"Staging Dimensions’ Truss Picks make for some fantastic solutions where super low-profile rigging is required," says a judge of the staging category winner. "Being able to lose several feet of span-set per rigging point in locations such as hotel ballrooms can literally make or break a truss hang." Truss Picks are constructed using laminated laser-cut high-tensile steel and 6061-T6 machined clamps with positive conical locks. The clamps are designed with comfort knobs and provide seven top and one bottom rigging point for attaching truss to a shackle, motor, or chain hook. They come in standard sizes of 12", 16" and 20.5", but custom sizes are also available. "These are very low profile, allowing for a hard-set minimum amount of rigging space needed, thus, greatly aiding in super-tight rigging situations where every bit of rigging height is needed," adds another judge. Another simply calls Truss Picks "a really smart solution."