Ah, it's that time of year again for tradeshows, new products, and, for those on the higher learning track, getting settled into that always familiar back-to-school feeling. Our children know it, parents know it, and even adult students still get that pang of anxiety, excitement, or dread about being back in the classroom.

Of course, any of you who are back to the books (or in our case, back to the theatres and labs), will appreciate our annual issue dedicated to education. Our contributors this month include some acclaimed educators, and you'll even hear from a student, R. Christopher Stokes, embarking on his new experience in an MFA program at CalArts (p. 20). Chris also has a new blog on our website, where he's already sharing his experiences and photos View R. Christopher Stokes New blog and check out first hand what it's like to be a new MFA candidate.

Speaking of blogs, we're also following the work of lighting designer James Bedell, as he blogs about his work on planning New York's Crown Point Festival at the Henry Street Settlement. Check out James Bedell blog entires. James walks us through his design choices, challenges, and gear decisions, on an almost daily basis, leading up to the festival itself, running October 27 to November 17. He's got a lot more to share, so don't miss his engaging commentary. Of course, you can access all these blogs directly from our home page at livedesignonline.com.

And finally, we're also gearing up for LDI, and next month is our dedicated LDI show issue. Keep an eye out for a raft of new products, all from LDI exhibitors, as we bring you our largest product section of the year. This month's product news features just a sneak preview of what's to come, with all new LDI products here also.

Until next month…