Our feature story about the Fleetwood Mac concert tour, which ran in the August issue, contained two mistakes. For the record, the humorous remark, “We started in production 700 years ago. We started with reflected light from the sun and by the time we were finished, automated lighting was invented,” was made by Paul Guthrie, not Curry Grant. Also, the remark, “I came in with a concept for a projection screen that wrapped all around the stage, because I thought it was really important for them to use video and IMAG this time,” was made by Curry Grant, not Paul Guthrie. Both of these were editing errors — that is, to say, they were made by me. My deepest apologies to both Guthrie and Grant. Also, the cover photos on the September issue, of Metallica and Tim McGraw, are by Todd Kaplan. Apologies to him, too.