Robe developed the ROBIN MMX WashBeam using the same technologies of the MMX Spot, with a Phillips Platinum 35 source and the MMX optical system. Its internal automated barndoor-type assembly is just one of the features that caused a judge to hail the fixture as a "revolutionary product." Lens-changing capability allows the unit to morph from a wash of 54º to a 3º beam, prompting another judge to say, "The Robe MMX WashBeam is a bit of a freak of engineering, in a good way. It’s one of the first truly usable hybrid fixtures on the market offering both a usable wash and spot beam throw. What’s more, it has a psychotically fast framing system that not only acts as a barndoor shuttering system for wash light use, but also creates some of the most unique aerial effects that I’ve seen in quite some time."