LDI is certainly where we all meet to do business and learn, both in the sessions and certainly on the show floor, as we explore all the new technology and tools of our industry. But we also know how to have some fun while doing business. The LDI show floor exhibitors always make sure attendees have some laughs and even give them a chance to take home more than a suitcase full of literature. Here are just a few that we learned about so far, but as the exhibit floor literally just opened, we will be on the lookout for more.

First be sure to stop by Doug Fleenor Design, in booth #656, where Dr. DMX is playing his DMX controlled Glockenspiel. This is definitely a sight worth seeing and very technology-forward. Alas, Doug had to leave behind the 21 full-size cutouts of Dr. DMX that populated the show floor when LDI was last in Las Vegas because according to Fleenor, “They’re back at the office working hard and keeping on eye on things.”

A visit to the PRG booth, #821, gives you not only a chance to see the new Bad Boy luminaire and the V676 console but also an opportunity to win a PRG Wenger leather strap watch. Simply fill out an entry form at PRG’s booth and drop it off to the PRG Distribution booth, #2145, where they will hold daily drawings. The chance to win a Swiss watch also gives you the opportunity to see some of the global technology that PRG Distribution brings to the US market, such as RetroScent, Spotlesslight, State Automation, and the ChamSys line of MagicQ consoles.

Selecon knows that attendees cover a lot of ground walking the show floor, so as you visit their dealers exhibiting at LDI you have a chance to win a Leatherman tool. Pick up an entry form at Barbizon Lighting’s booth, #648, A.C.T Lighting booth, #1615, or Johnson Systems, at booth #441, then fill out your entry and drop it off at Selecon booth, #1834. Besides a chance to win a new Leatherman, you also will get to see the new grandMA2 console and i-Pix Digital Lighting’s BB7 beamlight and BB4 washlight at A.C.T Lighting. Johnson Systems has the new Icon series dimmer/dimmer relay racks showing, as well as their other many products when you stop by for the Selecon entry form. Of course, Barbizon Lighting is always worth a visit to see the array of manufactures and product lines they provide. And when you drop your drawing entry at Selecon, take time to see the Rama 6” Fresnel, the Hui worklight, or one of their Performer followspots, and say “G’day” to the Kiwis visiting us from New Zealand.

At the Wybron booth, #859, Zoltran sees an iPod as a possibility in your future. The fortune telling machine Zoltran provides visitors with what he predicts may be their winning ticket for the daily drawing of an iPod. There is no “maybe” about the Infotrace system from Wybron, and this LDI they are introducing Infogate, the industry standard feedback that acts like your crystal ball. Get a demo of Infogate for your iPhone.

The best prize hands-down, however, is at The ESTA Foundation booth, #2810, where they are running the Behind the Scenes annual LDI Raffle. Winning ticket or not, participating in this raffle guarantees our colleagues are taken care of in a time of hardship, so this one is a sure bet no matter what. This year’s raffle gives you a chance to win a dream vacation to the destination of your choice. The grand prizewinner will receive a $10,000 travel gift certificate with a premier travel agent who will assist in booking the vacation of your dreams. The second prizewinner will receive a $2,500 Amazon gift card and third prizewinner will receive a $1,000 Amazon gift card. Tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100 and are available at the Behind the Scenes booth, #2810, and at the Rose Brand party. A maximum of 2,000 tickets will be available. 
You do not need to be present to win. The drawing will be held at 2pm on Sunday, October 26th, at the Behind the Scenes booth.