Philips will demonstrate a complete end-to-end approach to LED lighting for entertainment and event production at LDI 2008. From rugged, easily mountable fixtures to versatile controllers, power supplies and accessories, Philips meets the rigorous demands of temporary and touring stage environments with a fully integrated LED lighting solution.

The following new and updated products will be making their LDI debut at booth 1535.

New! ColorReach Powercore – a milestone in LED lighting with more than 5,000 lumens of output and 500 foot projection. This RGB fixture includes an integrated mounting yoke for secure mounting and precise aiming, and optional diffuser lenses to tailor light output according to application. It also incorporates Powercore® technology to directly accept line voltage for ease of installation. (Now available)

Based on initial positive feedback from the entertainment community, new features are being explored to make the fixture even better suited for rental and entertainment environments.

New! ColorGraze Powercore – a sleek, linear RGB fixture designed for exterior grazing and wall washing applications of color and color-changing light. It is available in 2-foot, 3-foot and 4-foot lengths, and its slim design and adjustable mounting options accommodate tight niches. The fixture incorporates Powercore® technology to directly accept line voltage for ease of installation. (Now available)

Preview! Multi-channel LED Prototype – a sneak peek at the first in a forthcoming series of multi-channel LED fixtures that generate even greater variety of color choices – including variable white light, pastels and more – all without sacrificing the output required for entertainment applications. Comprised of red, green, blue, white and amber LEDs, this prototype offers a wide color palette and better color fidelity for a deep saturation of color. The 4-foot wash-lighting fixture is controllable in 8-inch increments, which allows for a range of sequenced and patterned effects. For ease of use, the fixture is compatible with industry-standard DMX 512 control systems. This series is slated for launch in 2009.

ColorBlast® 12 TR – now 50 percent brighter! – an RGB fixture that projects saturated, controllable color with “tour-friendly” features, including a replaceable lens, protective face cover, standard XLR connectors and a housing that easily accommodates various truss clamps. (Optimized version available in 2009)

ColorBlaze® – now 50 percent brighter! – a high-performance RGB fixture designed for large-area scenery and wash lighting for theaters, TV studios, concerts, events, casinos and exhibits. The fixture is available in 4-food and 6-foot lengths and is controllable in 6-inch increments. It features an on-board power supply and XLR-5 data connectors for ease of use. (Optimized version available in 2009)

iColor® Flex SL and iColor Flex SLX – now twice as bright! – these multi-purpose, LED-based strands of light that generate extraordinary effects and accommodate expansive installations without the constraints of fixture size, shape or space. Each strand comprises 50 individually controllable RGB nodes that enable intricate lighting sequences and low-resolution video displays. (Optimized versions available in 2009)

Video System Manager Pro – an advanced software/hardware solution for controlling video-based light shows. It allows direct video input, eliminating the former need for video conversion boxes, and supports up to 250,000 LED nodes or lights in a network. It also features a 2U rack-mount form factor and a quieter fan. Additionally, VSM Pro DVI provides a direct video capture that enables a truer representation of video content streamed onto Philips’ LED lights. It also features an optional VGA input. (Now available)