The Art-Net node Madrix® Luna is an Ethernet-to-DMX512 converter that features eight XLR output ports for eight DMX universes per unit (4,096 DMX channels). One XLR port can be used for DMX input. A plug-and-play DMX512 interface enables it to be connected to any USB 2.0 port to bridge shorter distances. Madrix Sync Mode lighting software and Luna hardware synchronize Art-Net data for all eight output ports or across multiple devices, resulting in an optimal image on the LEDs without interruptions. Luna comes in a standard 19" size and includes two rack-mounting brackets. Five status LEDs show its operation modes. The unit can be used as a regular Art-Net node with any software, console, or controller that supports Art-Net to distribute Art-Net data via Ethernet network. A web configuration interface is available to access specific settings of the device. Madrix is distributed by Inner Circle Distribution.