1. Since you work for Christie Lites, how did you get the gig designing the 3 Doors Down tour?

    I got the 3 Doors Down gig thru Christie Lites. They got the account, but 3 Doors Down didn't have anyone at the time. So, they sent me out, and everything worked out. I've been with them for almost two years now. I'm currently working with Chris Maeder from Nickelback. He's been great. We're in the process of merging our rigs together for a summer tour we'll be doing in July.

  2. What's the worst career advice you've ever been given?

    “Don't take that gig, that band is going nowhere.” And of course, the band got huge. However, it was probably for the best as people in the industry refuse to work with this particular band because of the lead singer.

  3. What idea did you have that looked good on paper but not in reality?

    I've had a few of those, but I learned quickly from my mistakes. I've had several ugly plots from when I was learning about colors and selecting gels for a gig.

  4. What has been your proudest moment in your career?

    Currently, it would be the 3 Doors Down rig winning Christie Lites a Parnelli award for “Lighting Company of the Year.”

  5. What inspires you?

    I get inspired a lot after watching someone else's show. Out here on the road, you see your show night after night. When I see what another LD is doing, it really motivates me to try different things I might not have thought of.