The Crown IQ-USM 810 is an eight-input/10-output digital mixer that provides dual input processing paths, making it two complete eight-channel mixers in one two-unit chassis. In addition, every input and output channel includes a full complement of signal processing as well as auto-mixing features. Each of the eight balanced barrier connector inputs is fully adjustable for any mic, mic with phantom, or line-level source, and is processed through adjustable signal delay and filtering before being split into the two separate A/B processing sections. Each section includes advanced algorithms for gating, auto-leveling, filtering, compression, and auto-mixing. Auto-mixing functions include NOM (number of open mics), attenuation, priority ducking, and adaptive gating. Each of the 16 A/B processing sections is then processed by a full 8 x 8 matrix mixer that allows any combination of routing and mixing from any input to output.

CROWN, Elkhart, IN