LDInstitute is offering several sessions for the sound professional at LDI. These sessions take place prior to the trade show floor opening, from Monday through Thursday, October 20 to 23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Specialized sound classes start with The Fundamentals of System Design seminar on Monday and Tuesday, with a variety of topics in sound system applications. Practical information about AC power, grounding, hum, gain setting, and polarity are presented in a real-world context to provide useful background. Theory and practice of line arrays are discussed, along with tools for system optimization, including equalization, delay, loudspeaker management systems and measurement with the SIM3 audio analyzer system. This session will be taught by Steve Bush of Meyer Sound.

Introduction to Matrix3 on Wednesday will be taught by Richard Bugg, also of Meyer Sound. This one-day course provides an overview of the power and versatility of Matrix3 system. The material covered will benefit both those who are new to Matrix3 and also those with basic understanding of Matrix3 who are seeking to stay up to date on the latest features, capabilities, and power of the system. This course will provide an introduction to elements of Matrix3 hardware and software including SpaceMap™ multi-channel panning, Wild Tracks™ multi-track playback and recording, and CueStation™ audio show control and automation.

Advance Microphone Training will be taught by the professionals at Shure on Thursday. As the UHF spectrum continues to get more congested, following best practices for setup and operation of your wireless microphones becomes more and more important. Attendees of this class will learn everything they need to know to properly coordinate frequencies and setup the antenna systems for successful operation of multiple channels of wireless microphones. The expanded wireless section of this course will include a tutorial on software tools for frequency management.

Early registration discounts have been extended until this Friday, October 10 for LDInstitute sessions. For additional information and to register, visit LDInstitute.