The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) held its annual trade show in Las Vegas, April 7-10. As always, this massive event took place in no less than three venues--the Sands Convention Center, the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the Las Vegas Hilton. What follows is a highly selective look at a few products of interest to Lighting Dimensions readers:

Equi=Tech's ET1R compact, rack-mountable 1,000W balanced power unit, with 10 receptacles, is designed for facilities with limited need for power conditioning. It provides the highest regulation and surge protection of AC power, a critical factor for audio and video postproduction facilities.

High End Systems exhibited the Studio Color(TM) "S" Version. Using the MSR 575 lamp, the power supply automatically switches itself to operate on any standard supplied voltage (from 100 to 250V). The "S" version is 11lb (5kg) lighter than the original Studio Color and contains an electronic ballast, which offers many additional control features.

Strand Lighting displayed the Bambino 500 and 650 fresnels. Their single-sided yoke design, with three different mounting positions, allows for very close rigging, and mounting in corners. The fresnels use various 120V and 230V lamps; all lamps are accessible via the front.

NSI/Colortran exhibited its new Melange Pro, which provides 128 individual control channels with soft patch capability for 512 dimmers. The total cue capacity is 400, with up to 99 individual chase effects with 250 steps, along with 99 pages of 24 submasters. Color VGA display is supported and the onboard 3.5" disc drive provides external program storage in ASCII. Internal 10-year EEPROM memory protection is provided.

The Great American Market demonstrated the 2.5kW GAM Scene Machine with DMX control and 3.5" focal length lens, patterns for intelligent lighting instruments, and GamColor gels. Also on hand was GAM's new dichroic glass filters, called GamChroics, manufactured under rigid quality control for precise color. GamChroics are available in 20 colors and in many sizes to fit different lighting instruments.

Frezzi Energy Systems featured the Mini-Arc, a compact HMI light color-balanced at 5500K. The 1.5lb (680g) light is equipped with a dichroic filter for tungsten temperatures, and is available in a variety of configurations, including a special universal, wireless, all-in-one Handle Clamp model.

Arriflex featured the Arrilux 125 Pocket PAR light. Capable of operating on 12VDC or through a power converter for AC, the 125W HMI lamp delivers a very high light output with long life at low wattage. Beam control is achieved with a set of four snap-on diffusion lenses.

Bogen displayed the new Super Clamp Wedge. This specially designed cushioned grip insert fits inside the Bogen Super Clamp, on one side, and changes the interior configuration from a wedge shape to a "flat" surface, allowing the clamp to grip more irregularly shaped surfaces. Kino Flo showed its KF29, a full-spectrum, high output lamp (2900K) that matches the spectral sensitivity curves of film and video production equipment.

Straight from SIB in Rimini, and making its NAB debut, was the Horizon from Rosco, a lighting control console run off Windows 95. The latest generation of electronic ballasts from DeSisti includes 400W and 575/1,200W dual models. The ballasts are convection-cooled and feature local or remote on/off switching, short-circuit protection, and automatic input voltage selection, among other features. New from Lee Filters were Cine Sheets; these pre-cut 4'x4' sheets of color corrections, diffusions, and frosts are packaged in roll cores and sold two 4'x4' sheets per core.

Minolta showed its new CS-1000 spectroradiometer, which measures spectral power distribution, luminance, color, and correlated color temperature of CRTs/LCDs and lamps/LEDs. Minolta's CS-100 portable colorimeter makes its measurements without touching the source, and is appropriate for color measurement of projection television monitors, stage lighting, and neon signs. The Lunix 200, made by Airstar and displayed by WLS Lighting Systems, is a helium balloon fitted with internal spherical lighting equipment, which provides homogenous lighting over 360 degrees.

Dove Systems showed Shoebox, a compact DMX/analog dimmer that drives four 500W incandescent or fluorescent lamp fixtures. Premiering from Cinemills was the 1,200W HMI single-ended axial all-in-one Wallylight, which features the company's all-in-one lamphead fixture and electronic ballast and will operate worldwide without the use of additional accessories or adapters. Lowel-Light announced that its on-camera i-Light now comes with a dimmer--hence the new name, id-Light.

From L.E. Nelson was The Sink, an adapter that allows you to replace the HPL575 lamp with any of the HX600/GKV family of lamps. Chimera's 5460 24" Micro Frame and Windows Pattern is the latest addition to the company's line of lighting control. Designed by DP Bill Holshevnikoff, these allow you to generate lighting patterns with your existing lighting instruments. New from Mole-Richardson is the type 5971 24" Moleffect Windmachine, with DMX control and a 120V fan. When used with the company's Type 59741 DMX Interface Module and 59745 Interface Cable, you can remotely link many Windmachines together to create various kinds of wind effects.

LTM offered the NAB debut of Pepper Pak cases, molded cases which come in cyan, green, red, bronze, silver, and platinum, as well as the 24W MiniPAR HMI light, with incorporated ballast. KW/2 debuted the MVP Studio Series of lighting fixtures, including a vase light, a Mini-SL, and a two-lamp fixture with adjustable optics and a reflector that articulates in four places and can be adjusted to throw light in any direction. Wireworks showed some of its custom broadcast plates, which have become an important part of that company's product line.

Doug Fleenor Design showed its new DC Dimmer, operating from a 12-24VDC power supply, capable of controlling 12V lights. Alcorn McBride presented its Digital Video Machine(TM), which is vibration-resistant and uses PC cards or internal hard discs to store hours of high-quality video and stereo audio. Electronic Theatre Controls showed its full line of products, including the ETC Source Four lights, the Express console, and the Unison architectural control system.

Union Connector featured its 60A and 100A connectors and also a new line of distribution boxes. Theatre Service and Supply presented the Elation EL12, an inexpensive intelligent luminaire which features standard DMX control and is good for small studio applications. Matthews Studio Equipment debuted its extensive new catalog.

ESE, a manufacturer of complete time synchronization systems and clocks for the TV and entertainment industry, introduced new analog-style clocks in different sizes and in both rack-mountable and stand-alone formats. Synchronization of ESE clock systems can be done by WWV via radio or phone/modem, or via internal crystal control and/or time code in SMPTE/EBU, ASCII, or ESE; IRIG-B formats can also be used.

Next year's dates for NAB are April 6-9. The place? As always, Las Vegas.