighting console. There is an improved instrument-editing interface, which includes the ability to assign label legends, pick gobos, and turn lights on. Finally, RenderWorks offers VectorWorks Spotlight 12 users the option to show colored light beams in 3D with volumetric lighting.
Nemetschek North America
Columbia, MD

Le Maitre: Booths #1975, #2075
Radiance Hazer

The Radiance is a water-based haze machine with built-in DMX that controls both the haze output and the internal fan. This combination offers optimized haze control and dispersion. It can also be operated by an optional remote or by utilizing the onboard variable settings. Additional features include an IDC removable power cable, multi-use bracket, and the option of using various sizes of Le Maitre fluid containers. It takes Neutron Haze Fluid that offers low consumption and great hang time. The hazer features a 4-port rapid clean vaporizer, and it can be cleaned and returned to service in less than 15 minutes.
Le Maitre Special Effects
Port Huron, MI

Group One/Elektralite: Booth #694

The my575 Pro features a new achromatic glass reflector with new primary and secondary lensing, allowing for a standard 21° beam. With new resonant free motors, the fixture achieves nearly silent operation. Additional changes include new colors, the addition of a full linear wash channel, software improvements, and added effects generators including iris chases and wash chases. Software changes include a new algorithm for smoother movement. Users may also choose 540° or 630° of pan. A change in the power supply has reduced the weight and amperage while making the fixture either a 120V or 230V model.
Group One Ltd.
Farmingdale, NY

Compulite: Booth #987, Room #204c
Vector Orange

Vector Orange (Lite) is the fourth and most compact member of Compulite's Vector line, which includes the Red, Blue, and Green. The Orange has been designed to offer the advanced Vector feature set in a more compact and affordable console. Suitable for medium-sized venues, it offers four DMX universes (broadcasted also over Ethernet), 100 playbacks, one integrated 12.1" TFT touchscreen, and support for one additional external monitor. A free PC version and a tutorial movie clip can be found on Compulite's website.
Compulite USA
Wallingford, CT

FocusTrack: Booth #650
Moving Light Tracking Software

FocusTrack is a database system for tracking and documenting the use of moving lights for theatrical productions. Designed by lighting programmer Rob Halliday as a way of documenting the shows, it can store information about the setup of moving lights (patching, orientation, gobo, and color sets) and then, the use of those lights — which preset focus positions are used in which cues and where the lights are pointing in those focuses as written descriptions or digital photographs. When used in conjunction with Strand lighting consoles, it can automatically figure out which lights are used when and in which focuses and, when running on Macs, can even control the console to bring up lights for focus plotting or photography.
London, UK

ETC: Booth #612
Congo Console

Congo was designed to handle the realities of complex lighting productions. The console maintains the simplicity of a classic lighting console with the feature-rich functionality of a dedicated moving lights console. Clean functions for everyday theatre work with conventional lights are integrated with advanced control of hundreds of moving lights, plus media servers, LEDs, and other devices without mouse operations or computer menus. The console was engineered to handle deadline-driven productions through intuitive access and short commands for fast results. Complete with a theatrical-style main playback fader pair, 40 multipurpose masters for group, submaster, effect, and additional sequence control, 40 direct selects, and a dedicated moving lights control section, the hardware is suitable for any kind of playback situation. Over 200 moving-light templates and 30+ dynamic effects are provided within the console, with the ability to build and edit lighting shows on the fly.
Middleton, WI

Dataton: Booth #1769
WATCHOUT Version 3

The new version of WATCHOUT, the multi-display presentation technology, features a completely new interface. Version 3 also features high-quality show preview — including video playback — in the production software, which is ideal for client demos. It provides sharp resolution using standard computers, projectors, and network technology. It is capable of creating seamless mix of panoramas, video, stills, audio and graphics for theatre, opera, corporate events, trade shows, and more.

Tork Star: Booth #1923
Utility Line Set

The Tork Star utility line set system is built using one TS1000 Motor Winch and one or more PS500 PosiSpools to provide lift lines at intervals of up to a 12' span. Each lift line may carry a maximum of 500lbs., but the maximum load allowable is 1000lbs. Both the TS1000 Motor Winch and the PS500 PosiSpool mount to an MK1000 Mounting Plate. Interconnecting Drive Shafts are field-prepared (drilling-only required) and are readily mounted using PS500C Couplings.
Tork Star
Oakville, Canada

SGM: Booth #642
Giotto Synthesis 700

The Giotto Synthesis 700W automated fixture outshines many 1,200W models due to new optics and technologies. It is the first moving light with integrated wireless DMX standard. It uses technology based on the ideas of GSM but operates in the license-free band 2.45GHz with a radius of over 1,640' (500m). It has been widely tested in environments with WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPRS-UMTS signals, with excellent results as a plug-and-play solution. This unit is also virtually silent and features automatic pan/tilt unlocking, self-switching flicker-free power supply from 90 to 260VAC, two different lamp options for true 5,600°K or 7,200°K color temperature, CMY mixing, modular construction, and an animation wheel.
Orlando, FL

Leprecon: Booth #437
ULD-360 Tree Mount Dimmer

The ULD-360 has all of the features found in the original 360 series dimmers with some additions. Each dimmer is equipped with dual 25A SCRs, illuminated magnetic breakers, and over volt/over temp protection. Fully encapsulated chokes come standard. Through the display-based menu system, each channel can be defined as either a non-dim, fluorescent, or fixed intensity level.
Leprecon LLC
Hamburg, MI

Ocean Optics, Inc.: Booth #743
SeaChanger Extreme Green

Ocean Optics has enhanced the color gamut of its SeaChanger Color Engine by introducing an Extreme Green version of this dichroic color changer for ETC Source Four® Ellipsoidals. Using dichroic filter technology to create stable, reproducible colors that do not shift or fade with time or temperature, the filter wheel replaces the standard dimmer wheel in the four-filter color engine, expanding the range to include deep reds, blues, and greens. Users can configure the filters in up to 4 billion combinations, from delicate pastels to deep, saturated primaries. The robust filters offer resistance to heat and humidity, eliminating the need for cooling fans. The unit has an internal power supply and six-channel DMX controller, supports RDM, and can be programmed for stand-alone operation.
Ocean Optics, Inc.
Dunedin, FL
Circle 137 on Reader Service Card

Airstar: Booth #969

AquaStar floats on water, changes colors, and displays a message, all as a self-contained unit with quick setup. It is 9' in diameter, powered by a 12V battery, can house LEDs for color changing options, and can have temporary graphics or logos applied. This is a dynamic tool for any outdoor water site venue.
Fort Worth, TX

Versa Stage: Booth #1289
Versacade II

The Versacade II Crowd Barrier System is extremely strong and assembles in minutes. Lightweight aluminum construction and modular design also make it user friendly. The system includes a complete selection of accessories, including: end caps, cable gates, corners, and adapter sections for interfacing with fencing and all barricade styles. The proprietary perforated main panels are acoustically transparent, permitting full-bandwidth transmission, with a rubber backing to prevent vibration or resonance. The extruded top and sides result in smooth surfaces overall. Standard safety features include a chamfered ground plate to prevent tripping and an oversized security step.
Pacoima, CA

A.C. Lighting Inc.: Booth #1718
Chroma-Q Color Web

The Color Web is a transparent and modular LED matrix that provides designers with unlimited flexibility and new creative possibilities when it comes to displaying low resolution video effects. Featuring a unique modular design, each flexible 3.28'×3.28' (1m×1m) panel provides 16 individually addressable color mixing RGB LED cells with a pitch of 250mm. Panels clip together on all four sides and can be joined over distances. Taking up only 10% of the surface area, the webbing offers transparency for double hanging or multi-layering at distances and can be lit through for integration with other elements. It can be programmed using any DMX control device but is ideally suited to integration with a media server. It is also lightweight and IP65-rated for outdoor use. It is designed and manufactured by Artistic Licence and distributed worldwide by A.C. Lighting. Chroma-Q Color Web is licensed by Artistic Licence, Color Kinetics, and Super Vision.
A.C. Lighting Inc.
Toronto, Canada

ARRI: Booth #1061

The ARRIMAX is the most powerful HMI light currently available, according to ARRI. Combining the variable beam spread of a Fresnel and the light output of a PAR, it uses a unique reflector concept for beam control that eliminates the need for spread lenses. The optical system with its 580mm (23") diameter specular, flatted reflector is adjustable and provides continuous focus from 15° to 50°. New 18,000W single ended lamps use a sturdier GX51 lamp base for which the company designed a special lampholder. This new lampholder accepts 12kW and 18kW single ended lamps with G38, with no modification or adjustment required. The overall design of the unit is a fully motorized stirrup, which is currently in development and will be available by the end of 2005.
ARRI, Inc.
Blauvelt, NY

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Special FX® Lighting manufactures permanent, non-fading color lenses, glass and polymers for all lighting applications. High performance FX® products include Dichro-X hybrid dichroic lenses, EZ-color glass, Fade-Not® color media, fluorescent sleeves including T-5 HO solutions, and poly-carbonate.

For details, contact:

293 N. 2260 W., PO Box 177, Hurricane, UT 84737
Tel: (435) 635-0239; Fax: (435) 635-3929
info@fxlight.com; www.fxlight.com


Top International Studio, Architectural and Theatrical Lighting Designers visited the LEE Filters factory in Andover, England to let their imaginations run free! The new colors they created are available in sheets, rolls, and our popular Quick Rolls and Fluorescent Sleeves. Contact LEE Filters for your FREE swatch book.

LEE Filters
2237 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA, 91505
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Harlequin, the industry leader in vinyl dance floors, now offers a Sprung Panel System. These full pre-manufactured panels are joined together by a pivot joint, with shock-damping Dual-Durometer® Suspension blocks at regular centers on the underside. Available for stage or permanent configuration. For a full-color brochure, please call 800-642-6440.

1531 Glen Ave., Moorestown, NJ 08057
Fax: (856) 231-4403





Auerbach · Pollock · Friedlander provides provides design consulting for projects worldwide including opera houses and repertory theatres, concert halls, performing arts training facilities, museums and popular entertainment venues. Auerbach · Glasow provides comprehensive lighting design and consulting services.

Offices in San Francisco, (415) 392-7528; New York, (212) 764-5630; and Minneapolis (952) 930-0818.
info@auerbachconsultants.com; www.auerbachconsultants.com


ETC's catalog includes a complete line of lighting equipment, including lighting control consoles, installation and touring racks, distribution equipment, architectural control, and lighting fixtures.

PO Box 620979, Middleton, WI, 53562-0979
Tel: (608) 831-4116 or (800) 688-4116;
Fax: (608) 836-1736;
mail@etcconnect.com; www.etcconnect.com


TOMCAT's new product catalog provides the full line of aluminum trussing, ground support, roof systems, chain hoists, rigging accessories, lighting, cable and related products for the entertainment and leisure industries. The extensive data has made it a reference tool for much of the industry and its new 6" × 8" printed format is small and light enough to carry and reference quickly as needed. A digital version is also available on the website at www.tomcatglobal.com.

TOMCAT US: (432) 694-7070
Las Vegas: (702) 798-6200
TOMCAT UK: +44 151-482-3100
TOMCAT de Mexico: +52 333-824-8623


Dazian Fabrics, is a full-service company with over 160 years of recognition as the premium fabric supplier for the Entertainment and Lighting Industries with exclusive and innovative products, specifically engineered for Lighting, Special Effects, Projection, Special Events and Stage Productions. Dazian offers a wide variety of Fire Resistant Stretch, Metallic, Sheer, Satin, Netting and Diffusion Fabrics, Projection Screens and Materials and much more. Dazian offers custom sewing, printing and rental draperies.

Dazian Fabrics…Experts in FR Fabrics, Fabrications and Rentals.
124 Enterprise Avenue, Secaucus, NJ, 07094;
Tel: (201) 549-1000 Fax: (201) 549-1055 Toll Free: (877) 232-9426
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info@dazian.com; www.dazian.com


Apollo Design Technology, Inc., an innovative leader in the production and distribution of custom gobos, lighting effects products, and accessories for the entertainment and architectural lighting industries, has updated their website with a new look and features. Redesigned product pages allow for quicker navigation and more complete information.

4130 Fourier Drive, Ft. Wayne, IN 46818
Tel: (260) 497-9191; Fax: (260) 497-9192


The Selecon Performance Lighting catalog contains detailed information on all of Selecon's high quality theatre lighting fixtures from the award-winning Pacific range of 5 Zoomspots and 5 Fixed Beams to the Acclaim range of Fresnel, PC and Axial Zoomspots to the Hui range of Cyc and Flood, recent recipients of an EDDY Award. Unique safety features, low cost of ownership, simple to operate and much more. Request your free catalog now email: info@seleconlight.com.

SELECON NZ LTD. 19-21 Kawana Street, Northcote, Auckland 1310, New Zealand.
Tel: (64) 9 481-0100; Fax: (64) 9 481-0101


Mole-Richardson Co., Designers, Manufacturers, Sales and Rental, for Motion Picture, Television, Video and Still Photographic Lighting Equipment, including: Solarspots, HMI SolarArc Solarspots, MoleBeams, DigiMoles, Molearcs, Molequartz, Molefays, Molepars, Softlites, Nooklites, Broads, Cyc-Strips, Scoops, Pattern & Spot Projection Equipment, Power Distribution Systems, Dimmers, etc. Other catalogs available: New Products, Lighting Kits, Power Distribution and Rental. For literature, write or call: Mole-Richardson Co., 937 North Sycamore Avenue, Hollywood, CA, 90038-2384; Tel: (323) 851-0111; Fax: (323) 851-5593; info@mole.com; www.mole.com


ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT DIVISON OF PRO-TAPES & SPECIALTIES and PERMACEL. FREE literature contains color photos and description of PRO-TAPES' and PERMACEL's full line of pressure-sensitive tapes and specialties for Arts and Entertainment. Each of the following products are summarized in a brief paragraph: Pro-Gaffer (in 21 colors) and Permacel ® (in 11 colors) Professional Grade Gaffer Tapes; plus Pro-Glow, Pro-Duct, Pro-Sheen, Pro-Artists, and Pro-Mount Tapes. Also shown are P/S-backed Matte-Wrap foil, Cable-Path and many other trademarked cloth, specialty and printed tapes. PRO-TAPES & SPECIALTIES, Edison, NJ, 08837; (800) 345-0234. In NJ: Tel: (732) 346-0900, Fax: (732) 346-0777 dennism@protapes.com; www.protapes.com


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