Product Pick of the Month:
Renaissance Lighting Adjustable Uplight

Indeed, it sometimes does take a rocket scientist. Inspired by research associated with a USAF laser-guided weapon countermeasures program, a talented group of scientists and engineers (some of whom are founders of Renaissance Lighting) conceived a fundamentally new approach to distributing and collecting electromagnetic energy. They achieved this by combining certain components, including a mask and a cavity, into an optical system that controls the distribution of light. The scientists, noting the rather incredible characteristics of the highly specialized emitter, investigated the possibilities of using the technology to create customized lighting distributions. The results of these experiments gave birth to the highly uniform, tailorable light distributions now known as Constructive Occlusion .

In its most basic form, Constructive Occlusion is a proprietary geometry of diffuse optical surfaces where the surface component dimensions and the relative ratios of those dimensions are manipulated to achieve a precise lighting distribution. In function, this geometry works much like the facets of a specular reflector to redirect light to the desired location; only, in the case of Constructive Occlusion, diffuse materials are used instead of specular surfaces.

Applying the Constructive Occlusion technology to a luminaire, Renaissance first introduced its Wall Washer and now introduces the Adjustable Uplight, a low profile, extremely high-output luminaire that provides very even lighting distribution on the wall or ceiling surface, yet allows much wider fixture separation (up to 16'/5m on center).

The ability of the Adjustable Uplight to properly illuminate a surface on 16' centers results in up to a 50% reduction of fixtures compared to other units. This creates obvious savings in fixture costs, electrical consumption, and ongoing maintenance costs. The unit features an extremely uniform light distribution (better than 5:1 max:min) when mounted on centers up to 16'/5m at a suspension of 36"/1m.

There are multiple lamp options available for the Uplight, including 39W, 70W, 150W, and 250W, as well as 3000K and 4000K color temperatures. Quartz versions of the unit are also available, there are multiple mounting options, and the unit is designed for interior or damp location installation. The standard trim color is white and custom colors are available upon request.
Renaissance Lighting

Out of This World
Martin's Alien 02 is an architectural color changer with adaptable characteristics. Equipped with a long-life CDM 150W lamp, it combines full-range CMY color-mixing with modular construction for multiple variants of colored light, design, and positioning. Designed with a discreet yet stylish look, it consists of components that can be fitted together to create various forms of pendant or spotlight. It also includes a full-range intensity control for easy adjustment of beam intensity. New stepper driver technology relegates the notorious whine of stepper motors to history. The new technology is noiseless, leaving only the inconspicuous sound of the air-cooling system. The Alien 02 can be controlled via DMX for complex lighting scenes, or by using its programmable stand-alone feature with infrared remote control.
Martin Architectural, a division of Martin Professional

Play with Color
Color Kinetics announces ColorPlay® 1.8, the next generation of its light show authoring software for use with Color Kinetics LED fixtures. ColorPlay outputs DMX512 data which, when used in conjunction with Color Kinetics lights, enables the creation of smooth, fluid lighting effects. New features on ColorPlay 1.8 include: Show Simulation so designers can get a feel for how the show will look in its intended layout; icons for all new Color Kinetics fixtures contained in the fixture library, including ColorBlast® 6, ColorBlast 12, ColorBurst 4, ColorBurst 6, and iColor® Accent; and integration with the WYSIWYG Perform 3D rendering program from CAST Software.
Color Kinetics

It's All about the Color
GE Lighting adds a new member to its team of ceramic metal-halide (CMH) lamps. The 350W ConstantColor CMH SPXX combines a high color-rendering index (CRI) with improved color consistency, and lumen maintenance — all while providing superior energy efficiency over comparable products. Featuring a CRI index of 92, compared to traditional 350W quartz metal-halides with a 70 CRI, the SPXX is the ultimate compact light source for applications where color and efficiency are essential, while maintaining the crisp, white light of a metal-halide. Its exceptional color rendering makes textures and colors take on a true-to-life appearance, making the lamp ideal for retail, commercial, and some industrial applications.
GE Lighting

3D Lighting
Hubbell Lighting's Superwatt® 3D lighting fixture supplies instant-on startup, outstanding color, improved lumen maintenance, and dimmability all in one package. The multiple compact fluorescent-lamped Superwatt fixture directs light not only to horizontal surfaces but to vertical walls, into shelves, machinery, and other confined work areas. The precisely engineered prism lens effectively lights an area outside workers' glare zone and into spaces, improving their performance. Because each ballast controls two lamps, the fixture can be switched to provide 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of total light output. Continuous-dimming fluorescent lamp ballasts are available. In full, partial, or dimming operation the system uses common compact fluorescent lamp types.
Hubbell Lighting, a subsidiary of Hubbell Inc.

Fault Detection
Leviton's SmartLock is the first GFCI to meet UL's new listing requirements that goes into effect January 1, 2003. The new requirements include: a diagnostic indication of line/load miswiring, greater surge immunity, improved criteria for corrosion-resistance, and higher standards for false tripping from electrical power line noise. Like other electrical and electronic devices, GFCIs can become damaged as a result of transient voltage surges. With today's GFCIs users may incorrectly assume that a GFCI device that has been reset is still providing ground fault protection when it actually may not. With the SmartLock, once the ground fault protection is compromised the device's lockout feature mechanically prevents the reset button on the device from re-engaging.
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Ice, Ice, Baby
Osram Sylvania introduces the 70W Icetron® lamp. The Icetron lamp and Quicktronic® ballast system reduces maintenance cost due to the long 100,000-hour average system life. This is five to 10 times greater than the typical service life of conventional fluorescent and metal-halide lamps. Sylvania's 70W Icetron lamp and universal voltage (120-277V) Quicktronic ballast system offers an instant on/instant restrike, unlike most HID systems. This high-lumen-output electronic system has a consistent color rendering of 80 CRI with two color temperature choices (3500K and 4100K). Sylvania Icetron lamp and Quicktronic ballast systems are available with 100W and 150W lamps as well as the new 70W lamp.
Osram Sylvania

Spike the Light
FC Lighting introduces the Spyke, a die-cast aluminum exterior/interior wall sconce for up and down wall lighting. The Spyke's flexibility allows specification of up, down, or combination wall sconce with aperture hardware that allows on-site light-throw pattern adjustments of up to 120°. The 5⅞"-wide by 6¼"-high by 4"-deep fixture can be specified for quartz T-4 or G-12 metal-halide lamps with wattages ranging from 50 to 175W. The sleek styling accommodates both contemporary and traditional settings and is available in black, white, or any custom powder-coat color, plus optional finishes that carry a five-year warranty.
FC Lighting Manufacturers

Audio and Visual
Martin introduces the ViroStation, a unique product that combines illumination with atmospheric audio. Designed for applications where a combination of indirect illumination and atmospheric audio is needed, the ViroStation is based on ViroSound technology “inconspicuous” flat-panel loudspeakers. It consists of two oval-shaped panel speakers mounted on a slim post and illuminated by two Martin Exterior 200 CMY color changers. The panel speakers function as both loudspeakers and light reflectors. An active subwoofer is integrated into the design. The ViroStation blends into many environments such as theme parks, shopping areas, and pedestrian walkways.
Martin Architectural, a division of Martin Professional

Color Match
Ott-Lite Technology announces the new TrueColor Designer Series of lights that offer the same great clarity and improved color balance of the original TrueColor products. The latest line of lights is available in a designer look that works well with a variety of decors. All TrueColor lights make details more discernible and colors more true-to-life for craftspersons, artists, and needlework enthusiasts by closely replicating natural daylight indoors. The Designer Series features the same low-heat, low-glare, and energy-efficient lighting technology available in all Ott-Lite products. The line of floor lamps and desktop models is available in antique brushed nickel, mocha pearl, and honey brass finishes. They also diminish distortion and glare, making it possible to work longer without eyestrain.
Ott-Lite Technology

Takes the Sting Out
Stingray Lighting introduces the Stingray DRS, an adjustable dual-reflector, high-bay interior lighting system. The DRS system has inner and outer reflectors that adjust independently of one another, allowing light output to be customized to suit specific applications. An easy-to-use sliding mechanism raises and lowers the inner reflector. This provides precise vertical alignment via a scale relative to the lamp. The outer reflector is adjustable via spring-loaded plungers. A cutout at the top of the collar for the outer reflector allows uplight to be emitted for balanced illumination, while allowing heat to escape. All DRS fixtures are UL-listed for both dry and damp locations.
Stingray Lighting, Inc.

Flying Saucer
Prescolite's Lumex is a family of recessed, surface, pendant, and cable-mounted luminaires, employing 40W and 55W circular T5 fluorescent lamps. The collection is characterized by a bold disc-shaped design, containing the new circular T5 lamp. Circular T5 lamps provide the same evenly distributed, energy-efficient light output as linear T5 lamps. Their compact circular design allows for use in a broader range of installations, including shallow-plenum and low-ceiling applications, or where linear fixtures would be too intrusive. Lumex features a choice of light control inserts to customize performance. Options include a clear Alzak® louver, Zet (silver) or matte white painted louvers, diffused or collector lensing.

A Wash of Light
W.A.C. Lighting introduces the Quartz Halogen Wall Washer to its track line. The new fixture is adaptable to four of its track lighting systems and other major track systems. The fixture produces a high light level over a large area and is ideal for illuminating large artwork or general wall-washing applications. It features barn doors (included) and significantly reduces disturbing glare. Its polished aluminum reflector is designed to deliver a smooth, even light distribution while maximizing output. Crafted of extruded aluminum with a heavy-gauge steel yoke, the fixture will sustain any adjustment position.
W.A.C. Lighting

Godzilla Versus Floodzilla
RAB Electric Manufacturing introduces Floodzilla, a compact, high-wattage HID floodlight for 250 and 400W metal-halide and high-pressure sodium lamps. It is available with steel trunnions or slip fitter mount for easy mounting and aiming flexibility. Optional mounting brackets are also available. The floodlight's die-cast aluminum housing is tough, and in a weather-resistant polyester powder architectural bronze finish. The compact size reduces the effective projection area and wind resistance. The Floodzilla reflector is designed for precise beam control. It is supplied with a lamp as well as stainless steel screws. Optional accessories include glare hood, wire guards, and polycarbonate shields to protect the lens and lamp.
RAB Electric Manufacturing Inc.

Schott has developed the SpectraAngle 90, which can literally bend light around corners. It is a lighting solution that incorporates functionality and aesthetics. When incorporated with a shelf, the SpectraAngle 90 system can illuminate an area directly above or below. The fitting reflects light 90° without bending the fiber optic or distorting the illumination. This fiber-optic system uses a remote light source that directs light through a number of glass fibers within the structure of the case, emitting the light proximal to the displayed objects. The light source and fiber-optic harness can be hidden, showing only the end fitting or just the light itself, which is evenly dispersed.
Schott-Fostec, LLC

The Synergy® lighting control system from Lithonia Lighting integrates all aspects of lighting control into a single scaleable platform — from basic low-voltage switching and occupancy sensing to daylight harvesting and complex networked architectural dimming. With the BACnet® protocol native to its design, Synergy controls seamlessly interoperate with the rest of the building's automated control systems. The control system is compatible with Lithonia's Sequel preset dimming controls and the new Digital Equinox fluorescent control products. The Synergy system functionally integrates architectural dimming, switching, and building automation with features such as Zero Cross switching technology, RS232 interface, DMX512 compatibility, and Script Logic.
Lithonia Lighting, an Acuity Brands company