The 2009 release the Nemetschek VectorWorks® line of design software, includes new versions of Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design, Fundamentals, and Render­Works.

A new engine provides enhanced 2D and 3D capabilities at speeds up to five times faster for modeling operations, improved 3D modeling, and optimized workflows. The software is pow­ered by Parasolid®, the CAD/CAM/CAE mod­eling kernel from Siemens PLM Software. New interface functionality yields enhanced usability, including a pre-selection indication feature that provides intelligent feedback from the cursor. Used in conjunction with drawing tools, Smart­Cursor snapping allows users to draw with more precision. Spotlight, in particular, includes a new 2D symbol insertion mode that allows users to specify an exact point on a symbol when offset­ting it and it supports angular and linear offsets for objects inserted in round walls.

Additional features in Spotlight include the ability to trans­fer attributes between design layer viewports; a duplicate array command; unfolding of develop­able NURBS surfaces (or CSG solids that rep­resent developable surfaces) into a flattened 2D representation; automatic universe assignment; similar object creation; parametric straight and curved truss objects; and other enhancements to workflow, content, and rendering.