Arena Tour

Selecon introduces the new 8" Arena theatre fresnel to the North American market. Featuring a high-quality 8" lens and a G38 socket for a 2kW lamp, the Arena fresnel delivers an unmatched 7-60º beam angle. Other features include automatic disconnect of power when accessing the lamp; a unique "posi-slide" focus action, delivering fast and smooth focus as the reflector/socket assembly moves on machined Teflon bearings along extruded guide rails; adjustable suspension yoke along the length of the fixture and focus reference scale. Demonstration units can be arranged by contacting Selecon’s North American representative Mark Burlace at
Selecon Ltd.

Set Phasers on Stun

Starmax introduces the SX800, a 10W, DMX-controlled, air-cooled laser luminaire. Features include a DPSS YAG laser, with 10W green output and beam scanning system with pan and tilt mirror to project over a 180º by 45º area. Designed to be a practical laser system for lighting designers. Without the need for excessive power and water-cooling, the system is packaged like a standard intelligent luminaire rather than a laser table configuration. The SX800 has a solid-state laser source providing about 15,000 hours of operating life. The unit weighs 85lb (38kg), measures 48"x12"x16" (120x30x40cm), and requires 115VAC at 15A.
Starmax International Inc.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Wybron introduces the new LightWand moving mirror, with 360º of coverage and a versatile pan and tilt movement, to add kinetic effects to current conventional fixtures. With the flexibility to redirect the beam of light, you can create the illusion of multi-directional lights. The unit fits on all commonly used ellipsoidal spotlights and runs off any Forerunner™ power supply. LightWand is DMX-programmable and easily adapted to work in conjunction with other lighting accessories.
Wybron, Inc.