Crown has launched the Macro-Tech 02 Series, an enhanced line of Macro-Tech amplifiers offering PIP2 (programmable input processor) compatibility. PIP2 offers 24-bit signal processing and real-time load supervision. The 02 models, made up of the MA-602 (225W at 8ohms), MA-102 (310W at 8ohms), MA-2402 (520W at 8ohms), and the MA-5002 (1,300W at 8ohms), offer all existing capabilities of the Crown Macro-Tech amplifiers, while adding unique features. The PIP2 enhanced connector allows new accessory modules to be used for designing the amplifier for specific applications. Balanced XLR and 11/44" phone jack inputs for each channel are offered on the PIP2 FXQ module. The Quad-Mute circuitry provides protection from shorted, open, mismatched loads, overheating, DC, high-frequency overloads, and internal faults. Crown Audio Elkhart, IN