PixelRange introduces a few new members to the PixelMax range of fixtures, including PixelMax Wash, an RGBA fixture with 132 high-intensity Luxeon K2 LEDs designed for touring, lighting stages, audience blinding, backdrops, sets, cycs, and lighting structures. PixelMax Pro is a combined wash and pixilation luminaire, featuring 288 RGBA high intensity Luxeon Rebel LEDs. Built around the same housing as the PixelMax Wash, this unit offers 18 individually controlled cells in a 3x6 matrix. This gives the ability to produce low-resolution visual effects, in addition to using the fixture as a high-power wash light with an expanded palette. Also new are a compact, 36x6 pixels half-length PixelArt unit and a major software upgrade for PixelArt that supports controlling the video batten fixtures directly via DMX by feeding an Art-Net compliant signal in to the VideoMapper.