Chris Rolph, formerly sales director of England-based lighting distributor Coe-tech, has launched a new company, Tryka L.E.D., to service the lighting market with a range of leading-edge LED-based lighting products for the entertainment, leisure, commercial, retail, and architectural market sectors. Tryka is currently setting up local dealers throughout the UK and is seeking exclusive distributors around the world.

“After considerable research, this new and unique range of LED fixtures has been developed and is now in production offering many options and solutions,” explains Rolph. “The company intends to lead the LED market by offering a range of fittings hitherto unavailable, and to produce new products driven by customer needs. Constant ongoing development will allow the technical boundaries to be pushed forward, and the LED lighting market will thrive and progress with Tryka LEDs, which will be used in many additional areas in the future.”

All Tryka products use the Luxeon LED. This has unsurpassed power output and allows the production of more compact, brighter fittings. This coupled with a unique lens system offers brighter output and better beam quality than traditional LED systems currently available, says Tryka. All fixtures are fan-free convection-cooled.

The LEDs are specified to last 50,000 hours under normal usage. A temperature feedback circuit, where necessary, ensures that no loss of performance or life occurs, even when used under the hottest environmental conditions.

The entire range is produced under strict quality control in the UK, using the best electronics and control systems to ensure a long-lasting, value-for-money product. “Warranty is offered on a new-for-old basis anytime within the first year,” states Rolph, adding, “although we'd be surprised if the units were not still operational in 2015.”

The Tryka range currently includes a variety of linear strip modules, downlighting and uplighting modules of various sizes and outputs, as well as control panels and driver systems. Interior and exterior fixtures are featured across the board with units having ratings as high as IP68.