Three true leaders in the lighting industry have been nominated for the 2002 Wally Russell Lifetime Achievement Award: Imero Fiorentino, James (Jimmy) C. Fuller, and John McGraw, all of whom have made outstanding contributions to the industry over the past few decades. The 2002 Wally Award will be presented as part of the LDI2002 Awards ceremony at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Saturday evening, October 19, as LDI celebrates its 15th anniversary as North America's largest entertainment technology show.

Lighting designer Imero Fiorentino launched his career in 1950, working on such programs as Omnibus, US Steel Hour, Pulitzer Prize Playhouse, and the Bolshoi Ballet's first televised appearance in the United States. He formed his own company in 1960, and has supervised the lighting for hundreds of TV specials, stage productions, commercials, concerts, and industrial shows. He has been the lighting and design consultant for 14 national political conventions, served as consultant to every US president since Dwight Eisenhower, and also lit the very first pictures that were transmitted live to outer space and back to earth via Telstar. Fiorentino's team designed the environmental lighting for the World Showcase Pavilions at Disney's EPCOT Center.

James (Jimmy) C. Fuller was president of the IATSE Toronto chapter for almost 40 years; for almost 30 years chief electrician of the O'Keefe Center in Toronto. During this period he also found time to run Canadian Staging Projects, the premier stage lighting and sound rental company of Canada.

John McGraw founded Production Arts Lighting with Peter Forward, one of his college instructors. The second president of the Theatrical Dealers Association (precursor to ESTA), he has worked on important milestones in the history of both associations, including creating the code of conduct for ESTA members.

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