Lucky Guy Projection Credits And Gear

Projection Designer: Robin Silvestri, Batwin + Robin
Associate Designer: Adam Casini, Batwin + Robin
Watchout Programmer: Bill Lyons
Electrician/Video Technician: Chris Kurtz
Researcher:  Megan Gargagliano, Batwin + Robin
Lead Graphic Designer: Mark Paul
Graphic Designer: Bob Peterson

WorldStage Personnel
Account Manager: Lars Pedersen
Production Manager: Thomas Whipple
System Installation and Widget Designer Programmer: Raul Herrera
Projectionist: Jeff Gottesfeld

Selected Projection Equipment, WorldStage

2 Christie Digital DS+10K-M Projector
4 Panasonic PT-DZ6710 Projector

6 Dataton Watchout PC Extreme Quad Core Display Computers with DeckLink input cards, four outputs (3 Main, 3 Redundant Backup)

Thinklogical Fiber Distribution Package

System Control
Controlled from Lighting Console
Coolux Widget Designer Pro
Avocent High Resolution KVM System

LED Wall, SenovvA, Inc.
Producer: Arianna Knapp

153 Tiles Barco ILite 6 XP, 6mm pitch LED Modules (17 panels W x 9 panels H)
2 Barco DX-700 Image Processors