LDI 2008 will be my first LDI. As an Australian, I’m interested to meet and talk to American designers. Our markets are very different in many ways, so I’m keen learn more about the difference between us. Even though we all do essentially the same jobs, the approaches can be different country to country. Understanding these differences and learning from them is something I like to try and do.

Innovations in LED technology seem to take place every second month, so I’m very keen to see what the US market has to offer that the European and Asian markets don’t. Like everybody, I see LED as something I rely more and more on as a designer every day.

I’m most excited about the new products from Martin and MA. Both companies have exciting new products with imminent releases that will change the landscape of at least my everyday work day.

Above all, I am really looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues from around the world that I don’t get to see often enough!! Events such as LDI give us a great opportunity to do this!

Paul Collison is an Australia-based lighting designer who recently provided control system and broadcast lighting supervision for the The Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing.