Royal Philips Electronics has announced it will present its latest innovations in entertainment lighting technology at LDI 08, being held in Las Vegas Convention Center from October 24-26, 2008.

At LDI, the Philips 750/115 FastFit and Philips 800/230 FastFit will be on display for the first time, designed in fixtures of the American manufacturer Strand. These new Philips lamps offer maximum light and minimum heat at performers, a longer lifespan, and fewer early failures. Combine this with the innovative Philips FastFit lamp cap; you have a light source that is designed to meet tough, professional demands on stages, in studios and at entertainment venues.

In addition to the successful Philips FastFit lamps, Philips has extended the FastFit product range over the last few months furthermore with the Philips MSR Gold™ 300/2 FastFit (designed in fixtures of Coemar, Elation and ClayPaky), Philips MSR Gold™ 1500 FastFit (designed in fixtures of SGM and Coemar) and Philips MSR Gold™ 2000(/2) FastFit (designed in fixture of High End Systems).

Since the initial launch of the Philips FastFit system just 2.5 year ago, 17 manufacturers have applied the FastFit lamp concept, releasing to date, a total of more then 30 fixtures across 12 lamp types. This intensity and level of adoption over such a short period of time, is unprecedented. During the coming months these numbers are set to rise significantly truly underlining that Philips FastFit concept has heralded a new breed of compact, easy to re-lamp moving head fixtures.