The new Coemar iWash LED is the complement to the iSpot 150. Utilizing the same styling, base, and arm as the iSpot 150, the iWash LED uses 36 1W RGB LEDs, allowing instantaneous and seamless color mixing and multi-color strobe. The fixture has a 50,000+ hour lamp life, making it and the iSpot 150 appropriate for club installations.
Hollywood, FL
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Octopod 80 is an LED pod lighting system manufactured by Alkalite and distributed exclusively by Elation in North America. Consisting of a network of eight large lighting pods and a proprietary controller, it uses LED technology to produce a virtually infinite range of colors. Each pod is equipped with 90 LEDs — 30 red, 30 green, and 30 blue — and uses RGB color-mixing technology. With all 90 LEDs turned on, it will generate extremely bright white light. The system also provides smooth transitions from one color to the next. Because the LED system produces no infrared and ultra-violet light, heat production is kept to a minimum. The life of the system is rated at 50,000 hours. The yoke-mountable system includes a proprietary Pixel Drive X controller (required for operating the system) and comes in a lightweight aluminum case. Eight signal cables are provided, with 5-pin in/out connections on the rear panel of the controller. A unit-addressing switch is also included. The system's power consumption is 95W.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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The DS0616B is a high-resolution, high-brightness LED video display designed for advertising, digital entertainment, and information broadcasting. Its spinning LED technology allows for the same high resolution found in plasma and LCD screens with the brightness and contrast typical of LED displays. The screen is enhanced with a built-in computer system and wireless network connection for clean installation and zero cable connection hassles. With an exclusive software package, the screen is capable of displaying up to three different media sources simultaneously for delivering a variety of messages and content at a time. The display measures 36" in diameter and 88" high.
Irvine, CA
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The SaVi Flood is a 12V, 25W RGB LED, free-standing wall wash fixture rated for indoor or outdoor use. The power supply is built into the base, so there is no need for an external power supply. It is DMX-capable or available with a stand-alone controller with preset effects. Fixture construction is aluminum alloy with adjustable positioning.
Super Vision International Inc.
Orlando, FL
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With the same transparency and lightweight qualities of the original Classic-Frame, the DMX512-controlled Light-Frame brings transparent LED display technology to smaller budget productions. It is suitable for use with existing lighting control system and also RDM ready. Lightweight square frames, 3'×3', can be assembled and reassembled in any format, providing long-term flexibility for a variety of performances, while the aluminum frame allows for the rigors of touring. It can be mounted or hung from almost any surface, indoors or outdoors, and it can be assembled and taken down by two or three people, with no need for a lift or crane.
Scharff Weisberg Systems
Long Island City, NY
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iColor® Cove MX Powercore is the highest-intensity member of the iColor Cove family. The 12" unit features patent-pending Powercore technology for greater operational efficiency and simplified installation, with more than double the intensity of iColor Cove and uniform color mixing. The compact unit has a 100° beam angle, and its integral mounting bracket allows for 180° rotation in 10° increments, directing the output as desired. In addition, by integrating power and data management within the fixture, Powercore increases efficiency, lowers the total system cost, and eliminates the need for multiple external power supplies. It accepts a universal power input range from 100 to 240VAC.
Color Kinetics
Boston, MA
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The LiveLED 100 is a compact, yoke-mounted fixture designed to provide the output and performance required for production environments and the versatility and long life required for architectural installations. Designed primarily as a color wash cyc light with interchangeable lenses for narrow, oval, and wide beam control, the 100W fixture achieves a 1400 lumen output using approximately 1A of power. It features an integrated power supply, drivers, and DMX control, eliminating the need for external components and dimmer packs. RGB color mixing allows for 16.7 million colors using either a DMX controller or onboard pre-programmed macros activated via a rotary knob control panel.
Advanced Lighting Systems, Inc.
Sauk Centre, MN
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Palco 3 is a high-power LED wash fixture that is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It uses 3W Luxeon LEDs with almost no projected heat. The LED RGB color mixing system provides colors across the entire spectrum. The fixture has three or six DMX channels with built-in macros, an insulation degree of IP65, color correction, and operates on an input power from 90-270VAC (50-60Hz). It can be programmed to operate in stand-alone mode and also comes with one of four different interchangeable beam angle lenses: 8°, 25°, 40°, or 10°×22° elliptical. The unit can be mounted on a wall, clamped, or simply stand freely on the floor.
Orlando, FL
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The Pixelline 1044 fixture's new “brighter brother” is designed for high-output wash illumination, using five cells of RGB and amber 1W to 3W Luxeon emitters. Housed the same as the 1044 batten, the Pixelline 110 (EC) is double the output of the PixelPAR 90(A) in a linear package, complete with forced air cooling, from a patent-pending heat management system. Five-cell resolution, using RGB and amber LEDs, offers full spectrum reproduction. The standard beam angle is 4°, and holographic films offer six options to expand beyond this using the refraction method. Beam expansion by refraction is also now available as an accessory for the Pixelline 1044.
James Thomas Engineering
Knoxville, TN
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Chroma Tube® is an RGB LED color-changing tube able to create patterns and move them along the tube. It looks like fluorescent, neon, or fiber optics. Each section contains individually controllable pixels comprised of red, green, and blue LEDs. Pixels can be uniform for a solid color effect or different to create color patterns. Color patterns can move at varying speeds and continue through linked units. Various control options are available, including DMX512 and dedicated controller. The unit offers LED advantages including ultra-long lamp life, virtually no maintenance, low heat emission, low UV/IR emission, and low power consumption. It is available in 1000mm or 300mm lengths; 25mm or 50mm diameter; and clear or milky coating. Beam angle is 110°.
Articulight, Inc.
Fair Lawn, NJ
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The Daktronics ProTour modular LED display system features indoor-outdoor SMD technology; zero-noise panels for versatility and redundant diagnostics; and panel-to-panel communication. In addition, the system comes packaged with the V-Tour event controller and the V-Link® video processor. The V-Tour event controller unlocks the ProTour modular display system by featuring “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” management of display arrangements, image and brightness settings, video zone layouts, and diagnostic functions. The LED video processor accepts live video feeds and enhances those signals to ensure true-to-life image reproduction on any ProTour modular LED display. The processor provides for custom aspect ratios, supports a wide variety of formats, and features True Pixel processing.
Brookings, SD
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The EnBryten Portrait is for low location lighting, such as path lighting in theatre entries or safety lights at catwalks and house box booms. The fixtures mount directly to a standard j-box and can be used in new or retrofit applications. Fixtures feature a patented thermal management technology to keep the LEDs cool running with long life. There is a choice of two built-in power supplies, either accepting line voltage (90-240VAC) or low voltage (12-24VAC/DC). The power supply has a three-position switch for high, medium, and low light output and can be supplied in warm white, cool white, blue, red, green, and amber. The three parts — LED module, driver/power supply, and face plate — are all changed out with a screwdriver. The fixture comes standard in unfinished cast aluminum but can be configured for any powder coated finish, faux KolorTek finish, or chrome finish.
Permlight Products
Tustin, CA
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QuikRig is an all-in-one screen-framing system for rental environments that uses industrial strength clamps to connect pre-cabled LED panels together. Each panel can be lifted into place and quickly clamped together by a single person. It is the lightest rental LED display system on the market and has been designed with the touring pro, screen technician, and event manager in mind. A 450' screen can be completly assembled by two people in less than two hours.
Auckland, New Zealand
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Combining the benefits of LED technology and engineered to provide low-cost installation, the LED2 fixture provides color-mixing capabilities in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This outdoor fixture utilizes Color Kinetics technology and is capable of lighting an 11-story building from the ground. The fixture draws a maximum of 250W and has an output comparable to metal halide fixtures that use three times the power. With no moving parts to maintain, color changes can be made instantaneously. The fixture is available as a full custom system with control.
4Wall West
Las Vegas, NV
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The triple-LED Illuminator uses patent-pending technology. With 100% of the emitted light distributed within the numerical aperture, this illuminator delivers light output comparable to traditional incandescent or halogen units. Three LEDs deliver upwards of 25,000 hours of illumination, with fan-free operation. It is suitable for wet locations or neon replacement applications when coupled with 3M High Luminance Fiber.
Visual Lighting Technologies
Mission Viejo, CA
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Pixi-Led is a self contained LED luminaire aimed primarily at the architectural lighting market, representing a fusion of lighting and video. The fixtures use new “point-source” RGB color mixing that creates bright white light output and, with consistent color mixing ability, provides an enhanced color palette with a range of pastel colors and tints. To ensure future compatibility, Pixi-Led is both DMX512A- and RDM-compatible. Matrices of Pixi-Led can be controlled by Color-Tramp, a lighting controller that communicates via the Art-Net Ethernet standard and implements all the functionality of RDM. This allows it to operate as both a lighting controller and an installation management system.
Artistic Licence Ltd.
Harrow, UK
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The Module 12 is an LED luminaire containing 12 LEDs and is available in indoor, outdoor IP67, or underwater IP68 versions. The LEDs can be either a mixture of red, green, and blue for color mixing or single color white, warm white, amber, red, green, or blue. The unit is DMX-capable and comes with different optics: from 6° and 15° optics for a narrow beam angle to 25° and oval optics for a wall-wash effect. This unit is dimensionally equivalent to an AR-111 lamp and can fit into any housings of this size, such as a PAR36.
Tryka L.E.D. Ltd.
Royston, UK
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SoftLED, manufactured by Mainlight Industries, is a combination of LED technology and black fabric drop. Taking advantage of LEDs, digital animation, computer processing, and interface technologies, SoftLED is delivered fully operational and ready to hang. Each backdrop contains a grid of LED node interlaced with thin, flexible wire cable. The nodes, comparable to pixels in image quality, contain a red, green, and blue diode, each individually controllable for a full range of colors. From the front, the visible part of the node is smaller than a dime. While generating a sizeable display when in use, it is compact and lightweight, typically weighing under 150lbs. A crew of two can strike, fold, and store a 16'×33' curtain in less than 30 minutes.
Rose Brand
New York, NY
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I. Weiss & Sons
Long Island City, NY
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GE joint-venture company GELcore, LLC, offers LED lighting solutions to replace neon in a variety of entertainment and architainment applications. Available colors are white, yellow-amber, red, red-orange, blue, cyan, and green. Low-voltage Tetra LED solutions save approximately 80% in energy costs over neon and provide a rated life of up to 100,000 hours. The lighting system is thermally managed and has a high level of resistance to vibration. Applications include cove lighting, signage, backlighting, and architectural accent lighting.
GELcore, LLC
Valley View, OH
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The new ChromaFlood200 is an IP65-rated 200W LED fixture suitable for out-door or indoor use. The fixture is powered directly from 100-240VAC and has full remote DMX control of RGB levels to allow remote control of color mixing. Internal sequences provide operation without the need for a separate control system. This fixture is appropriate for the architectural and entertainment markets to enhance building facades, water features, and focal displays or to provide color in shows, concerts, and themed environments.
Pulsar Light of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK
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Endura Bright MR16 LEDs can be used as a direct, pin-for-pin compatible replacement for tungsten halogen MR16s in both retrofit or new fixture designs. With all the advantages of LED technology, it is comprised of a high-brightness LED utilizing the Luxeon family of products, an optical lens system, and an optimized thermal heat sink de-signed to handle outdoor temperatures. For direct replacement of 12VAC low-voltage applications, an electronic converter module will be available that will mate directly to the back and supply a constant current. The product offers up to 120 lumens, providing a 1,200-candela output at 10°. A full range of colors will be available (white, blue, royal blue, green, red, and amber) in three versions: low, medium, and high output.
Opto Technology, Inc.
Wheeling, IL
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This product is a low-voltage LED strip light in an oval-shaped housing. When used with supplied mounting brackets, it allows for precise focusing. The strip also has an integral gel slot to accept color filters as well as color correction filters. The housing is available in several colors, and the LEDs are available in red, blue, green, and white. The standard size is 3' long, but custom lengths are also available. No special dimmers are required, and it can be used with standard commercially available dimmers.
TPR Enterprises, Ltd.
Mamaroneck, NY
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The Powerwash800 is a DMX-controllable color-mixing floodlight. Using 800 high intensity LEDs, the unit incorporates an entire circuit of white LEDs. It can produce a wide range of pastel colors as well as an even field of whites. The fixture comes standard with a hanging bracket that can double as a floor stand, and each unit comes with a power supply. Large power supplies are also available to power multiple units at once. It is IP65 rated for wet locations.
LIT Design Ltd.
Medway, MA
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Following three years of research into color perception, additive color mixing, and LED technology, Selador introduces the X7 series of high-brightness LED luminaires. The range incorporates a patent-pending, seven-color LED mix that produces deeply saturated colors across the spectrum, rich whites at all correlated color temperatures (CCT), and naturally rendered colored objects and skin tones. It was designed for long life, low maintenance, low power consumption, and heavy-duty stage and commercial use. Efficient thermal management maintains brightness levels and consistent color mixing over time, without auto-dimming circuits or internal fans, ensuring predictable, quiet performance. These DMX-compliant fixtures accept 100-240VAC with interchangeable PowerCon pigtails for Edison, Stage Pin, or TwistLock connectors. Eighteen X7 optical slides are available with horizontal or vertical beam spreads from 12° to 80°, useable in multiple combinations. The fixtures come in 2', 4', and 6' lengths.
Salt Lake City, UT
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Lite-Ups are LED marker lights that are fully enclosed, remotely and locally dimmable. Sold with three colors standard (red, orange, cyan) and two colors optional (blue and white), they offer fast, in-the-field color changes. For temporary use, gaffer tape secures them in place, or you can sit them on a level surface. For more permanent uses, Velcro is provided. Expect 10-hour life from a new 9V battery. An optional Master Controller kit allows remote control and powering of two channels of five Lite-Ups per channel. Standard RJ11 cables interconnect the units.
Brooklyn, NY
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This new LED luminaire, with unique toroidal optics, provides high intensity semicircular (210°) patterns using only five LEDs. The unit is appropriate for monuments, sculptures, large object illumination, wall washes, buildings, bridges, and other structural outlining with visibility up to 10 miles. It is available in various LED colors in 5W, 15W, and 25W versions and operates from 120/240VAC or low voltage DC. Life is estimated at 60,000 hours.
FarLight LLC
Los Angeles, CA
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The LED Stand Light system is designed for the musician, the designer, and the technician. By nature of its white LED source and use of a diffusion lens, the fixture can be used to illuminate sheet music or as a task or tech-table light. The fixture housing reduces spill and keeps orchestra lighting where it should be. The control and distribution system provides ease of setup and transport, without the need for Blackwrap or zip chord. The low-voltage DC system is safe, efficient, and noise-free. The light is available individually or packaged fully road-ready with distribution cable and 12-channel rack-mount controller. An optional battery supply and table base, as well as custom systems, are also available.
Production Solutions, Inc. (PSI)
Brooklyn, NY
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Toyoda Gosei Optoelectronics Division and US distributor Micro Lamps offer the TG True White Hi E1S40-1W0C6-01 with white LEDs that incorporate high brightness GaN blue spectrum LEDs with a newly developed yellow phosphor. Powered by TG Blue Hi LED flip-chip technology, it offers color rendering properties and color consistency. With nominal color temperatures of 5400°K, it also provides an equal energy white, while the surface-mount packaging provides dissipation of generated heat.
Micro Lamps, Inc.
Batavia, IL
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Destiny CW provides a surface wash lighting function, delivering a uniform rectangular projection and distribution of light. This fixture is suited to architectural applications including exterior and interior walls, ceilings, and roofs. Key features include uniform color light projection, rectangular beam pattern, uniform additive color mixing, outdoor specification grade quality, low energy usage and maintenance costs, color control, and DMX compatibility.
TIR Systems Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada
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The ILite 6 XP is the latest addition to Barco's indoor LED display product range. With 6mm resolution, 14-bit processing power, level 2 (LED level) calibration, and enhanced software algorithms, it delivers uniform, deep colors, and improved grayscales. Incorporating Barco's proprietary System Color Signature technology, the tiles are fully cross-rentable, allowing you to mix and match tiles of different batches and various run-time ages to obtain a seamless display every time. It is also fully backward compatible with previous models and is source compatible with the full range of sources, including HDSDI, enabling you to deliver full native, non-compressed HD content.
Barco Events USA/Barco Folsom, LLC
Sacramento, CA
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ColourPix Pro-V4 fixtures are the latest addition to TMB's ColourPix Video Fixture system. The hexagonal, 4" RGB LED fixtures mechanically interlock together to form arrays of any shape (or groups of shapes) — rows, rectangles, or random honeycomb designs. V-LED video graphics software is used to patch and matrix the fixtures within the array. The system functions as a low-resolution video display, accepting video input of any kind via the V-LED controller. Up to 4,000 fixtures can be run from one controller, and numerous controllers can be connected for almost infinite system size. Control wiring is a simple daisy chain, using standard 5-pin cables. There is no addressing necessary; the units patch themselves via the signal from the V-LED controller.
TMB Associates
Pacoima, CA
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PDS-750 TR

The PDS-750 TR is a touring-style power/data supply for Color Kinetics® ColorBlast®, ColorBurst®, and iColor® Cove intelligent solid-state lighting fixtures. The compact, rugged device allows easy connection and disconnection of up to 12 ColorBlast 12 fixtures, 24 ColorBlast 6 fixtures, 24 ColorBurst 6 fixtures, 48 ColorBurst 4 fixtures, and 96 iColor Cove fixtures by means of industry-standard 4-pin XLR connectors. The PDS-750 TR includes a “mini-Zapi” function, which enables users to address all fixtures plugged into the power/data supply to channel one, thereby allowing a starting DMX channel to be set via standard BCD switches. Built-in dimming routines allow user selectable fades to be accomplished without the need for a lighting console, making PDS-750 TR perfect for temporary installations. A pass through mode allows iColor Cove fixtures to be operated. Rack mount, pipe mount, and custom output configurations are available. PDS-750 TR is designed and manufactured by City Theatrical with technology under license from Color Kinetics.
City Theatrical
Bronx, NY
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Luxeon high-power LEDs allow designs and effects to be implemented in a wide range of environments. Offering long lifetime and high light output, these LEDs are suited for stage, studio, and architectural lighting, emit no heat or UV in the light beam, and can be digitally controlled. Robust and energy efficient, these small, low-voltage DC LEDs directly produce deep reds, greens, blues, and other saturated colors, so no filters are required to create colored light. They provide a wide color gamut of saturated static and dynamic lighting effects, from tunable white to a single light capable of digitally producing any color.
Lumileds Lighting
San Jose, CA
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