“I use lighting for industrial use at a nuclear power plant, so my needs are different from the rest of the readers in many ways. I'll bet, though, that a few folks share my thought for a possible 2006 goal: to use lights to perform their function very well but not be seen. My goal is that the illumination source (bulb, LED, etc.) never be seen by the eyes of those who need it for their work. That way, I'll never hinder anyone's vision in any way, even for a moment. This will reduce stress, speed work, raise efficiency, and increase safety. That's it! Thanks for giving me an avenue to share this thought with others.”
Sonny Ryan

“My New Year's resolution is to be more creative with the tools I have instead of buying a bunch of new toys. I want to try to use the gear we have in new ways — ways that wouldn't be considered traditional. I have to fight the urge to buy some new light, set piece, or special effect just because I might want it. I have a warehouse full of stuff. I just need to be more creative with what I have in a different kind of way.”
— Jeff Nickles,
Production Design Associates