Light 'em if you got 'em

Leviton Power Light PL Devices indicate power status by means of a transparent lens and a pre-wired power light located in the body of the device. When PL devices are energized and current is present, the power light is on. When de-energized and current is no longer present, the power light is off. PL devices are ideally suited for quick visual indication of power status and fast visual confirmation of energized plugs and connectors.
Leviton Mfg. Company Inc.

Identical twins
Doug Fleenor Design introduces two DMX512 distribution products specifically designed for fixed installation by electrical contractors and network installers. These products are electrically identical to the 125EE five-ouput splitter and the 621E six-input combined unit. The enclosures and connectors have been changed to add the following features: plug-in screw terminal blocks for simple field wiring; flanged wall-mount enclosure for easy wall-mounting, even on cement block walls; electronics and chassis can be removed while the flange remains mounted to the wall for easy install and servicing; fits inside a standard 12"x12"x4" NEMA enclosure to allow for conduit entry; inputs and outputs are protected to 120V continuous, 5,000V transient and are optically isolated; UL-, CUL-, and CE-marked. Custom configurations are also available.
Doug Fleenor Design Inc.