The Pronto, engineered by Avab Transtechnik, is a DMX-compatible lighting console for multipurpose applications and has the following features: 1,024 channels, 40 multipurpose faders, moving-light control, two crossfade systems, and a backlit LCD panel. Its design is such that an external monitor is not required, thereby simplifying operation, especially in touring situations. In addition, different languages can be displayed, enabling more users to be comfortable with the console. Moving-light capabilities include loading templates, effects libraries, and focus presets that have been previously programmed on other consoles. The console itself utilizes Microsoft Windows syntax, including a mouse, and standard commands, such as insert, delete, etc. An ethernet interface for synchronization with a backup system or for outputting of data is included, as well as printer outputs. MIDI, DMX, infrared, radio remote control, trigger signals and an effects generator (100 effects) and an offline editor are included. AVAB TRANSTECHNIK Germany JACK FROST Ontario, Canada