What can I say about a month in which I got to see U2, Tori Amos, and Nine Inch Nails in concert? They're all personal faves, so it was a treat for me.

It's a tough life, let me tell you, but someone has to live it. I've been waiting to see U2 live since buying War on vinyl in sixth grade. Don't ask. On second thought, if you must know, my mother (who is reading and is now very sorry I have an outlet for all this angst) wouldn't let me go to concerts as a teen — you know, those nutty rock and rollers might have a bad influence, as opposed to the extremely respectable lighting guys I hang with now — and I seemed to miss out on every tour since.

But seriously, folks, there really is something about a live show done really well. These were three amazingly different shows but all exceptionally delivered, with lighting and overall performance environment design, as our friends at Artfag like to call it, a definite factor. My job really does not suck (and I'll try to remember that after a week on the show floor at ETS-LDI). I kid, of course. I live for tradeshows, really.

You can check out the U2 and Tori Amos tours (designed by Willie Williams and Dan Boland, respectively) in this issue, while our colleagues at Entertainment Design will be covering Roy Bennett's design of the Nine Inch Nails Live With Teeth Tour in July.

And just to clear up a few things about the article highlighting the Apollo Smart family of products from our May issue, as we've had a few questions and a few comments: this was, in fact, a product review done by an independent lighting designer, so naturally, this was his opinion and not an endorsement by our publication. We don't endorse products; we try to inform readers. Sometimes, there are opinions attached but only when the product is test-driven, in a manner of speaking. This was such a case, and we plan to include more of these types of independent reviews in our publication, as we feel it serves the industry.

Any questions or comments, you know where to find me.

Oh. Sorry, Mom.