Lighting Dimensions International hit double digits in years and quintuple digits in attendance at this year's show, held October 24-26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. Produced by the Intertec Trade Shows & Conferences division of Intertec Publishing, and sponsored by Lighting Dimensions, TCI, Sound & Video Contractor, and the Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA), LDI97 celebrated its 10th year by drawing 12,088 attendees, smashing last year's record of over 9,600. The attendance record was actually broken the first day, as 10,021 people registered at the show on Friday.

The record number of attendees got to see a record number of products: 390 exhibitors filled 1,065 booths in 107,500 sq. ft. (9,675 sq. m) of exhibit space. A couple of trends from past trade shows continued this year: The "loud room" continues to shrink in size, as more and more exhibitors opt for the sanity of the "quiet room"; and fewer new products were introduced, as manufacturers continue to tweak and improve upon existing products.

Winners of the LDI Awards, honored during a ceremony on Sunday morning, were among the products that were new at the show. There were two architectural lighting product of the year honorable mentions: Xenotech's 360J rotating razor head on the 7,000W searchlight, and White Light's ETC Retrofit, a complete socket assembly with an arc lamp, for the ETC Source Four. The winner of the architectural lighting award went to the Color Kinetics Chameleon Series multicolor compact fixture.

Honorable mentions in the entertainment lighting product of the year went to the Altman Stage Lighting Adjustable Cyc Light and the Compulite E-Mix router; a new category, most promising prototype, went to Clay Paky's StageColor 300, while the big winner was CAST Lighting and A.C. Lighting's WYSICAD program.

Sound product (honorable mention) went to the Vega 672 Series wireless mic, while the top honor went to QSC Audio's Rave System, which was also a TCI Sound Product of the Year in 1997. Widget of the year went to MeshTel's small-scale fiber-optic system; scenic effects product of the year (honorable mention) was Protech Theatrical Services off-the-shelf rigging control system, and the top scenic effects award went to Total Fabrications' XO Truss.

For the first time, ESTA handed out Dealers' Choice Awards at the ceremony. Dealer members of ESTA voted on the following categories: expendable widget, which went to City Theatrical/Le Mark's Blacktak(TM); and equipment, which, in a tie, went to ETC's Obsession II console, and Martin Professional's MAC 500 luminaire.

There were many other non-product awards. Jonathan Speirs was named the architectural lighting designer of the year for a variety of projects; Lee Rose and David "Gurn" Kaniski were honored as entertainment lighting designers of the year for their work on the Yanni Special Events tour; and Paula Dinkel of Walt Disney Imagineering was named the themed entertainment lighting designer of the year for her work on the Disney flagship retail store on Fifth Avenue in New York, among other projects. Sound designer of the year was Michael Cusick for his work on the Lance Burton Theatre at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Vegas.

This year's Wally Award, handed out each year in memory of Wally Russell, went to Fred Bentham, who for 42 years led the technical development of Strand Electric (now Strand Lighting). He accepted his award via videotape.

Best booth honorees included Full Sail Real World Education, City Theatrical, Group One, and Production Arts. Award-winning laser shows could be found at the Production Design International and Laser Fantasy International booths. And in the best light show category, American DJ won for best small booth, while Martin took top honors for best large booth. The latter show, dubbed "Atomic Lounge," featured a retro-hip look circa early Vegas and was designed by Luc Lafortune and Mike Keeling.

This year, LDI will be held at the Phoenix Civic Plaza in Phoenix, AZ, from November 13-16. Computer difficulties mean that some of our booth-by-booth coverage has been delayed until the March issue, but the majority of our roundup follows. A full report appears on our website at

A & J CASES First time at LDI: Pelican(R), billed as the world's toughest watertight equipment cases.

A. BULB LIGHTING & ELECTRICAL First time at LDI: Based in San Francisco, this California branch of the Chinese company Nanjing Specialty Lamp Factory made its LDI debut showing lamps for stage and studio applications. Products include HMI discharge lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, PARs, blacklights, diachronic halogen reflector lamps, single-ended and tubular halogen lamps with high color temperature and effect, and flicker lamps.

A.C.T. ENTERPRISES First time at LDI: The company's first-ever "catalog of ideas" for its specialty hanging hardware included a change from steel to aluminum for its Tee Slot System, and the removal of the integral shaft from the spigot to open up more options for the Tee Slot Spigot.

A.C. LIGHTING First time anywhere: The Chroma-Q Broadway is a new version of the Chroma-Q scroller, designed for use in live theatre applications. It is virtually silent in operation and is designed for use with smaller theatrical ellipsoidals such as the ETC Source Four or the Altman Shakespeare. From Flying Pig Systems come two new accessories for the Wholehog II console. The Hog Unit is a show replay unit which comes in a rack-mount package and enables the playback of any show programmed on a Wholehog II without the need for the main controller itself. The Overdrive box, affectionately known as "Hog Helper," allows for the expansion of the DMX channel capacity of the Wholehog II from 2,048 channels to a maximum of 3,548 channels. The WYSIWYG software system now includes WYSIPAPER, which is distributed free to all designers, assistants, and head electricians to prepare plot data, and WYSICAD, which lets the prepared designer explore their design in 3D with the advantage of having 2D symbols to build proper hanging plots. WYSICAD won the LDI97 Award for Entertainment Lighting Product of the Year.

ACTION LIGHTING First time anywhere: A 150-light, 8'-long (2.4m) Architectural Curtain for windows was premiered, along with Icicle Lighting, prefabricated icicles for holiday decoration.

ADAMS APPLE DISTRIBUTING First time anywhere: Novelty lighting for the teenage market, including a wall-mountable laser 8-ball, a rainbow fluorescent fixture, and the chrome-plated laser Technoball.

ADVANCED CABLE LITE First time at LDI: Ultra-Brite is a new type of solid-core fiber-optic cable, manufactured in a continuous casting process providing for a completely clear cable with high-intensity brightness along its entire length.

AIR DIMENSIONAL DESIGN First time at LDI: Fly Guys, inflatables (used at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta) that shoot up to 60' (18m), can be used indoors or outdoors, be synchronized to music, and dispense confetti and fog. Website is

AIRSTAR Featured product: The Gala, a helium-filled balloon that houses an internal lighting system providing diffused illumination across 1000 sq. m (3,300 sq. ft.).

ALCONE MUTUAL HARDWARE First time anywhere: La Wrench fits 99% of all common bolts used to hang and focus US lighting instruments--just rotate the wrench and you have the wrench you need.

ALCORN McBRIDE Featured products: The LightCue real-time DMX Recorder, used on the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, which records 512 DMX channels in real time and stores more than three hours of continuous DMX data; and the DMX Machine, which can be used as a standalone lighting controller or as an RS-232-to-DMX translator. Website is

ALTMAN First time anywhere: The Adjustable Cyc (LDI97 Entertainment Lighting Product, Honorable Mention), designed for ground/sky applications, features a tilting reflector housing for easy adjustment of wide, even lighting distribution, and a peened, high-polished reflector for powerful light output. The UV-705 blacklight floodlight is designed to provide a wash of high-intensity illumination of fluorescent materials at distances of up to 40' (12m); the unit does not require any fans for cooling, resulting in quiet operation. The Master Ellipse is a 70W luminaire featuring an exclusive electronic ballast and a lamp life of up to 10,000 hours.

AMAZING CONTROL First time anywhere: The DMXPort, a DMX-based cabling solution that consolidates multiple stage, hanging, and side-stage cabling into one ethernet cable. This cabling system transfers data from light controllers to dimpacks, scanners, scrollers, and other units needing DMX512, AVAB, or Lightwave protocols, and can be customized.

AMERICAN DJ SUPPLY First time at LDI: American DJ exhibited many new products including the Max and the Patend light. Both products are full-function, sophisticated moving lights. Incorporating DMX, these lights have continuous 360-degree movement and spin seven times per second; the Patend light allows users to select from an HMI 575 or an HMI 1,200 lamp. LDI97 best light show, small booth.

AMERICAN HARLEQUIN First time at LDI: The Harlequin Activity Spring Floor system consists of a vinyl damp-proof membrane which is laid across the existing floor and then dressed approximately 7-8" up the walls. The result is a floor that offers uniform performance, significantly reduced vibration through the floor, and noise reduction.

ANCHOR CONTINENTAL First time anywhere: Photography Tape, a black roll adhesive for still photographers, was introduced. It allows color filters to be affixed to lights without the infiltration of unwanted rays.

ANTARI LIGHTING AND EFFECTS Featured products: Fog machines including the F-120 Micro Fogger, with a high-efficiency pump, expanded control options, a thermal switch, and a 0-10V PC board controller; the HZ-100 hazer, with an oil-free air compressor; and the S-100 snow machine, equipped with the SC-1 remote control.

APPLIED ELECTRONICS Featured products: The Omega system of racks and dimmers allow for any combination of dimmers, from 12 to 120 channels, and the C-24 Commander is a DMX512 memory console with 24 channels and 48 programmable presets.

APOLLO DESIGN First time at LDI: Quartz glass custom and standard gobos in six popular sizes are available in three to five days. Also, the new K-MAX catalog is now available; call 1-800-CUT-GOBO to obtain one.

ARABESQUE SOFTWARE AND CONSULTING Featured products: The Rental and Production Manager (RPM) for Windows 95, an entertainment industry software program designed for tracking rentals, sales, production labor, customers, and vendors.

ARRIFLEX CORPORATION First time anywhere: The company introduced several accessories for the 125W HMI Arri Pocket PAR. The Flex Light liquid-optic system employs a special collection lens to direct light through liquid-filled optic cable into the focusing lens. Ideal for tabletop application, the fixture produces over 7,000fc at 2' from the subject with a low level of heat transmission. Light intensity can be varied by focusing the Pocket PAR or the electronic ballast's built-in dimmer. The Flex Light is available in 1.5m or 3m lengths. Another accessory is the Arri Lite Pipe, which effectively turns the Pocket PAR into a soft light. Using a rugged cast-acrylic tube, the Lite Pipe transforms the PAR's beam into an even 180-degree illumination over the length of the pipe. Pattern Projection Lenses for the Pocket PAR were also introduced, using M-size patterns, available in 75, 100, 150, and 200mm models. The Pocket PAR Kit includes an all-in-one Pocket PAR system, with four specialty lenses and a full range of CTO, lens rings, customized rings for Chimeras or other gels and diffusions, dimmer, AC or DC ballast, converter for car battery, and other options. Arriflex also introduced a 150W fresnel for location or studio use, with either a 100W or 150W tungsten lamp, and the Arri X 40/25, a daylight wide-angle floodlight. The Arri X accommodates either 2,500W or 4,000W single-ended HMI lamps, and features a 129-degree beam angle, making it ideal for bounce light or downlighting backgrounds.

ARTIFEX, DIVISION OF EIDE INDUSTRIES Featured products: Custom laser-etched glass gobos and patterns. The company also manufactures metal truss, fabric-covered tension structures, and other large custom exterior sewn products.

ARTISTIC LICENCE First time at LDI: Grand-Master Flash! is a new "virtual lighting console" software that works with the company's DMX-Dongle to turn your PC into a lighting desk providing direct control for moving luminaires.

ASCOT SUPERIOR FLIGHT CASES Featured products: The company's full line of cases was on display.

ATLAS SPECIALTY LIGHTING Featured products: This Tampa, FL-based company offers an inventory of xenon, HMI, mercury, halogen, and incandescent lamps, and projection equipments parts such as reflectors, igniters, filters, and lenses.

Company news: Atlas announced a new division devoted to planning, designing, and engineering projection systems for motion picture theatres, theme parks, planetariums, museums, science centers, simulators, and standalone attractions. Bob Ray, formerly of the Walt Disney Organization, has joined the projection and special venue division, and will supervise the projection and special effects department.

ATM FLY-WARE Featured products: Rigging hardware systems and supplies for professional loudspeaker enclosures and speaker cluster assemblies.

AUTOMATIC DEVICES CO. First time at LDI: The company presented the Triple E catalog, from the London-based Triple E Group. Triple E products include the Unitrack, a modular, easily transportable track system used on U2's PopMart tour, and the UniClamp, for easier, safer positioning of automated luminaires and speaker clusters.

AVAB First time at LDI: AVAB now provides control systems for motorized rigging equipment and studio equipment within television studios. Motorized xenon location lighting can be controlled via DMX. In addition, motorized lighting equipment can be controlled via radio, infrared, and DMX protocols.

AVENGER Featured products: The Conductor(R) provides the ability to automate repetitive tasks, guarantees perfect trimming among automated equipment, and controls unique and separate equipment via a synchronized system (using one communication protocol).

AVOLITES First time at LDI: The Azure 2000 console, with 200 dimmer channels and 10 sub-master playback feeders, uses Pearl console technology and can use Pearl disks. It is designed for the nightclub and industrials markets and has a fluid-proof case. Pearl 2000, a variation of the two-year-old Pearl console, now has 48 channels, four DMX lines, theatrical editing, and playback. ART 36 is a compact, modular touring dimming system with 36 channels and 12 channels of moving lights distribution.

BANDIT LITES First time at LDI: The company's design and consultation division, headed up by Rich Davis in the Nashville office, provides design specifications and the necessary equipment and system programming for the architectural market.

BARBIZON Rather than displaying its wide line of TV and film lighting products, this supplier opted to focus on recent projects, which have included MSNBC, the Boston Symphony, and Martha Stewart's TV studios in Connecticut.

BBI ENGINEERING INC. First time at LDI: The expanded DMXTool provides advanced DMX512 testing capability and a mini light controller, in a very compact battery-powered (AC optional) package. Testing for broken cables, electrical levels on data pins, and reading and displaying DMX512 in percent, decimal, and hex are available.

BIG DEAL CUSTOM CASINGS Company news: The company has a website at

BOGEN-CINE First time anywhere: The Super Jaw Clamp is the newest in the Avenger Grip product line. The clamp's jaws open to 2.5", with a baby pin built into its handle. Accessories include a junior pin, female receiver, universal receiver, and 2" or 4" gobo heads, and the clamp will also accept all Super Clamp accessories. Also, a new feature of Bogen's 600 series Aurasoft line is a self-contained on-board ballast.

BRITISH OPTICAL Featured products: Equipment range including optically polished convex, concave, and plano lenses, diameter 25-300mm (1" to 12"), molded Boro-Lux borosilicate glass; fresnel, prismatic, and multi-array lenses; and molded PAR covers.

BROWN UNITED Featured products: Staging, scaffolding, risers, roofs, and a range of production services.

BULBMAN First time at LDI: A complete line of lamps for LCD projectors including Proxima, Eiki, Sharp, Infocus, nView, and 3M. Also, the company now supplies long-life replacement lamps for many applications.

BULBTRONICS Featured products: The company showed its full line of lamps and expendables for stage, studio, theatre, television, film, nightclub, and concert applications.

CADENCE MANUFACTURING First time at LDI: Series 5000--ATA cases built to exceed ATA Specification 300, Category 1, to endure the rigors of the road.

CALZONE CASE/ANVIL CASE CO. First time anywhere: Calzone's new Diamond Series Cases are made of high-quality Finlandian birch with burned-in lamination for the most rugged touring. Anvil's Pearl Birch Case is ideal for frequent use on professional concert tours, designed for efficient load-in and load-out. Anvil's Majecal(R) Plastic Cases are rack-mount cases designed specifically for musical instruments, sound reinforcement equipment, lighting, and other applications. Majecal cases feature recessed steel handles, exterior spring-loaded latches, and steel-tapped rack rails. Finally, Anvil's Armorlite(TM) Case is a lightweight case for transporting valuable and sensitive equipment. It is constructed of a low-density extruded polyethylene core sandwiched by two aluminum skins.

CHAUVET & SONS First time anywhere: The Extreme Beam, a new centerpiece effect; the Intellitrack, an intelligent lighting product; and the Thunderball disco beam.

CINEMILLS CORPORATION First time at LDI: The 1,200W HMI Wallylight, a single-ended axial lamphead all-in-one fixture and electronic ballast, was introduced. The unit features solid aluminum anodized construction, is lightweight, and eliminates flickering and strobing from 24fps to 10,000fps. The Wallylight is available in custom-carrying kit with all-in-one head, ballast, power cable, four-piece lens set, barndoor, Chimera lightbank and ring, and five-piece diffusion set and globe.

CITC First time at LDI: The Hi-Lo Digifogger, used at the 1997 Superbowl, requires only 10 minutes of warm-up time, and can instantly change volume from a dry low haze to a dry dense haze that lasts. Also featured was an improved Little Blizzard snow machine which is 30% quieter, drier, with more consistent flakes, and features a two-speed motor and flake size adjustment.

CITY THEATRICAL First time at LDI: Blacktak(TM) is a black light mask foil, manufactured on rolls 2" wide x 25yd long, with a peel-off backing and a high temperature adhesive, for masking light spill, forming barndoors, and other lighting control applications. Blacktak won the ESTA Dealers Choice Award and the PLASA product of the year award. Many new accessories for the ETC Source Four ellipsoidal were introduced, including a drop-in iris, followspot yoke (with ball bearings for smooth operation), a remote-control yoke (with DMX pan and tilt control), and a balancer (providing weight compensation during Source Four 5-degree or 10-degree usage with a color scroller and/or top hat). LDI97 Award for best small booth.

CLAY PAKY First time anywhere: At the Group One booth, this Italian manufacturer showed three new washlights--StageColor 300, StageColor 1000, and StageColor 1200--and one effects projector, the StageZoom 1200, all part of the company's new line of moving-body luminaires. The StageColor 300 is a compact, lightweight washlight designed for clubs, retail displays, and theatre, and features an HTI 300 lamp, and a mechanical adjustable dimmer. The StageColor 300 won the LDI97 Award for Most Promising Prototype. The StageColor 1000 is a washlight equipped with a 1000W halogen lamp, designed for TV and large theatres, and features an extremely stable color temperature, two filters for ovalized protection, and interchangeable special effects filters. The StageColor 1200 features a high-output HMI 1200 lamp, generous color capabilities based on a four wheel color-mixing system, and a frost filter system that provides wide color backdrops even over short projection distances. The StageZoom 1200 is a moving-body graphics-effect projector designed for theatre, TV, and concerts. The projector is equipped with a linear zoom function, which can generate an infinite range of different effects.

First time at LDI: The Mini Scan HPE 300 is a compact intelligent scanner with an HTI 300 lamp, featuring dichroic filters allowing up to 36 different colors and two color temperature conversion filters.

CLEAR-COM First time anywhere: Available in January, the FL-1 call signal flasher connects to any Clear-Com or compatible intercom system, providing both a visual and audible indication of a call signal on the intercom panel. The flasher emits a bright amber strobe light twice a second in response to a call; the unit also provides an adjustable ringing tone similar to an electronic telephone. First time at LDI: The MS-232 rack mount main station offers two independent yet linkable channels of intercom, and supports up to 60 headsets/beltpack stations or 20 speaker stations.

COAST WIRE & PLASTIC TECH First time at LDI: This first time exhibitor (formerly Coast Wire Tech) features stage lighting, DMX, color-changer, and high-temperature cables besides its custom electrical/electronic wire and cable products.

COFFING HOISTS Featured products: The company manufactures Electrica chain hoists with capacities from 1/4 to 2 tons plus rigging accessories, beam clamps from 1 to 2 tons, and wire grips. Company news: Its UJL hoists are "holding up" much of Garth Brooks' current tour.

COHERENT LASER GROUP First time at LDI: The Star(TM) IIIC PureLight Laser system is designed specifically for the entertainment industry. Its features include a sealed tube (no mirrors to clean), a 5W mixed-gas laser with >35% red color balance, and operation via digital remote or an RS-232 interface. Includes a Series V Plasma Tube.

COLOR KINETICS First time anywhere: The Chameleon series of luminaires provide unlimited color choices without mechanical devices, are rated for long life, are available in 8W, 20W, and 50W, and are DMX512 or PC serial port data-controllable. LDI97 Architectural Lighting Product of the Year.

COLUMBUS MCKINNON Featured products: The ProStar electric chain hoist has higher duty cycles for lighter loads. It lifts up to 600lb, is rated for 150 motor starts per hour, and features rugged construction.

COMPULITE First time at LDI: The Ovation 4D lighting controller has new Pentium-oriented hardware coupled with a real-time operating system that lets you control up to 2,048 DMX channels. These channels can be flexibly assigned to control 1,536 dimming channels (including scrollers) and 250 moving lights or other DMX-controlled devices. The Micron 4D has many of the same features, but is smaller (with 10 faders and eight controllers/ chasers, as opposed to 20 and 16 with the Ovation). The E-Mix node is a dedicated ethernet-to-DMX/DMX-to-ethernet router that pulls DMX packets from the ethernet and merges or transmits them as standard DMX strings.

Company news: 1998 marks Compulite's 20th anniversary. The E-Mix won the LDI97 Entertainment Lighting Product of the Year, Honorable Mention.

CORSO First time anywhere: The company introduced its line of electronic energy-saving lamps which offer continuous lighting for interior and exterior applications. Available in a range of models and sizes, the lamps are CE- and UL-listed and recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

CREATIVE INDUSTRY HANDBOOK Featured product: The latest edition was available for purchase.

CREATIVE STAGE LIGHTING First time anywhere: In addition to the extensive line of products repped by Creative, the company also showed its own new products, including all-black Hubbell connectors, microphone cable, and duct tape.

CRESCIT SOFTWARE INC. Featured products: Crescit exhibited and displayed numerous software tools, including SoftPlot, CompuCAD, Alight, Grand-Master Flash!, SFX, Daslight, and others. These software tools are designed for show control, PC-based DMX control, sound playback, 3D plot visualization, creation of lighting plots, and paperwork.

The CROSBY GROUP First time anywhere: The S-281 Web Sling Shackle, said to eliminate the bunching caused by traditional shackles, and the S-280 Web Sling Connector, designed to connect more easily to master links or through the eye of an eye hook. Website is

CRYSTALITE INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: Lightning Light is a PVC-encased rope light that allows the small bulbs to be controlled to create effects of different types and speeds. A domino or chase effect can be achieved, as well as incorporated into signage and other decorative purposes.

CUSTOM RIGGING First time anywhere: The Intelli-Q Motor Control System with a user-friendly graphical system and a fast cue system. It can also set up to 900 dependency limits per hoist at one time.

DALFA INTERNATIONAL First time at LDI: The company offered a range of specialty lighting, including fiber optics, rope lights, PVC neon, and disco lighting such as mirror balls.

DAZIAN Featured products: Its range of flame-resistant scenery, drapery, and visual display fabrics.

DEDOTEC USA First time anywhere: A 70-120mm zoom lens for projection attachment and a 150W architectural lamp.

DESIGN AND DRAFTING First time at LDI: The Light Manager(TM) plug-in to the LD Assistant design software allows you to display gobo patterns as well as the beam of light.

DESISTI LIGHTING/DESMAR CORP. First time at LDI: Featured were the 400W and 575W focusable PARs.

DHA LIGHTING First time at LDI: DHA announced it has absorbed a British range of television gobos, bringing to 800 the company's total number of gobos.

DIRECT LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES Company news: This division of Taiwan's Top Lighting Industrial Co. maintains facilities in China and Doraville, GA. Products range from the TL-1005 Desk Laser Dome, which has 20 pre-programmed patterns and an adjustable music sensor switch, to mirror balls and scanning instruments.

DISCOTECH PRO LIGHT CO. First time at LDI: Based in Warsaw, Poland, this manufacturer of disco lighting equipment and its Canadian distributor Audionova Inc. featured the Atraxa luminaire which has six rotating and one fixed gobos, six dichroic colors plus white, and a rotating mirror with 3-beam projection.

Company news: In January, Discotech will launch the Scantech 2000 intelligent light with nine gobos, 10 colors, two multicolors, and strobe effect.

DIVERSITRONICS INC. First time anywhere: The 5,000W Ultra Strobe, Model 5,000W-DMX operates from 20A and 240V to deliver bright, normal, or continuous-emission hyper flashes. Four pre-programmed macros, including lightning, are featured.

DOUG FLEENOR DESIGN First time at LDI: The Enhanced2 DMX512 Isolated Splitter (model 125EE) includes features of typical DMX512 splitters, which are used to allow for connection of DMX receivers in a star configuration as opposed to a daisy-chain. The 125EE, providing five outputs, has features designed to provide continuous and reliable operation, including rugged chassis with rack and truss mounting options, unterminated output indicator on each output, a built-in DMX512 tester that measures break time, mark-after-break, and start code zero, locking detachable power cord, 90-240V operation, and fuse-protected Neutrik D-1 series inputs and outputs which protect the splitter from harmful voltages up to 120V.

DOUGHTY & PROLYTE INC. First time anywhere: The company, a joint venture between Doughty Engineering Ltd. of the UK and Prolyte Products of the Netherlands, will establish both of their product lines in the US. Doughty introduced its combined color catalog featuring 1,000 products and the Overlocker Clamp, a quick-release clamp with 20 flexible variations, all of which can easily be locked into place by one person. Prolyte introduced its third-edition technical brochure and the 20.5" heavy-duty box truss.

DOVE SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The Dimmer Master 410DA is a compact "shoebox" dimmer featuring four channels and 100W. It accepts both DMX and analog. Also shown was the Star Port DMX, a full-featured, pocket-sized, memory lighting control that inputs and outputs DMX and plugs into the parallel port of a PC.

DURALINE First time at LDI: This first-time exhibitor featured its Splice Kit, molded Cam-Lok and submersible connectors.

ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR TECHNOLOGIES First time at LDI: The company introduced newly designed 16 Series inline insulating sleeves, an improved insulated screw head, and 16 Series panel receptacles with self-clinching nuts or standoffs. Also featured was the 3-Fer, which distributes electrical power from one male input through three female outputs, intermates with Cam 16 Series connectors, and allows three circuits to be run off one distribution box or generator panel receptacle.

ELECTROL ENGINEERING First time anywhere: The D1225MX is a fully digital 12x2,500W dimmer package, the first 12-pack available in 20A. Features include immunity to miswiring, non-dim assignment, voltage limiting per channel, full DMX soft-patching, diagnostic routines, and universal power input. Also introduced was the ISO1.12, a single-rack-space, single-input, 12-output DMX isolator/splitter/repeater.

Company news: New software is now available for the DX series of dimmers, designed to be used on a laptop PC.

ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS First time at LDI: The Obsession II console, the latest in the Obsession line, controls up to 3,072 channels and 3,072 dimmers with the capacity for up to 126 concurrently running fades. Single or dual processors and the option of three different control surfaces present the user with a variety of systems. The dual processor systems offer redundant tracking processors that automatically switch the control and the DMX512 without affecting the output to the stage. Because processors and control surfaces are connected via ethernet, transfers to backup systems require neither user intervention nor a separate console. The Obsession II won an ESTA Dealers' Choice Award. The Expression 3 console offers a choice of 400, 800, or 1,200 control channels, with 1,536 dimmers/attributes. The Insight 3 console has rows of hands-on faders which give operators flexibility. The Insight's 108 submasters, with 10 pages of memory, make it ideal for applications requiring spontaneous improvisation. The Source Four jr Zoom covers beam angles 24-50 degrees, doing the work of four different fixed-angle fixtures; it uses the long-life 575W HPL lamp, which gives 1,500 hours of performance life. ETC'snew Emergency Lighting Transfer System replaces the existing ELTS and meets the new UL 1008 revision 5 standard. The new ELTS offers four times the density with more emergency circuits that fit in a much smaller space.

ELECTRONICS DIVERSIFIED Featured products: Architectural dimming systems including MX System dimmer racks, installed at the QVC studio complex in West Chester, PA; Twilite System Controls (TSC) designed to fit any space; and the Versa-Pak wall-mount dimmer series for smaller applications.

ELEKTRALITE First time at LDI: The CP-100 universal lighting controller includes MIDI and DMX capability, as well as 99,999 programmable memory locations, with point cues allowing for 100 entries between each main cue. The CP-100 can operate simultaneously fixtures by different manufacturers. The CP-5P preprogrammed lighting controller comes with lighting shows ready to run for selected fixture types. A total of 16 luminaires can be controlled.

EMI First time at LDI: This first-time exhibitor specializes in employee management.

ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY/MADE IN TAIWAN ETMIT, an organization of Taiwanese companies involved in stage lighting and entertainment technology, set up an LDI booth as a contact center for its members and clients, and promoted professional lighting equipment made in Taiwan.

ESPERANTO First time at LDI: The ImageContinue(TM) is a large-format projection system that projects a continuous loop of wide-screen moving images. Applications include exhibitions and other special events, concerts, theatre, and TV.

ESTA This is the 10th anniversary of ESTA, and the organization celebrated at LDI in numerous ways. ESTA sponsored a pavilion of exhibitors, many of them new to LDI, which included I. Weiss and Sons, Pacific Northwest Theatre Associates, Employee Management Inc., Pierce Capital, the Magnum Cos., Atlanta Rigging, Prism, and Discotech Pro Light. Also new is ESTA's membership directory, and the organization's sponsorship of the Dealers' Choice Awards at LDI.

ETA SYSTEMS First time at LDI: Easy-to-use Imagenation series microprocessor lighting controllers, with 24, 12, or eight fully programmable channels that can store and recall up to 152 scenes.

Featured products: The product range including the Fluorostrobe, a high-intensity blacklight fluorescent strobe with a lamp life of up to 10,000 hours, and DMX512 series dimmers, which are ultraplex- and analog-compatible and are available in truss- or rack-mount. Website is

FILM & VIDEO SYSTEMS First time anywhere: The new line of HighLux instruments are targeted at film and video studio and location work. The dimmable and flicker-free HighLux Fluorescent contains a patented "V" mounting for single-ended double tubes, for an extremely high light output for its size. It is available in 110W, 220W, 440W, and 660W, and at 5600K and 3200K. The HighLux Baby Fluorescent, available in 26W and 36W, is ideally suited for portable shots where battery life must be maximized. The HighLux HMI Spot with flicker-free ballast also features high output, and is available in 200W and 575W. The company also premiered a pole-operated system for moving tubes and daisy-chaining lights together. The Reporter Light is a battery-operated soft light for closeup lighting at daylight temperatures.

FOCAL PRESS First time anywhere: New titles included The Grip Book by Michael G. Uva and Sabrina Uva, Concert Lighting: Techniques, Art & Business, 2nd edition by James Moody; Placing Shadows: The Art of Video Lighting, 2nd edition by Tom LeTourneau; Concert Tour Production Management by John Vasey; A Guide to Lighting Controls by Ulf Sandstrom, and Stage Lighting: the CD-ROM by Dan Redler.

FORWARD TRADING First time at LDI: The Superlaser is a portable, take-anywhere 4.9mW red laser with 16 preset geometric patterns and three modes of operation: auto speed, music mode, and manual control. It features the optional use of DC battery or AC adapter, and comes with a UL 120V adapter/CE 230V adapter.

FPF First time at LDI: Showdesk(R) v. 1.0 for Windows 95 is a PC-based virtual lighting console designed for use with the FPF PCDMXT1 and PCDMXR2 PC plug-in cards. Features include the exploitation of multi-threading features of Windows 95 for real-time control, 100 scenes/cues each controlling 512 channels and each with a submaster, and 100 shows, which can store an unlimited number of scene cuts, crossfades, or sub-show starts. Geomimic is a two-dimensional design package for viewing and rendering lighting information in real time, and is to be used with the PCDMX cards.

FUTURE LIGHT/VINCENT LIGHTING First time at LDI: The company premiered a complete line of thoroughly designed and handcrafted portable lighting equipment and accessories from the UK company Photon Beard. These products include a fold-away ladder, quartz fixtures with surge suppression, fluorescent fixtures with integral cases for location work, molded cases with movable dividers and the smallest camera lights available. Also, Virtual Light Lab software is now available for Windows.

GALA, DIVISION OF PACO CORP. First time at LDI: The company demonstrated its automated seating exchange lift for multi-use venues. The system allows changes such as ramped seating to flat floor in minutes with a single operator, and can accommodate any size requirement.

GE LIGHTING In prototype: The HP602, the low-volt equivalent of the GKV for the US and other low-volt markets; and the HPL 575W, GE's new range of HPL lamps for the ETC Source Four, offered first in 230 and 240V versions. Both will be available early this year. First time anywhere: Products for theatre and studio applications including the PAR-64 800W Powersaver, available in 230, 240, and 117.5V, and interchangeable with traditional 1,000W PAR-64s to produce a more uniform beam with its smaller filament; the G9.5 single-ended 800W lamp, in 230, 240, and 115/120V, allowing for improved beam collection and replacing the 1,000W FEL and FEP; and long-life G9.5-based lamps--500, 575, and 750W lamps that last 1,500 hours or more.

GECKO ENTERPRISES INC. First time anywhere: Its Color PAR-46S, HMI 575W fixture, and a line of high-wattage xenon lights.

GEMINI SOUND PRODUCTS First time at LDI: LyteQuest Pro, a division of Gemini, showed several new products at LDI, including the Motorhead intelligent special-effects lighting fixture, the StarGazer sound-activated multicolored beam effect, and the Bird of Prey sound-activated 40-beam lighting effect.

GENI ELECTRONICS First time at LDI: The Cirrus-5 projector with HMI 575 lamps, a quiet axial fan, and DMX512 addressing; the Nimbus-200, a compact intelligent scanner with an HSD 200W lamp; and the Stratus-2X and Stratus-5X, mid-sized intelligent projectors with HSD 200W lamps and HMI 575W lamps, respectively.

GEORGE & GOLDBERG DESIGN ASSOCIATES First time anywhere: Its Tracker, a modular motion control system capable of controlling standard chain hoists with the Chain Track outboard encoder module, now features DMX control.

GLANTRE ENGINEERING Company news: The company is currently working on entertainment spaces for numerous new cruise ships, including the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, the Grand Princess, the Carnival Destiny, and Celebrity's Galaxy and Mercury.

GODDARD DESIGN First time at LDI: Smart Merge A-D is a versatile converter that merges up to 24 channels of 0 to +10V analog control and a DMX data stream into a single DMX512 output signal. Through the display, DMX In is indicated, System Run is indicated and Ch Full and Block Error status is provided. Other features include highest takes precedence, overwrite, hold last frame, input filter, or use of the SmartMerge as a standalone 24-channel analog-to-DMX512 converter. The BackTrack is a PC-based system allowing for real-time recording, playback, and manipulation of DMX512 control data, directly to and from a PC.

GRAY INTERFACES First time at LDI: The DMX Repeater is a versatile one-in-six-out repeater that allows the DMX signal to be properly distributed to other devices in a star configuration, rather than the conventional daisy chain. Among the features of the DMXRepeater are: DMX direct pass-thru connector and termination switch, status LEDs, opto-splitter design, (optional) bi-directional capability for IPS and Wybron talkback, and optional rack-mount kit. Also, the DMXPathfinder LR, a sophisticated electronic DMX crosspoint router allowing the user a method to patch a number of DMX source signals to designated outputs, on a line-by-line basis. The system configuration is available with eight or 16 inputs by 1,024 outputs, with programming via DMX Q-Connect Windows 95 software, or through an optional handheld terminal.

THE GREAT AMERICAN MARKET First time anywhere: The GAM TwinSpin II is designed to rotate two patterns in opposite directions in the gate of an ellipsoidal spotlight, creating kinetic images. The variable-speed motor drive can be programmed by almost any dimmer. TwinSpin II may be programmed from your light board and operated as part of a light cue. The new GAMCommand handheld DMX control allows the operator to sequentially step through each dimmer for a lamp check by simply getting the next button--forward or back. The GAMCommand can call up any dimmer, turn it on at a given percentage, and/or fade it up and down. The Flickermaster SPE-6 offers new features that enhance its performance. And the company has added 17 new colors to its line of deep-dyed polyester color gels.

GROUP ONE LTD. See Clay Paky, Pulsar, MA Lighting, Elektralite. LDI97 Award, best big booth, honorable mention.

HARDWARE XENON Company news: The firm, which makes high-power Titan slide projectors, is scheduled to open a US office in Burbank, CA, in January.

HIGH END SYSTEMS INC. First time at LDI: The Technobeam(TM) automated luminaire combines the durability of the Intellabeam(R), the technological advances of the Studio Color(R), and the low operating cost of the Trackspot(R). The Technobeam features an MSD 250-2 metal-halide arc lamp source with 6500K color temperature, and improved flat field beam performance from a 250W source. The Studio Spot(TM) automated luminaire is a hard-edged beam fixture that complements the Studio Color. The ES-1(TM) and EC-1(TM) automated luminaires are for outdoor architectural applications, where the use of the Ecodome(TM) is prohibitive or where the movement of the Studio Color or Studio Spot is not required.

HOLLAENDER MANUFACTURING First time anywhere: The Speed-Rail II(R) system features a fitting that enables adding of components without dismantling the structure.

I. WEISS & SONS Featured product: New Delta Net scenery netting is an inexpensive mesh alternative, and works as a good projection surface with scrim-like qualities. It comes in 4' and 8' widths and can be hung straight or sewn like a drop.

ILC TECHNOLOGY First time anywhere: A 7,000W model is the highest intensity instrument yet in the company's line of quartz xenon short arc lamps.

ILLUMINATING ENGINEERING SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA The IES has approximately 9,000 members, publishes LD+A and technical standards, holds training classes and regional/national conferences, and is dedicated to advancing the art, science, and practice of illumination.

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC WIRE & CABLE First time at LDI: This distributor featured ECT's Cam-type 16 Series 3-Fer and high-temperature lighting cable from Radix Wire.

INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Featured products: The Microtech DMX, a handheld DMX tester that receives, analyzes, and transmits DMX; and the Radio DMX wireless DMX transceiver, with full plug-and-play operation, the ability to transmit and receive all 512 dimmers in a DMX network, and 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum frequency hopping technology, which links units with increased range and more rejection of radio interference.

INTERESTING PRODUCTS Featured product: Academy Award-winning Dry Fogger systems create clean, non-toxic, environmentally safe liquid nitrogen ground fog, cloud banks, and fog bursts.

IRIDEON Featured product: New enhancements to the AR5(TM) interior wash luminaire include a digital on/off remote. A new 2.0 version of the Composer(TM) control system software provides easier manipulation of wash luminaires.

"J" CUSTOM SUPPLY CO. First time at LDI: Meltric Corp.'s line of switch-rated industrial plugs, receptacles, contactors, and connectors were new to the company's inventory of cable assemblies and power distribution devices. The company also carries Carol and AIW Cable, Cam-Lok, Arrow Hart, Group Five, ECT, Trico Connectors, and Remke Grips.

JP NOLAN & COMPANY Featured products: Neoprene molds for "Two-fers" and "Three-fers," in-line duplex receptacles, and custom light lines. Company news: The city of Los Angeles recently approved the company's Portable Power Center.

JAM PROMOTIONS First time at LDI: The Fun Gun, a pneumatic cannon used to blast T-shirts or confetti cartridges into crowds at sporting events, concerts, and conventions.

JAMES THOMAS ENGINEERING First time anywhere: The 201/2" Folding Supertruss is the latest addition to the company's extensive line of trussing. Also, the company has expanded its line of UL-listed lighting fixtures and added a PAR-56 outdoor lantern and a short-throw PAR-64 outdoor lantern, both with metal-halide lamps.

JOHNSON SYSTEMS First time anywhere: The QD-2000EA is an expanded architectural version of the QD-2000T. It is designed for dimmer retrofit of multiple room facilities requiring independent room presets and fade times, room link, DMX512 input, automatic scheduling, and building management interface. The system will control up to 96 dimmers via analog control or 96 DMX-compatible dimmers via its DMX output port. It includes one QD-16IN and cable.

JTECH First time at LDI: Glitzzz Super Sparklers are available as an effect for parties and special events. The effect lasts for 45 seconds and can be manually or remotely activated.

KABUKI Company news: Rockeffects Canada/Kabuki simplified its name to Kabuki. Under this banner, the company featured the Kabuki CO2 Component Electric Launchers with detachable barrels for quick reloads, and showcased its paper products including flameproof confetti and streamers.

KINETIC ARTISTRY Featured products: Kinetrol Innovations products provide a cost-effective approach to upgrading dimming and control systems. Products include the UD-007 universal dimmer driver card, the Opto-Card dimmer driver card, the KD-348 48-dimmer, three-phase control module, and the SS-911DXR recall unit with remote.

Company news: The company is celebrating its 26th year.

KINO FLO Company news: All Kino Flos are now UL-listed, making this the first US fluorescent company to do so.

KLS Featured products: La Novalight's Divine light was a popular product at the KLS booth. The centerpiece instrument can be used horizontally or vertically and produces 16 beams in a variety of directions and combinations. Also from La Novalight are the Next line of products including Move-it, a fully motorized color-changing beam luminaire, and Scenery, which projects eight powerful cones of light using a 1,200W discharge lamp.

KOTO First time at LDI: New tungsten-halogen lamps, the 12kW KP-120H and 24kW KP-240H, were featured as part of the company's range of specialty lamps, which also includes metal-halide models.

KUNST MACCHINA Featured products: Behaviours Technology(TM) was featured, providing software-based solutions for real-time lighting and show control, via a 3D graphic environment, total and flexible sharing of data and control information on a network, and flexible off-line editing capabilities. Protocols supported include DMX, SMPTE, MIDI, ethernet, serial port, and more. Website:

KW/2 LIGHTING PRODUCTS DIVISION First time at LDI: The Mini-SL series of 6"x5" low-profile luminaires are available in 1', 2', or 4' lengths, with lamp lumens from 1,350 to 9,600.

L.E. NELSON First time at LDI: The Thorn HX602 lamp, a 575W bi-plane filament lamp version of the HX600 Lamp, ideally designed to work in The Sink adapter for Source Four fixtures. Also, the HPL 575/115V--the new 575W lamp made under license from ETC for Source Four fixtures. In long-life version as well.

L.P. ASSOCIATES First time at LDI: The Model 6800 lamphead, which makes up a family of searchlights in the 2-7kW range using short-arc xenon lamps to produce pencil beams of white light. Beam diameter is optimized at 20" (51cm), but can be adjusted to about 60" (152cm) before the center starts to lose intensity, the firm says. Also touted were the firm's ACI and DCI metal-halide lamps.

LASER FANTASY First time at LDI: The self-contained Aquarius is a rain curtain using water and laser technology that can be supported on a stand or suspended from the ceiling. The uniform water curtain is formed from a custom-designed manifold and nozzle. A separate laser display system projects the laser images so that they appear to be floating within the cascading water, creating visually unique imagery. LDI97 Best Laser Show.

LASER POWER COMPANY First time at LDI: The MLM family of visible laser products (diode-pumped solid-state intra-cavity doubled microlasers) are designed for long life, high-power output in a compact enclosure, and low-cost usage. The High-Power Blue Microlaser is air-cooled, has a microprocessor-controlled power supply, and an output power of 400mW-CW, with a required power draw of 60W. The High-Power Green Microlaser is similar, and has an output power of 2.5W-CW.

LASER PROJECTION COMPANY/ MWK INDUSTRIES First time at LDI: AcuBeam is a self-contained (within a 4.5" cube), compact (under 2lb), graphics-capable laser light show. The self-contained laser can be replaced by a fiber-optic feeder (for multi-laser shows), is AC-powered and tripod-mountable, and controlled via a handheld wireless IR remote control. There are internal pattern recordings, and voice-responsive graphics, including fans, beams, spirals, circles, a 24-hour clock, and a kaleidoscope mode.

LD SYSTEMS Featured products: This full-service professional lighting and sound company provides sales, rental, production, service, installation, and training for the industry.

LE MAITRE SPECIAL EFFECTS First time at LDI: The Star Hazer is a compact hazing system which requires no heat-up time, and can run 40 hours continuously from a 2.5-liter (2.65-quart) tank. Also, the G-150 Fog Machine is a fully digital smoke generator with microprocessor control, capable of continuous output.

LEE FILTERS First time anywhere: Fifty-two new patterns have been added to the Lee line, bringing the number of images to 250. The stainless-steel designs are available in standard industry sizes A, B, and M.

LEPRECON/CAE First time at LDI: The LP-1600 console features wide-mode operation with the choice of 24/28, 36/72, or 48/96 wide channel configuration. Standard features are a proportional patch, MIDI input, and DMX output. Analog output, a built-in disk drive, and monitor output are optional. The company also featured an expanded line of 340/360 tree-mount dimmers available in 4- and 6-channel models.

LEX PRODUCTS CORP. First time at LDI: Electrical components for the stage/studio industry include 20, 60, and 100A inline Bates stage pin devices, multi-flex cable with a specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer jacket component for increased flexibility and durability, and single-pole detachable connectors.

LIDO COMPUTER SYSTEMS Featured products: The H.I.T.S. (Hollywood Inventory Tracking System) allows for barcode and text-based entries on a single IBM-compatible or Novell-based network system (up to 250 users) for tracking production, rental, and sales inventory.

THE LIGHT SOURCE First time at LDI: The new Mini-Clamp(TM) replaces bent strap clamps and can support PAR-38s, pin spots, and other small luminaires. The complete line of clamps includes the Mega-Clamp(TM), the Mega-Burger(TM) coupler, and the Micro-Clamp(TM).

LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY First time anywhere: Robo Lite consists of a 12V dichroic lamp mounted on a three-wheeled circuit board, designed to run backwards and forwards along standard 12V rope track; it is designed for use particularly in retail situations. The Mask is a theatrical mask with a fog machine inside.

First time at LDI: The PAR-Fume is a smoke machine which produces high volumes ofsmoke from a compact housing disguised as a PAR lantern. Specifically designed for hanging, the PAR-Fume can be easily suspended and concealed within a lighting rig, which makes it useful for exhibition stands and shop window displays. Lite-Dim, the electronic dimmer/blackout unit, which can be attached to the front of a lantern, is now available in a digital version.

LIGHTNING STRIKES! First time anywhere: A 500,000W Lightning Strikes! system provides light output of more than 14 million lumens of 5600K daylight, and is recommended when shooting wide or broad areas. Also, the SoftSun Direct 2.2 arc lamp which resembles a fluorescent tube, and provides 5600K daylight color temperature. The unit is DMX-controllable and features silent, flicker-free operation, easy lamp access, shock-isolated lamp assembly, integral barndoors, and a scrim and gel frame.

LIGHTRONICS First time anywhere: The TL-2448 Lighting Controller features 24/48 channels, 240 scenes, expandable to more than 1,200, 12/25 level memory chase patterns/steps, 512 cues, 512 softpatch channels at level, and 24 moving light presets. The TL-112, a variation of the traditional two-scene controller, has one manual scene, one memory scene, and 24 preset scenes, and 12 channels, 12 level memory chases, and a built-in microphone for audio advance. Also introduced were RD Series DMX rack-mount dimmers, with softpatch, LCD screen, and built-in remote scene available in 8x2,400W or 12x1,200W.

LIGHTTECH First time at LDI: Compact fluorescent soft light technology products including the CFL 155 N series luminaires, available with snoot or honeycomb grid, and the dimmable CFL 236 with two 36W lamps or the non-dim CFL 236N with two 36W lamps.

LITE-PUTER ENTERPRISE COMPANY First time anywhere: The DX-1221 12-channel dimmer pack features signal inputs, DMX512/analog 0-10V, three-phase four-wire and one-phase three-wire AC input, 12 power plug-in dimming pack, high-speed circuit breakers, 20A per channel maximum, and testing functions.

LITTLITE/CAE First time anywhere: The RLX Raklite provides a directable white light source from a single rack space unit. Its black face plate is equipped with two XLR connectors to accommodate dual Littlite(R) XLR Series detachable gooseneck lamps and a front panel dimmer control enables users to adjust the brightness of the 5W halogen bulb The company's website is

LOWEL-LIGHT MANUFACTURING First time anywhere: MultiNeon(TM) is the world's first DMX-controlled, color-changing neon system, which can integrate into any existing DMX control network. The system enables a single neon tube to produce two colors, which fade from one to the next through a series of mixing levels. Color changes in eight steps. MultiNeon comes with 20 factory-programmed preset memories for standalone operation; custom programs can be specified for added cost. First time at LDI: ID is a dimmable, focusable on-camera light--at 55W or 100W, the smallest light that does both. Lowel Litebags are soft cases for Lowel equipment. Egg crates for Rifa-Lites add control to the soft light.

LTM CORPORATION OF AMERICA First time anywhere: Introduced were an 18W HMI On-Camera Light; a 24W PAR, for car lighting and small miniatures; and 575W and 1,200W "Chinese lantern" PARs.

LUMENYTE INTERNATIONAL First time anywhere: The SLM-70 Multi-Port Illuminator uses a 70W xenon metal-halide lamp, rated at over 4,000 hours and at 4000K, providing 1,900 lumens per port for a total of 3,800 lumens, or 54 lumens per watt. In addition, there is no fan, and lamp replacement can be done without a tool. The sealed reflector system eliminates the lumen losses usually associated with dust and debris accumulation within the illuminator; DMX512 control is also available. Lumenyte continues to offer the Sta-Flex(R) large-core plastic fiber and a new line of end points for functional and directional lighting, landscape lighting, and display-type applications.

LUXART CONCEPTION First time at LDI: Microlux version 4.0 for Windows NT and Windows 95 upgrades the capabilities of the 3D rendering software. The company offers CAD software programs for lighting designers that produce plots and schedules, rehearsals on screen, and live performance control.

LYCIAN STAGE LIGHTING Featured products: Followspots including the short-range quartz ClubSpots, the Midgets with exclusive spread lenses, variable intensity SuperArcs (including the new 4k xenon), HMI Starklights and SuperStars, and the popular 1290XLT 2k xenon.

MA LIGHTING First time at LDI: From MA Lighting, the Grand MA is designed for bigger shows than MA's previous boards, the Scancommander and Lightcommander. The Grand MA's three full-color TFT touch displays have adjustable panels, while multiple displays allow group and preset operations, interactive output display, and different ways of cue listing for perfect show control.

MDG FOG GENERATORS First time at LDI: All MDG fog machines (including the Atmosphere, Max 3000 and Super Max 500) have the self-cleaning automatic purging system (APS) feature, which forces CO2 through the units to keep them clean and reduce maintenance.

MAD LIGHTING First time at LDI: The MadScan--the world's first injection-molded scanner-and its plastic-cased companions, the Madstar and MadColour color changers. Using customized VLSI technology, Scanner features include microstepping motors for all movements, full DMX512 addressability, and a variable strobe; the Star range has similar functionality, and is used for covering large areas with fill-in effects. Website is

THE MAGNUM COMPANIES Company news: This first-time exhibitor provides full production services from design to technical services, and labor management and crews, for touring, trade shows, and special events.

MARTIN PROFESSIONAL First time at LDI: The MAC 500 automated profile luminaire is a 575W high-output projector providing 10 fixed gobos, five rotating gobos, prism, two 12-position color wheels, variable focus, strobe, and dimming. It won ESTA's Dealers' Choice Award. Also new is Martin Architectural; the company has taken the MAC 600 and put it in a solid, weatherproof housing for architectural applications. From Martin/JEM comes the Techno-Fogger, which delivers non-stop production fog in a compact, economical package. The MAC Dome is a protective housing for MAC luminaires. Also, the Martin Case consoles--Pro 1 and Pro II--are designed as touring desks; the consoles are delivered in a flightcase with the different functions grouped logically together. Coupled with the monitor and LCD displays, this ensures that users obtain a fast overview of how the controller works. Martin Show Designer is billed as the ultimate lighting control software. LDI97 Award, best light show, big booth.

MATTHEWS STUDIO EQUIPMENT In prototype: The Double Riser Light Lift will feature a 125lb capacity and 12' height range.

First time anywhere: The Knucklehead is a flexible, adaptable piece of grip equipment with a 5/8" receiver on one end and 5/8" threaded pin on the other, able to move in any direction.

MESHTEL First time at LDI: Meshtel developed very efficient and small silica-core, plastic-clad fibers (0.125-1.3mm diameter) for uniform side-emitting applications and for discrete lighting and light transmission used with remote lighting systems. The laser illuminator can be AC- or battery-powered for maximum flexibility. LDI97 Widget of the Year.

MOBOLAZER First time at LDI: The Lil' G-Beam, designed after the company's ML10 Series, packs a 5mW green laser diode into an eight-position projector. The lightweight and compact unit draws one-half amp at 110/220VAC.

MOLE-RICHARDSON CO. First time anywhere: The company added a single-ended 12k PAR HMI lamp to its list. Also introduced were 100, 200, and 600A DMX Remote Boards and Controllers. The DMX Controller allows switchboards to be remote-controlled from a main dimmer console, or operated by a six-channel handheld switchbox. The DMX Windmachine, available in 24" and 18" models, is another new addition to the company's line of DMX-controlled equipment. Windmachines may be daisy-chainedand signatured in multiple combinations from a DMX control console.

MOONLIGHT ILLUMINATION CO. First time anywhere: A line of intelligent lighting fixtures including the DC-6210 color changing effect, the MDC-6573 Mini Pilot, the Auto PAR-16, and the EF-2516 Strobe Bank.

MORPHEUS LIGHTS First time anywhere: The SubFader is the newest addition to the Morpheus ColorFader series; it is billed as the only submersible color-fading system in the world. The WetFader is billed as the only environmentally sealed, weather-resistant color fading system in the world. Both operate via DMX512 and dissolve color by secondary color mixing using three color scrolls: cyan, yellow, and magenta. The PWR Soft is a new moving wash light with a patented fading dichroic color system and patent-pending soft zoom optics to provide a bright, smooth, and even field of illumination. The PWR Spot is a new hard-edged moving light, which in addition to the fading dichroic color system offers 10 fully indexable and rotating gobos plus automated focus control. Digital servo motors provide pinpoint accurate positioning of all variable functions.

MOTION DEVELOPMENT First time at LDI: The MDI 8" Conventional Changer is designed to be affordable while offering features found in more expensive units. It is a fully digital fixture which uses a custom color scroll that ranges from 2 to 16 frames, and is capable of changing colors at any desired speed. The MDI Shutter, available with 10" and 18" apertures, is a DMX-controlled variable-speed dimming apparatus for non-dimming light sources and other special effects. The Airlink is a handheld control desk which operates 512 DMX channels and 49 memories, all with individual crossfades and wait times.

Company news: MDI moved to a new location at 156 Freitas Avenue, Ukiah, CA 95482; phone: 707/462-5031, fax: 707/462-5006. With the move, the company opened Ukiah Theatrical Supply, an expendables warehouse for the local market, and appointed Alta Meisel to manage its operation. In other company appointments, Kurt A. Kroh was named MDI general manager.

MOTION LABORATORIES First time at LDI: The 480V Motor Control System for use in Europe, and the Server, a Windows 95 PC-based motor control system.

MOUNT MUNCY ENTERPRISES Featured product: Hiretrack rental inventory control and production management software is designed exclusively for the entertainment industry with special features and options for crew scheduling, equipment scheduling, quote generating, invoicing purchase orders, and other applications using Windows platform and barcoding.

NEO-NEON First time anywhere: This first-time exhibitor from China, offers Solid Durafiber and Multistring DuraFiber fiber optics, both of which emit side light and come in three sizes. The company also introduced Everlight (LED Duralight) and LED Tape Light. Supplies for fiber-optic components are available.

NESS LIGHTING First time anywhere: The Ku Bo illuminated animated dance floor is a cube lit internally with the ability to create moonflower and beam effects, and colored effects with the use of gel filters. The Champion CMP-600 by Show-Pro is a multihead intelligent lighting scanning system. The Accubeam 400 and 500, Accustar Power, and Accucolor Power are now being manufactured with a high-impact molded poly-resin.

Featured products: The Q-100 projector, which can project standard 35mm slides, overhead film, large format transparencies, computer-generated images, or any type of gobo.

NEUTRIK USA Featured products: PowerCon locking AC power connectors are designed to fill the gap between the low-cost non-locking CEE 22 Type 113 (IEC 320) connector and the larger, more expensive three-phase power plugs. They consist of the NAC 3 FPA A-type for power inlet and the NAC 3 FPB B-Type for power outlet, and offer a three-pole connection system with contacts for live, neutral, and protective earth, handling power up to 20A/240V.

NORCOSTCO First time anywhere: The CM ProStar electric chain hoist has higher duty cycles for lighter loads. It lifts up to 600lb, is rated for 150 motor starts per hour, and features rugged construction.

Featured products: Rainbow color changers for use in theatres, opera houses, TV studios, and theme parks.

NORTHERN STATES METALS Company news: The firm provides aluminum parts and products, spec sheets detailing its capabilities in prototype manufacture, design, fabrication, extrusion, and quality finishing.

NOVATEC Featured product: From Celco, the Ventura 1000 lighting console offers 1,000 channels of control, which can incorporate up to 100 automated luminaires with fader control for 240 dimmer channels. The Ventura 1000 now comes with version 3.1 software, which is complete with rate (cue-stack) playback, autotracking, and stage screen.

NSCA The National Systems Contractor Association was promoting this year's show, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 24-29.

NSI COLORTRAN First time anywhere: Scheduled to ship first quarter 1998 are Colortran's Innovator series lighting control consoles, with features that include a 256x64 pixel LCD with CFL backlight for easy viewing, dual independent auto crossfaders for addressing individual cue lists, and seven independent encoders that provide quick-editing, intelligent traits in live or blind editing. Also shown were Colortran's new I series dimming products, including the I 24 dimmer rack, the 48Q dimmer, the I 96e dimmer rack, and e dimmer modules.

THE OBIE COMPANY First time anywhere: The Coemar NAT TM 1200 Power luminaire features enhanced light output over the first NAT 1200, as well as an electronic ballast selectable from 115V to 230V, an electronic igniter, flicker-free luminous intensity, and lightweight casing. The Coemar Tourlite Spot 1200 feaures lightweight carbon fiber casing, a large-diameter fresnel lens, CMY color combinations, and adjustable beam size. The Coemar NAT 4000 updates the moving mirror luminaire to 4,000W of light output.

OCEAN STATE RIGGING SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The Sayfline(TM) synthetic horizontal lifeline, from DBI/SALA, installs in minutes with no special tools or equipment. By keeping weight to a minimum, the system is much easier for workers to carry and install than many competitive models. From Supertech Inc. comes the MM-400, MM-1600, PS-400, all of which are economical integrated motor control systems for CM chain hoists.

Company news: The North Providence, RI, company announced the launch of its European operation, based in Hertfordshire, UK, incorporating European Rigging Services Ltd. The company provides production design and fabrication services, rigging, motion control, and equipment rentals.

OLESEN Featured products: Olesen's PAR luminaire for outdoor and wet locations is available with 500 to 1,000W lamps for use with PAR-64 or PAR-56 sealed beam lamps.

OLYMPIC CASE CO. First time anywhere: The Titanium series CM 1-ton hoist case, protected under the company's exclusive five-year parts and labor warranty.

OMNISISTEM First time at LDI: The CO2 Jet system is a two-axis moving head which projects a powerful jet of liquid CO2, which immediately turns into a white jet up to 7m (23') in length, without any residual smoke effect, as it immediately disappears. Ready Fog is an advanced technology fog machine featuring a heat chamber with a new design for high output and non-stop fog on demand. Gobostar is a lighting unit projecting 16 beams which rotate in synch with the music and change their pattern simultaneously, according to which of the 20 gobos is selected.

OSRAM SYLVANIA PRODUCTS First time anywhere: The Photo-Optic Division of Osram is a new division which premiered several tungsten-halogen lamps. Osram HPL lamps are designed for brilliant efficiency in ellipsoidal spotlights, especially ETC Source Fours, and use filament designs with specially constructed lamp bases to provide high lumen output with minimal heat loading to the lamp base. A variety of operational voltages and wattages is available. The Osram FLK, also for ellipsoidal spotlight application, with an operation voltage of 120V at 600W, provides increased luminous efficacy by using a xenon filling gas and high-performance coil (CC) filament. The Osram HP 600 is a 115V, 575W lamp featuring a compact bi-plane filament for increased light distribution.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST THEATRE ASSOCIATES Company news: Pacific Studio is a new division of PNTA; it creates and installs exhibits and fixtures for retail, museum, and trade show applications.

PENN FABRICATION First time at LDI: A new architectural truss format for use by lighting contractors, exhibit builders, and store fixture specialists. The company also featured its System 2000 and 5000 heavy-duty ground-supported roof trussing systems.

PERA The Production Equipment Rental Association was on hand to provide information about its 165+ global members who are top suppliers of professional film, video, and television production and post-production rental equipment.

PHILIPS LIGHTING First time at LDI: Blue Pinch halogen studio lamps feature the company's Blue Pinch technology, for any stage/studio application where pinch temperatures exceed 350 degrees C; MSR-Short Arc HID studio lamps combine high lumen output with compact arc, for nightclubs, theatres, projections, and other entertainment applications; and MSD HID studio lamps are suitable for display lighting, nightclubs, architectural lighting, and fiber optics.

PHOEBUS LIGHTING AND MANUFACTURING First time at LDI: Besides touting its effects lighting on Batman & Robin and a range of projects including the lighting of the crowning jewel on the Transamerica Pyramid in its home city of San Francisco, the company showcased several products. These included the 659 nine-light array, a 6kW PAR-36 nine-light; the Digital Fixture Positioner, a self-contained, high-torque, motorized gear box used by the San Francisco Opera; and the SkyWarrior Silverbeam Searchlight, a self-contained, motorized searchlight for advertising, architectural, and special event applications. Website is

PIERCE CAPITAL Company news: The company offered its equipment leasing services for the entertainment technology industry.

PIONEER NEW MEDIA First time at LDI: The Flexible EL (Electronic Luminescence) is essentially a thin sheet of paper that provides a thin (less than 1mm) and even surface light emission. There is no heat generated from the product, so it can be attached to any material, and it works with batteries by using inverters.

PLASA Company news: PLASA launches a new trade show in Shanghai, China, running April 14-16. Also, PLASA's regular London trade show will take place September 6-9.

POWER GEMS CORP. In prototype: A Power Gems 4k/2.5k electronic ballast with power factor control, AC/DC, running on 90-260 continuous volts, for use with most HMI luminaires.

POWERSOURCE TRANSPORTATION First time anywhere: This first-time exhibitor specializes in power-only transportation services in the US and Canada, 24 hours a day.

PRECISION PROJECTION SYSTEMS Featured product: The Wavelight(TM) halogen water ripple projector has two rotating pattern wheels and a single MR-11 source, with a 20 or 35W lamp. Convection cooling eliminates fan noise.

PREMIER LIGHTING & PRODUCTION CO. First time at LDI: The company featured a number of new products including Teatro srl's Versa-Disc, a versatile, low-cost, lightweight color wheel and effects disc in one; KW/2's MVP Studio Series of fluorescent film and television lighting; and CoTech's range of gels.

PRO-TAPES & SPECIALTIES First time anywhere: Cable-Path cloth tape is pattern-coated on the edges with a cured rubber resin adhesive. The center portion is uncoated, allowing a smooth path for cable and wire. The adhesive holds 95oz per inch, and leaves little residue. ProCine-Foil is an opaque, non-reflective matte black aluminum foil which can be used to mask or manipulate light. It is coated with a premium high-temp acrylic adhesive system.

PRODUCTION ARTS First time at LDI: Simultext is an electronic system that delivers text directly to each member of your audience, in the language of his or her choice. It is the system that has been used with such great success at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Initially created for opera libretto translation, it has applications in theatres, theme parks, and other venues. Also, Production Arts is now the US distributor for Avenger's Conductor(R). LDI97 Best Big Booth.

PRODUCTION DESIGN INTERNATIONAL See Pyrotek Special Effects. LDI97 Award Best Laser Show.

PRODUCTION RESOURCE GROUP First time anywhere: The Palmtop is a small handheld PC which runs the Stage Command System. It allows you to perform a variety of functions as if you were at the system's main console. For example, you can step onstage and check a specific piece of scenery and make adjustments as necessary. Level II of Stage Command System contains a significant upgrade. Now, users of the system see an actual graphical representation of the onstage scenic movement while it happens.

PROTECH THEATRICAL SERVICES First time at LDI: SmartMotion, designed for entertainment venues, is an affordable computerized motion control system with microprocessor control to accurately, reliably, and safely operate up to 30 fixed or variable-speed axes. The system also records up to 99 trims for preset positioning of each motor. Compact wall-mounted or handheld control pads are available. LDI97 Scenic Effects Product of the Year, Honorable Mention.

PULSAR First time at LDI: As part of the process of attaining CE marking for its products, Pulsar has introduced a vast array of improvements and updates. These include six new Minipaks, with new printed circuit boards (PCBs) and built-in level controls for stand-alone use; eight new 2U Rackpacks; seven new 4U Rackpacks; six-channel PMX/DMX to 0-10V interface PCB; six-channel PMX/DMX to 0-10V interface; FlexiFlash controller, revised to add remote control of the front panel switches and sliders via 12 channels of 0-10V on two DIN sockets; 18 channel, one preset, analog and DMX desk/tester, and Super/Maxi strobe, which combines Pulsar's Super and Maxi Strobes in one unit with the remote control facility of the Maxi Strobe but the compact dimensions of the Super Strobe.

PYROTECNICO Company news: The firm, which has offices in Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Colorado, touted its capabilities in indoor and outdoor pyrotechnic and fireworks displays. Website is

PYROTEK SPECIAL EFFECTS First time anywhere: The Pyro Design System is a remote-controlled pyrotechnical firing system. The control system can "talk" to and program many remote breakout stations, all of which have their own distributed intelligence and can execute any series of programmed commands. All of this power strings out from one data line.

R&R CASES First time anywhere: This first-time exhibitor offers its Showtrunk line of 3/4" fiberglass trunks, as well as the 3/8" Tour Series, "truck pack" lighting cases, custom work boxes and motor trunks.

RADIANT IMAGING First time at LDI: ProSource is a CCD-based measurement and profiling system that tracks and maps both the spatial and angular distribution of light radiating from light sources such as tungsten filament lamps, arc lamps, LED, and others.

REEL EFX First time anywhere: The "ultimate flying objects": SkyDancer dancing tubes, that extend up to 100' (30m) high, PerformAirs fabric figures, and inflatable AirPuppets that are up to 25' (6m) high. High-powered air systems (like the SkyDancer EFX Fan) and ActiveMotion technology keep them aloft.

REMOTE SOURCE LIGHTING First time at LDI: Stagelight Everglow is a fiber-optic glow tape designed for marking stage hazards and other stage applications. Available in yellow or red. Fiber-optic lighting products were introduced for specialty purposes, including festoon lamps for outdoor decorative applications and new endpoints, including Belfer, Thorn, and Kolvolt products.

ROSCO First time anywhere: Rosco's Horizon lighting control system (see "On the Horizon," page 68) has multiple cue sheets which allow you to cover several venues separately or multiple cue sequences in the same venue, along with a master cue sheet that pulls it all together. Also new is a newversion of IPS dimmers technology for use in film production in a 12k variant of the previous 6k version. Rosco's Vista architectural lighting control system has a number of new features, which were developed for the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas and are now incorporated in the product. The IFS Fog system is a modular fog system for theme parks and permanent venues. Permacolor is a new range of dichroic filters in 24 colors. A new version of Spectrumgobos allows for color gradations to create multicolor effects. There are three new Roscolux colors: 336 (Billington Pink), 346 (Tropical Magenta), and 132 Quarter Hamburg Frost, which is a step lighter than 119, the popular diffusion filter. Cabriolet is a new reversible black/gray cushioned dance floor.

SACHTLER Featured products: Product range including the Portable Lighting Reporters 20H and 50H, compact, lightweight units for fill-in or eyelight that do not require diffusers or wide-angle attachments; and the Cyclo range for background illumination, available in four versions designed for hanging, manual, or pole operation.

SAPPHIRE Featured product: The Tornado portable effects wind machine features tubular steel construction, welded steel wire guards, and a 20" polypropylene blade.

SECOA First time anywhere: The Universal Understructure features a reversible design to support level platform systems on flat or uneven terrains, eliminating the need to purchase two separate support systems.

SEE FACTOR INDUSTRY INC. Featured products: Full-service lighting and sound sales, rentals, production services, and training for the entertainment industry.

SGM ELECTRONICA SRL First time at LDI: The Galileo scanner range, including the 575 and 1200 models, with seven plus one replaceable dichroic filters, high-speed color changers, two-tone beams, and four-color dichroic filters; the Regia family of lighting control desks, including the 240-channel 256 and 256/36; the Linea family of light control units, including the 4/P, with four selectable operating modes. The Color Dynamic is an effects projector using a 100W halogen lamp source and a fiber-optic bundle with one dichroic color wheel to produce swirling effects similar to a random-pattern kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. The speed of the color wheel (affecting the changing patterns) is user-adjustable.

SHORE MANUFACTURING Featured products: The company will custom-design confetti in any shape and print. Recent projects include Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, The Nutcracker Suite, and the LDI97 opening ceremonies.

SHOW CONCEPTS/TSJ First time at LDI: The Liddell Event Controller, originally designed for Space World in Japan, is now available in English in two models, Liddell V and Liddell Jr. Both systems are PC-based DMX512 output controllers. The Liddell Jr. has two ports of RS232C outputs; the Liddell V features eight RS232C outputs as well as full MIDI capability. K's Desk is billed as a revolutionary advance in controlling DMX effect equipment. The software runs under Windows 95, via a connection to the parallel (printer) port of the PC. The K's Desk adapter allows control of color changers, moving lights and other DMX512 equipment.

SHOWMASTERS First time at LDI: Showduv is a new, heavier version of duvetyne. Showessence is a lightweight, inexpensive fabric similar to poly silk. Encore(TM) is new stage curtain fabric from Milliken & Company specifically designed for stage and theatre. It is a 64" synthetic velour which comes in a dozen colors plus black.

SHRINK MARKERS First time anywhere: This first time exhibitor offers Clear Heat Shrink Tubing in large sizes with high shrinkage ratios. The tubing fits over a connector housing and then shrinks to cable diameter. Featured products include Heat-Shrink Tubing, Tech Flex Tubing, Corrugated Tubing, and cutting and printing on Heat Shrink Tubing.

SKJONBERG CONTROLS Featured products: Equipment range including TR Series motion controls, with 32 channels of relay and manual control plus power distribution packaged in a road case; custom-designed AC andDC variable-speed motor drives that can be run both manually and by computer; and the LM40-PC Load Cell Monitor, which provides a digital readout at floor level of the weight of hanging loads.

SLICK SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The Nova Beam Truss Range is an aluminum truss in the 50cmx50cm (20"x20") size, built with the features of the Slick "fork end" system.

SOLUTIONS BY COMPUTER First time at LDI: Custom Documents is an exclusive feature of ProSTAR's newest software version, that provides a comprehensive rental management system. Custom Documents allows for the design of computer-generated invoices, statements, contracts, and other forms.

SPECIAL EFFECTS SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The Series 2000 EZ-Pull Confetti Launcher made its debut. Launchers are available in CO2-powered hand-held and/or electric models, and compressed-air electric-powered models.

SPECIAL FX LIGHTING First time anywhere: X-Film(TM) is the newest upgrade of Fade*Not(TM) gel, offering the highest temperature resistance of any color media. Also introduced was FX Stop*X(TM), a new film that stops UV and reduces IR when used in tandem with snoots. New FX Prism Filters are self-framed and usable on any size ellipsoidal or very narrow spotlight. Different effects can be achieved by shuttering the filters in different ways. The company also premiered a line of perforated snoots, including two-color capable.

SPECTRA-PHYSICS Featured products: A wide variety of lasers for the entertainment industry were exhibited, including 3.5-15W white light ion types, 5-30W argon ion types, 1.5-7W krypton ion types, and 5W and 10W green diode-pumped lasers.

STAGE TECHNOLOGIES First time at LDI: The Nomad! is a computer control console for the automation of scenery movement. It may be used as a traditional standalone unit or in a distributed system with up to 16 Nomad!s in a network and no master console.

Company news: Stage Technologies is working on the renovation of the Royal Opera House in London.

STAGELINE Featured products: A range of mobile, covered, pre-assembled stages that are designed to be cost-effective and easy to operate. Models include the Series 3, Stagevan 2, Stagevan 3, Drive-In, Sam/Euro IV, and Airtech.

STAGING CONCEPTS First time at LDI: The SC2000 Folding Seating Riser, portable seating that offers quick setup, custom applications, bridging supports, and a full line of accessories.

STAR LIGHTING GROUP First time at LDI: Star Lighting is a Chinese manufacturer of luminaires, suspension systems, dimming equipment, lighting control systems, and accessories used for film, television, and stage productions. The company is affiliated with the Beijing Xingguang Film & TV Equipment Group, which is involved in designing, installing, and testing systems for TV studios throughout China and Malaysia.

STEELDECK First time anywhere: The company is now the North American distributor for Buhnenbau Schankenberg staging risers. This adds to the company's range of lightweight aluminum platforms and the company's Modular Staging System, which can be custom fabricated.

STONE AGE TECHNOLOGIES Featured products: A new user-programmable version of the Vertigo Light Bar, a special-effects tool that creates virtual images for theme parks, trade shows, advertising campaigns, clubs, and other entertainment venues. The company has developed software to run on any Windows-based computer.

STRAND LIGHTING First time anywhere: Lekozoom(R) 18/30 and 25/50 variable focus ellipsoidals have a new optical system designed around a high-efficiency dichroic reflector. Other features include patented user-friendly lamp adjustment system for lamp centering and field adjustment, a bayonet-action lamp change system which maintains field adjustment with new lamp, smooth action zoom lens adjustment, and new click-stop positioning in steps for redefined beam angles. The 520 series consoles feature Tracker motion control and a host of expansion and feature options. The newest release of software allows operators to select whether they wish to use Lightpalette tracking operation or Genius Pro presetting control.

STRONG INTERNATIONAL Featured products: The Super Trouper II and the Gladiator III, 1,600-2,000W followspots used for video tapings of Yanni's concerts at the Taj Mahal and Beijing's Forbidden City.

Company news: Strong recently acquired Xenotech and continues to offer that company's high-intensity xenon searchlights from 1,000W-10,000W. In addition, the company now offers the Sky-Tracker family of multi-headed outdoor lighting products.

STUDIO DUE First time anywhere: The Live 1200, a 1.2kW short-arc lluminaire with two optical systems, full CYM color mixing, and two rotating gobo wheels. Also displayed were Beacon grayscale and full-color gobos.

SUDDATH TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Featured products: Services include air ride vans with full equipment, air freight service, and LTL service to Mexico, Canada, and around the world.

SUNRAY MANUFACTURING First time anywhere: The 200W SE HMI PAR/Lantern Combo is a compact, focusable 4lb unit with a lantern accessory and flicker-free ballast. The 457 Magnum HMI PAR provides three wattages--400, 575, and 700W--using one globe. The compact unit features a 9lb fixture and 6lb flicker-free ballast.

SUPERSTAR LIGHTING First time at LDI: The Rotary Superlaser is similar to the Superlaser, except that it reflects through a front mirror to move 360 degrees.

SUPERTECH First time at LDI:The MotorMover PS-400 is a motor-control system for the recently introduced CM ProStar chain hoists. Using a single-phase 15A circuit, the unit can link multiple hoists and can be operated remotely.

SURETY/STAGE RIGGING First time anywhere: The Gravity(R) Rigger's Harness is the company's newest in the Truss Angels(TM) line of fall-protection anchorages.

TECHNI-LUX In prototype: Scheduled for release in January, the Techni-Scan Tracker is designed to be a high-quality, low-cost moving-yoke light which uses a mini-arc 150W lamp, achieves 5600K, and lasts 1,000 hours.

Featured products: The Techni-Scan DX automated luminaire creates many visual-effect combinations and offers superior light output for medium-sized touring bands and events.

TECHNICAL PROJECTS First time anywhere: The SMH310 and DMH320 communications headsets, with high-quality transducers and textured muffs, plug-in compatible with products from companies including Clear-Com; and the SMH 110 and 111 lightweight, single-muff communications headsets, with components that can be snapped back into place at the points where they might otherwise break.

TEI ELECTRONICS First time at LDI: The FXCenter, a DMX512 soft-patchable, expandable effects control center; Portafog, a new 12V portable fog generator; Starburst, high-intensity 750 and 1,500W strobe fixtures; Nebulus, a low-lying fog generator; Footpower, a new analog foot controller/chaser; DMXConsle4, a 4+1 channel DMX board; DMXTouch12, a DMX512/analog programmable touch panel; DMXDim4, a DMX 5-channel powerpack with built-in test, chase, and speed functions; and Boxtrussing, designed for live performance applications. Also available is Vol. 2 of the TEI lighting video catalog.

Company news: Check out TEI's elaborate new website at

TELECAST FIBER SYSTEMS First time anywhere: The Diamondback(TM) eight-channel fiber-optic utility/video multiplexer turns one optical fiber into a pathway for multiple video, audio, and auxiliary data signals. Features include NTSC or PAL video transmission, eight video channels plus an Adder 161 port, and auto-switchable optical redundancy. Also at this booth, CableTek Electronics showed the Radial Convertible, a 50-channel concert snake system with GTC noise-sensing circuit.

TELEX First time at LDI: The Radiocom(TM) BTR-500/600 UHF wireless intercom systems incorporate auto-switching two-channel operation, permitting belt pack operators to choose between two separate audio channels, with the base station tracking the belt pack selection. The Vega 672 series wireless mic was an LDI97 Sound Product of the Year, Honorable Mention.

THRONE USA MANUFACTURING First time anywhere: The On-Stage dry ice fog machine is a compact model that operates by remote control, bringing 9.5lbs of heated water to 55lbs of dry ice. A fog injection pipe produces fog curtain effects. A manual version was also introduced.

TIR SYSTEMS LTD. Company news: TIR signed contracts for the supply of 2,160m (7,128') of light pipe and a dual-beam tunnel lighting system for the new Tunnel de la Loma Larga in Monterrey, Mexico.

TMB ASSOCIATES First time at LDI: New additions to the company's ProPrietary line of products include ProTector padded covers, which are soft, outdoor weather covers for moving mirror lights, and ProPower modular rack distribution. The company now also carries Artistic Licence's Grand-Master Flash and Italian-based Spotlight's mini fresnels and effects projectors.

TOKISTAR LIGHTING First time anywhere: The Advantage Series with frosted xenon lamps for indirect lighting offers total flexibility, with sockets individually surface-mounted or snapped inside a track. Also, the Exhibitor Series, for exterior or interior festoon lighting with xenon lamps inside unbreakable, clear or colored polycarbonate globes.

TOMCAT Featured products: In addition to custom fabrication of lighting support and outdoor roof trussing systems, the company stocks a ready-to-ship supply of truss, chain hoists, and rigging.

Company news: Robert Rendall has been appointed chief operating officer of Tomcat USA Inc. The company also announced plans to host the Sixth Annual Tomcat Hoist School, February 4-7, in Midland, TX.

TOTAL FABRICATIONS First time anywhere: New 12x12 XO Truss features high luster retention, high strength and durability, and permanently welded fork-end connectors for easy location and joining. The 12" square truss weighs 2.9lb per foot with capacity of 4,100lb over 10' and 1,350lb over 40'. The triangular 12" truss weighs 2.2lb per foot and carries 2,700lb over 12', 1600lb over 20', and 975lb over 30'. LDI97 Scenic Effects Product of the Year.

TOUCH PLATE First time at LDI: Control Plus Series DMX panels are UL-listed, pre-assembled, modular control panels designed to handle non-dim, DMX-controllable loads associated with theatrical and architectural control systems. They use 20A @ 277 VAC mechanically latching relays for reliable and cost-saving control.

TOWARDS 2000 First time anywhere: The helicopter-mounted Sky Sign is a special effects lighting system for skywriting at night.

Company news: Richard Steele, formerly with High End Systems sales, has joined the company.

TPR SYSTEMS First time at LDI: Various new fiber-optic products, including 150W and 250W halogen illuminators with DMX addressing and dimming capability, were exhibited. The illuminators feature DMX512 compatibility, eight adjustable colors, variable-speed twinkle, color scroll capability, and 0-100% dimming. New ferrules include a non-glue and a machined aluminum type.

ULTRATEC First time at LDI: Ultratec Fibre is a solid-core plastic fiber with excellent light transmission characteristics at very long distances. Typical lengths are 260' (80m).

UNION CONNECTOR First time at LDI: Non-melting phenolic 60A and 100A pin connectors are made for high-temperature use in film and location lighting. Also on display were lightweight aluminum DistroBoxes for portable power distribution.

UNIQUE BUSINESS SYSTEMS First time at LDI: RentTrace Version 5.0, a point of sale/asset management system, incorporates new features such as faster speed and better performance during routine functions, insert line capability anywhere in a transaction, subtotal capability in a contract at any point, export quotations, and reservations to Windows 95 and Word 97 documents.

UNITED SCENIC ARTISTS Local 829 is raising its profile by exhibiting at shows such as LDI.

UNIVERSAL MANUFACTURING Featured products: Triangular and square truss for trade show exhibits, retail displays, TV and film sets, indoor and outdoor concerts, nightclubs, and bars.

USHIO AMERICA First time anywhere: The MHR-100D, a metal-halide lamp designed for fiber-optic and light pipe applications that uses standard ballasts and ignitors and features an integral ellipsoidal and cold mirror reflector; and the UMR-400 short-arc metal-halide lamp with a high-temperature crystallized glass reflector.

USITT Association news: USITT's annual Conference and Stage Expo will take place March 18-21 in Long Beach, CA.

UV/FX SCENIC PRODUCTIONS First time at LDI: UV/FX custom painted 3D scenery, which glows under UV illumination and, when 3D glasses are used, creates a look that includes heightened depth perception and color separation for immersive visual effects. The scenery made its New York debut at the Halloween-themed "Madison Scare Garden" last October. Website is

VANTAGE LIGHTING Featured products: The company's product line includes: logo display and special-effects projectors, a real 3D image projector, a 3D laser video indoor/outdoor display system for special events, and 3D video multimedia projectors.

Company news: Vantage and the German company ACR Lasertechnik have teamed to offer new products and technology including 3D holographic projection, multi-power 3D laser video systems, and laser signage.

VARI-LITE In prototype: The VL7(TM) automated spot luminaire uses a collection optics system that produces a bright, even field using only 700W of arc power. Full color spectrum crossfades are via the CVF(TM) system. The zoom projection lens transmits high-quality imaging, and a constant 8:1 ratio is maintained as the focus is changed. Features also include rotating and fixed gobos, strobe, and image-morphing effects.

First time anywhere: The Artisan(R) SV 4.1 allows the user to define priorities for Vari-Lite's UDM(TM), which converts Series 200 data to DMX512 data. Also, the Visionary(TM) editing program can print Artisan(R) data and edit data offline, and the DMX Power Pack eliminates the need for the Smart Repeater(TM) processing unit when operating Series 300(TM) luminaires through DMX. Also on display was A Different Light, a book of concert photography by Lewis Lee. The book is a memorial to Kirby Wyatt, one of Vari-Lite's founders, and all proceeds from it will be donated to AIDS charities.

VEAM, DIVISION OF LITTON First time anywhere: A new four-fiber coupling features threaded coupling with ratcheting nut and three keys for stability. It contains a mechanism for gripping on Kevlar, to keep fiber from pulling out. The product is available in plug, square-flag, and in-line receptacle.

VER SALES First time at LDI: The Gripple(R) rope grip is a self-contained, self-locking wire rope grip that eliminates the need for traditional rope clips. Originally devised for agricultural purposes, the Gripple contains a serrated spring-loaded locking wedge in each of two channels. Only one is required where three rope clips would have been necessary.

VERLINDE First time at LDI:The Stagemaker(R) Compact electric chain hoist enables the safe positioning of speakers, lighting systems, and stage sets. The unit features a Class F hoisting motor, an electromagnetic disc brake, swiveling upper and lower hooks, and a matte black finish on a cast-aluminum structure.

VERSATRUSS Featured product: Versatruss lightweight yet structural modular aluminum truss system is available in two-cord (ladder), three-cord (triangular), and four-cord (box) configurations.

VISUAL EFFECTS First time at LDI: Laserburst, a lightweight, low-voltage laser for club and mobile DJ applications with 16 preset geometric patterns and three operating modes that allow the creation of up to 100 laser effects; and the V-2000 White Fire ground fogger, which runs on ordinary ice cubes and uses a water-based, non-toxic fog fluid made from food-grade materials.

VPLT VPLT invites one and all to the Frankfurt Musikmesse, to be held March 11-15, in Frankfurt, Germany.

WALTHER ELECTRIC Featured products: This New Brunswick, NJ-based manufacturer offered a range of heavy-duty connectors, interlock, and pin and sleeve devices.

WENGER First time at LDI: The Diva(R) acoustical shell features highly rigid honeycomb composite construction that provides lightweight strength without sacrificing rigidity. Each Diva tower and ceiling panel is supported by the industry's first all-aluminum frame.

WHITE LIGHT First time anywhere: A discharge ETC Source Four conversion kit, complete with lampholder assembly, 150W metal-halide lamp, and ballast, for the retail and architectural markets. LDI97 Architectural Lighting Product of the Year, Honorable Mention.

First time at LDI: Products including an architectural projector for moving cloud effects, a long-life version of the Tubular Water Ripple effect, and the WaveFX effect, which uses a multi-planar motion system to animate waves and flags.

WIKO First time anywhere: The SoLux(TM) 4700K lamp family comes in three sizes--10-degree narrow spot, 17-degree spot, and 36-degree flood. The 50W, 12V instruments feature an MR-16 lamp, and provide simulation of daylight for applications requiring optimal color rendering.

WILDFIRE First time anywhere: Due for release in January is the 600 S/F, a 600W spot flood for UV lighting that includes hot restrike operation, remote switching capability that allows control from both the ballast and the head, DMX control, and a safety cutoff switch for relamping. Also shown were the Effects Masters, "when the long throws are too much," with manual or DMX control, and flash, strobe, and alternating modes. Website is

WING ENTERPRISES Featured products: The Little Giant Ladder System, a telescoping, multi-purpose, compact ladder that replaces several pieces of equipment.

WIREWORKS First time anywhere: The Flexan series of wall plates come in nine colors, three thicknesses, and many sizes, and are made of genuine GE Lexan. Protecto-Covers are weather- and tamper-resistant and feature long cable access.

WOLFRAM ELECTRIC First time anywhere: New to the company's line of Tru-Arc lamps is a 12,000W single-ended lamp. Wolfram's single-ended lamps use tungsten dowel-rods sealed into a ceramic base, providing greater support when the lamp is installed in the fixture, and creating a stronger seal than the commonly used ribbon seal technique.

WYBRON Featured products: In addition to its full line of color scrollers, including the Forerunner, Wybron provided a spot for the debut of Richard Pilbrow's new book Stage Lighting Design: The Art, The Craft, the Life, from By Design Press. Wybron also sponsored the LDI seminar with Cirque du Soleil lighting designer Luc Lafortune.

X & Y SYSTEMES First time anywhere: The ZAP 1200 HMI is the latest in the company's ZAP automated technology line for television. Features include a CYM color-fading system, and gobo, iris, pan, tilt, zoom, focus, color correction, frost, shutter, and strobe capabilities. X & Y has also acquired the Martin MAC 600, modified with remote ballast.

XENOTECH First time anywhere: The 360J rotating razor head for 7kW searchlights won an LDI97 Award for Architectural Lighting Product, Honorable Mention.

Featured products: Programmable searchlights are DMX-controllable, and are available in two sizes and three different voltages.




BEST "NON-BOOTH" BOOTH Full Sail Real World Education

BEST SMALL BOOTH City Theatrical Inc.


BEST BIG BOOTH Production Arts

BEST LASER SHOWS (TIE) Laser Fantasy International Production Design International


BEST LIGHT SHOW: BIG BOOTH Martin Professional

WIDGET OF THE YEAR MeshTel (small-scale fiber-optic system)






ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING PRODUCT (HONORABLE MENTIONS) Xenotech 360J rotating razor head on the 7kW searchlight White Light ETC Retrofit


ENTERTAINMENT LIGHTING PRODUCT (HONORABLE MENTIONS) Altman Stage Lighting Adjustable Cyc Light Compulite E-Mix




EXPENDABLE/WIDGET City Theatrical Inc./Le Mark Blacktak

EQUIPMENT (TIE) ETC Obsession II Martin MAC 500


Taking advantage of the high-tech installations in Las Vegas, the LDI97 workshops included a series of off-site tutorials. One of the most extraordinary of these was led by Luc Lafortune, lighting designer for the Cirque du Soleil Theatre. Sponsored by Wybron, this day-long event in the Cirque's theatre at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino allowed Lafortune to demonstrate his lighting design on a cue-by-cue basis and discuss the challenges of lighting high-flying trapeze artists and other circus performers. Thanks to the Cirque's lighting director Jeanette Farmer and Jules Lauve, director of entertainment operations at Treasure Island, this was an unusual opportunity to see an LD at work with a full crew in a theatre with the full lighting rig at his fingertips.

A group of 15 LDI97 attendees accompanied cinematographer Byron Wardlaw and director Bob Wiemer out to Hoover Dam for an on-location film lighting tutorial. Also a full day, this one was sponsored by Cinema Services, which provided a truckload of lighting and grip equipment in support of this event (below). Wardlaw led the group in a lighting session in the generator room of the dam. Lighting designer Christien Methot served as grip for the day, and reported that "it was an incredible learning experience."

On the stage of EFX! at the MGM Grand, the tech crew ran all the special effects on another day-long tutorial. Led by EFX! production stage manager John Asalone and stage manager Tony McCall, this was an opportunity for attendees to see some of the world's most sophisticated entertainment systems at work.

Fiber optics took center stage in LDI's special mini-course, "The ABCs of Fiber Optics," held in a ballroom at the Mirage Hotel. Industry experts demonstrated how to specify and correctly use fiber optics in a variety of lighting applications. Companies participating included Fiberstars, Lightly Expressed, Lumenyte, Meshtel, Remote Source Lighting, Rose Brand, Rohm and Haas, Rosco/ET, Vision Production Services, Ultratec, and Zinger Consultants, as well as Doug Fleenor Design and lighting designer Ted Ferreira, who had just finished installing quite a bit of fiber-optic lighting at Star Trek: The Experience.

Capping LDI97 was Backstage Las Vegas, a whirlwind tour behind the scenes at themed attractions. A dozen Backstage participants wore costumes and rode the sky floats at Masquerade Village, following a luncheon at the Rio Hotel sponsored by Production Resource Group and its Las Vegas companies Scenic Technologies, Cinema Services, and Attraction Management.

Backstage Las Vegas also included an exclusive pre-opening visit to Star Trek: The Experience and the SpaceQuest Casino at the Las Vegas Hilton. Chris Conte of Landmark Entertainment Group led a panel discussion, featuring Ferreira, fellow LD Ed Kaye, and Tom Rapone from Paramount Parks, that offered the Backstage group a preview of these groundbreaking new attractions.