CP Sound

continues its busy year with its latest club sound and lighting installation at Harry's Bar in Weymouth, in England's South Coast resort area. This popular nightspot has undergone a complete refurbishment and its new look features a cool, colorful, contemporary psychedelic interior with a powerful sound system.

Club owner Nino Ronzitti initially contacted Steve Howe from Howie Design to come up with an eye-catching interior reinvention for the club. CP Sound and Howie Design have collaborated on many projects, and Howie put CP's name forward for the audio and lighting designs, supply, and installation. Harry's Bar is arranged on two floors, a bar downstairs and the main club up above, with a total capacity of 350. It demanded flexible sound and lighting systems capable of dealing with all styles and genres of music and a mixed clientele.

The areas in the bar downstairs feature architectural lighting by 11 Pulsar ChromaDome LED fixtures, controlled by a Pulsar MiniPiece. Effects lighting is comprised of four MAD QScans and four QStars run from a MAD 1 controller.

For the upstairs lighting, CP Sound's Colin Pattenden designed a scheme complimentary to Howie's colorful interiors, with 10 MAD QScans and four MAD QStars as its core fixtures. The secondary dance floor also has four MAD QScans and four MAD QStars, plus a further two MADScans around the room for additional movement. All these are controlled by a MAD 1 controller in the DJ booth. Ten Optikinetics Solar 250 projectors are rigged to beam all around the upstairs walls, and have an amazing effect in the intimate space, recreating the ambience of the 1960s and 70s in a 21st-century context.

A giant 3m-high (10') sculpted head of Zeus resides up in the eaves and glows eerily when lit with MAD QColors. To add a touch of electrical theatricality, yellow and blue neon lightning bolts, made by Simply Neon and supplied by CP Sound, fire out of the top and bottom of the head. Near the bar resides another major set piece, called "the hand of God," which also has neon "lightning" shooting out of the fingers. CP Sound also supplied an NEC digital video projector and screen, a Panasonic DVD, and a Super VHS recorder.

Photos: Louise Stickland