On December 8th, Barco opened its new Light Street demonstration facility in Kuurne, Belgium that pays homage to the company's pursuit of driving the technological advances in the media and entertainment industries.

Barco has designed and built Light Street to reflect the growing trend in architectural integration of displays. The various display technologies are arranged in clusters of market specific application areas, which represent the various niche markets within the media and entertainment industries today.

From the “retail and branding” cluster, which showcases a networked solution of Solaris LC40 and Solaris LD 120-8 displays specifically designed for use in upmarket retail environments, to the impressive “entertainment event” cluster, which combines a Dlite 7 display with a custom-made MiPIX cylinder, to the “sports” cluster, which features SLite fascia boards in combination with an Ilite 10 MD scoreboard, both specifically designed for use at indoor and outdoor sport stadia; Barco illustrates its display solutions as they would be used in real-life applications.

For more information, go to www.barco.com.