After eight years under the ownership of Helvar/Electrosonic, Celco, the UK-based manufacturer of lighting consoles, has re-formed as an independent manufacturer and will resume trading under its former status as Celco Ltd.

Keith Dale will head up the new team as managing director, and Colin Whittaker will assume his previous position as European sales director. They will be joined on the board by Rod Bartholomeusz.

In addition to a change of ownership, the company unveiled other positional changes. Pete Sarson will handle international product support, while Mike Rothon and Clive Jenkins will respectively continue looking after Celco's product management and development strategies.

The company will also be moving to a new trading base in Sydenham, which is close to the Southeast London suburb where it originated. This is not only a return to Celco's geographical roots, but also to the company's commercial past, as they will be joined by Mike Fisher, who will become sales and administration manager. Previously Dale, Whittaker, Bartholomeusz, and Fisher all worked for--or out of--Cerebrum Lighting in the 80s and early 90s.

Says Dale, "With Ventura V2 soon to be released and Fusion sales still increasing--and with a new 32A pack due to go on field trials before the end of January--Celco faces the new millennium full of confidence." He adds, "I'm pleased to have served within the Helvar/Electrosonic organization these past eight years--an experience which has sharpened my commercial awareness and introduced many new skills which we can now apply to the world outside."

Still, it's not a complete break: Helvar Lighting Control will continue to manufacture all Celco products for the foreseeable future. "We have a considerable amount of ongoing business with the group, and expect this to continue way beyond 2000, as we have forged many strong relationships with colleagues at Helvar," Dale notes.

The new address is: Midas House, 10 Willow Way, London SE26 4QP. Telephone: +44 (0)181 699 6788; fax: +44 (0)181 699 5056.