was a project at Expo 02, the Swiss national exhibition, which was held from May through October of last year. The concept of the exhibit was, according to an official website, “virtually extended reality.” A key part of the exhibit was the CY-City Pool, in which what appeared to be a traditional Swiss bathing complex was transformed into a venue for people to meet and communicate with others. The pool was in fact made of glass, over an area of 13.3×7m (44'×23'). In and around the pool area, visitors were able to take part in various forms of virtual communication.

The exhibit, which could accommodate 200 people, required 130 metric tons of glass extending over an area of 1,150 sq. m (12,777 sq. ft.) on two levels, along with 110 metric tons of wood, 11.5 metric tons of special glass, eight metric tons of steel, and 12km (7.4mi) of cables. It was developed by 3 de Lux, based in Wiesbaden. The lighting design consisted of 60 Clay Paky V.I.P. 300 projectors, which created the effect of running water, as well as other abstract patterns.