1. You recently lit the play Sorry! Don't Know It Is You!, produced by TNT Theatre and presented by the Hong Kong Fringe Club, about the SARS epidemic. Did you draw from your own experience or memories when creating the scenes?

    Yes, but I also had to transcend the memory of what SARS meant to me and turn it into something that I could more easily express in terms of theatre lighting forms.

  2. What is the best career advice you've ever been given?

    When the director or choreographer wants it brighter, they really don't mean brighter.

  3. And what's the worst career advice you've ever been given?

    “Light should have a point of view.” Then, I am puzzled in figuring out what light “thinks” in every piece I design.

  4. What idea looked good on paper but not in reality?

    Batman's search light in comic books. It is not just putting a Batman template in front of a search light beam.

  5. What piece of equipment can you absolutely not do without?

    My glasses!