Cactus Flower: LDI Blooms In Phoenix Entertainment technologists found an oasis of new products in the Arizona desert at the 11th annual Lighting Dimensions International, held November 13-15 in downtown Phoenix at the Civic Plaza. Sponsored by Entertainment Design, Lighting Dimensions, and Sound & Video Contractor, with support from the Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA), the show attracted more than 10,000 attendees who came to eyeball the thousands of new products on display at the 400 exhibit booths, attend the numerous seminars and classes, and generally just catch up with friends and colleagues.

Two new events were in evidence at this year's LDI. First, the show sponsored its first large-scale party, LDI Rocks, featuring local bands, a DJ, and a laser show. And in lieu of the usual backstage tours held every year immediately following the show, four days of pre-show training were offered. Dubbed LDInstitute, the sessions were held from November 9-12 and included such topics as "Fundamentals of AutoCAD Design," "Principles of Show Control for Theatre and Permanent Attractions," "Technical Fundamentals of Audio," and "The Black Magic of Ultraviolet."

Of course, LDI also offered its regular series of sessions from November 12-15, ranging from mini-courses on fiber optics to tutorials on moving lights to product breakfasts to computer labs. Highlights included such sessions as "Rigging in Non-Theatrical Spaces," "New Sources of Playback," and "Specifying and Designing with Neon." Entertainment Design will offer selections from some of these seminars in a new section titled "Live >From LDI." Look for it in upcoming issues of the magazine.

This year's convention was in a way the final stop of a decade-long road show. Beginning next year in Orlando, LDI will have two permanent stops as it becomes a bi-coastal event, switching back and forth between the themed capital of Florida and Sin City, Las Vegas. Some attendees and exhibitors had expressed initial concern over Phoenix as a site for the show, since the city is not exactly a top tourist or entertainment spot. But the fact that the attendance went well over the projected 10,000 mark proved that the show has become more important than the destination.

Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that the promise of new toys, products, and gadgets is stronger than any destination, and this year, attendees were not disappointed. This year's product award winners were honored in a champagne ceremony on November 15, as were the ESTA Dealer's Choice Award winners, and this year's Wally Russell Award winner, Bran Ferren.

Ferren was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment lighting technology. His credits range from some of the most unique special effects on Broadway and in Hollywood films, to breakthroughs in technology for companies ranging from Strand Lighting to Revo Sunglasses. In 1993, he joined Walt Disney Imagineering, where he is currently the executive vice president for creative technology and research and development. His thoughtful, intelligent acceptance speech was one of the highlights of the entire show.

Other artisans honored included the architectural lighting designer of the year Rogier van der Heide, for his work on the new Natural History Museum in the Netherlands; themed lighting designers of the year Ed Kaye and Jay Winters of JK Design Group, for the Space Quest Casino in Las Vegas, and Ted Ferreira of City Design Group and lighting designer Michael Finney, now of the Ruzika Company, for Star Trek: The Experience; and entertainment lighting designer of the year Jules Fisher, for his body of work on Broadway. The sound designer of the year was Jon Gottlieb, for his work in both LA and New York. Booth awards this year went to George & Goldberg, Martin Professional Inc., and Vari-Lite Inc. Laser Production Network won best laser show, while American DJ Supply won for best light show, which featured music, appropriately enough, from "The Grand Canyon Suite."

Sound product of the year went to Eastern Acoustic Works' KF750 loudspeaker, designed by Jeff Rocha and the team at EAW. Honorable mention went to Wireworks' TEC256 Multipin Cable Tester. Rigging and hardware product of the year honors went to Protech Theatrical Services' Nysteel Sheave. The EFX/Plus2 from City Theatrical won the best scenic effects product, while the RE2 Variable Beam Fan from Reel EFX received honorable mention.

LightWright3, developed by John McKernon and distributed by City Theatrical Inc., was given the nod for lighting tool/software product, while the Focus Finder System by Avolites America and the Micro-Scope 3 from Artistic Licence received an honorable mention.

The architectural lighting product of the year award went to Philips Lighting Company's CDM (ceramic discharge metal) halide lamps. Honorable mention went to DichroX Color Lenses by Special FX Lighting Inc. On the entertainment front, there were two lighting products of the year. One was the Source Four Zoom from Electronic Theatre Controls Inc., the other was the Vari*Lite VL7(TM) automated luminaire.

ESTA's second annual Dealer's Choice Awards honored Tile Mount from Future Light in the expendable/widget category, and Gray Interfaces' DMX Ultimate Converter in the equipment category.

For more information on these products, or on any other equipment from the show floor, check out the following booth-by-booth report, and/or circle the corresponding number after the company name on the reader service cards located in the back of the magazine.

And remember, next year's LDI will be held in Orlando from November 19-21.

A & J MANUFACTURING First time anywhere: This case manufacturer was showing its new XP Expandable shipping container system, which is made of lightweight, weather-resistant roto-molded plastic. Interior space can be customized or divided with modular partitions; handles are recessed and casters are removable for easy stacking.

A BULB LIGHT & ELECTRICAL First time at LDI: A Bulb Electronic Energy Saving Bulbs, for architectural applications. The bulbs are EPA-recommended and provide continuous lighting for indoors, hallways, stairways, and outdoor lanterns.

AC LIGHTING First time anywhere: Version 3 software for the Wholehog II console as well as a preview of macros and virtual masters. Also, the WYSIWYG program now features rendering software.

First time at LDI: Three new additions to the popular Chroma-Q range of DMX color changers were shown. The Chroma-Q M 1K fits 1,000W-size fixtures, the Chroma-Q M 2K fits 2,000W-size fixtures, and Chroma-Q M 8Lite fits eight-light "blinder" units. Also, The Jands Echelon-1k features 1,000 control channels, with a featured version of the Wholehog II operating software, including an Effects Engine(TM).

ACT ENTERPRISES First time at LDI: ACT's Safer Sidearm Jr. keeps C-clamps secure in a quick and effective manner. Also offered was the Safer Sidearm in an aluminum version for trussing applications. The units nest together and can be rotated for flexibility so a designer can hang lighting up to 3' away from the vertical truss structure at any angle.

ADB In prototype: ISIS(R) (Integrated Software for Intelligent Systems) is a new evolutionary software platform structured around a powerful real-time, 32-bit operating system, providing multi-user and preemptive multitasking capabilities with a very short boot-up time. ISIS will be offered as an upgrade to all owners of Vision 10, ADB's high end control system. ADB also showed three new control systems: Phoenix 2, Phoenix 5, and Phoenix 10, all of which run on the ISIS platform. All three systems share an external processing unit based on an industrial Siemens PC, and feature integrated color and motion control capabilities.

ADVANCED DEVICES First time at LDI: Unique two-piece housing installs easily and without special tools. A built-in strain relief covers wire from #6 to 4/0. Copper contacts run 20% cooler than brass and are less susceptible to corrosion. Mateable with all existing cam-type connectors. Inlines and panel mounts available. UL- and CUL-listed for 400A service.

AEROLITE INTERNATIONAL CORP. First time at LDI: This new balloon lighting company for movies and special events introduced itself with the Aerolite AT-8000, the first dimmable helium-filled lighting balloon with DMX512 control capabilities. The heat-sealed balloon skin is made of laminated ripstop nylon with a polyurethane coating. Internally, the eight 1,000W 240V lamps are suspended by four equatorial lines. Externally, four tag lines enable the balloon to remain stable in winds up to 15mph. The operating height ranges from 15 to 75', and the lighted area is 30,000 sq. ft.

AIR DIMENSIONAL DESIGN First time anywhere: The special effects Air Flame(TM) is made of a porous fabric that suggests flames when air-propelled from its base. Available in gold, silver, and custom metallic colors, the Air Flame reflects light well, is suitable for day usage or night usage with spotlights, and will shoot up instantly to 18' or 32'.

Company news: ADD has also recently entered the custom design business in air tubes, creating a dancing Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, snowman, and soccer player, among other effects.

AIRSTAR LIGHTING BALLOONS First time anywhere: The Airstar Crystal is a self-inflating, light-diffusing balloon that fits on any stand for windproof applications. Fitted with a halogen, 700W HMI, or 1,200W HMI, the Airstar Crystal's internal continuous fan inflates the balloon in minutes. Unlike floating lighting balloons, the Crystal requires no technician, and provides bright and uniform light with minimal glare or shadows.

ALCONE CO. Featured products: Paramount Theatrical Supplies, stage blood, and Motorola intercoms were featured in this company's booth; Alcone is the national distributor for Flo Paint super vinyl, latex flat, and gloss paints as well.

ALCORN MCBRIDE Featured products: The DMX Machine, which offers 512 DMX channels and scripted control of dimmers; and the LightCue Real Time DMX Recorder, which records 512 DMX channels in real time and the output of any lighting board.

ALL ACCESS STAGING First time at LDI: The V2 Tower System is a self-erecting tower system with a four-ton lifting capacity. Coupled with the Versa roof truss, which offers a 100' span, the system can replace traditional scaffolding.

ALL BULBS LIGHTING & LUMINAIRES Featured products: All Bulbs ships all major brands of bulbs to the wholesale/retail industry. They also supply three brands of GEL sockets, gaffer tape, and mag lites. Company news: All Bulbs has a website:

ALLEN PRODUCTS CO. First time at LDI: This manufacturer of fully articulating wall and ceiling mounts for electrical gear introduced the Multimount MM-024. This product provides three axes of rotation and locking for a range of objects including lighting, loudspeakers, and cameras. New adjustable yoke mounts can be used for any objects up to 60lbs.

ALTMAN STAGE LIGHTING First time anywhere: The 575W Star PAR(TM) die-cast spotlight/floodlight is designed to be a rugged, lightweight alternative to conventional PAR-64 luminaires. The Master Ellipse(TM) is designed for architectural applications; this 70W unit is billed as giving out 10 times the light output, and can project a gobo image at 65'. Other features include lamp life of 9,000 hours.

Company news: Altman has reached an agreement with the KATIE Group, Inc. to exclusively distribute Altman's newly developed range of architectural lighting products. KATIE will be responsible for all sales and marketing efforts. KATIE is a new company formed by Keith Gillum and Tom Folsom, most recently of Strand Lighting. It is based in Long Beach, CA.

AMERICAN DJ SUPPLY First time anywhere: Master Blaster Foggers with electronic temperature control, rather than a mechanical thermostat. This is said to provide greater precision in controlling a fogger's heating unit, producing a thinner, lighter fog. Featured products: Its range of special effects lighting, plus contributions from Elation Entertainment Products, were the basis of the LDI98 Award-winning themed light show, Images of Arizona.

AMERICAN HARLEQUIN First time in the US: Harlequin "Activity" Sprung Floor Panel Systems, which are popular with many major dance companies, feature rock-stable interlocking panels for fast setup. Also, a new colorful range of Harlequin display floors are available in eye-catching patterns and brilliant colors for designers, and industrial finishes for trade shows and product launches.

Company news: In 1998, the company opened a new office in Fort Worth, TX, run by spring flooring expert John Daniels Jr. In spring 1999, the company plans to open a new 25,000-sq.-ft. warehouse in New Jersey to provide overnight East Coast service.

AMERICAN LIGHTING First time anywhere: The company imports and distributes Fiber Twinkle Star Kits (with which you can create your own twinkle star curtains and ceiling), electronic blackboards, and heavy-duty light strings (which were recently UL-approved for indoor/outdoor use).

Company news: In November 1998, American Lighting moved from Aurora, CO, to a 10,000-sq.-ft. space in Denver.

ANVIL CASES/MAJECAL CASES Featured products: Anvil's Pro Tour Cases, birch cases with custom designs, were displayed, as well as the company's ATA, Armorlite(TM), Forge II, and Fibre cases. All Anvil casters feature double ball-bearing races and rotate 360 degrees. Also featured were Majecal(R) plastic cases, including the Globe Case, used for transporting special 12k bulbs, such as those made by Arri.

APHEX SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The Aphex Model 1788 eight-channel, remote-controlled mic preamp is designed to improve sound quality and add functionality for live sound and recording. Every function is remotely or locally controllable, including a new circuit that provides continuously variable gain. The mic output limiter controls up to 128 channels, auto-learn.

APOLLO DESIGN TECHNOLOGY First time at LDI: The Glass Series, Four-Color, and Crushed Dichroics offer a variety of color to fit any intelligent lighting fixture. This manufacturer of custom gobos added over 50 designs to its collection of metal patterns, and also added standard lithos to this year's catalog.

APPLIED ELECTRONICS First time at LDI: TR20.5 x 20.5 Spigoted Box Trusses featuring 1.375" OD aluminum bracing and 1.9" OD 6061-T6 aluminum tube.

Featured products: Manufacturer and distributor of the L-11, L-16, L-25 MINI-Tower Lites; aluminum trusses (triangle 8", 14", 18"); box truss (8', 12' 18', 20-1/2', 24'); pre-hung club truss, single-hung and double-hung; stage roof systems up to 60'; DMX512 digital touring, and architectural dimmers.

Company news: The company is moving into a new 20,000-sq.-ft. facility in Newport News, VA early this year.

ARABESQUE SOFTWARE Featured product: RPM (Rental and Production Manager) for Windows 95 is an order entry and inventory management package with flexible order entry view for equipment availability, many invoice production options, and automatic invoice generation from orders.

ARRIFLEX CORPORATION First time anywhere: The Arrilux 21/50 Minisun with specially designed coated glass reflector and matching lens set is the company's smallest dual wattage daylight fixture, perfect for use in cramped areas. The cylindrical lamp head can be quickly detached from the ballast and connected by a special head/ballast cable. The system includes a color-coded lens set, glass CTO filters, barndoor, mounting brackets, battery adapters and a power pack for both 120/220V operation and battery charging. Arriflex also introduced its line of tungsten and HMI Theater Fresnels, specially enhanced for theatrical application. The adaptations include coated glass reflector and a new lens door to eliminate spill light and offer a secure mounting for scrollers or louvers, with an adjustable yoke for balancing these accessories.

ARTISTIC LICENCE First time anywhere: DMX-Hub, an ethernet-to-DMX translator, enables standard ethernet cabling and transceivers to receive DMX512 data. The source code for the protocol is available on the website.

First time at LDI: Chain Link is an eight-channel motor controller that operates chain hoist motors without encoders by monitoring the amount of time each motor has been in motion.

ASA PRODUCTIONS First time at LDI: In addition to its line of cases, including the Reasonable Rax, ASA also showed the Club System, a line of speakers, consisting of an active three-way ported trapezoidal medium power speaker, which is arrayable or stackable, and a mid-power twin 18" sub. Both speakers are built from 3/4" plywood and are ozite covered

ATLAS SPECIALTY LIGHTING First time at LDI: HMI and xenon power supplies (for HMI and xenon lamps).

Featured products: Domestic and imported lamps used for projection and followspots, including xenon arc lamps.

AUTOMATED ENTERTAINMENT Featured products: A catalog listing the products displayed at the booth, including HD Dichroic Color Filters, the HD Fiber-Optic Illuminator, paints and pigments, expendables, and numerous special effects.

AVAB TRANSTECHNIK First time anywhere: The Solaris system, with a touchscreen that adds a degree of user friendliness to the VLC lighting control system, and the company's Safari software range.

Company news: Ove Jonsson is managing Avab Scandinavia AB, recently formed by the company. All Avab hardware production has shifted from Gothenburg, Sweden, to an ISO9000-standard facility in Buchleburg, Germany.

AVOLITES First time at LDI: The Borealis range of LED lamps includes an underwater version, as well as the SL (stage lights) and the DL (display lights). Full-color LED displays are available for billboards, video, and a host of other applications, both indoor and outdoor. Also. the Focus Finder is a compact box that can be placed anywhere onstage where the LD wishes the lighting to be focused. The focus button on top of the unit allows the fixtures to scan the stage and locate the Focus Finder.

AZDEN CORPORATION First time at LDI: Azden's 422 UDR Dual Channel Rackmount Receiver has 63 user-selectable frequencies within the range, and allows for the operation of two wireless microphones simultaneously. The 400UDR Broadcast UHF is crystal-controlled and PLL-synthesized, offering tone code squelch and dual antennas with BNC connectors.

B&H PHOTO-VIDEO-PRO AUDIO First time at LDI: A major reseller of professional photo and video equipment and studio and location lighting, B&H is making its LDI debut. In addition to its new 45,000-sq.-ft. store in New York, B&H promoted the expansion of its lighting department in that location.

Bandit Lites Featured products: This multifaceted entertainment lighting company provides services for concert touring, special events, corporate events, film and video, and sales specification and design. With offices in Knoxville, Nashville, San Francisco, Dublin, London, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the company is able to offer worldwide service 24 hours a day.

BARBIZON First time at LDI: Barbizon had on hand a variety of new products from various manufacturers, including new gobos from Lee, Cal-Color calibrated color filters from Rosco; Chinese lanterns and window patterns from Chimera; 60 and 100A stage pin connectors from ADI/Bates, portable dimming equipment from Magic Gadgets.

BGW First time at LDI: The Millennium 2TMC-2 and 3TMC-2 amplifiers now have a built-in movie theatre crossover cards, allowing for switchable crossover frequencies, delay times, and equalization parameters. BGW's new steel relay racks are constructed of steel uprights with holes threaded 10-32 and a top support bracket constructed of one-piece 14 GA CRS.

BISHOP & BISHOP First time anywhere: White Magic Fluid, optical cleaning fluid that is safe to use on dichroics, first-surface reflectors, lenses, etc. Black Magic Filters may be placed on existing lighting equipment, intelligent lighting included, to reduce fog fluid and dust buildup and light leaks.

BOGEN ENTERTAINMENT First time anywhere: This new division of Bogen showcases products that have developed beyond the traditional Avenger grip line into the entertainment staging industry. Staging mic stands and speaker stands are among the products featured.

BOGEN-CINE First time anywhere: The Baby Boom Stand combines boom and stand functions, converting within seconds. As a stand, the three risers will go up to 324cm, and a simple release action will cause the two top sections to tilt and become a telescopic boom. The Baby Boom Stand is available in either black anodized aluminum or chrome steel.

BRIDGESTONE First time in the US: The company showed its side-lit, solid-core acrylic fiber-optic cable, used in Japan for stage design, architectural, interior design, and even highway applications.

BRIGHTLINE First time at LDI: Its energy-efficient lighting systems for studio and location lighting applications. These include the double/triple racking system, with a 10 gauge (.125), fully encompassing extruded aluminum yoke, a rack that can be oriented horizontally or vertically, and a power daisy-chaining feature allowing for different dimming options; and the triple/qua d cyclorama racking system, which has many of the same features. With both, fixtures pan individually and tilt as a complete unit via the yoke.

BRITISH OPTICAL First time at LDI: A range of UV/Blacklight fresnel lenses, available in 4.5", 6", 8", and 10" diameter. Also on display were new multi-element lenses for LCD projection, as well as multi-array lenses.

BUBBLE TECHNOLOGIES First time at LDI: The Bubble Dragon high output bubble machine is fully electric with variable speed controls to allow the operator to determine the amount of bubbles produced. It provides continuous bubble production for approximately two hours on three gallons of bubble solution and water and is designed with heavy-duty stainless-steel construction for weather resistance and durability.

BUHL ELECTRIC First time at LDI: New fresnels and softlights feature metal halide fixtures for cool, dramatic lighted studios. With a lamp life of 10,000 hours and 80% energy savings, the lamps offer constant color dimming with manual and DMX shutter control. Add accessories, adjust, and move with lamp on, no gloves needed.

BUHNENBAU SCHNAKENBERG First time anywhere: This first-time exhibitor premiered a new generation of platforms, including the NIVOflex Lite, which weighs less than 30 kilos, is easy to set up, and can be constructed with a variety of different legs.

First time at LDI: The company presented the NIVOflex-Airstage which features a servo support for manual height adjustments.

Company news: This German staging manufacturer is seeking distributors in the US.

BULBMAN Company news: Bulbman will be moving to Dallas in the spring of this year.

BULBTRONICS Featured products: A range of OEM and replacement bulbs, sockets, ballasts, transformers, batteries, and ignitors were on display; among the manufacturers represented were Osram-Sylvania, General Electric, Philips, Hannovia, Noblelight, Theimer, Thorn, Jahn, Ushio, Koto, Unitron, Olympus, Hamamatsu, Panasonic, Cathodeon, Focus, Fuji, Wiko/Eiko, and JKL. Bulbtronics is now supplying DeSisti lamps in addition to its many other replacement bulbs.

Company news: In addition to the New York and California offices, Bulbtronics has added a Seattle-Northwest regional office.

CALZONE CASE CO. First time anywhere: The Hydraulic Lift Case has a 550lb-capacity weight life, is motorized and has interior foam to protect any product that needs to be lifted into the air. Calzone also showed the ETC Obsession II Case, a custom-designed case for the Obsession II. The company also premiered the 4-in-1 Technobeam, a case that fits four High End Systems Technobeams in one.

CAMCO/TITAN TECHNOLOGIES Featured products: Three truss systems feature both conical and forked connectors. Combining compact design and large-load capacity, the M-type system is a universal truss. D-type is low-priced, and is characterized by its low dead weight, high versatility, and safety. Aluminum tubes with an outer diameter of 48.3mm make up the straight L-type truss.

CERWIN-VEGA Featured products: This loudspeaker manufacturer showed the V-15X and V-35X at LDI. The V-15X is a 15", three-way, full-range compact system for playback and disco applications. An 18" version, the V-35X, is used for PA, playback, or disco applications.

CHAUVET AND SONS First time at LDI: Chauvet new products included: blacklight paint, X-citer centerpiece, a 12-channel DMX512 controller, Mood Beam liquid light, and a new micro effects line offering full-size performance in a compact case. Compact DJ series lights Comet, Alien, and Octopus and the 53" Water Column with eight dichroic lenses were also on display.

CHECKERS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS First time at LDI: Checkers Cable and Hose Protection Systems come in orange and yellow polyurethane; two-, three-, and five-channel sizes; and heavy-duty T connector interlocking modular sections.

CINEMA XENON INTL. First time at LDI: The company is the exclusive distributor of the Japanese-manufactured Yumex line of 700W to 7,000W xenon arc lamps. The Yumex is the lamp of preference for Strong Ballantyne and Lycian motion picture projection instruments.

CINEMILLS CORP. First time anywhere: The 700/575/400W three-way, all-weather Silver Bullet head features a specially designed reflector for adjustment of punch, to a maximum spot output that exceeds the standard 1,200W SE. The three-way electronic flicker-free world ballast is quiet and durable, and features dimmer capabilities from 700W, 575W, and 400W.

CITC First time anywhere: The GyroFan is an unlimited-position, DMX-controlled stage fan that promises optimal distribution of fog and special effects. The Transformer bellows lots of fog, using either oil- or water-based fog fluid. The Little Blizzard SP snow machine now comes in a soundproofed version. The Haze-Max creates long-lasting haze that is dry from Water-Vapor Haze that's clean. The Jungle Mist System turns water into a fine, foggy indoor or outdoor mist. CITC also featured a number of improvements on its other products as well.

CITY THEATRICAL First time at LDI: The Auto Yoke remote-controlled DMX yoke for the ETC Source Four, which weighs 5.75lbs and can pan 360 degreesand tilt 180 degrees; and the LDI98 Award-winning EFX Plus2!, a moving effects projector for ETC's Source Four, with two planes of linear motion and silent operation.

Company news: The company will begin distributing John McKernon's feature-packed Lightwright 3, an LDI98 Award-winning software product in Windows and Mac formats, in February.

CLAY PAKY First time at LDI: The Clay Paky Stage Line of luminaires, seen in prototype at last year's show, includes four washlights--the Stage Color 300, 575, 100, and 200--and two effects projectors--the Stage Light 300 and Stage Zoom 1200. The series is very adaptable--one can change the Stage Color 1200 into the Stage Zoom 1200 and back, because the two projectors share identical bases. The color system uses cyan, magenta, and yellow, plus amber, to increase the range of possible colors and pastel shades. The line's GTC (Gradual Temperature Control) feature enables stepless gradual color temperature correction from 6,000 to 3,200 degreesK, directly from the control desk. The new frost system on the washlights uses optical glass spherical filters treated on one surface, to create numerous tiny lenses for uniform washes. All projectors feature 450-degree pan and 252-degree tilt. The compact projectors also feature the HMD 300 discharge lamp, which is interchangeable with the HTI 300.

CLEAR-COM INTERCOM SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The MicroMatrix(TM) is a compact digital intercom system designed for smaller broadcast facilities, post-production houses, and theatres. The 2-RU card frame is expandable from eight to 24 full-duplex audio/data ports, and supports all Matrix Plus(R) intercom stations and interfaces. Two onboard slots support any of the five available interface modules, enabling the linking of the system to telephone lines, two-way radios, camera or party-line connections, and other wired or wireless communications systems.

COAST WIRE & PLASTIC TECH Featured products: This company manufactures multicables, DMX cables, color changer cables, alpha/Belden equivalents, custom cables, coaxial cables, composite cables, speaker cables and audio cables.

COFFING HOISTS Featured products: This manufacturer of electric chain hoists improved its product with a new chain bag and support system, creating a sturdier bracket to the 1/2- to two-ton hoists. Also available are the light-duty electric chain hoists, which handle 500 and 1,000lbs. Beam clamps are one- to three-ton, with one- to five-ton wire grips.

COHERENT-AUBURN GROUP Featured products: This dichroic and hot and cold mirror manufacturer showed its parametric color crossfading system, and its 16 standard dichroic colors; the company can match any color at its color-matching facility in Leicester, England.

COLOR CORP. First time at LDI: This first-time LDI exhibitor showed the Color Kinetics(TM) C-Series fixtures, which generate colored light with LEDs using a microprocessor and additive RGB color mixing. Other products included the Magicball(R), a smoked perspex ball which exhibits a bright moving text; Data Track, which provides a specification-grade track platform for mounting high quality fixtures; and a series of PowerYoke mounting devices, all designed to support and power the Color Kinetics C-Series fixtures.

COLOR KINETICS First time anywhere: Dressed in black and wearing color-emitting headlamps, the Color Kinetics crew made a mark on the trade show floor and drew a crowd to view a new slate of products at their booth. A new addition to the company's popular C-Series is the C-200 WaterColor, a new waterproof fixture which makes it feasible to use color-changing illumination in fountains, pools, landscaping, and exterior architecture. The C-200 is powered by the company's trademark Chromacore technology, which uses variable-intensity LEDs to generate a wide spectrum of colors and effects.

Company news: The company announced a new LED-based MR-16-type lamp technology with color-changing abilities, slated to be shipped this spring. The new technology will allow technical power and data control over the same line and can switch from 10 to 20V DC to accommodate different power supplies. It also named Cleveland, OH-based ColorCorp as a North American distributor and London-based LT Projects as an authorized distributor in Europe.

COMPULITE R&D First time at LDI: New software on all the Spark 4D, the Micron 4D, and the Sabre 192 provides the following features on all: FX Effects engines, palettes, and wireless remotes. The company also manufactures CompuCAD, a conceptual lighting design software product for moving lights.

CREATIVE INDUSTRY HANDBOOK Featured product: Published by GMM, Inc., the Handbook is published twice each year (a Winter Edition and a Summer Edition). Listings are by region, and among the chapters are ones on film commissions, production/locations, costumes, props, stunts, transportation/travel, equipment and lighting, and post-production and sound.

CREATIVE STAGE LIGHTING First time anywhere: New line of DURA-FLEX cable products featuring fine stranding copper, and a new paper tape design that eliminates talc as a slipping agent.

CREST AUDIO First time at LDI: The V12 console, designed for theatre and concert applications, features a dual mode facility for reconfiguration at a monitor console, a control block swap that moves aux buses and all associated controls to the group fader block, and up to 16 mono plus one stereo fully discrete mixes. Other features include frame sizes to accommodate 28-, 36-, 44-, and 52-input models, and a total of 48 primary outputs.

THE CROSBY GROUP First time anywhere: Crosby's new Sling Saver line of fittings for use with web and round synthetic slings are designed to make the connection from synthetic slings to standard Crosby products easier.

CROUSE-HINDS First time anywhere: Crouse-Hinds was showing the new, improved Cam-Lok(R) Connectors J Power Three-Fer Tapping Tee. The males have been extend to facilitate easy mating with existing E1016 Cam-Lok J Power products and distro boxes. Also premiering at the Crouse-Hinds booth were the Cam-Lok Connectors E-Z10 series.

CRYSTALITE INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: Lightning Light is electronically controlled, which allows bulbs to illuminate starting at one end and shooting to the other--the control can be set to make the light move slowly or be set to speeds over 200mph. It provides the visual effects of shooting stars, explosions, fireworks, etc., and can be bent and shaped into letters so it gives the effect of continuous writing.

CUSTOM CABLE Featured products: Wire and cable for the entertainment industry, in all specifications and applications, is available.

CUSTOM RIGGING SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The easy-to-program Intelli-Q motor control system for motorized sets was just one of the featured products from Custom Rigging. The Magic Loc prevents runaway sets by holding and securing sets up to 1,000lbs out of balance.

DADCO Featured products: The DAD S62 FT3 moving light power distribution center features two- to six-circuit Socapex outlets (240) volts, solid copper buss bars rated at 460A, and Cam-Lok feedthrough power feeders.

DALFA INTERNATIONAL Featured products: Fiber optics, rope lights, PVC neon, and string light were displayed in this Georgia manufacturer's booth.

DAZIAN First time anywhere: 120" stretch flame-retardant polyester that is two-way stretch, semi-opaque, available in white plus colors and chroma key colors. Dazian also showed deluxe 118" iridescent sheer fire-retardant polyester, color is white iris, which gives a luminescent look; and 130"-wide polyester silk that is fire-retardant, lightweight, and semi-opaque sheer.

DESIGN & DRAFTING First time anywhere: LD Tools(TM) with 2D and 3D MiniCAD(TM) is billed as the new CAD power tool for professionals. With it you can draft truss, box, triangle and I-beams; curtains, racks, chairs, tables, seating arrangements, curved walls, table/chair placements; stars; security posts and liens; doors; risers; windows; flats; pipes and battens; and projector/screen arrangements, among others.

DESISTI LIGHTING/DESMAR First time anywhere: The Cine-Magic Wand is a 15", 36W compact fluorescent fixture that can be easily hidden in cramped quarters such as cars, elevators, and telephone booths. The fixture comes with an electronic flicker-free dimmable ballast and can use both tungsten and daylight fluorescent tubes. Also, the Cine-Magic Mini-Lite Tube is a 12"-tall fixture with fluorescent tubes in both daylight and tungsten, powered by a 12V DC battery pack, ideal for cramped locations.

DEXEL LIGHTING First time at LDI: Dexel, an Argentina-based manufacturing, distribution, and design consultation company, introduced a full line of luminaires and accessories for television studios, film, theatre, and location.

DIEHL GRAPHSOFT First time at LDI: MiniCAD's Vectorworks(R) merges proven CAD technology with next-generation object-based design. With VectorWorks, you can undo and redo a number of recent actions, create different wall styles that automatically assign class and graphic information, block out your space using polygons, and align objects without having to worry about accidentally reshaping them, among many other improved features.

DIGI-FLASH First time at LDI: This radio control company has only recently gotten into the lighting control business. Products include an eight-channel remote power relay, with a 2,400W capacity; a handheld programmable radio transmitter for control of an entire light rig, with LCD menu, programmable lock-out, four-bank programmable traits, and live editing features; a 16-channel DMX digital data receiver; and an eight-channel DMX-controlled strobe system.

DIRECT LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES First time anywhere: Direct Lighting Technologies showed the Silencer, a hand-held laser pointer/light show, and the CE TL-022-S4 Bibell Light, which features a 360-degree rotation, eight color beams, horizontally projection/16 color beams horizontally projected and 16 color beams reflected vertically.

DISCOTECH PRO LIGHT First time at LDI: The Colortech 150 changer's EFR 150W/15V halogen lamp combines seven colors and five gobos to create patterns that mix with its strobe effect and sound-animated master/slave mode. This model uses two DMX channels.

DIVERSITRONICS First time at LDI: Strobe Runner controls from four to 126 strobes through DMX lines including intensity, speed, and audio gain. Buttons select number of strobes, programs, and effects. This controller automatically programs chase, auto reverse, and audio chase. Other features include audio chase-random, toggle, and all-flash with seven effects including hyper, lightning, merge, whirl, and explode.

DOUG FLEENOR DESIGN First time at LDI: Recognizable on the trade show floor in their "Dr. DMX" lab coats, Doug Fleenor and crew introduced a single-channel DMX512-controlled relay pack. Shipping since June, the single-channel unit is designed to switch up to a 20A line voltage load and uses a 30A relay. Recommended applications include fog machines, power to moving light fixtures, motorized disco effects, strobe lights, and fans. A DMX512 to 0-10V Analog Connector is now available for 96 channels in a 19" rack mount.

DOUGHTY ENGINEERING First time at LDI: The Trigger Clamp, a lightweight unit (made from high-tensile aluminum extrusion) with a safe working load of 450lbs (250kg) that clamps completely around a tube and can be operated by one person. The weight of the luminaires being hung automatically closes the trigger and the bottom half of the clamp; they can then be positioned and locked using its large tee handle.

DOVE LIGHTING SYSTEMS Featured products: The StarPort PC Memory Lighting Control plugs into a printer port, is palm-sized, and has 96 channels x 480 dims; TechMaster lighting board is a two-scene x 12, 24, 36, 48 or more channels or one-scene x 24, 48, 72, or 96 channels board; other boards on display included the ControlMaster, various Dimmermasters, and the Scenemasters One and Six.

EASTERN ACOUSTIC WORKS First time at LDI: The KF750, named the LDI98 Sound Product of the Year, is a three-way triamp full range system in a trapezoidal enclosure, featuring two 12" woofers, a horn-loaded 10" midrange cone with integral phase plug assembly, and a 2" exit compression driver on a 35 x 35 constant directivity horn. The newly engineered mid cone/phase plus assembly is designed to create a coherent wavefront at the throat of the horn. The Dipolar Array(TM) LF configuration extends effective pattern control well into the LF band.

EASTERN METAL SUPPLY First time at LDI: This first-time exhibitor showed its extruded aluminum tubes, custom aluminum housings, and heat sinks.

EIDE INDUSTRIES Featured products: Eide manufactures custom laser-etched glass gobos and patterns and framing and tubing. The company applies large-scale graphics to exterior fabrics. Company news: Eide celebrated its 60th anniversary in June 1998. The company also has a website, at

ELASCO Featured product: Cable guards protect the onsite electrical cable with an abrasion-resistant urethane structure, button lid fasteners, flush hinges, and non-slip surface design. The guards are lightweight, with built-in handles for easy transport.

ELECTROL ENGINEERING First time anywhere: An architectural control system requiring no interface panel to communicate with house/stage dx dimming cabinets. Available with four or eight push-button preset and with or without master level control. Other features include: 100 presets, timed crossfades, unlimited stations per system, and simultaneous analog.

ETC First time anywhere. The Source Four 750 has all the features of the Source Four, plus 27% more light output. It also sports the new Source Four thermally insulated rear handle that makes fixture handling easier and safer. The Sensor GFI (ground fault interrupt) is designed for use near water--any GFI fault is reported back to any ETC Link-compatible console. Also, the Source Four 19-degree now offers more than 30% more light output than before.

First time in the US: The Source Four Zoom, winner of the LDI Product of the Year Award, features a new, one-handed focusing system that is designed for ease of use. With one hand turning a single knob, you can change the beam angle; slide the same knob forward or backward to sharpen or soften the beam. Special graduated scale markings on the fixture make pre-focusing quicker and easier, and the locking level on the focus mechanism fixes the focus solidly in place.

Company news: This was the first time that Irideon, the architectural lighting line, was on hand as part of ETC.

ELECTRONICS DIVERSIFIED First time anywhere: EDI premiered its Bijou console in a movie theatre setting, complete with popcorn and seating. Operable at the push of a "go" button or with one of three two-scene/single scene configurations, its features include 512 control channels, multiple DMX patch tables that allow 1,024 DMX devices to be addressed, and 2,500 user-programmable macros. With Amazing Controls, the firm has broken I.C.E. (Integrated Control Environment), an ethernet-based system for smart buildings that can work on a variety of software and hardware platforms and handle applications of all sizes.

ELEKTRALITE First time at LDI: A new line of fog machines was shown. The 1,000W model holds a one-liter fog fluid container, while the 1,5000W model accommodates a five-liter container. Both models are 120V and function at extremely cool temperatures. Also on hand were a comprehensive SVGA package for the CP100 automated lighting controller, which makes all the features of the controller viewable through a monitor in a multiple screen format, and a new version of software for the CP10XT Universal Lighting Controller, allowing one-touch accessing of fixtures through the controller.

ESTA Association news: ESTA's annual dinner, held at LDI, included the presentation of the Eva Swan award, which went to former ESTA president John McGraw, of JTM and Associates. In addition, the winners of the ESTA Dealer's Choice Awards were TileMount, from Future Light, Inc. (in the Expendable/Widget Category) and Gray Interfaces' DMX Ultimate Converter (in the equipment category).

ETA LIGHTING SYSTEMS Featured products: With an emphasis on power distribution, ETA featured the 20A Pro Series models. The standard equipment package includes 20A/ 2,400W/120V, overload protection, and always-on protected panel outlets. Optional and special feature equipment packages are available.

ETIL DESIGN First time anywhere: U-View aims to simplify finding the right fader on any lighting console by showing the colors it controls. Clear plastic holders show gel filters associated with each fader.

EUROTRONIKS First time anywhere: The Eurotroniks SL2000 is a programmable architectural spotlight for outdoor use. Completely made out of stainless steel--even the motor parts--the SL2000 will not rust and has an expected lifetime of 25 years. Weighing around 60lbs, the unit is compact and programmable from any laptop.

FAL/MEGA SYSTEMS Featured products: In addition to manufacturing MEGA cases, this company distributes a line of factory-automated lighting products, which includes the Innovation 1200, Modulo, 360, Roulette EB, XL2500 scanner, centerpieces, followspots, foggers, conventional lighting, and supplies.

FEHR BROS. INDUSTRIES Featured products: This stage rigging manufacturer showed its line of cutting/crimping tools, as well as rigging hardware, turnbuckles, eyebolts, clips, and shackles.

FENDER PRO A/V SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The Passport P-250 full-package PA system is totally self-contained, self-protected, and portable. It can be picked up and carried like a medium-sized suitcase.

FIBER-TEC CASES Featured products: The company showed its Fiber-Tec cases, which can be custom-designed and are available carpeted or laminated.

FLUO TEC First time at LDI: Fluo-Tec showed the Petite2 and Petite4 exterior and location fluorescent, portable lighting fixture series. They are light, modular, compact, resistant, stackable and very easy to carry and handle.

FLUTTER FETTI Featured products: All manner of confetti, streamers, and launchers, including the RC-2 cannon, were shown in this company's booth, which it shared with sister company Parti-Line.

FOCAL PRESS Featured products: The company showed a number of books it has published, including Stage Lighting Controls by Ulf Sandstrom, Set Lighting Technician's Handbook, Second Edition, by Harry C. Box, and Motion Picture and Video Lighting, by Blain Brown.

FORWARD TRADING CO. First time at LDI: The A-9806 Laser Light-50 is a portable 5mW green laser effect with 10 holographic lens patterns with an optional 10m wired remote control.

FRESHFORDIGITAL First time anywhere: The Flame12 is a box generating a DMX512 data stream that generates 12 channels of flame information to fixtures for use in theatre, theme parks, etc. The flame effects are digitally generated with one processor for each flame channel; each channel may be set independently using a thumbwheel switch with positions for Base, Range, and Rate, providing 1,000 different effects.

FUTURE LIGHT First time anywhere: TileMount is a structural panel which replaces the standard ceiling tile used in a drop ceiling and supports a hanging fixture using either a 1/2" bolt or 5/8" stud. An optional electrical box with receptacle can be mounted directly into the panel to eliminate unsightly wiring. The SwivelPar 20 is a unique fixture combining the styling and function of a theatrical PAR can with the simplicity of a screw-in extension.

GALA First time at LDI: The Hybrid Vertilift system is a variable speed motorized rigging that can be run either with hand line control or with automatic computer control, and can be switched from one mode to another. The system features a motorized variable speed, with ramped starts and stops possible in any control mode; PC control can mimic the manual hemp line control.

GAMPRODUCTS First time at LDI: Naked Cosmetics(C) are color filters that enhance skin tones. Gamfloor self-adhesive decorative vinyl floor covering comes in 16 colors and covers concrete, wood, plaster, glass, vinyl, and more. TwinSpin Jr(TM). is a new version of the popular TwinSpin double pattern rotator, which has been especially designed to fit the ETC Source Four, Jr. GamSpin/FX(TM) is a new, super-quiet version of its popular variable speed, double-disc drive effects machine. The company also has 24 new Great American Patterns, ranging from oblique windows to bamboo foliage and water, stars, and breakups.

GE LIGHTING First time at LDI: Its HP602 (300-hour life) and HP603 (1,500-hour life) High Performance lamps for ellipsoidal spotlights, with performance-enhancing planar filament design and the allowance of up to four lamps on a 2.4kW dimmer.

GECKO ENTERPRISES First time anywhere: The Gecko-Star illuminating flashing diode has seven different colors, three levels of brightness, a flasher and spare light, and an SOS Morse Code transmitter. The light emitter coordinates with microprocessor software control; the unit has a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours. Also premiering in the Gecko booth was a 20 V/175W blacklight with screwbase.

GEM SOUND First time at LDI: Gem Sound introduced three products to its light and sound equipment collection. The CD55 Adrenaline Series is a programmable dual CD player with separate control and transport units. A four-channel mixer, the DMX6 offers rotary cue, two microphone inputs, and punch buttons.

GEMINI SOUND PRODUCTS CORP. First time at LDI: Over 20 new special effects LyteQuest Pro lighting products were featured, including state-of-the-art intelligent lighting, fog machines, and linkable lasers. Party Packages include several mirrorball and lighting setups in an easy-to-handle package.

GENI ELECTRONICS First time at LDI: Shiva, billed as "the scanner to win with," features the first die-cast aluminum scanner case made in Asia, along with such features as high lumen output, smooth movement, exact X/Y placement, rotating replaceable gobos, pure dichroic colors, strobe, and dimming.

GENIE INDUSTRIES First time at LDI: The Z 20/8N, an electric self-propelled articulating boom, can rotate 180 degrees either way. It has a 32" (81cm) total width and can drive through standard single doors.

Featured products: Genie showed its Super Tower(TM), which telescopes theatrical lighting and scenery weighing up to 800lbs (363kg) to heights of up to 24'3" (7.4m).

George & Goldberg Design First time anywhere: At its LDI Award-winning (Best Small) booth, the company introduced the Tracker(TM) motion control system that can handle 192 chain hoists. Also, an exterior sensor package, the Chain Track(TM), which assures incremental accuracy and a load cell for safety, can be added to an existing system. An optical and an absolute encoder for the servo system can turn the controller on or off without recalibrating.

GEPCO First time at LDI: GEPCO introduces "GFC"-style multi-pair cable with color-coded pair sockets along with new digital audio cables, a digital audio microphone cable, and a new guitar/instrument cable.

GILDERLFUKE & CO. First time at LDI: This animation control systems company was showing the KP-300 operator panel, which can be used in a motion-base or other "Smart Brick" application. With the addition of a three-slot card cage on its back, the KP-300 can become a complete motion-base control system in just 5-14" of 19" rack space.

GLANTRE ENGINEERING Company news: Glantre's latest project is Royal Caribbean International's cruise ship Voyager of the Seas. Onboard the Voyager, the company is working on two areas. The Royal Promenade, a shopping/entertainment space modeled on Burlington Arcade, is four decks high and two football fields in length (two atria in the space are 11 decks high). Glantre is supplying lighting (including a Wholehog console), sound (including a Yamaha console) and a custom motorized lighting truss. Studio B is a 900-seat arena that converts into an ice rink.

GLI SOUND SYSTEMS First time at LDI: Professional high-torque turntables from GLI debuted at the show. The SL-2100's fully manual belt-drive turntable operates with an aluminum die-cast platter in a two-speed format. The SL-2500 has a fully manual direct-drive turntable with quartz-controlled speed. Options for both models include pitch control, strobe illuminator, pop-up target lights, and an optional cartridge.

GODDARD DESIGN First time at LDI: The company is now shipping a new software for its Lil'DMXter(TM) DMX512 test tool. Version 1.73 is a moving light-friendly software that allows you to define a fixture type using two to 99 channels and define the number of similar fixtures in a contiguous block. For multichannel fixtures with an external dimmer, it allows patching of the intensity control channel to any dimmer.

GRAY INTERFACES First time anywhere: The DMXConverter is designed to convert AMX, DMX, CMX, K96, ECMUX and AVAB from a single unit. The unit uses a LCD display to choose input and output protocols, and features 10 snapshot cues, user-assignable minimum and maximum levels, and a security lockout function.

GREAT PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS First time anywhere: Mini-300 short-throw followspot, FS300-HO high output 300 followspot, and FS400 high output medium-throw followspot featuring achromatic lens, unique folding stand, and 125fc at 100'.

GRIVEN First time at LDI: Its booth featured products including the Colorliner disco and theatre light; the Kolorado, an architectural lighting projector for small buildings; and the Beast, an outdoor searchlight.

H &H SPECIALTIES Featured products: In addition to curtain tracks, rigging products, and Atlas Silk(R) products, this California manufacturer was showing Toolkit 6.0, its CD-ROM with product specifications and CAD drawings.

HARDWARE XENON First time at LDI: The Optimal Light System projector for large-format slides. Features include a scroller that uses perforated 18.5cm film in up to 30m strips, with safeguards to protect the film from scratching and strain on the splices, a xenon lamp said to provide the same projected image quality at short or long range, and a mobile crown (controlled by DMX512) that rotates a single or double scroller or a manual slide changer.

High End Systems First time at LDI: Studio Spot automated luminaire, which was designed as a hard-edged beam complement to the Studio Color luminaire. A custom MSR 575/2 lamp provides a high color rendering index and a high color temperature of 6,200 degreesK. Its moving yoke achieves up to 370 degrees pan and 225 degrees tilt capability and high-definition lenses provide 13-degree, 18-degree, or 30-degree beam projection angles. Other features include variable frost effect, remote focus, variable speed iris, instant blackout, and strobe effects. The light is targeted for television, live and architectural applications, especially in applications where lack of space precludes using a moving-mirror luminaire. Also, The Studio Color 250 and the Studio Spot 250 feature a cooler light source, but optical enhancements allow the lamps to surpass 700W. The units use less energy and are aimed at retail, architectural, and small show markets.

HOLLAENDER MFG. CO. First time at LDI: Queue Line Components for queue gates, picket systems, specialty theme rails, and turnstiles. The railings are easily assembled and installed by conductors or park maintenance staff; materials are reusable and can be designed to match ride themes. A variety of colors and finishes are available.

Company news: As of November 1998, Hollaender is the exclusive North American supplier of Doughty and Prolyte products.

HYDREL FACTORY Featured products: The Series 7100 architectural lighting system, with eight standard distributions (five uplights and three downlights), multiple mounting capabilities, and the ability to add color with segmented glass filters, was shown in the booth. Also on display were the company's M-9000 in-ground, flush-up architectural floods.

Company news: Hydrel was acquired in September 98 by Conyers, GA-based Lithonia, the largest lighting manufacturer in North America.

ILLUMINATING ENGINEERING SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA (IESNA) First time at LDI: A new publication, Lighting and the Visual Environment for Senior Living, addresses the lighting needs of the aging population, in terms of vision, photobiological, psychological, and physical effects.

Association news: IESNA promoted its role in "disseminating information for the improvement of the lighted environment." The association has over 10,000 members with 120 sections of membership. In addition to publishing LD+A and technical standards, IESNA hosts an annual conference and training classes.

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC First time at LDI: This wire and cable distributor was showing the Marinco three-wire housings in new colors, including all-black.

Featured products: Other products displayed in the booth were ECT CAM-type connectors in various colors, Belden cable, and the ECT Three-Fer.

INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Featured products: MicroTech DMX is a handheld DMX troubleshooting and remote focus tool that features 30-scene memory, automatic console backup, dimmer testing, scrolling alphanumeric display, and console channel finder, among many other features. The RadioDMX wireless DMX distribution system was also shown; using the latest in digital spread spectrum communications technology, the "plug and play" provides wirelessly transmitted DMX signals quickly.

INTERESTING PRODUCTS Featured products: This Academy Award-winning company designs, manufactures, and installs Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) effects system for theme parks, theatres, casinos, and cruise ships. Projects include The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Carnival Cruises, the Cirque du Soleil theatre in Orlando, and the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LIGHTING DESIGNERS (IALD) Association news: The IALD made its call for entries for the 16th Annual Lighting Design Awards, which were established to increase awareness of quality lighting design. Submissions must be received no later than February 1, 1999. For more information, contact the IALD Awards Program, International Association of Lighting Designers, The Merchandise Mart, Suite 487, 200 World Trade Center, Chicago, IL 60654; phone: (312) 527-3677; fax: (312) 527-3680; email:

INTL. THEATRICAL TRUSS CORP. Featured products: Products shown in this booth included a 30' x 20' roof with a half-circle wing attachment, a double-hung box truss with spigot connections and new lighter bars, seven different lines of different weight truss, and two lines of crank stands.

J CUSTOM SUPPLY Featured products: This company, which builds portable power distribution, cable assemblies and tails, and single-conductor and multicable assemblies to order, was showing Crouse-Hinds' Cam-Lok connectors, Carol Brand's stage lighting cable, and Crouse-Hinds' cable-terminated 3-Fers.

James Thomas Engineering First time anywhere: The Fold Flat Supertruss is a new addition to the company's line of trussing and is available in 20.5", Superlite 12", and 15.75" and Superlite 15.75". The company also introduced its line of UL-listed PAR cans.

JAN-AL INNERPRIZES Featured: Jan-Al showed custom-made cases for the lighting and sound industry as well as for the computer and aerospace industries. Jan-Al cases are made for both air and ground transport.

JEAMAR WINCHES First time at LDI: Thirteen new models of hand winches are now available in stainless steel, sea-worthy aluminum, aluminum, and steel. Automatic braking is standard. In addition to manufacturing heavy duty winches, Jeamar also makes a full range of sheaves and blocks.

JLG INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: The 450A articulating telescopic boom lift features greater up- and over-reach clearance and faster drive speed.

First time at LDI: The 20VP, a driveable personnel lift, features a push-out basket, pothole protection system, and 20' (6.1m) platform height. The lift can be driven from full height.

JOHNSON SYSTEMS First time anywhere: The CD2000 is a full-featured control retrofit for a Strand CD80 dimmer rack featuring ease of installation and over 20 software menus. First time at LDI: The JSI Handheld DMX Console is designed for use with the QD-2000 expanded architectural control system or standalone DMX in/out applications.

JR CLANCY Company news: Clancy will launch its new website,, in January 99.

KABUKI ROCKEFFECTS CANADA Featured products: The Kabuki CO2 Component Electric Launchers with detachable barrels for quick reloads, as well as flameproof confetti and streamers.

KINETIC ARTISTRY First time at LDI: The KIN-16, a new architectural/stage manager and console, provides eight selectable presets that can be recorded live from the console and recalled from the KIN-16 remote. Kinetic Artistry also showed the ArcFader Slider Station, which consists of four-sliders that can be configured to control four scenes on the SS911DXR or three scenes with a master fader.

KOTO CORP. First time at LDI: Koto introduced DIS-120H, a powerful single-end light that is new to its collection of tungsten halogen specialty lamps. The compact arc metal halide and halogen lamps are used in the Japanese stage, studio, and film marketplace.

KW/2 LIGHTING PRODUCTS First time at LDI: MVP Studio Series video location kit illuminator features lightweight aluminum construction and high frequency operation available with unit dimming.

LASER POWER CORP. Featured products: Series MLM/Series MLM/OEM DPSS blue microlasers, which draw 100W of power and weigh 12lbs total (head and power supply), were on display. Solid-state laser systems weighing less than 15lbs and operating from standard 110V outlets were also featured.

LASER PRODUCTION NETWORK First time at LDI: LaserNet showed Lasermax 4, the latest version of the Lasermax graphic software program. The world's first PC-based laser graphics system has been upgraded. New features include geometric correction, multi-layered animation, automatic animation, MORPH, and automatic vertical text and test sizing.

LASERMEDIA First time anywhere: StingRay is a new line of compact and affordable laser systems using new solid-state laser diode technology. The system produces a monochromatic green laser beam that requires only a 110V power source and is air-cooled, which eliminates the need for water cooling. It operates with DMX512 or phantom control.

LCS First time at LDI: The RIF-108 is a remote interface console with eight 100mm motorized faders and 32-button/LED array configured to control the most common CueStation functions such as mixing, automation, and cue command. Since the faders are remappable, anywhere from a single RIF-108 to one RIF-108 per LD-88 may be used in a larger system.

LD SYSTEMS Company news: LD Systems specializes in production, sales, and installation of professional sound, lighting, and video for the entertainment industry.

LE MAITRE SPECIAL EFFECTS First time anywhere: The Neutron pro hazer uses Le Maitre's patented Sequentially Traced Auto Re-issue technology to produce a translucent blanket of haze without the use of a compressor or heating block, providing virtually silent operation.

LE NELSON First time anywhere: This Thorn EMI distributor showed Thorn's new HPL 575 lamp, which was designed for use in ETC's Source Four luminaires. Also premierin g was Thorn's HX-602 tungsten-halogen lamp, the latest addition to Thorn's family of high-efficiency retrofit lamps designed to improve the performance of older ellipsoidals and to provide efficient state-of-the-art light output in the new range of ellipsoidals introduced by Altman and Strand.

LECTROSONICS First time anywhere: The UFM50 UHF filter/amplifier module is designed for antenna systems requiring long cable runs or distribution to multiple receivers or locations. The unit can be used to apply RF gain at the antenna ahead of a long run of coaxial cable to compensate for signal loss through the cable. A multicoupler can also be configured using the UFM50 ahead of an RF splitter to offset the loss through the splitter.

LEE FILTERS First time in the US: The 700 Series features 13 new colors for the Lee swatchbook: 711 Cold Blue; 719 Colour Wash Blue; 724 Ocean Blue; 725 Old Steel Blue; 728 Steel Green; 735 Velvet Green; 746 Brown; 763 Wheat; 764 Sun Colour Straw; 776 Nectarine; 777 Rust; 779 Bastard Pink; and 789 Blood Red.

First time at LDI: Lee also showed a 38-color palette of dichroic colors as well as the Lee Heat Shield #269, a transparent flexible film used to extend the life of a filter; and Acrylic Panels, which are available in 1/8"-thick 4' x 8' sheets and available in seven technical colors, were featured.

LEHIGH ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS Featured products: Millennium manual memory control is a theatre control console running on Windows 95 format with up to 250 channels and moving light control. Also on hand was the Solitaire preset dimming system, preset control in a wallbox format, which offers six master station presets with six control channels and a handheld infrared control option.

LEPRECON First time anywhere: The MX Series of dimmers feature DMX512 and analog control, front-accessible electronics, single-phase/three-phase, reliable power modules, choice of power, and load panels. Can be used alone or in a rack. The LP-3000 Series Console follows up on the LP-2000 console to offer the flexibility of running a variety of moving lights. The board includes 20 pages of 18 playbacks for a total of 360 playbacks and the 48-channel version offers outputs for 2,048 DMX channels.

LEVITON/ECT Featured products: This manufacturer showed its single-pole, cam-type connectors, available in many colors.

LEX PRODUCTS First time anywhere: The Distro Tech line includes rubber electronic distribution boxes for the entertainment industry. The boxes range from 20 to 600A, and offer ground-fault protection, weatherproofing, and ranch circuit-rated breakers. The Multi Flex multi conductor cable for stage and set lighting uses a thermoplastic rubber jacket to provide flexibility and durability.

LIDO SYSTEMS First time at LDI: Hollywood Inventory Tracking System, HITS 1999, is now available as a Windows application. Software is based on a SQL server database and features a radio barcode system from Symbol.

THE LIGHT SOURCE First time anywhere: The Light Source showed the Mega Grid Lock, which can be fastened at any intersection, and you don't have to push the pipe through the connection point. The Cranky Pole, a pole-operated telescopic hanger used for remote vertical positioning of lighting fixtures in TV studios, theatres, motion pictures, or architectural applications. It allows you to change the height of your lights without having to climb a ladder. The Light Source also showed the Mega Claw, which holds a light for you while you fasten the light to the pole.

LIGHT VISIONS First time anywhere: Designed mainly for the retail market, the Vision-Lite promotion projector is user-friendly, takes regular slides, and has been designed for IR-Remote Control. Vision-Lite is represented by Stony Point, NY-based Times Square Lighting, and all queries about the projector should addressed to that company.

LIGHTING & ELECTRONICS First time anywhere: A 75W PAR-16, available in new brass and chrome housing.

LIGHTING SERVICES First time at LDI: Exhibiting for the first time at LDI, this lighting manufacturer presented lines of track, accent, display, and fiber-optic lighting systems for architectural and entertainment applications.

LIGHTRONICS First time anywhere: The DB-612, a truss mount dimmer designed for all stage applications. The DMX512-controlled unit has magnetic circuit breakers, six channels (1,200W per channel), and is truss-ready.

Lightspeed TECHNOLOGIES First time at LDI: This manufacturer of wireless microphones, headphones, wireless amplification/PA systems, infrared wireless headphones, and assistive listening systems introduced the RFX Series 16-channel selectable UHF wireless microphone system and the Nova Series infrared assistive listening system.

LIGHTTECH GROUP First time anywhere: The CFL(R) 1655N is an 880W non-dimmable compact fluorescent softlight, suitable for motion picture location application. The 1655N draws less than 20A while giving an output of 400fc at 10'.

LIMATE CORPORATION First time at LDI: Limate showed the MiracleBeam(TM) Laser, a bright red 645mm laser for pointing at presentations or for use in the classroom (Limate claims dogs like it too).

Featured product: LaserVision Holographic Lens Mechanism which has 10 different holographic lens patterns. The average life time of the laser is 5,000 hours.

LINK SNC First time anywhere: A first-time LDI exhibitor, Link showed three new lines of connectors: rugged LKS lighting connectors featuring seven central grounding contacts, the availability of military standard pins with retention spring, and easy handling locking ring and back shell design; LKH head-to-ballast connection, which covers a complete power range (575W to 18kW) for use with all major lighting products; and LKM mains power connectors featuring audible "snap in" lock for safe coupling.

LITE PUTER ENTERPRISE CO. First time at LDI: For a better dimming curve on stage, the six-channel DMX dimmer pack DX-625 offers 20A per channel and a total of 120A. Lite Puter debuted the PX-815 for the first time anywhere. This eight-channel chaser gives one random and nine preprogrammed chase patterns with a wide range of time settings from one second to 20 minutes.

LITTLITE(R)/CAE First time at LDI: Littlite Gooseneck Lamps are now available in a new package; transparent rectangular boxes allow the customer to easily view the product. The new consumer-friendly packaging features full color graphics and text to assist in product selection, and includes instruction sheets and a hang tab for wall displays.

LMG Company news: LMG is an audio visual, staging, and presentation company for corporate meetings, conventions, trade shows, and teleproductions. Based in Orlando, the company opened a 20,000-sq.-ft. office in Tempe, AZ, in November 1998.

LOWEL-LIGHT MFG. First time anywhere: The LowelDimmer(TM) is an intelligent portable location dimmer with four preset dimming and flicker levels and four storable levels. The circuitry allows gradual dimming as well as on/off switching, and the flicker generator can vary in rate and intensity to simulate firelight, water reflections, TV screen light, and so on. An LD-10 Remote is available for use with the dimmer. The company's new GO Kits, lightweight, compact kits than can travel as carry-on baggage, now feature a short, collapsible Uni-stand(TM) for easy fit. The Uni-Stand can be used with a Tota or Omni light.

LP ASSOCIATES/LIGHTNING STRIKES First time anywhere: The SoftSun(TM) Direct 3.3K system provides broad, soft output directly from the source. The long arc lamp, with a daylight color temperature of 5,600 degreesK, is flicker-free and also free of color spikes, with color remaining constant even during dimming.

From Lightning Strikes, The Firefly(TM) is a flicker box for fire/TV flicker and paparazzi flash which can run continuously up to 5K and will pulse momentarily up to 40K.

LTM CORP. OF AMERICA First time anywhere: The 18W DayCam(TM) is an AC/DC HMI camera light designed for analog and digital ENG professionals who require a tiny camera-mount fixture that is powerful enough to be their sole light source. The light includes electronic ballast and standard four-pin connector, and gives six times more output with three times less power than similar halogen fixtures.

LUMENYTE Featured products: Its Sta-Flex optical fiber, made from a special polymer formulation, and its Linear Emitting Fiber (L.E.F.) for indirect lighting applications.

LUTRON ELECTRONICS First time at LDI: The company has added DMX capability to the Grafik Eye lighting control system. Intended for architectural spaces with theatrical fixtures, the system has found applications in houses of worship.

LUX ENTERTAINMENT Featured product: Lux is a distributor of SA fog and haze fluid; on display in the booth were S.A.'s Standard, Pro-Stage, and Haze Fluids.

LUXART CONCEPTION First time at LDI: Microlux 98: Windows version of CAD lighting design software that produces plans and schedules and also programs cues and controls light performance.

LYCIAN STage lighting First time anywhere: The company featured its new 3,000W followspot for arenas and stadiums and other large-event applications.

MA LIGHTING First time at LDI: The Grand MA lighting console is designed for large-scale events. Features include three full-color TFT touchscreens mounted on an angle-adjustable viewing panel, motorized faders, and ergonomic design for ease of use.

MAD LIGHTING/LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY First time anywhere: The Image Plus Mk1 image projector for low voltage offers both metal and glass gobo projection with framing facilities.

First time at LDI: Mad Lighting unveiled the IMP (Image Marketing Projector) family of professional luminaires for the architectural/retail market sector. Designed for point-of-sale/brand awareness using D- or E-size gobos or 35mm slides, the unit is programmed by its unique onboard controller.

The MAGNUM Companies Company news: This company provides full production services, from design to technical services, labor management and crews, for touring, trade shows and special events.

MARTIN AUDIO See Sunbelt Studios

MARTIN PROFESSIONAL First time at LDI: Martin showed a whopping 25 products that were either completely new or improvements over an existing line. The MAC 250 is a compact version of the MAC 500 and features rotating gobos, dichroic colors, variable focus, and rotating prism on a moving head luminaire. The RoboScan Pro 918 scanner features both a rotating five-position plus open gobo wheel and a fixed-gobo wheel with nine positions plus open. The TrackPod is a single-operator, multiple-followspot controller designed for large arenas and stages that tracks performers in three dimensions and automatically directs intelligent lights to follow performers where they move. The Martin Exterior 600 is a weatherproof architectural fixture with convection cooling that features CMY color mixing, motorized zoom, extremely fast shutter, and a non-corrosive aluminum housing. The Case+ controller is an add-on wing for the Case Pro I and Pro II controllers, featuring 32 extra playbacks to control fixtures or conventional lights.

MATTHEWS STUDIO EQUIPMENT First time anywhere: The Baby Wall Banger is an extendible bracket that can be positioned on the side or top of a set wall for vertical or horizontal use up to 16". Also, the Cheater Plate and Adapter is similar to the 3" Baby Plate, but contains a Baby pin set at a 45-degree angle to eliminate barndoor interference when positioning a fixture. Matthews also introduced the JK Clamp, which combines a pipe clamp and Magic Finger for use with theatrical fixtures. The clamp allows the fixture to hang plumb when the hanging position is not horizontal to the floor, and to be adjusted into other awkward positions.

MC LIGHTS AND MFG. First time anywhere: Rubber stage plugs that are watertight; stainless-steel power distribution systems that are water-resistant and have 100% rated breakers.

MDG FOG GENERATORS First time at LDI: The Ice Fog is a noiseless, low fog generator featuring low fluid consumption, easy adjustment of output, and three safety options. The Atmosphere APS (automatic purging system) Haze Maker promises the finest haze with the longest hanging time and lowest fluid consumption. It is also noiseless. The Max 3000 APS fog generator promises the same for fog. Both units have an automatic purging system.

MEDIA ART SCIENCE CO. Featured products: The SEB-575, SEB-1200, SEB-1200CB, SEB-2400, and SEB-2400CB ballasts are available with either a white body and blue heat sink, or black body with black heat sink color combination. To be used for a 1,200W/575W-loaded HMI lamp application, the unit gives a continuous operation rate with no condensation, dust, or corrosion gas.

MESHTEL/INTELITE First time anywhere: Laser-Lumia Lite-800X, a dynamic holographic image projector which runs in two modes, steady rotation and sound activated variable speed. This projector was shown in prototype at LDI97; the company launched the commercial version at LDI98.

MILLIKEN & CO. First time anywhere: Encore!(TM) is a 100% polyester velour fabric designed for stage and theatre. Durable flame resistance (no retreating), lot-to-lot color consistency, easy-care cleaning, and maximum opacity are some of its valuable attributes. It travels easily and is available in two weights.

MOBOLAZER First time at LDI: The I.M.A.G.E. player(TM) laser graphics projector uses solid-state lasers to produce 40mW of multi-color laser light. Operators have the option of using the new graphics compact disc system or a computer-based system.

MOLE RICHARDSON First time anywhere: The Wireless DMX512 Transmitter & Receiver replaces long DMX cable runs, with the transmitter set up at the control console, and multiple receivers positioned in remote locations to operate dimmers. The company also introduced a 24-channel DMX512 Relay Box, 48-channel DMX512 Switch Box, and a Remote Box that cues practicals for DMX.

Moonlight Illumination First time at LDI: Moonlight Illumination introduced The Mini Pilot, Auto PAR-16, and Auto PAR-36 to consumers at LDI98. The Mini Pilot programs eight fixtures to work together with built-in programs, sound action, and beam scanning. The Auto PAR-16 can move smoothly off of two axes at once. The PAR-36 is designed to create a sharp beam through the 12V/100W high output halogen lamp.

MORPHEUS LIGHTS First time anywhere: The Mini Flip Box Truss can hold 90 moving lights in 10' of truck space. The Power Spot and Power Soft are now available with indexable rotating gobos in weatherized versions. Also, the DMX512-compatible Sub Fader features one billion available colors, 90 preprogrammed colors, and provides a color fading system for conventional lights. The Wet Fader is an environmentally sealed, weather-resistant color fading system that is operated via DMX512, and is now available for architectural applications. The UV Beam, created in association with UV/FX, is a moving, repositionable light for UV applications.

MOTION LABORATORIES First time anywhere: Cell-Mate, a load-monitoring system with universal two-ton cells. Cell-Mate has remote features.

Featured products: Server Control System, a PC-based motor control system (Windows 95 application). The Server Control System can control up to 64 chain hoists. Also featured were Modular Power Distribution Systems and a wide array of cable assemblies.

Company news: Motion Laboratories moved to a temporary location in Peekskill, NY, in August 1998.

MTX First time anywhere: The X3, X4, and X5 interactive mixing stations are designed for mobile and club applications. All feature Smart Assign(TM), which allows for multiple channels on either side of the crossfader, quick drop-ins, or routing straight to the main for studio style fading; Split Q, which lets you choose between a separate cueing source on the left or right, or stereo with both cueing sources combined; and a cueing crossfader, which allows users to reference the cue channels, compare levels to main output audio, and adjust levels, all before going live.

MTX AUDIO First time at LDI: Three interactive mixing stations enter the MTX lineup. The X5 model features five input channels with eight line, four phono, and two microphone inputs. The smaller-scaled X3 and X4 models offer three- and four-input channels. All versions give a 14dB auto mic talkover with input sensitivity adjustment and input gain controls on each panel.

MUSICALEMANT VOTRE First time at LDI: This French light and sound equipment company introduced the Squale CD-700 top-loading CD player. Also new, the Squale CD-400 double CD player features a seamless loop. The company specializes in the production and distribution of turntables, mixers, CD players, microphones, lasers, lighting effects, amplifiers, loudspeakers, fog machines, flight cases, followspots, strobes, UV blacklights, lamps, and accessories.

N & N PRODUCTIONS Featured products: Custom brass gobos to fit all instruments are manufactured to customer specifications. Gobos are cut from 15mil (.015") brass for fixed luminaires and 10mil (.010") for most automated fixtures. Fast turnaround; no hazardous waste products; 98% of post-consumer waste is recycled.

NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING First time at LDI: NSL's Brite Strip low-voltage linear lighting is now available in 12-gauge wire; other new products the company showed were LED Light Rope, with runs of up to 1,000' and a diode life of 100,000 hours; and Race Light, which the company says is the only fully computerized chasing light rope.

NAVIGATOR SYSTEMS US First time anywhere: Navigator Systems showed HireTrack, the multiple location version of the HireTrack Inventory System. The HireTrack Production Management System is designed to assist rental companies in equipment scheduling, packaging methods, word processing, trucking and labor schedules, and more. This latest version allows the user to share rental information among several locations.

NEUTRIK USA Featured products: This manufacturer showed its knobs, board housings, waterproof combination connectors made of stainless steel, and various knobs, adaptors, TT jacks, and transformers used in the movie trade.

NEXT! First time anywhere: Four remix products, Space Bass 3.3, Super Bass 4.4, Rez-30 and Vox-II. The Vox-II vocoder was used by the Beastie Boys on the band's most recent CD.

First time at LDI: next! Lite Truss-triangular aluminum truss featuring a wide range of standard lengths and corners, was on display.

NITENDAY INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: Fiber-Optic Carpets, available in a starfield pattern, or with customized names and logos. Carpets are tread-worthy, vacuum- and steam-cleanable, and available in 20 colors at a standard size of 2m x10m. Also debuting was the Sun Spot fiber-optic fixture, with a 2-degree to 5-degree beam angle that can project up to 200'; available in standard colors black, gray, and white.

NORTHERN STATES METALS Featured products: This custom aluminum extruder for lighting companies showed a range of light fixtures, light casings, and heat sinks made of aluminum.

NSCA Association news: The 1999 National Systems Contractor Association show will be held April 29-May 1 in Nashville, TN.

NSI COLORTRAN First time anywhere: NSI premiered its DS modular dimmer systems, with ease of use in front panel access, a key feature for touring groups and permanent installations. A 16-character LCD provides intuitive access to features that include 0-10VDC analog input control and soft patch of DMX and NSI Micro-Plex control signals. Colortran showed its I Series Quad Rolling Rack Systems, which inserts its I Series e dimming features in a compact package that is particularly suited for touring.

NUMARK INDUSTRIES First time at LDI: The CDN-34 CD player is a dual-transport unit that incorporates 12 seconds of anti-shock memory with true instant start, seamless looping, and a stuttering effect. Numark also introduced the SM-1 professional scratch mixer, with a long-life active optical crossfader and heavy-duty input toggles designed to withstand the expected wear and tear often delivered by a scratch DJ.

NUTECH INDUSTRIES First time at LDI: This first-time LDI exhibitor showed its Clearview power distribution panels, UL-listed lightweightdistro boxes with clear covers. Other featured products included stringers, doghouses, cord sets and adaptors, and portable transformers; the company also offers free consulting.

The Obie Company First time anywhere: As the exclusive US distributor for Coemar, this company introduced the NAT TM4000, which features 4,000W of Osram HMI power to provide throws of half a mile with 10 variable speed, bi-directional spinning gobos, CMY color mixing, color wheel, and prisms. The unit has DMX protocol with three- and five-pin connectors and a 16-bit stepper motor to control all functions. Also, Coemar's CF1200 uses a Philips MSR 1200/SA light source for a "cold-type" heat and a CMY color changing system with superimposable wheels. Its body is constructed of very light carbon fiber and the articulated movement pans to 370 degrees and tilts to 270 degrees.

OLYMPIC CASE CO. Featured products: The Diamond Series Cases are available in all sizes and shapes and are also available in aluminum and diamond-plate. Olympic also featured the eight-drawer LDI Workbox, which features a table and shelves.

OMNIMOUNT SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The ARC (Aesthetically Refined Components) Connections I television mounting and framing system can be used in wall-to-ceiling, light truss, and residential applications. The adjustable framing support system is engineered with both hidden aircraft cables and interlocking framing sections to present an inconspicuous appearance.

OMNISISTEM LIGHTS & EFFECTS First time at LDI: The sound-activated Omniscan HQI 150 compact DMX scanner features 19 gobos, and is fully programmable via DMX512. The Star Craft rotating centerpiece fills the room with nine colored light beams that move and rotate in sync to the music.

OPTI-FORMS Featured products: This company showed its line of standard conic reflectors and computer-designed and optimized aconic reflectors. Also on display were multi-layer thin film dichroic cold mirror coatings for IR heat rejection and maximized visible reflectance at specific color temperature.

ORC LIGHTING PRODUCTS/WOLFRAM ELECTRIC/LUMEN TECHNOLOGIES COMPANIES Featured products: ORC, manufacturer of xenon short-arc lamps used in stage and studio entertainment lighting, was showing bulbs for Super Troupers. Wolfram, a manufacturer of metal halide lamps, and another Lumen Technologies company, was also showing its line of metal halide bulbs.

OSRAM SYLVANIA Featured products: This subsidiary of Germany-based Osram GmbH showed studio and TV tungsten-halogen lamps such as the HP 600, HPL 575, and GCD high light output models, and performing, FX, and spotlight metal halide lamps, including the HTI 152, SSD 250, and the compact design HMI 1200 models.

Company news: The Photo-Optic division of Osram GmbH celebrated its 10th anniversary last October, while the US division of the Photo Optic group celebrated its one-year anniversary under the direction of Paul Caramagna, vice president and general manager.

PC LIGHTS First time anywhere: PC Lights showed the prototype of the Turbo 700, an all-weather washlight for the entertainment and architectural markets. Scheduled to be released Spring/Summer 1998, the Turbo uses an MSR/MSD 575W or 700W metal halide lamp and can be designed as either a moving or a fixed light.

PCM/PFAFF SILVERBLUE In prototype: A new CM Lodestar hoist, available in Europe as SilentStar and adapted to reduce noise level by 40%, will be available in North America by first quarter 1999.

PEARL RIVER LIGHT AND ACOUSTICS Featured products: The UFO-01 Rollar Laser is a new effect that uses a long-life 5mW red laser with three modes of operation: auto, sound-activated, and manual. Also new to the Pearl River lineup are the Tornado and Rainbow. Made of high-intensity, high temperature-enduring plastics and components, they have increased luminous efficiency by 30% with the high efficiency illumination system of dichroic filters and anti-reflecting lenses. Multi-color schemes available.

PEAVEY First time at LDI: The PVM(TM) 22 Diamond Series(TM) cardioid microphone incorporates aneodymium magnet with a diamond-coated diaphragm. The cardioid bipolar response gives the user the freedom of moving within the frontal lobe while maintaining a relatively constant sound. The rear rejection of the PVM 22 is typically 20dB less sensitive than the on-axis response, reducing feedback from stage monitors and background noise.

PENN FABRICATION First time in the US: Gable Roof System, a double-hung truss upstage and downstage; chain-hoist ready; 5,000lb load-bearing capacity. Penn Fabrication also showed the Penn Performer, an outdoor shade roof for entertainment and corporate events.

Company news: The company recently established a new sales arm, Penn Industries, which is a sales team established in the US to handle trussing and lighting products.

PERFORMANCE PYROTECHNIC ASSOCIATES Company news: This first-time exhibitor, with offices in St. Louis and Toronto, has designed and supplied pyro and effects shows for clients including the Rolling Stones, Disney, and the Sky Power Over Houston shows. Also at the booth: Toronto's Source Shop, which supplies film gear and accessories of all kinds to the local and international markets, and The Gel Store, an Internet resource (at for purchasing Rosco gel products.

PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS First time at LDI: Launched in May 1998, the Twister is a DMX-controlled effects fan featuring 120V rating, variable speed, and lightweight tubular steel frame.

PETERSON SYSTEMS INTL. Featured products: The company showed its cable protector lines, including the Yellow Jacket, available in basic or configurable (left- and right-turn models) for motion picture and architectural applications; and the Fox Fiber-Optic X-Overs, used for telecommunications cables.

PHILIPS LIGHTING First time at LDI: Entertainment lamps, including the long-life MSD 250/2 and the MSR 1,200SA short arc unit, plus The Sink, in a new die-cast version designed for the ETC Source Four lamp holder.

Company news: Its MasterColor range won the Architectural Product of the Year Award at LDI98. The compact, long-lasting ceramic discharge metal-halide lamps were in use at booths from Altman, Buhl Industries, Lighting Technologies, NSI, Times Square Lighting, and White Light.

PHOEBUS MANUFACTURING First time anywhere: The SkyWarrior Silverbeam Searchlight is now fully self-contained, with a continuous 360 degrees of motorized rotation. Available in 14", 2kW or 20", 4KW or 7KW sizes, the SkyWarrior is weathertight and features auto-strike ignition.

PIONEER NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES First time at LDI: The PDR-V500 compact disc recorder is compatible with both CD-R and CD-RW. The CDJ-100S professional CD player uses a digital jog break for versatile performance. The function provides three different effects, and the Slot In Method enables smooth disc change. Pioneer also introduced the EFX-500 to its lineup of DJ professional DJ equipment. This DJ Effector features a top panel operation system for live performances. Beat effects actualize real-time effect performance with a jog dial, allowing 25 different effects.

PLASA Association news: The PLASA Shanghai show returns in April, after its successful debut last year. This year's dates are April 13-15. Other important dates for one's calendar are the annual PLASA show in London, which this year takes place September 5-8 at Earl's Court.

PORTACOM/ANCHOR COMMUNICATIONS First time at LDI: This first-time LDI exhibitor showed its line of two-channel intercom systems, which feature durable metal beltpacks and a capacity of up to 20 headsets and are portable or rackmountable. Also featured in the booth were replacement parts and components of the intercom systems.

POWER GEMS CORP. First time at LDI: The Power Gem 1200 electronic ballast, designed for HMI followspots, is lightweight (151lbs) and flicker free. Also new at LDI was the Power Gems 425CDP Electronic Ballast, the lightest 4K electronic ballast to feature power factor control. Infrared Data Key records list running times and faults during operation.

POWERSOURCE TRANSPORTATION Featured product: Powersource provides power-only transportation service, moving empty or loaded trailers, entertainment vans, generators, cryogenic tanks, rocket launchers, carnival rides, or trailer-mounted portable equipment anywhere in the continental US or Canada.

PREMIER LIGHTING & PRODUCTION First time at LDI: In addition to its own line of lighting products, the company now distributes Cotech lighting gels. From the UK-based manufacturer of color filters and color correction products, the gels are available in rolls measuring 48" x 25'.

Company news: Premier is a full-service company, providing sales, rentals, and production for the entertainment industry.

PRO-TAPES & SPECIALTIES First time at LDI: Cable-Path is gaffer's tape with no adhesive throughout the center of the roll. The non-transferable adhesive is on the outer edges. Because of this, the cable can move back and forth even after being taped to the floor. Also new is the Pro-Glow tape and arrows. When exposed to direct light, the tape absorbs light energy, causing it to glow in the dark.

PRODUCTION RESOURCE GROUP First time anywhere: LSD announced the introduction of the Icon M Series, the latest in the successful Icon line of automated luminaires. Called the Medusa, it is the first to utilize the digital light-processing technology from Texas Instruments to create full electronic imaging at the gate of the fixture.

First time in the US: The rotating PIGI projector features double scrolls that can hold up to 100' of media and can rotate continuously at 360 degrees. The projectors can be programmed off a PC; up to 20 projectors can be run off of one computer. The DHA Digital Light Curtain has been seen on some Broadway shows (including Show Boat) but has not been distributed in the US until now. The unit features a pitching yoke with 320 degrees of rotation and a 20-color scroller. The Digital Beamlight 2, also from DHA, was designed for the musical Martin Guerre but has not been available until now. The unit features 360 degrees of pan, 320 degrees of tilt, a 20-color scroller, and is DMX-controllable. New from Robert Juliat is the Korrigan HMI 1200, a 1.2K 120V HMI followspot.

PROFESSIONAL AUDIO SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The TOC(TM) Systems Group is a line of loudspeakers featuring time-offset correction delay and equalization, which remove the effects of the individual driver's phase response; the system's phase response becomes that of the dividing filters. Other features include maximum SPL (ranging from 124-139dB) via concentric loudspeaker technology, and extended bandwidth through precision equalization without sacrificing power handling or phase linearity.

PROLYTE PRODUCTS Featured products: An array of truss systems, including the Multi-Purpose Tower, and the box and flexible book corners, plus the Conical Coupling System (CCS).

PROTECH First time anywhere: A new, hybrid nylon and steel-head block and new 8"-diameter nylon loft block sheave were on display. Both products are injection-molded at the Protech factory in North Las Vegas.

PULSAR In prototype: The Masterpiece 216 has features that include 216 PMX channels patchable to control 512 DMX channels, the ability to switch between eight shows stored internally, memory cards with capacities for one to eight shows, and a "maths" unit for quick generation of effects and efficient use of scenes.

First time at LDI: The Pulsar Masterpiece 108 has been upgraded to control 2,565 DMX channels. The software upgrade is available free of charge.

PYROTEX Company news: Its pyro products and capabilities were amply displayed in a three-minute presentation that ended the LDI Rocks concert with a bang. President Randy Beckham says 673 effects were programmed for the spectacle, held on the roof of Phoenix Symphony Hall and set to music from the films Deliverance and The Fifth Element.

QSP OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY First time anywhere: Dichroic Flood Filters. Featured products: This manufacturer of custom dichroic filters offers more than 24 stock colors as well as rapid custom color development services. All filtersare vacuum-deposited on heat-resistant glass and available in standard sizes from 1" diameter to 6" x 6" squares and custom sizes up to 18" in diameter.

R&S SOLUTIONS First time anywhere: R&S has released Stardraw, a design drawing program for the lighting and audio industry. It comes with 3,000 lighting and truss symbols, plus 10,000 audio symbols.

RADIAL ENGINEERING CA (DIVISION OF CABLETEK ELECTRONICS) First time at LDI: The 50-channel concert snake system with a GTC noise-sensing circuit is 50+ 10 convertible. Options such as stage zoning, monitor splits, and isolated broadcast splits allow freedom to customize one's snake at will. Radial also introduced the JDI MK-2 direct box, used for keyboard, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, digital sampler, drum module, CD player, and line-balancing applications.

RADIANT IMAGING In prototype: Radiant Imaging has developed an integrated set of tools for illumination system design, analysis, and testing. Radiant offers licenses for its comprehensive tools: ProMetric(TM), ProSource(TM) and Radiant Sources(TM). ProMetric(TM) is a photometric tool that allows quick, easy measurement and analysis of illumination systems.

RED POINT Featured products: RP-1, glycol-based fog fluid suitable for use with High End, Clay Paky, Martin, and American DJ water-based fog machines, was on display in this booth.

REEL EFX In prototype: The RE Fan II is an advanced version of the RE Fan with adjustable speed control, one-touch blast, and beam focus.

First time anywhere: The Concussion Cannon is a special effects cannon that uses gases instead of pyrotechnics for 170dB of sound, and will refire once a second.

REMOTE SOURCE LIGHTING INTL. Company news: Project installations manager Gary Hagen says RSLI is emerging from a period of intense consolidation, including significant staff downsizing, the closing of a branch office in North Carolina, and the training of new sales reps. RSLI will refocus efforts on core applications, including the themed entertainment market.

Featured products: Its Light Pump fiber-optic illuminators, which the company is again focusing on.

RICHMOND SOUND DESIGN First time anywhere: The ShowMan NT/32 show control software for Windows NT increases the number of simultaneous cue lists on the program from eight to 32. Also shown was a new set of tools developed by AMX Corporation for the AudioBox(TM) moving matrix sound source, plus Macintosh software ABControl(TM).

ROLAND First time at LDI: The SP-808 Groove Sampler is a sampling and recording workstation featuring four stereo tracks of random-access digital audio recording and 16 assignable sample pads per bank (64 banks total). All audio tracks and phrase samples are recorded using the internal Zip(TM) drive to 100MB Zip disks, giving sampling musicians and remixers up to 64 total track minutes/1,024 samples, accessible instantly without any load time. The unit also features dual D-Beam controller, a light-sensing controller which can be used to trigger and manipulate samples via users' hand and body movements.

ROSCO First time anywhere: The Horizon Playback Controller is the latest addition to the Horizon control system. This unit supports multiple cue lists and the Active Magic Sheet(TM) feature creates HTML documents that can easily be changed as necessary. Also new from Rosco/Entertainment Technology is the IPS Silent Hollywood Line, a chokeless IGBT-based dimmer, with no magnetics or buzzing, and, thanks to convection cooling, no fan noise. Also on hand was a new wireless remote for the Alpha 900 fog machine, which can work up to 30', as well as new fog fluids--the Clear Fog Fluid has no color or scent, and the Light Fog Fluid produces a lighter fog.

First time at LDI: The Permacolor Architectural Series is a lineup of subtle, pale color tints, which are designed for accent lighting. Also available are a new line of Cine Dichroics, nine new patterns of Image Glass(TM) deeply textured glass patterns, and Prismatics, a new range of glass gobos which combine tiny chips of Rosco's Permacolor dichroic glass with thetextured effect of Image Glass. On the paint side, new products included Colorcoat acrylic water-borne enamel, and Flexcoat, a flexible, flame-retardant covering for a wide variety of foams and other surfaces.

ROSE BRAND First time anywhere: The company now represents Live Wire, the flexible cable lighting system. Live Wire uses an ultra-thin flexible copper cable, coated with electroluminescent semiconductors to emit a 360-degree light when AC current is applied. Several fabrics and scenic materials were also presented, including: 56"-wide Trevira Silk, an inherently flame-retardant polyester with the look of silk; 66"-wide Poly Knit, a durable, wrinkle-resistant polyester with a slight stretch; and Aqua-Resin, an easy-to-use, water-borne, two-part opaque molding/casting material.

SAMSON First time anywhere: The Zoom Sample Trak ST-224 provides 80 seconds of sampling in mono or 40 in stereo, plus onboard effects controllable by an edit knob and slide, and nine dedicated pads for any sample. Samson also showed its new VHF and VHF TD series wireless systems, and a new line of DJ mixers from Behringer.

SAN DIEGO STAGE & LIGHTING Featured products: The company promoted its sales, rental, and production services for theatre, television, industrials, conventions, and special events, as well as its large inventory of theatrical supplies and professional design, consultation, and installation services.

Company news: Jim Roth was recently promoted from vice president of sales and marketing to general manager.

SECOA Company news: This full-service equipment supplier to theatres, studios, concert halls, amusement parks, and churches is now the exclusive distributor of CCT Lighting. In addition to showing its standard range of portable staging, the company featured the CCT Freedom ellipsoidal with optional onboard dimmer.

SELECON First time in the US: The Pacific is the world's first base-down axial profile. The active heat management system (ahm) puts the lamp base and wiring out of the heat flow. Cold-mirror technology removes most of the infrared energy from the light beam, taking the heat away from the performers. According to Selecon, the Pacific delivers the same amount of light as traditional luminaires of twice the wattage and three times the size.

SENNHEISER/DAS First time at LDI: The Sennheiser EM 3031/EM 3032 UHF receivers can be combined with any Sennheiser handheld transmitter or pocket transmitter. The 3031-U has a 19" 1RU housing, while the EM 3032-U has two complete receivers in a single 19" 1RU housing. By combining several receivers, the units can be expanded to form a complete multichannel system: 32 PLL frequencies are available in a 24MHz window. Features include true diversity reception with no field strength holes, HiDyn plus noise reduction and advanced muting function for noise-free pauses in speech or vocals.

SGM ELECTRONICS First time at LDI: Represented by local distributor Albuquerque, NM-based Image Lighting & Sound, SGM showed the Giotto Wash 1200, a new moving-head wash projector equipped with an MSR 1200 discharge lamp and a new optical system that can generate over 22,000 lux @5m. Also, the ColourDynamic 575 color changer, which uses a 575W discharge lamp and accepts DMX512 control signals.

SHOWMASTERS THEATRICAL PRODUCTS First time at LDI: The three-strand Samson Pro Master synthetic handline, which handles rigging systems with a higher abrasion factor than its nearest competitor. The rope has low stretch for greater load control, and will not rot or mildew.

SHRINK MARKERS First time at LDI: Heat shrink tubing for 19-pin stage connectors was demoed in the booth.

Featured products: The company also showed its cable identification shrink system, used for XLR-type plugs and molded AC plugs.

SICO NORTH AMERICA Featured products: The company manufactures and distributes mobile folding and folding leg risers and platforms, portable indoor/outdoor dance floors, and mobile folding tables with and without attached seats.

SILVER STATE WIRE ROPE & RIGGING First time anywhere: With Right Lock, you can put an adjustable pick point anywhere on a cable. It's an 1/8"-diameter wire rope that adjusts to any number of lengths. Silver State also showed the Fire Fighter sling, an all-new steel spanset for use in situations where high heat or pyrotechnics come into play. Steel stranding replaces polyester fibers; it's available in 3' standard lengths and 6' standard lengths; other lengths are available upon request.

Company news: The company started an entertainment division, named Jack Rubin & Sons, Inc., in June 1998; it deals exclusively with the TV, film, and theatrical industries.

SKJONBERG CONTROLS Featured products: This company showed its full range of motion control, load monitoring, and power distribution equipment. UL-listed equipment is available for touring and installation applications.

SKYVIEW First time at LDI: The Dominator searchlight is now available in an 18K version, featuring 360-degree rotation, variable speed control, and 60" reflector. Designed for outdoor use at casinos, theme parks, and stadiums, the Dominator can be wired to house power for daily automated operation.

SLICK SYSTEMS Featured products: The company, along with its distributor Blackhawk Lighting, erected a 20 x 30 x 18' Super Beam Apex roof. Dominating the front entrance of the booth, the large-scale Mega Beam system grabbed attention, as did Slick's line of light-duty trussing, including the Lite Beam and Lite Mast, a one-ton tower with circular sleeve block.

SMS ENTERTAINMENT CONNECTORS First time at LDI: An all-rubber, three-pin connector that is rated 600V, 25A, 60A, and 100A.

Featured products: SMS also showed electrical connectors for the mining and entertainment industries.

SOLUTIONS BY COMPUTER First time at LDI: The new ProSTAR Open Access allows complete access to a CounterPro database using Windows tools like Microsoft Excel and Visual SQL. No point-of-transaction speed or functionality is compromised, ensuring fast transaction processing and a flexible method for ad-hoc queries.

SOUNDCRAFT/SPIRIT BY SOUNDCRAFT/AMEK Featured products: These Harman companies shared a booth and showed several of their newer consoles. Soundcraft did not show the Broadway, but did offer up the Series Five front-of-house console, which is available in a range of sizes from 24-56 mono input channels, with each size including an additional four mic/line stereo inputs--the 48-channel frame gives a total of 56 mic/line inputs. Spirit by Soundcraft showed the Digital 328, the first in a new range of digital consoles, which offers an easy-to-use, hard-based interface that should be familiar to anyone who has ever worked with an analog console. And Amek showed the Recall RN console, a new version of the Rupert Neve desk featuring input modules with a Neve-designed mic amp and EQ section.

SPACE CANNON First time at LDI: The Ireos Pro, an outdoor xenon automated searchlight. Features include full electronic dimming of the lamp, a patented electronic strobe that operates up to 20Hz, a built-in dichroic color mixer, variable frost, shutter ,and variable beam shaping, and a built-in power supply.

SPECIAL EFFECTS SYSTEMS First time at LDI: The Radio Remote Firing confetti launch system eliminates long cable runs and reduces setup time and is used with the company's line of electric launchers, prop launchers, Floral Funtastic, and balloon detonators.

Featured products: In addition to confetti products such as Flutter Fetti, Flashy Fetti, tissue streamers, and Frenzy Fetti, SP FX showed the Mega Launcher and the Mega Blaster. All launchers are available in silver holographic foil or matte black finish.

SPECIAL FX LIGHTING First time at LDI: Dichro*X(TM) Lenses: color lenses or multiple color lenses for architectural and theatrical applications.

SPECIAL PROJECTS Company news: This audio supplier is now the exclusive distributor for KLS Lighting.

SPECTRA-PHYSICS LASERS First time at LDI: The Chroma Series Ion Lasers are workhorse systems designed for use in material processing, laser subtitling, laser video, and light show entertainment.The small (Chroma 5) and midframe (Chroma 10) models come in a spectrum of configurations--argon, krypton, and mixed gas--to cover the deep ultraviolet to the infrared.

SPECTRUM LIGHTING Featured products: Large mirrorballs, manufactured in the US and ranging in size from 18" to 18' in diameter, were displayed in this booth. Company news: The company launched its online store, featuring lighting, sound and special effects, all available at

SPEED OF LIGHT CREATIVE LIGHTING SYSTEMS First time at LDI: Speed of Light showed Crystal Clear Rope for tree lighting and architectural outlining. The rope is completely clear, with crystal-clear connectors. Bulbs run at 10A rather than the standard 6.9. The company also showed the Crystal Cube, a totally smooth exterior casing.

SSRC--SOUTH EAST STAGE RIGGING & CURTAINS Featured products: SSRC showed the SL(TM) Series Connector Strip, with standard features including .095" black extruded aluminum wireway with interlocking cover sections; 15, 20, 30, 50, and 60A connectors and receptacles, flush receptacles or 18" pigtail-mounted connectors, etc. The company also showed the BAL(TM) Series Connector Strip; standard features include 0.125" black extruded aluminum wireway with interlocking cover sections, 15, 20, 30, 50, 60 and 100A connectors and receptacles available, flush receptacles or 18" pigtail-mounted connectors, etc. SSRC also showed Outlet Boxes (for pipe, clamp, or surface mounts) and Floor Pocket Outlet Boxes.

STAGE TECHNOLOGIES First time at LDI: The Nomad is a lightweight, portable motion control system that can be installed in a modular fashion to allow plug-in positions in different sites. Up to 16 Nomads may be used simultaneously as part of a single system.

STAGELINE MOBILE STAGE First time at LDI: This Canadian manufacturer presented its Stageline SL Series, formerly the Stagevan Series, which was featured at LDI Rocks. Easy to set up and transport, the series offers several different sizes of mobile stages.

Featured products: The Stageline SAM 550 mobile stage was displayed outside of the Phoenix Civic Plaza for a nonstop demo. The 50' x 40' (15.24m x 12.2m) includes 20 tons of sound and lights and can be set up in four hours by four technicians.

Company news: Star Hire Event Services, the company's distributor in the UK, won a 1998 Entertainment Technology Award for Best Staging Innovation in the UK for the Stageline SAM Mobile Unit.

STAGESTEP First time at LDI: Stagestep featured the Sigaway Release Adhesive System for installing flooring. It works like double-faced tape but has no toxic adhesives. It is reusable and can be temporarily neutralized by water.

STAGING CONCEPTS Featured products: The company's portable stage equipment, including performance stages, seating risers, ADA-accessible seating, custom applications, and raised flooring, were displayed. Modular lightweight components allow configurations to be easily altered for maximum versatility.

STANTON MAGNETICS Featured product: The Trackmaster II series of integrated headshell DJ cartridges is built to survive rugged club usage of mobile or scratch applications. The high-polish fluorescent diamond stylus tip can be either spherical or elliptical.

STARDRIVE DESIGN CORP. First time anywhere: Stardrive presented the Ribbon Lift, an electrically extended stainless-steel column for drive, lift, or extension requirements. The 25'-tall column deploys from a 1'-high drum. The Ribbon Lift can carry lighting and speakers with it and has a 115/230 AC drive motor and 25' power cord.

STEELDECK Featured product: A staging and riser system is available for sale and rentals. The modular units make flat stages, ramps, and seating risers. Custom designs available. Company news: Steeldeck is celebrating its fifth year of manufacturing in the US.

STRAND LIGHTING First time anywhere: The new Quartzcolor range of HMI fresnels and PARs is designed for studio and location use. It is billed as the first complete range of luminaires for use with singled-ended HMI lamps. A full range of accessories is available. Also, the series 500 consoles have received their first major update. New ergonomic keys, a larger trackball, and more space around the motion control section of the console add to ease of use. Other features include enhanced support for 16-bit automated luminaire operation, new fixture libraries, and a new 3,000-event SMPTE timecode cue sheet. Also, system capacity has been expanded to a maximum of 6,000 channels, 2,000 attributes, and 8,192 DMX outputs using Strand's ShowNet ethernet system. Strand's new Relay racks are available with 24 or forty-two 30A relays; all racks feature relay status reporting, dual DMX inputs, SWC, and Outlook presets. Two rack versions are available--with or without processor.

STREAMER EFFECTS INTL. Featured products: The company provides streamer and confetti systems, including the Celebration Launcher, the 18" Wand Launcher, rainbow streamers, metallic streamers and confetti, and bubble confetti.

STUDIO DUE First time at LDI: The CityColor patented system of indoor/outdoor architectural light is a square projection floodlight that uses a powerful 1,800W lamp. Instead of using the traditional colored gels, the system diffuses through dichroic filters. Outdoors, one fixture at a distance of about 10m can cover a surface of 15m x 10m. It is not necessary to use a controller, as the unit has pre-stored programs.

SUDDATH TRANSPORTATION Featured product: STS and its affiliated company, Tour Transportation, specialize in air-ride transportation services. The company provides equipment and drivers for transportation, one-way movements, air freight, and flatbed freight.

SUNBELT SCENIC STUDIOS First time at LDI: Developed by Sunbelt and Martin Audio, the LEI2J audio wedge features a low frequency of 1,200W peak and high frequency of 300W peak. The monitors are made of 19-ply marine quality Finnish birch, and sport a high-sensitivity 12" LF driver with a 3"voice coil and a large-format titanium diaphragm compression driver configured as a two-way active system. Sunbelt has also expanded its "Sun Sets" stock scenery line.

SUPER VISION INTL. Featured products: Its range of fiber-optic cable systems, including the DMX512-controllable DMX Series 2000 system.

SURETY MFG & TESTING First time at LDI: The Gravity(TM) Riggers harness is a "sit" harness suitable for rappelling/control descent, positioning, ladder climbing, rescue, and fall arrest. Featured products: The company also showed its other rescue and rigging harnesses; lanyards, including the Stage II(TM) By-Pass Lanyard; and various carabiniers and pulleys.

SYNCROLITE In prototype: The SX7K lighting system is billed as the only high-powered xenon lighting instrument that can be used in any spatial configuration, including ground mount, truss mount, side mount, or down operations. It makes use of a 7,000W xenon lamp from Ushio.

First time anywhere: The SX3K lighting system is similar to theSX7K, but it makes use of a 3,000W xenon lamp from Ushio.

SYNTRILLIUM SOFTWARE Featured product: The Cool Edit Pro 1.1 is an OEM upgrade digital audio recorder, editor, and mixer for Windows, which can mix up to 64 tracks together. Allows special edition and light edition users to upgrade to the full edit program.

SYSTEMS WIRELESS First time at LDI: The System 800 UHF Wireless Intercom system can stand alone or interface with most existing intercom systems. It operates in the UHF band between 457 to 500MHz, and potential RF interference is further reduced via a tone-coded security system. Other features include a 2,000' operating range, tone-coded squelch, and a frequency response of 250 Hz-3,500Hz.

TECHNI-LUX In prototype: The Tracker-HO, a high output version of the Techni-Scan Tracker series of automated lights, will be available soon.

First time anywhere: The Leader 2000 LCD Scanner, which generates all imagery via an LCD screen and can be used as a large-screen projector and a moving-mirror intelligent scanner; the DX-1220 twelve-channel modular dimmer pack for numerous applications; and the water-based Hazer MKII haze generator. Also, a new iris for the Techni-Scan DX, for nightclubs and medium-sized touring bands.

TECHNICAL PROJECTS First time anywhere: the LS-2 Loudspeaker comes equipped with override on front panel volume control, and can be controlled from the master or stage manager's position. Can be mounted in a six-gang electrical box for tabletop or surface mounting. The Production Intercom is a full line of wired headset communications that includes master stations, loudspeaker stations, beltpacks, and headsets.

TEI ELECTRONICS Featured products: TEI introduces the UVMax, Bubblepalm, and Duocannon to its lineup of special effect and theatrical lighting products. UVMax is a 400W UV projector that weighs only 22lbs. The Bubblepalm, to be used in tropical theme environments, uses an air pump to generate bubbles that travel through the acrylic trunk. And for foam and snow, the stainless-steel Duocannon projects up to 25'.

TELECAST FIBER SYSTEMS First time at LDI: Telecast's most popular fiber optic system, the Viper(TM), now provides digital transmission for all production environments--from studio to transmitter to outside broadcasting.The new Digital Viper(TM) simultaneously carries high-definition serial digital video at speeds up to 1.5Gbps, and NTSC/PAL analog video, audio, intercom, and control data over a single, lightweight fiber cable. The fiber-optic systems provider also showed its Adder(TM) 882I intercom multiplexer, which uses one optical fiber conductor to transmit 10 intercom channels plus eight bi-directional data channels.

TELEX/EVI AUDIO GROUP First time at LDI: Telex showed the USR100 wireless microphone system, which features an onboard programmable integrated circuit microprocessor, allowing for the marriage of digital precision with real analog sound. The voltage-controlled oscillator is controlled by the PIC processor, as is each individual USR-100 receiver front end, which includes the RF stage tuning elements. The USR-100 also features a pair of UP-UP channel slewing buttons, which allow for rapid selection. Also on display was the Electro-Voice Xi Series, the fixed installation version of the company's touring line of speakers. All incorporate Ring Mode Decoupling (RMD(TM)) techniques, which fix delayed resonances at their specific mechanical or acoustical sources, instead of in the mix. All new X-Array Install systems are equipped with Electro-Voice's newly developed DH6 large-format compression driver.

TEMPEST LIGHTING First time anywhere: The Hurricane Lighting Enclosure(TM), an intelligent-lighting enclosure for moving-mirror head features that is designed for outdoor use. The unit has a digital controller that monitors internal temperature.

THEATRE EFFECTS First time at LDI: The company is the exclusive US distributor of the German-made FG90 Tiny-Fogger. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the fog generator is microprocessor-controlled, features cordless operation, and can be incorporated easily into props, puppets, costumes, and backdrops. Also new are economical gobo and slide projectors made in Taiwan. Features include two adjustable lenses for variable zoom and focus, a black or white finish, and MR-16 38-degree halogen lamp, all at a low price.

TIMES SQUARE LIGHTING First time at LDI: Its Vision-Lite showlight scanner for retail applications. A handheld wireless remote controls beam movement, color changing, pattern, or 35mm slide selection, or a special DMX control input can be installed for larger venues.

Company news: Now distributing products from Italy's SGM Light Technology.

TIR SYSTEMS First time at LDI: TIR makes the 4150 IPM outdoor architectural image projector, a wet location luminaire, for White Light and Enliten.

Featured products: Light Pipe(TM) linear lighting systems have hollow prismatic light guides and remote HID sources; the system is easy to maintain and has the ability to isolate electrical components from the lit environment.

TMB Associates First time anywhere: The Grapple is a multipurpose truss clamping device that will fit on any size truss. The ProPlex Ethernet Cable is the first of its kind made durable enough (to CAT 5 specifications) for portable applications, including touring.

Company news: At, buyers looking to find used equipment can do so quickly via this online service. There is also an expendables store. Also, Creative Structures Inc. (CSI) range of trussing features rounded extrusions and also rounded off holes--the angle of the V, or apex, can be changed for all different lengths and pressure points.

TOLEETO FASTENERS INTL. Featured products: CORD-LOX(R), a complete line of Velcro(R) cable wraps. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. The line includes its most frequently used model, the Closed Loop design. The Rivet Series is geared towards the rental industry and designed to stay on the cord permanently; the straps are attached to the cord by a snap-rivet. The loop side can then be wrapped around and stuck to the hook side.

TOMCAT USA First time anywhere: The company introduced IT, or Intelligent Trussing, which includes an electronic mounting structure that attaches to luminaires and can then be flown into the truss. Also comes with a manual hand crank.

TOOLS FOR STAGECRAFT First time at LDI: The Universal Socket Kit fits everything from 1/4" to 3/4" and features a flexible stubby ratchet. Spot Dot II followspot aiming site eliminates the need to "ghost," dot visible under all conditions, and has a high and low power setting.

TOTAL STRUCTURES First time at LDI: Intelligent Pre-Rig truss (IPR) is designed to carry three moving-yoke fixtures in the truss for transport. The fixtures' heads and yokes are supported during trucking and storage by custom-designed bungee nets, which provide additional shock absorption. The truss' overall dimensions are the same as conventional PAR can truss and the bolt plates enable standardized compatibility. Accessories include a dust cover and the Intelligent Side-arm, which allows the attachment of moving-mirror lights or other fixtures, drapes, or effects, at any point on the IPR truss span. The truss is currently out on the road with the Reba McEntire/Brooks and Dunn tour. Also, the Arena Deck features a lightweight, gated centerpiece and a removable piece for quick reconfiguration and assembly.

TOUCH-PLATE TECHNOLOGIES First time at LDI: The BACnet Gateway allows companies to control the MCP network of panels over a serial, twisted pair of wires, eliminating the need for lots of dry-contact relay inputs and outputs to and from panels built by different manufacturers. Also new to the Touch-Plate lineup is the Control Plus Series DMX Panels that handle all the non-dim, DMX-controllable loads associated with theatrical and architectural control systems.

TPR ENTERPRISES First time at LDI: A broad range of fiber-optic lighting equipment, from components to curtains, including microbullet lenses for .75 and 1mm polymer fiber, and a 150W metal-halide illuminator using the Osram 150W HTI lamp.

TRANSFAB TRANSFORMERS First time anywhere: The Purelite flicker-free magnetic ballast is suitable for filming and studio work using high-speed cameras. Purelite minimizes electronic components to deliver a reliability rate exceeding 100,000 hours. Transfab is distributed in North America by The Delta Group.

TRANSVERSE INDUSTRIES First time at LDI: A portable laser disco light with manual and automatic modes. Over 60 patterns can repeat automatically.

TRIDENT LIGHTING Featured products: This manufacturer of lighting equipment for bars, stages, halls, and discos features fixtures like the Space Rose, Dancer, Peacock, Star, and Color Butterfly. Laser programs and scanner control, as well as spotlighting options, are also available.

TUBEWORKS First time at LDI: ConfettiSTORM is a continuous blast confetti launcher that uses a 200mph air stream to blast confetti up to a 50' spray. Features remote operation, DMX capability, and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

ULTRATEC FIBRE OPTIC Featured products: This Canadian company showcased its fiber-optic products, which it says maintain their projection past 100' (30m).Products are available in designer finishes and styles.

UNION CONNECTOR Featured products: A complete offering of standard three-pin connectors, including a line of non-melting connectors, and electrical distribution equipment.

UNIPAR LIGHTING First time anywhere: A track adapter is now available for the company's UP-2 (PAR-56 size) and UP-3 (medium size, PAR-20) lighting fixtures. Also premiering at LDI were the Unipar ABRs (adjustable beam reflectors) which make it possible to use medium-base E26/27 single-ended halogen lamps or convert any UP-2 into a versatile luminaire.

UNIQUE BUSINESS SYSTEMS In prototype: R2, a 32-bit, Java-based Internet rental management webware program, will be available in the summer, according to the company.

Featured product: RentTrace, the company's rental management system, is receiving an upgrade; a new version of the program, with enhanced features for quotes and contracts, will come out in the first quarter of 1999.

UNIVERSAL MFG. CO. Featured product: Universal's structural aluminum truss. Universal's specialty is custom configurations for any space.

US INDUSTRY CO. Featured products: Include lighting and fixtures for production service, concert tour, stage, studio, TV, theatres, and nightclubs. Products and services include PAR cans (64, 56, 46, 38, 20, and 16), lamp and ACL bars, connector strips, pinspots, connectors, cheeseboros, clamps, wire and cable assemblies and connectors, lamp sockets, light bulbs, and stage cables.

USHIO AMERICA First time at LDI: A line of HPL lamps for ETC Source Four fixtures, including wattage ranges from 350W to 750W, 2,000-hour-long life, and European versions.

Featured products: Ushio also showed large wattage xenon lamps for followspots and searchlights, and an assortment of halogen and metal halide lamps.

USITT Association news: USITT heads to Canada for its annual Conference and Stage Expo, to be held in Toronto, March 24-27. For more information, call USITT at (800) 93USITT, or check out the organization's website at

UV/FX SCENIC PRODUCTIONS Featured products: Design, fabrication, painting, and installation of UV scenic drops, murals, sets, props, and costume treatments.

VANTAGE LIGHTING In prototype: The Image 2000 is a 3D holographic projection system scheduled to go into production next year. Featuring image projection up to 4', 8-16" image size, full-color, and moving 3D images.

VARI-LITE INTL. First time anywhere: The Virtuoso(TM) control console is the successor to the Artisan(R) console and features a fully integrated 3D graphics display, designer's remote functions, 30 submasters with a variety of playback modes, a powerful effects package, timing and delay values on a parameter basis to allow unlimited multipart cues, and preview and off-line programming. The VL7(TM) spot luminaire, winner of LDI98's Product of the Year Award, has an HTI 600W Osram metal halide arc lamp and features an 8:1 zoom for high quality imaging and constant focus and the 2:1 beam fall-off ratio remains constant at any magnification. The unit's CVF(TM) system allows the light to achieve full spectrum color crossfades. Also, the VL7B spot luminaire provides full image framing and individually controls each of the shutters on two axes, and the framing system can be rotated 50 degrees to facilitate rapid programming. Also, the VL6B(TM) spot luminaire is an upgrade of the VL6(TM) spot luminaire, which adds a 3:1 optics system to provide a field angle range from 36 degrees to 12 degrees. A five-position rotating indexable gobo wheel is also provided. ShowCo introduced the new L3 Prism(R) Compact Loudspeaker System, which features two-way design with choice of HF coverage pattern and low frequency supplement modules. In addition, the Showconsole features instant storing of all variable parameters within the console that can be instantly recalled in numerical or show order. The board has 240 to 720 inputs, 80 to 240 active channels, 32 mix, digital control, analog audio, and it works as a houseor stage mixer.

VEAM, A DIVISION OF LITTON SYSTEMS First time anywhere: The 80A Single Pole Quick Disconnector is small and environmentally seals on the cable (it is guaranteed in up to 10m of water for 12 hours).

Featured product: The company also showed the 80A Four-Pole Quarter Turn Quick Disconnect, which has a right angle for a straight back shelf with a cable clamp for strain relief.

VER SALES First time anywhere: The Mountain Box System is a catwalk system that attaches to the truss and allows the lighting technician to have access to lights and cabling when the truss is in the air. It is OSHA-rated, ultra lightweight, and resists weathering.

First time at LDI: Ver Sales featured the Grip Strip Belt System for lighting technicians. The Grip Strip is designed so that lighting technicians have a place to store their gear, from grip equipment to fresnel lenses, film to videotape, cell phones to battery packs.

VERLINDE Featured products: Verlinde displayed several of its lifting motors, including the Stagemaker(R) Compact, a low-weight, cast-aluminum chain hoist suitable for tight spaces, and the Euromotor. The Stagemaker Compacts are CE-marked and also conform to the North American CSA regulations.

VIDESSENCE First time at LDI: Its SRGB fluorescent technology and products, for cool, energy-efficient lighting in media production applications. Products like Koolites (available in Koolkits) and Icelites are available in configurations from turnkey studio packages to components for miniature luminaires.

VISUAL EFFECTS First time at LDI: The Phonic Verbifex Digital Reverberator is a full-rack processor that gives studio-quality digital processing and an array of over 250 effect programs. Sixteen presets offer reverb, delay, echo, flanger, chorus, and panner effects and combinations. Also introduced at the show was the Power Pod 7.

VPLT Association news: VPLT invites one and all to the annual Frankfurt MusikMesse, to be held this year March 3-7.

WALT DISNEY WORLD Company news: Recruiters from Walt Disney World were on hand looking for experienced stage technicians in audio, lighting, rigging, special effects/lasers, and props, as well as production managers, stage managers, and technical directors. Interested parties should send their resumes to Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., Entertainment Recruiter, PO Box 10,000, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830.

WENGER First time at LDI: Typically used by municipalities and parks and recreation departments, Encore Showbile is now being marketed to entertainment professionals. It takes only 15 minutes to unfold a full-scale, thrust-style stage with cantilevered canopy, overhead lighting, and acoustical shell from within a 28' trailer. Easy to transport and set up, Encore can be used to stage events, both large and small.

WHITE LIGHT First time in the US: The FX/DMX is a new control accessory for White Light's popular VSFX range of animated cloud, snow, flame, and water effects. The FX/DMX allows analog VSFX animation disks to be controlled using DMX lighting consoles. Also new from Enliten, White Light's specialist architectural lighting division, is the Callisto, an exterior wet-location ellipsoidal spotlight using a 150W, 9,000-hour metal halide lamp. It is available with beam angles ranging from 10-55 degrees. It can be fitted with gobos or masks, for exterior logo projection, framing, or effects work.

WIDE LOYAL ENTERPRISES Featured product: Flexilight, the decorative rope light available in 10 colors, is UV-protected and suitable for outdoor use. Various voltages, in AC or DC, are available: 12V, 24V, 100-120V, 220-240V, and 250V.

WIKO First time anywhere: A new daylight task lamp has been added to the Solux line of lamp technology. Designed to simulate daylight, the lamp is available at 3,500K, 4,100K, and 4,700K in four beam spreads. Other features include uniform beam spread and low UV and infrared emissions.

WILDFIRE First time at LDI: The WF-600S/F 600W spot flood has a powerful 200' throw, with DMX control capabilities, state-of-the-art focusing, universal voltage ballast, and remote capability to 180'. The WF-600F 600W flood also has a 200' throw, DMX control capabilities, and universal voltage ballast, along with long lamp life and an extra wide field. Both units are hot-restrikeable. Also new is a series of UV-sensitive invisible clear coat paints, in eight colors.

WING ENTERPRISES Featured product: The telescoping, multi-purpose ladder is made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy and meets or exceeds all OSHA standards for an extra heavy-duty rating (300lb capacity). Unique flared leg design adds stability. The "push button" hinge can be easily operated by anyone.

WIREWORKS First time at LDI: The TEC256 Multiple Pin Tester, this year's LDI Sound Product of the Year Honorable Mention, is a computer-based cable tester for large-scale multipin testing. The PC-based software can check 256 points for shorts, opens, cross-wiring, and resistance in less than a second. The software definable test programs check each test parameter to assure the assembly being tested is wired correctly.

WYBRON First time in the US: CXI Color Fusion uses just two color scrolls with graduated frames of cyan, yellow, and magenta to create a color palette which is billed as being far beyond that of any color changer. The Proscenia Projection System is designed to be an entry-level alternative to high end scene and effects projections., offering four-color scene projection, a scene changer, rotating pattern effects, and various lens packages, depending on your needs. The Imageexpress digital library has more than 80,000 images that can be turned into a 4" x 2.67" transparency for your Proscenia project and shipped on the same day. The Eclipse is a DMX-controlled dowser that can be used to dim HMI and other so-called "non-dimmable" lamps. The product comes in three sizes, to fit the most common discharge fixtures: 1K, 2K, and 5K.

X&Y SYSTEMS First time anywhere: The Zaptatoo 1,200 HMI has DMX-programmable acceleration and auto focus. A full CYM color mixing system, fixed color wheel, and progressive CTO color corrector are featured in the product, along with a dimmer, strobe, and rugged fiber composite, all packed into a modular design.

XENOTECH-STRONG INTL. First time anywhere: The TrussTrouper 1.2(TM) is a 1,200W double-ended metal halide follow spotlight that features lightweight switching power supply and exterior-mounted lamp focus control. The fixed-focus unit may be provided with three interchangeable lenses, adapting the spotlight for long, medium and short-throw applications. The company also introduced The ChromaScope, a 20"-diameter trichromatic dichroic color changer for the Britelight 4000 and 7000. The unit consists of six overlapping layers of four dichroic-coated, borosilicate blades in cyan, magenta, and yellow for six solid colors, including red, blue, green, plus open white and blackout, as well as 30 alternate color states.

YA GANG STUDIO STAGE LIGHT First time anywhere: The Yx-223 Scan Cartoon Laser is a ball and stage light with control systems in Chinese and English. The Guangzhou, China-based company also featured the Good Luck Computerized Scanning Laser Light and the Little Cockchaser.

YORKVILLE SOUND First time at LDI: The PowerMax 16 mixer features mid frequency sweep (100Hz to 8kHz), switchable hi-pass filtering, aux send (post EQ and fader), mute and solo switching, solo AFL/PFL select, stereo graphic EQ on mains, two monitor graphic EQs, and a dual mode digital effects processor (255 presets in stereo mode or 2 x 16 mono mode).